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The speakers discuss the concept of "mon promise" in manasa society, which is a gift given to a traveler who has settled in a certain place. They also discuss the difference between the macom and "mon promise" in relation to traveling, citing the importance of "mon promise" as a way to obtain certain situations. The speakers emphasize the need for a positive attitude towards one's success and the importance of showing gratitude. They also discuss the process of cleansing and removing sin from individuals, including the use of de circumstances to avoid confusion and negative consequences of actions.

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Let's move on from the losses from our sword a lot early here sotheby here on Earth I'm about to proceed.

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So like usual, we will start with Manasa. serene.

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We're using Chi AM's sharp or commentary on Vanessa serene.

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But we we will not afford to go for modalities that again, that will take us more than the two years that we assigned for Minnesota sorry, Minnesota say it in our working 100 stations. So to really finish them over the two years, we need to finish one station every week. And if we go over my data set again we cannot finish one station per week, it will be a lot longer.

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But we will use it enough times satisfy my data set again as the primary source of charge for commentary on Manasa society, the 100 stations. How are we going how are we Rahim Allah tala divided the stations, the stations are basically the phases the stages between you and you know, realization of complete tawheed or complete

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oneness of Allah subhanaw taala or complete monotheism. So,

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those 100 stations are called manners that Menzel is basically like a motel that you know, for the travelers

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rests stations, for the travelers, the monastrell are very comparable to the mahkumat. You know, particularly in the Sufi lingo, there is the macom and the head, and the macom is basically the station and the height is the state. And the difference between macom and the hand is that in the palm is

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basically you sit in the macom and how is a state that you go through it, or it goes through you. In fact, it would be more that it goes through you because it has something that you receive.

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And hand

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in hand is something that you receive.

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That it is not something that you acquire. It's basically a gift,

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like someone who is not here, who has not yet realized the station of Inaba returning to a loss of Parramatta or the station of sub

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patience, perseverance. Someone who is not really settled in the station of sub.

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Ven Allah subhana wa tada gifts him with a state of sub with a sort of transient phase to

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handle an affliction or something that befell him. Allah subhanaw taala gifts him with this faith but it is not really something that you worked for. It's a gift that you have been given. It's a phase that you're going through, all the sudden go to sometimes feel like there's something you know, sometimes you have so much thought good and awkward as a station.

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Station, but you're not settled in that station yet. You know, the station of Docker is huge is enormous to be settled in the station of the Vatican, or in the macom of the Vatican. That takes so much effort and it takes so much faith and it takes so much trust in Allah and faith in Allah subhana wa tada and it also takes a great deal of

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renunciation of the dirtier because if you are so attached to it, if you're so concerned about it, you will not really be able to set them live in the station after Africa. You will not have to work cool all the time. You know you will not have that awkward of the birds that that go out everyday in the morning. Empty, still with empty stomachs and come back with full stomachs you will not have the director of the various you will not have you will not be really settled in this nature of thought. But at times you feel like you have so much thought good. That would be a gift from Allah subhanaw taala to make you think how this macam is like he to give you this like fancy and condition or state

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for a little bit of time.

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So that you could have a taste of what this man is like, how life would be really beautiful with this article, so that you seek that my poem, so that you try to acquire that moment he tried to sit them in that Mahal or in that station.

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So, and then the rest of the micrometer like this and, and the world. So the difference between and Harlem apartment is the difference between something that is stable and something that is transient and stable at heart as transient macom is something that you acquire the to work for. and unhide is a gift that comes to you from a loss of how to who, what are the without you unnecessarily working for it.

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But you know, just just just to have a taste of the macom. And now we were about saying McConnachie, here we say in monessen. So why are we saying that as it and we will talk about macchiato cola as a lens in Milan as and as one of the stations. And we will talk about the different from upon that, because they are used interchangeably. The macom Act and the menez are used interchangeably, it is just the way you're looking at it. Because the palm macom in Arabic means what the place of residence right. So and the man's then it is also a place of residence for the tribe, but for the rather for the traveler.

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But they're more committed. And then as are pretty much the same thing. It's just how we are looking at it, you're you're given the macom in first more stability, settlement, and Manziel does not. So because because this station is this is a stable station, it is not the hat that is the stable station, you can pull it from upon, because you sit in it. And when you ascend to the next station, you're not leaving this one, you're not leaving this one, you're building on it, and you're ascending to the next station. And like we said before, to certify certain matters that

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you will look back at that station, you will, you know, when you arise when you are sent to the next station, you will still be looking to fix the rest of the station, fulfill the rest of the station that you had already ascended from. So when you ascend from one station to the to the other, the first time or the first menza, you have not really yet completely fulfilled it.

