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The segment discusses the use of "goodness" in various cultural and political topics, including religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion, religion,

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Santa Fe

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one either

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one you should

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but the clinic has a nickname of respect and the father of such and such instead of calling him by his first name

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instead of calling him by his first name then we call him by his Konya father of such and such you know this every seminar has you know its own give me a blessing because oftentimes we scramble for something to call each other you know to use for you know, calling each other to try to figure out you know, say clinical staff doctor, brother if you Is it okay to call the brother or

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dr C or what should they call him and during the time of the prophets, Allah 70 the doctors have titles. So, there was no you know, Chief such and such

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status such and such a doctor, they had basically if only you wanted to use like, we want to extend the respect to the other person then they would call them by their konia father and such and such even if they did not have a child, they would still pick up the cornea like I showed them on how to have a clear so the prophets Allah wa sallam give her the Kenya Mandela Mother of Africa

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and whether this is because of the lameness of a was their nephew or it was just like because of the lies a generic name you know everybody is not the law so she could be mother proper law says she did not have your own children whether it's this or that but she picked up a cornea

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and that was was their way of you know, if you're like for instance 16 years old and you want to call it talk to someone who is 60 or 55 years old and you're just not feeling very comfortable calling him when his first name or her by her first name video and say Mother such and such and father says research

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you know, that shorten or the you know, the

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the evil for

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was in a fight. But anyway, that that the bad consequences of abandoning persona is that we will have to be very uncomfortable about what we should call

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whether this is the right so they call them safe or rubber. And if I call him Sheriff he may get upset because he's a doctor and if you call him a doctor, he may get upset because you know, don't you think I'm safe enough

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can and it becomes it becomes an ordeal to figure out how to call someone

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on how to interact and how to deal with

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so the quality of that announced anyway, we are we are reporting from the profit center last week

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that he served in a la hacat Santa Ana condition

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repeat after me in La

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fasten zip ha

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when you hit that how to come

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when you have that

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How to come

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shaft rata

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one euro

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they'll be hotter

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so in

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Canada would be for emphasis and

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most certainly, most truly, most variably alive cat about except wrote

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Kappa burns what wrote down an axon is his kindness graciousness excellence.

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And if you will have to choose a word the venue will choose excellence

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because it combines it

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really is the peak rate

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is the peak of goodness. So if that is the peak of goodness, then excellence would be the best translation but doesn't extend also infer the meaning of kindness kindness tocsin la extend kindness to me

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means extend kindness to me, myself. When we say Moxon, we usually mean by this is kind of a gracious so it does have this it doesn't have this meaning. So it has it is the combination of excellence and kindness and graciousness and excellence and graciousness Alexa

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So in

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most variably a lot cat a bad road down road down means what in the canal in the center

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made obligatory command

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and we sometimes translated as prescribed, but whenever Kappa is mentioned in the Quran and the seminary there it's talking about obligation it's not talking about me a recommendation is not true.

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Could you buy from sia

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could you buy

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development philosophy calcula

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so catabolic ECM fasting was prescribed was made obligatory on you quotevalet

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fighting was made obligatory on you even though it is disliked by you.

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philosopher Cutler

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retribution fear retribution concerning

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murder was made obligatory on you. So casabella would have been even the anniversary Allah have decreed This is for emphasis and I have decreed

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Kappa Allah Allah have decreed that I believe

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that I shall prevail

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Chi and my messengers shall prevail.

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So gatorback is usually used for emphasis and it is usually used for obligation obligation. And it is very, very

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noteworthy here. That kettlebell the professor used the word kettlebell here.

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Now basically for the lack of other words, because the preface was, was given job and I've gotten the most concise

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comprehensive of all speech was the speech of the province of Southern so each word is chosen carefully,

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you know, chosen for wisdom wisely. So when the Prophet uses the word catabolic

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made obligatory on you, then we should just

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translated as such, and then explain what it could mean because if we translate it as prescribed, it makes it a little bit softer than the actual word in Arabic which is Catholic.

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So in Allah Hi ketubot, etc, Allah have made a 10 obligatory

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highlight cliche.

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is endless coverage disagreed over what does it mean? What does this phrase eila coalition it means either upon coalition everything, so a lot of me that's an obligatory upon everything, and accidentally said, this is a word that means excellence, perfection, and graciousness combined together.

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So allow me to extend obligatory on every thing.

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In some other imports in a salon. It is odd that currently

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all creation so that makes it a little bit easier.