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But you settled on it enough that you now have the ability to ascend to the next level or to the next patient. And Menzel is called menza that has this basically temporality to it. Why? Because of the fact that we're all travelers that we don't set up we're not set, we don't sit around with donia.

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You know, to begin with, so you're not going to sit on any my palm. So since you don't set on any macom because you don't sit it in the dunya itself, you then you call those macam admin as it because you are a traveler. And for our traveler, the better

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term to use is menza and not Napa, but you could use my palm or you could use they are pretty comfortable. But it is important that you understand the difference between an opponent hand because this is not just a difference in terminology, this is a real difference. Because when you go through a hab, don't, don't think that this is your macom A just like a gift. You know, so when when one time you hear that they're laying off people in your company, and then you feel sort of you feel confident you feel you know, that nothing would hurt you, except that which Allah had decreed for you. You feel sort of content and comfortable and reliant on Allah subhanaw taala don't think that

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you have actually achieved the power of God. You it may be just that this is a gift for you at this time to make you with sand or to make you go through this hardship gift from Allah subhanaw taala.

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But but then like I said, you taste it and hopefully you will be encouraged to achieve them a common good so that you have this feeling all the time. You have this confidence all the time. You have this contentment all the time.

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You don't have any anxiety at any time. If you don't have if you never have any anxiety at anytime, you always have this confidence and the source of this confidence is Allah subhanaw taala not your arrogance, not your CV, the source of this confidence that you say, Allah will provide for me allow provide for those kids alone provide for this family, allow provide also for my parents if I take care of them. So a lot is the one who provides for us. So my CV is not the source of strength. Allah subhanaw taala is the source of my confidence if you don't have an executive then maybe you achieve them.

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And and certainly people have different strengths, and someone may achieve them without achieving an outcome that is even beneath them or can have to occur because the he has this he has strength in this area as weakness in another area. And people vary in their strengths and weaknesses.

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So he's, he says that the first section is the section that will be dyad are the section of the beginnings and in this section of the beginnings that are 10 stations 10 Makana, 10 minute conquerable 10 stations.

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The first Menzel that he addresses is the Menzel of the appetizer and menza of the ACA. And the APA is not just wakefulness, by the way.

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Software is wakefulness. So like to rise from sleep to wake up from sleep, that's possible manoli but in the app of his his wakefulness for sure. But in addition to this alertness, you're awake and alert, you're yuccas you're awake, and alert. So the act of law, usually translated as wakefulness. Just to add to the wakefulness alertness, it's not just about wakefulness, it's also about alertness. And then he starts usually the manassa he starts every month with an iPhone operand. And he starts by the saying of Allah subhana wa tada put in number is a header and taco Mandala he must not have Radha symmetric Coronavirus I highly recommend gender in the road let him Bayonetta as Evan

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said, he say I only admonish you with one thing

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that you will rise up to Allah by twos and singly like you know alone and by twos pairs in pairs. You rise up to Allah and then you in twos and singly. And then you reflect, there is no madness in your companion, your companion is not mad, in reference to the prophet SAW the body of laws setting the Prophet tell them to reflect in tos and simply that there is no madness in you that you are award there

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to them. Before a severe tournament before the before a severe tour tournament, before we put it in an IV, B we're headed

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and there is something to learn from that. Certainly a lot to learn from this ayah. But the fact of the last pinata invites them to rise up to him or to rise from their state of hitless than heedlessness and start to reflect. That's why I am links between the alcova fakra and invacio era because without the help of a lot of wakefulness and alertness, you will not have inflectra which is reflection and without reflection, you will not have proceeded which is the sight of the heart or the in sight. So, Allah subhanaw taala tells them rise up to a law from your heedlessness and reflect there is no madness in your companion and once they reflect they would have the basura that

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there is truly no madness in their companion and that he was a warrior to them before a severe tournament befalls them.

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Choose and singly is basically to avoid the herd mentality. You know, the herd mentality where you know someone says something and everybody says Yes, absolutely. That's true when

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and that is when you have a big crowd. When you have a big crowd you have the herd mentality. People will not really be thinking for themselves. Someone else

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We'll be thinking for them, have you seen a flock of sheep? You know, like if one sheep ran to whichever direction right left, you know,

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north south east, you will see the rest of the sheep running in the same direction. It's just herd mentality is like everybody will think that, you know, he knows something he saw saw or heard something then we should or see, then we should we should just throw it after them or with them.

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But Allah is setting them into an singly Henry flecked alone and in pairs with someone

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was was only another person and reflect there is no agenda or there is no madness in your companion. And then he starts to talk about the definition of an jacoba and he says, I'll come over to the lady here. Yep. avato min silletti lafleur. Senate Rockefeller, one who do Anwar Putin fattura Alberto Marius De Niro palabra de Ville hierarchy the row at norriton be so at the upper coma to the Lair rising up to Allah

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heliacal determine senator Rockefeller it is waking up from the slumber of heedlessness what know who do Anwar Patil fattura and rising from the predicament of lassitude,

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where he outlines the neroca even higher level at norriton B. It happens with the revival of the servant's heart upon its illumination, with the alerting lights.

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I sent you the translation so you should have received it in the email.

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So he says that what the APA is basically to is for Palma lilla that is mentioned in this area called known as open Villa, calling them out of hand Taku Taku mode coma PM, this rising to Allah subhanaw taala that's mentioned and this is their puzzle that I'm talking about here and this menza is the wake up from the slumber or senator of the slumber of heedlessness because he listeners is like, you know someone who is asleep. But he you know, this sleepy person or this asleep person is when you're asleep you think that

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that nothing wrong can happen to you like you could, but the problem is and hafla is worse than sleep. Because you are always in this life. In this life. You're always behind the wheels.

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So am krafla is the spiritual sleepiness

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is extremely risky. Because you're you're always behind the waves, the you know, do you ever pause? Do you ever pause does your journey to death ever pauses, it never pauses. So you're always behind the wheels. And if you fall asleep behind the wheel, then you are risking your your safety, you're risking your salvation, and you don't get

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you don't get to sleep. You don't. You're not it is not safe for you to have spiritual asleep, your body may go to sleep. But spiritual sleepiness or lassitude lassitude, to some extent, depends on on what lassitude means or the degree of lassitude, the degree of weakness, loss of energy, you know, apathy. So it depends on the degree of lassitude, because we all go through phases, for sure, and the prophets Allah, as you know, thoughts and hobbies in liquidly, Cheyenne Shara, inadequately avalanche or equaliser or fatra, or the other one in the liquidity insurer will equally say in federal, so everything has at the time of zeal and energy at the beginning, and then it's followed

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by lassitude, every endeavor every undertaking, and that, that applies also to our phases in this life. We go through ups and downs spiritually, but you don't afford this to be asleep, spiritually. You don't afford to be dead spiritually, because you are always behind the leaves your life. Your journey does not stop. And if if you fall behind, you know, asleep behind the wheels, you're risking your own safety, and you're risking your own salvation. So rising from rising up from the slumber of heedlessness

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waking up from the slumber of heedlessness, and rising from the predicament of latitude and longitude, like he said, is the factor that the prophet SAW Selim talked about, you know, often to a sin factor means many things. But it's it means that the period between the profits where there is no warner or there is no profit or messenger.

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But here in this context, the factor means the period of loss of energy or the period of lethargy.

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And then he says what he has done, he wrote the bill here at norriton B. And it happens with the revival of the servant's heart when life comes into one's heart when life because the hearts are dead, unless they receive life from Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So it happens with the revival of the servant's heart upon its illumination, with the alerting lights, more it can be, and Allah subhanaw taala gave you so many alerting lights, alerting lights, every gray hair, for those of you most of you, are you too young to have them.

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But every gray hair that you get is a light, that's a flashing light, you know that you're getting closer, it's getting closer.

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And if you don't pay attention to this, every friend for not not Fred every time someone of your acquaintances or your friends or family members, buys, that's, that's a flashing light, loss. stay steady, give something your every time you reflect on, on this donia all of the things that you see around you, that basically scream in your face, you know, you're here for a purpose, you know that the one who created all this universe did not create it in vain. Or for foolishness that there must be a wisdom, there must be a purpose, every time you know, like a light flashes in your heart, you're receiving the mood north and be that is basically an alerting light, the flashing light is to

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alert you. And you may decide to basically

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take heat from it or ignore it. It is your decision every time it is your decision. And keep in mind, it's not like something it's not a

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basically a one

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event that happens and then that's it, it suffices. You're benefiting from every light that you receive all the time. People love reflection, people have thoughtfulness. And that is extremely why that is part of the reason why it is extremely beneficial to have some fun, we're always glad to have some time for yourself, for your own reflections all the time, we are surrounded by people, and that distracts the heart. So the people who do get to enjoy, sometimes a farewell and sometimes have also the seclusion. You know isolation.