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but it is definitely you know, it will be still pertinent to only

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two viable creations in Canada fee.

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Well, good news.

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So, because the word viable for our mistakes, we are the creations that aren't being addressed by the commands and the prohibitions and ins and jinn, two of the creations are liable

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for their Accidents and incidents in the angels, they don't have room to make mistakes in any way. The other creations are not being addressed by anything, they have been addressed by the mechanic, they just follow the universe of where the divine universal with of Allah subhana wa tada be just following the sun, the moon, the animals, the plants, everything follows, without having the choice, the creations that have the choice or the incident in those are creations that have the choice and since they have the choice, these are the creations are called macula

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So here the hobbyist would be in

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the shade, Allah had made a sad obligatory on every creation, on everything, the word in good Muslim is on everything, it has been

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interpreted, in other hobbies

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to mean on every creation,

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but also, there is another meaning of that is equally strong, if not stronger.

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Many scholars that are here means fee, and there is flexibility in using those articles in, in, in Arabic.

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So Allah Fie,

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they can be used interchangeably in Arabic.

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So when we say a lot, when again when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked the, the little girl painter lowers alarm, she said to him fists and that in the heavens, she meant above the heavens, but those words are used interchangeably in Arabic, for achievement, in the heavens, In the Heights, you know, higher up in the heights, not in the heavens, the structure of seven heavens that we know from Hadith where the prophet SAW Selim each prophet now the first and so on, so forth.

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So, those words can be used interchangeably those articles can use their their change. So Allah here means for them to many scholars and this may be stronger means steep coalition, which would be translated as Allah in the Lucha capital etc Allah cliche, most Verily, Allah made SM obligatory concerning or towards everything

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towards everything. So, because this is stronger, why is it stronger? Why is this stronger?

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because it provides a greater meaning then a lot have made asset obligatory on

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every liable creation. Because certainly when a law makes something obligatory, he makes it on the library creations. He makes it obligatory on survivor creations, and he makes it obligatory on all liable creations, equally obligatory

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creations. So there is added meaning in the in the interpretation of the oven scholars who said that the meaning of this are these are actually a means towards towards concerning everything. So a lot have made obligatory, immediate obligatory towards every thing Allah Could you say

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for Eva Patel for axial Kettler, then when you kill, kill excellently and we will come back and talk about him How could you kill excellent or kill with excellence

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and when you slaughter slaughter excellently slaughter with excellence.

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When you hit the hadoo combs Ephrata and let each one of you

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every one of you sharpen his blade, his knife. It means blade here means

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that each and every one of you sharpen his blade

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When your zombie had to go and put his his animal you know that he was bothered at ease

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for make the animals comfortable make the animal comfortable or put it at ease

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okay so going back to the beginning of the hobbies one more time getting a lot more capital etc repeat after me so that we can remember this once again en la Hakata but SF in

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English I

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have made some obligatory concerning everything

00:15:43--> 00:15:44

should I make you save any money

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because I'm

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so, fattier

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axial taper.

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So, when you kill kill with excellence

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no one is videotaping this

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like how many iPhones

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And when you sloggers father with excellent

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when your head

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that each one of you sharpen his blade

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while you're there be hotter

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everybody wants to be right with ease and put his behalf is

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mixing Arabic English

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is could be the most popular name after requirements are some.

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So going back to the point where

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in a lack of a celebrity say Allah has made the accent obligatory, his accent obligatory.

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The word Kappa, mean accent of Liggett Ori quotevalet from sia

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cm is obligatory quotevalet here, that is something that's already fighting is obligatory cruelty by linking up sauce,

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you know, retribution, retribution concerning murder, like an iPhone is obligatory. So, but according to the vast majority of the fuqaha and the scholars have sort of set the fundamentals of jurisprudence, whenever I could have as mentioned, it means by default, an obligation and obligation.

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So, is sn obligatory sand is obligatory and it is the highest and most ultimate station of perfection and excellence and beauty, you know, also I forgot to tell you that accent combines in addition to the perfection and excellence, beauty, because when we say what can happen, it means a beautiful face, right? Which one has a beautiful face?

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And why does it Why does it also combine beauty, because beauty is the ultimate perfection

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right because you would not be concerned about beauty, before you will not be concerned about the ornamentation of your building before you have built it from the bottom up and the foundation, the structure and everything and then you beautification is the final stage right to beautify your actions, that is the final stage. So it suits the meaning set, which is ultimate perfection can excellence.