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We're not talking about absolute seclusion or isolation, but but at times you do have this time for yourself for your reflection, that that is great. And then you're not even you don't even open a book and read during the sun. Just reflect that just the fact code reflection. And then if you're reading the Qur'an, you think that the best thing to help you reflect is to read the correct. But if you're reading to memorize, you're not reading to reflect. And if you're as wide as the Harvard line, that's why don't don't

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doubt reports of you know, this heavy metal fan for instance, you're praying the whole night with one verse.

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Because the these were people that were not trying to only memorize or to perfect their pronunciation of the Qur'an or maybe they're not perfect, but these were people that were using the PR n for their own survival for their own salvation. So yes, it is very possible that you repeat one verse throughout the night and reflect on it and reflect and reflect and benefit from this reflection that reflection is of great importance or perfect color is of great importance. With any device. He divides it up of that. And he says wakefulness has three parts.

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So he told us the rise to wake up to basically observed the lights, the flashing lights, alerting lights,

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That is

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reason to Allah subhanaw taala that is mentioned in this verse. And then he divides wakefulness into three parts and he says The first is our love will be either Naima la semana de hell whatever poofy Allah has a thorough elaborate 30 minute eba whether any move is succeeded If

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so, losses will be 11 ama is the hearts beholding of the Namah then Mr. Avila, the bounties of Allah subhanaw taala the favors of Allah on you.

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While Alia semana de Howard woofie Allah,

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Allah yes, even if

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they have while disappearing, have ever been able to count them the boundaries and flavors of Allah or realize their maximum magnitude tanzimat number two, basically to

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Lima NEMA or

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how do you say this, to realize the great magnitude of that

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is, is once you you, you really reflect on the name of Allah subhanaw taala you will give up on ever being able to count to them or to realize the magnitude of the name of Allah subhanaw taala because it is not only about your senses, it is not only about your faculties, it's not only about your limbs that Allah had left intact for you, you know, the or it is not only about your health, it is not only about your wealth, it is all of this is even

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negligible in comparison to an air metal nonmetal Hidayat to a laws favor on you to have guided you to have facilitated this path you whether you are whether you're born in Islam, or you are guided as Allah subhanaw taala had facilitated the past to you. But certainly when you were born in Islam, there is, you know,

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there is so much to show gratitude for. Because if you are not born in Islam, it takes so much effort takes so much sacrifice to become Muslim. You imagine how much sacrifice it takes to basically change your religion, you grew up in a non Muslim family, and is any last minute Allah guides your heart so that you know you have to make it extremely tough decisions. And you have to go through some extremely tough times and many of our country's brothers and sisters go through those tough times. So to have been given that gift, you know, you you owe so much to Allah subhanaw taala

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you have to show a lot of gratitude last Parata for having made it easy for you. And certainly also for the you know, our conference brothers and sisters,

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despite the difficulties they go through, but they should at the end of the show gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala for giving them the strength to go through those difficulties because had it not been for him, they would have not been able to go through them.

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So beholding of the bounties of law requires a person that has you know, transparency a heart that that is capable of observing those Nam those boundaries those favors of Allah and not limiting them to the food that you have or the shelter that you have or the health or euro area of these things but but thinking beyond that as the last minute Allah has given you so much that you should be thankful for or you should feel gratitude for

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is that he says nothing can be an anomaly is even at the Hello poof era how despairing have ever been able to counter them or realize the magnitude that what the federal who I'm sorry the photo Illuminati 30 minute TV have on a movie taxied if you haka

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in the book that you have, it's a federal law, but the the correct

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you know, correct. One is word is the federal

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what the federal oil Americans in Minnesota we have an animal that taxied if you happen there after the photograph is busy it the Federal Reserve is basically

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from for our for emptiness, to empty your heart out so that you could visit your heart with empty hearts out of everything else, so that you could busy your heart with

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The realization of Allah's graciousness in bestowing those now on you, and then what will be taxied If you're happy and coming to full recognition of one's failure of showing the corresponding gratitude. So, when you observe the noun of Allah, and you observe the greatness of the noun of Allah and you realize that you will never be able to come to them, you will never be able to understand the magnitude or to realize their their magnitude, then you will show a loss graciousness or loss min min allows graciousness in bestowing those now.

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It is men now because you're not deserving.

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You know, that we're the men that means that he has given this to you, out of his own kindness out of his own graciousness, not because you are deserving, and that's where the word minute comes from. It is a minute on you, it is merely, you know, an act of kindness from Allah subhanaw taala, you are not deserving Think about it, you know, think about how many people you know, you have like a job here that gives you this much money, how many people have comparable aptitude in many other places in this world, not comparable aptitude, not comparable intellectual or mental aptitude, superior intellectual mental aptitude, if your IQ is 150. And there are people all over the place all over

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this world with an IQ of 150, they are not making a fraction of what you're making, they don't have a fraction of what you have. So it is not really your aptitude. It is the Think about it, you don't even make it unless you emigrated here in about make the decision to be here

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in the first place. And, and then, you know, it's not just that it, you see it all around you, you know, if you really reflect on your condition, and the narrative that you have, you are realizing the condition of the people around you, you realize it is not because of your strengths. That is not because of your smartness. It is not because of your good heartedness. There are a lot of people that are kinder than you there are a lot of people that are more righteous, righteous, more gun observing than you when they don't have what you want what you have. And there are people that may and in addition to this, there are a lot of people that may have more knowledge than you have had,

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and they were not given the gift of righteousness.

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Also, they may have more knowledge, they may have worked hard for it, but they were not given the gift of righteousness. So there are a lot of people that may memorize this and memorize that. But either you're they're not particularly righteous, they're not particularly observant of us, proto or watchful of Allah subhanaw taala. And, and you say to yourself, you know, that even the righteousness it is not your own work, it is his gift. As you know, I always either bustani said, Rahim, Allah, I realize that I have never sought you out until you sought me out. Because he can seek a land and he seeks you, you can't walk to him and then he invites you. So, even the

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righteousness that you have is a gift from him, that you should be thankful for your own righteousness, your only bad is a gift from him that you should be thankful for there are there are other people that have not been given that gift and it is not your aptitude, it is his generosity.

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So, that is basically the first part of the opposite. Your feeling of the name of Allah will be a cause of the optimism here cover here will be basically a catalyst of your cover and the more you feel the name of Allah and the more you feed your face failure, you realize your failure in showing gratitude for those now, the more

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alertness you will have to your to your predicament that there is a predicament here, you know for for every anomala had shown you, you should have shown the corresponding gratitude and you have not been able to see you'll always be diligent you'll always be vigilant to to show the gratitude that is appropriate for the new home over the last minute on and then he says a fairly the second part of this year cover

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is Motorola Moto generika. What boufal photography what this mutilated Araki have

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performance on the PA or pa watagan ledger it becomes easier is observing ones that transgression. multilotto lagenaria is to observe your trans transgression or the transgression. What will go out on hatari? fi understanding gets danger. What does Miro litter the rookie hand rushing to can to get under control? To catch up with it to catch up with engineering? Because you know, that rookie hat means to catch up with your crime with your transgression. How do you catch up with your crime and transgression? It's basically damage control. It's to control the damage that your crimes caused, and try to contain that crime and contain the consequences of that crime. And to have control over

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that shanwa lost or Sherpa misconception that

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be 30 or that brought you to this to this danger or to committing this crime.

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But the Holloman Rector and read oneself of its captivity, Watanabe una gente but on PC Han to seek salvation by cleansing it so

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so on one side you're observing the name of Allah subhanaw taala and your failure to show gratitude on the other side you're observing your genitalia to tala genetic, you're observing your agenda. you're you're you're realizing the great danger that you have before yourself and by committing these crimes.

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And one of our greatest problems is our insensitivity to our, to our crimes, horse insensitivity toward crimes, because it could be one thing that you do that earns you salvation. And it could be one thing that you do that earns you domination, like,

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you know, remember 15 years ago when you?