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Can beauty is a concept that is sanctioned that is that keep in mind this this philosophical triangle of a hardcore credo, which is what truth, goodness and beauty. That triangle itself is all things that Islam is is is a triangle and first with Islam as well. But the details how to get there is what establishes a roadmap for how to get there. How about systems do not give a complete

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and flawless roadmap of how to get to a hardcore Pharaoh's crew you know truth, righteousness.

00:20:00--> 00:20:03

As for truth, goodness and beauty,

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so, accent has this meaning of beauty as well.

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many people will find this to be very difficult to you know, very difficult, very hard on us, like how could excellence be obligatory on us, that means, if we fall a little bit short of this extra, this perfection this beauty of action, you know, then we will be in error in grave error and sin. So, this cover is said

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that, it is not like this allow us in the Prophet sallallahu Sallam using the word katha made obligatory to emphasize the importance of perfection and excellence, emphasize the importance of the perfection of excellence, but it would not be it would not be completely untrue. The prophets would not use a term that is completely untrue in the context can have a lot of truth to it. Because how do you protect yourself or

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how do you protect yourself, you have the pillars of the salon or camera salon

00:21:20--> 00:22:00

you have the way the back of salon the mandatory actions of salon That's according to the home value consultation because according to the gym more you have the pillars and then you have the emphasizes the hunt valleys have a three pronged three tiered classification, like the jumbo would have a three tiered classification and have the honeyberries have a three tiered classification and solok they have the pillars or without which your Salah is void you have the budget back mandatory actions without which your Salah is deficient and then they have the sermon the prefer the actions without which your Salah is imperfect not perfect.

00:22:02--> 00:22:11

So, basically to do all the pillars, that is part of a Sam because that is a structure

00:22:12--> 00:22:39

the structure has a foundation, you will not reach the top of the structure until you have you you lay down the foundation and you build for the first and second floor and so on. So, when you perfect your pillars, that is obligatory right. And then when you perfect your obligatory actions that will say according to the condom as I have in hand, there is this three tiered classification of pillar is

00:22:42--> 00:23:40

preferable actions. So, according to all of them available to you, you have to perfect your filters and you should perfect your big bad or obligatory actions or perhaps otherwise your hard drive will be deficient to your hard drive deficient basically have no having no pillars, having no pillars, means having no heart, having missed some of the ones the back of that habit is like a person that is blind, here have just blind, your hub does that you have does not have legs for arms. So severe deficiency in the integrity of your heart. So, it is where did to perfect to the right event of the heart to do the work the back of the heart and then the final stage which is the sooner this part is

00:23:40--> 00:23:40

not wet.

00:23:41--> 00:24:24

So, the profits will allow us to use the word capital which made sense obligatory versus recommended or advised or some lighter word to highlight the importance of a center of excellence, perfection, gracious graciousness, and beauty in his lab to highlight the importance of this, but it is not without a true basis, there are true basis to this because in every action to reach that level of accent or ultimate perfection, you need to work from the from the bottom up. Therefore Part A big part of SM is obligatory,

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a big part of accent is obligatory you could never reach accent, unless you have done a lot of things that are obligatory on you. So as to your parents consent your parents obligatory or not.

00:24:42--> 00:24:43

Not all of it.

00:24:44--> 00:24:53

Not all of it. Because if if, because when then we will not be able to have different rankings and disable

00:24:55--> 00:24:59

different rankings in this regard. So there is obligatory SMT or

00:25:00--> 00:25:09

towards your parents, there is obligatory towards your parents. And then there is another layer, where we can be

00:25:10--> 00:25:24

the obligatory sand, we have to all live up to this level of accent to the parents. And then there is an additional layer, wider layer that

00:25:25--> 00:25:35

room for, you know, people of greatest resolve room for people of the highest aspirations that the greatest piety

00:25:37--> 00:26:17

and so on to compete in this vast room vast area, but at least the basis of accent your appearance is obligatory, so accent is obligatory or not. Yes, accent is. So the preface was on was not using it completely metaphorically here, you know, without respect to the word that no accent is obligatory, a great portion of accent is obligatory, so using the word obligatory with a sound in general, is warranted, is warranted to accent your accent to your guest is obligatory or not.

00:26:21--> 00:26:31

Some of it, some of it is, some of it is some of it is not. Because accent, your guest starts with that which is obligatory on you.