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Do you remember 15 years ago when you yelled in your mother's face? It could have been the destructive one. And you just moved on? You were so insensitive, but allow me to have been watching this. And then, you know,

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like an avalanche avalanche of destruction may have before you even see. But Allah has made the hero decisions about it, you know, the things were decreed. From that time on that you will be bewildered and confused for the rest of your life. Did you see what Benny is not dead when they refuse to walk with Moosa cross Syrah into the Holy Land? And then they'll just for 40 years a generation was wiped out. people died in Sinai, you know, a good portion of them died in Sinai, and we were never able to make it because of one act of rebellion against the loss of pinata, do you think you have not been through you have not done any of this stuff? You really haven't done anything that would be

00:38:21--> 00:38:25

a reason for our last ferrata to throw you a confusion.

00:38:27--> 00:38:51

And so when you think that you will be able to move beyond that, to get out of it is you know, release yourself from its captivity without his help. Never. Because you think you may think that you're a guy that but you are so misguided. You may think that you are doing well, having a vehicle but I'm sorry, no matter the level of volume for her to donia when we ask

00:38:53--> 00:39:03

a doctor, you of the ones with the worst deeds of accidental nada, and Athena babyliss. I own those whose whose

00:39:04--> 00:39:16

salary or their work in dystonia was all misguided. While thinking that they are doing when they were they were confident that they were doing well.

00:39:17--> 00:40:00

And those are enough Serena mela. So mutata Gina is basically to be sensitive to your own DNA, be sensitive to your own crimes. And that is what we will talk about this when we talk about the Mortal Kombat and we talk about Maha Sabha self reckoning. It is being sensitive to your own Jeannette and remember your jenaya that you may have committed 40 or 50 years ago because it may have been the one that destroyed you it may have been the one that keeps you away from Allah subhanaw taala unless you repent and unless you seek Allah's help to repent, and if you don't remember them that a total armor that needs to be written

00:40:00--> 00:40:09

The sincere Toba hammer which is the general Toba? You know to return to Allah subhanaw taala with complete repentance from all of your agenda.

00:40:11--> 00:41:02

Can you hear me okay to tell but I must repent to Allah subhanaw taala from all of your denial those that you remember and those that you do not remember in shall light when it will read you have the generic but if it is in CFL, if it is 31 or Suharto or sincere television, but this is an important part the rushing to control the damage that Charlotte Kashmir Luthor rocky hi smear means to roll up your sleeves. And it means for us means to do your Excel. Roll up your sleeves means to excel and to us to test our Uchiha to control the damage that it may have caused, that this denial or this crime of yours may have caused what the homeless metadata and to read oneself of its captivity, because

00:41:02--> 00:41:17

you may have been captive to your sin that you committed ever since he committed the fatherless Metallica or repair, you know, the shackles or the captivity or rip the captivity.

00:41:18--> 00:42:06

What Allah Buddha dirty bit on his hand seeking salvation by Tom he's a cleansing cleansing from he says the purify from he is the separate two things from each other. And some haze is a very beautiful word here, because Algeria is like something that that has roots inside your heart. So you want to separate it from you. And I think it takes a lot of effort to basically remove it to the root. It takes a lot of effort and can take a lot of pain as well. You know, the recognition of your DNA and working to rid yourself of this generic could take a lot of pain. So it takes everything pain. So the word cleansing is beautiful here, because it has to do with purification. When two

00:42:06--> 00:42:18

things are completely mixed together and up you you remove one from the other, that is from haste to purify your heart from your diet and purification here.

00:42:19--> 00:43:12

How do you purify Toba and so far, it hasn't gotten my hair, and l Bella. These are four different things. I mentioned the similarities, silicon, these are four different things that can purify you here before you make your departure. So while you're here you have the towboatus repentance and so far to say at a start for law and seeking forgiveness, it's that far, you know wipes out the saga, the minor sins that will bear repentance erases the major sins. And that's a difference so far when he says natural laws for law. The the the, you know, this erases the minor sins for the major sins you need to have dealt with are kind of left out but the pillar is of the Toba to erase your major

00:43:12--> 00:43:21

sins you need to give up you have to have regrets, you have to be determined to not go back into the same and you have to make the people up for

00:43:22--> 00:43:23


00:43:24--> 00:43:35

transgressions against them. Because that's the best so far are two ways that cause that would cleanse you from this sin or

00:43:36--> 00:43:45

remove you from the shackles of this sin. And then you have an hasn't gotten my hair, which are the erasing has an ad

00:43:46--> 00:43:52

was erase the I haven't gotten my hair. And then you have the

00:43:53--> 00:44:04

Bella which is the reflections that will that before you end this life. Those will those reflections will also erase your sin.