00:26:33--> 00:26:51

According to the honeyberries it is obligatory, you know, to host your guests, for a certain number of days, is obligatory according to any moment. But according to the majority of coffee shop and Medicaid, it is very emphasized, some very emphasized.

00:26:53--> 00:27:00

But let's say that he's here, and the guest is part obligatory, and part extra

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00:27:03--> 00:27:16

the profits themselves, so whoever hosts him for more time, it shall count for him as charity after the three days. So Sam here

00:27:17--> 00:28:00

to the guests, is part of obligatory and part non obligatory, this is the room for the people who want to draw closer to Allah, you have fast room, you know, all those seekers of his pleasure, I have made this vaccine for you to compete after this, you know, strike of obligation, that one of the bottom, this is really a stripe of obligation down at the bottom. Above this, there is vast room for the secrets of his pleasure to compete in excel in perfection, towards everything, towards everything.

00:28:03--> 00:28:12

Why the prophet SAW some of them so for so we understand what this means. But then why did the prophet SAW someone jump right into killing afterwards.

00:28:14--> 00:28:22

Because this is actually the highlight highlight of the underscore the importance of XML.

00:28:23--> 00:28:30

Because if I talk to you about XML, and then I start talking to you about, you know, being kind to your kin being kind to your

00:28:31--> 00:29:03

Yeah, it's good, right, and being kind to your neighbor, but that's a given. There are so many of these to talk about this already. We've gone over a set of several other hobbies to talk about this in the previous 15. And now we have these. But when the prophet SAW after talking about the obligation of inserting everything towards everything he wanted to tell you, what do I mean by this? I mean, even when you're killing, give with excellence.

00:29:05--> 00:29:13

So that that is why it is very suitable that the Prophet was never moved right into the issue of killing

00:29:15--> 00:29:18

where you would expect

00:29:20--> 00:29:21

the least here

00:29:22--> 00:29:24

it's getting here.

00:29:28--> 00:29:50

But why do you kill in the first place? Someone will tell you why you came in the first place. So aside from the current trend, which is which is only in Europe and you know, like there are supporters for it here in America, but in America there is capital punishment greater than in America. Up until today there is capital punishment.

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

outside of Europe, outside of Europe, there is the capital punishment in Europe

00:30:00--> 00:30:04

A few years ago, there was capital punishment.

00:30:05--> 00:30:11

But the fact that the Europeans decided against capital punishment does not mean that it is right.

00:30:12--> 00:30:18

There's nothing that is right. And if America followed suit, it does not mean that the concept itself is right.

00:30:19--> 00:30:21

It does not mean that the concept itself is right.

00:30:23--> 00:30:24


00:30:27--> 00:30:27

there is

00:30:29--> 00:30:30

there is

00:30:31--> 00:30:32


00:30:35--> 00:30:37

some degree of violence and killing,

00:30:39--> 00:30:40

but when does it become when

00:30:41--> 00:30:44

it becomes warranted when there is an overarching benefit

00:30:45--> 00:30:48

the safety and the security of the rest of the society

00:30:50--> 00:30:58

that the removal of mental anguish and you know, turmoil from the hearts of that family of the victim.

00:31:00--> 00:31:01


00:31:03--> 00:31:09

that is that is why you know capital punishment of murderers and

00:31:10--> 00:31:12

you know, whenever it is prescribed

00:31:13--> 00:31:15

is is basically

00:31:17--> 00:31:25

the sour medicine, it is the better medicine that must be taken sometimes for the overarching benefit

00:31:26--> 00:32:20

of the entire society. Up until now, in America, the dominant saw is that capital punishment is okay for certain crimes. So, let's not talking about you know, when is it prescribed? When is it not prescribed? It's a different topic, but let us first talk about the concept what capital punishment be prescribed? And if it is prescribed, if it is prescribed, then should we not do it excellently? Should we not, you know, that is what is considered civilized it's considered. So, whenever people do research work over the best way, the kindest way the most gentle way of killing me when they come up, you know, some people say that electric electric chair, some people will say Oh, like injections

00:32:20--> 00:32:21


00:32:22--> 00:32:30

some people say no, they actually the best way of doing it is the game team. Which which may be the best.

00:32:33--> 00:32:43

It just got this negative, negative reputation, like reputation reputation, because of how how the French Revolution used.

00:32:44--> 00:32:47

But really the doctor who

00:32:48--> 00:32:50

like basically

00:32:52--> 00:32:53

made that map

00:32:56--> 00:32:56


00:33:00--> 00:33:01

not to

00:33:03--> 00:33:07

was intending to make the thing

00:33:09--> 00:33:16

I was intending to lessen the pain of the victim of that to whether he would be you know, killed.

00:33:17--> 00:33:18


00:33:19--> 00:33:34

so, but he was intending to listen to pain. So anyway, but there is an agreement, you know, that people are very suggestible impressionable. So when they see blood, it's just like,

00:33:35--> 00:33:40

but what is really more merciful, the electric chair or

00:33:42--> 00:34:13

piano strike with the sword across the neck, or is so but the concept is looking for what is most merciful is an indication that we're doing this as as our better treatment and we're trying to exercise within our ability, the most amount of kindness that we can put you you give somebody you can somebody you know wronged me.

00:34:14--> 00:34:50

But still we are trying to exercise as much kindness with you as possible. So that is why it is beautiful that this came right after Allah have been so obligatory towards everything that everything can read. The Prophet says, I mean really everything I mean everything I mean when you kill your enemy when he came a tire and when you kill a murder when he killed you know, a serial killer when you kill anyone kill with excellence, tried to do with as mercifully has passed possible.

00:34:51--> 00:34:55

That applies also to getting everything

00:34:56--> 00:34:58

right. So

00:35:00--> 00:35:01

Was that

00:35:02--> 00:35:08

that yeah that forbade the burning of please

00:35:09--> 00:35:12

you know using like fire to burn sleaze

00:35:15--> 00:35:38

the majority of the tambourine for baby forbade, forbade the using of fire to destroy any life any life regardless of that life. There is controversy over bloodless creatures, do you see the detail that the went into the

00:35:39--> 00:36:14

great home? So, there is a controversy Do you know boxers or the boys the lobsters have put the lobsters in boiling water alive. So, there is a controversy over this amongst the scholars that earlier scholars in some scholars permitted it because they found too that bloodless creatures will not sense the pain, bloodless creatures will not sense. So they talked about Jura locusts in this particular context, whether they will sense the pain and the disagree, whether they could be pried alive or not, because they will not sense the fate.

00:36:15--> 00:36:41

In fact, in fact, in Europe, New York neurologists and neurophysiologist Up until now, they disagree over the edge. And that is why you know, the way the boxers life is still alive, because of practice, because they disagree. And many of them actually the majority of them feel that this basically

00:36:43--> 00:36:57

epileptic movements of lobsters when you when you throw them into the boiling water, the like, sort of vigorous movements is not an indication of there being pain there.

00:36:58--> 00:37:27

It is, like a, an automatic response to being thrown in. The boiling water may not be accompanied, but but but it's a different issue that I'm trying to get. What I'm trying to tell you is that we were talking about this 1400 years ago, the scholars who have been debating this issue 1400 years ago to tell you the great care the scholars have given to issues of that nature can

00:37:28--> 00:37:43

certainly whenever it is not wearing to present you should not destroy life, when it is not wearing when it is wearing to do with mercifully In other words, those sticky pads for mice may not be merciful.

00:37:46--> 00:37:47

You may think it's merciful.

00:37:49--> 00:37:54

The idea here is not to basically report from either life or bits to keep outs from

00:37:57--> 00:38:02

it is that it is the concept that yes, we should be concerned about probably killing mice

00:38:03--> 00:38:17

right or wrong? Yes, you should be because the word that I'm actually shy towards everything the Prophet wanted to tell you, I'm telling you serial killers, you treat them with excellence

00:38:20--> 00:38:52

if you care that is any careless care with excellence, kill mice with excellence applicable or not applicable aqualisa everything means everything or does not mean everything mines are things are not things there are things so, in this case, a Muslim that comes up with a like a nice way of getting mice would have come up with a song that Hassan sudden after this when you sign up and persona would have introduced the song that person is now

00:38:54--> 00:39:01

because he actually enabled us to to implement this

00:39:03--> 00:39:11

this command which is excellence in everything in every action can every given of everything.