00:44:06--> 00:44:15

And I'm not going to go over the details of this because apparently, we we should start very shortly and we did not finish

00:44:17--> 00:44:20

the station. But then in your grave.

00:44:22--> 00:44:41

You could be cleansed of some of the remaining sins in your grave. You know a lot of jazz, that the believers will pray for you. That is the father of the believers for you. Fitness that cover itself the horrors of the grave itself will cleanse you

00:44:42--> 00:44:59

any punishment that you may Allah subhanaw taala protect us all from the punishment of the grave but any punishment one receives in the grave that also cleanses any has an ad that people do on your behalf. You know the different mother

00:45:00--> 00:45:14

have different, you know, positions regarding what could be done on behalf of the deceased. And the hemani. madhhab is one of the most flexible in this regard that they allow much to be done on behalf of the deceased in terms of our method, but then a

00:45:15--> 00:45:25

mixture of both X, you know, x that he did, like the charity, charitable acts and acts either with your body and a mixture of both.

00:45:27--> 00:45:35

But in general, you know, they all agree on giving charity on behalf of the deceased. So if you want to help what some of your relatives

00:45:38--> 00:45:54

in their heart of Barbarossa in this phase of their existence when you give charity on their behalf, and there are also other things that you could do on their behalf, I believe that he could recite Quran and give the give the reward of the recitation to them,

00:45:55--> 00:45:58

or ask las portada, to grant them the reward of the recitation.

00:46:00--> 00:46:03

So these are all this is all from his. And then

00:46:04--> 00:46:55

this is ultimately in this phase of, you know, Hayato barza, who said, the prayers of the people, that's the font of the people, the gerasa, II, the horrors of the grave, all of this will cleanse you while you are in this phase, and then people who were not cleansed in this life, and people whose were still not cleansed in the grave, than the horrors of the Day of Judgment, well, PM, when a race will cleanse them from their sins. And I asked Allah subhanaw taala, to protect us all from this, and cleanses before we depart from this dunya completely so that we don't have anything to you know, suffer from in the next one or the one next to it. So, so people who have not been cleansed,

00:46:55--> 00:47:13

they will be cleansed by the horrors of the Day of Judgment. And they will only be cleansed also by crossing over the fire and those who were not you were still not completely convinced are the people who will actually fall into the Hellfire

00:47:16--> 00:47:17

to be cleanse

00:47:18--> 00:47:27

they are believers that they will fall into it to be cleansed of their sins and then to be removed from it. After

00:47:31--> 00:47:33

that the third part he said was that is

00:47:35--> 00:47:40

an intubated modifier is yellow an examiner am uttanasana Do you have another baby ha

00:47:42--> 00:48:23

ha ha ha ha Rebecca. The third part is paid attention to the succession of the days and the consequent gains and losses one accrues through them gains and losses in your condition, the cumulative gains and losses years yada knocks on the zyada of your condition that gains in your condition that is basically in your station in your position before Allah subhanaw taala and an axon refers to your position in front of Allah subhanaw taala and there is always cumulative increase or decrease you don't be being stationary is almost

00:48:25--> 00:49:02

impossible. You're either you're either increase or decrease there is the other or knocks on your position before Allah subhanaw taala the succession of the days will add to your position or take away from your position and that is what is meant by zyada one axon minute a year zero an axon that comes with a succession of the days you know, you accrue gains or losses and those will accumulate so that your condition before ally is either getting better, better, better, better, or worse, worse, worse worse.

00:49:03--> 00:49:08

And intubate him out if it is the other and salmonella em are consonant of urea

00:49:09--> 00:49:59

which means abstaining from wasting them wasting those am one novel Illa bunny be here and being protective of them protective of your am protective of your hours protective of your minutes and your seconds, bunny behalf. So that Leah taraka Why are Moraga so that he may make up for what he missed and make the most of what is left. And unfortunately I'll just have to stop here. You know, so I do not infringe on the time for the type of worship like I did last time and in July when we went together in Sharla. Good bear with the pace in good because we still did not finish the station of jacoba

00:50:01--> 00:50:04

And we'll we'll try to finish stuff next time and

00:50:05--> 00:50:10

hopefully we'll be able to, hopefully you'll be able to finish it and finish the next station of

00:50:13--> 00:50:14

electronic stuff.