00:39:13--> 00:39:16

So for a vaccine or Tesla

00:39:17--> 00:40:00

and certainly much you know the talk about the a you know the for prevention of mutilation these there are many hobbies and Muslim and other books about the purposes for them prohibiting mutilation and muscle or mutilation of bones that certainly is a given wherever the bathroom vaccine was depart and if you slaughter slaughter with excellence, while your head that had become so fragile that each one of you sharpen this blade. When you're the bee hunter with his top hat keys are making the beat comfortable. sharpen your blade and you sharpen your blade before you are

00:40:00--> 00:40:21

Aim to slaughter the province of Manchester by a man to sharpening his blade after he laid his head down to be slaughtered can the professor sometimes said to him actually do and to meet the handout that would you do you mean to kill it several times multiple times?

00:40:23--> 00:40:28

Because the goat is watching you should believe in. So,

00:40:32--> 00:40:36

do you want to do mean to get it multiple times

00:40:38--> 00:40:50

when you're happy How can one make his his or Bihar comfortable or put his behalf at ease certainly part of the you know part of this is that

00:40:52--> 00:40:58

he should be as gentle as possible in driving with a V. Hopkin laying down

00:41:00--> 00:41:15

people really give you know attention to those matters. They do a wonderful job and it makes a huge difference between like a Karen practicing Muslim making web Can anyone making

00:41:17--> 00:41:27

a pretty mean accounting practice in Moscow because they say you know the the mentioned the name of Allah, the Treaty of commerce flee nicely kindly gently

00:41:29--> 00:41:36

can the process to be you know goes much more merciful than in whatsoever you know,

00:41:38--> 00:41:40

in other cases, so.

00:41:41--> 00:42:06

But part of this is the preparation of just summer, which is the confined animal or the tide down, none of us although some of them will just summer This was reported authentically. The prophets are still not forbade us from eating gum just some will just summarize the algorithm has been tied down and shocked by errors. So if you find the

00:42:07--> 00:42:13

next Nana bucilla on some days back, this is reported by Bukhari and Muslim from Abdullah Allah.

00:42:15--> 00:42:29

So the prophets of Salaam forbade the confinement of animals, none of us are allowed to sell them and you guys are fine. You are Robin, this was reported by Mr. Levin at best, the purpose also known for babe that

00:42:31--> 00:42:49

anything that is alive be used as a target. And you know how you're vulnerable, that anything is alive, be used as a target, this is your birthday was the best of luck labneh Omar passed by a group of people must have Buddha judge them when

00:42:51--> 00:43:00

they set up a chicken immediate a target we were shooting out. And on the webinar, Omar said who did this lukkage Lana,

00:43:03--> 00:43:06

I know that the Messenger of Allah is the one who does this.

00:43:08--> 00:43:09

The one who uses

00:43:10--> 00:43:22

animals or anything that has a life has a part. So if you talk about civilization, he talks about mercy and so on all of that.

00:43:24--> 00:43:40

The greatest example was given to us by the province of of ourselves. You know, in the 1900 Olympics, the US visions live visions for shooting contest, the 1900 Olympics.

00:43:42--> 00:43:54

This was only done once in the Olympics in 1900. But this was 1900. So this was how many centuries after the prophet SAW sentiment, this is the Olympics, it's not like you know, someone.

00:43:58--> 00:44:11

So in the Olympics of 1900, they use visions as a part of life vision. So basically, they release the visions, and then you will choose them and the one who kills the biggest number of visions is the winner.

00:44:12--> 00:44:13


00:44:15--> 00:44:22

but having said all of this, why are we not going home of excellence? To the left the right to ask this question?

00:44:23--> 00:44:26

You know, because we like to sort of

00:44:27--> 00:44:29

have each of our children's

00:44:32--> 00:44:37

but why are we not any more number of excellence. In fact, we're in the choir, we're quite the opposite.

00:44:38--> 00:44:53

In fact, if you would hesitate like 200 times before you hire a Muslim, so before you go to someone who's Muslim, because you're afraid that they're not going to do a good job, and those feelings most of us have.

00:44:54--> 00:44:59

You know, you're afraid that they're not going to do a perfect job or a very good job and

00:45:00--> 00:45:02

We try to avoid each other and we try to.

00:45:03--> 00:45:05

Part of this is basically

00:45:09--> 00:45:12

propaganda that we believed about ourselves. But part of it is true.

00:45:14--> 00:45:27

I can't, I can't really say that all of it is true. Because, you know, part of it is propaganda that we believed about ourselves, we actually created the propaganda sometimes. So when you make the propaganda,

00:45:28--> 00:45:57

you contribute to it is circulated. And then all of us are having lesser thoughts of each other. So if you're, if you're a technician, and I am a doctor, and you know, I am a hippie, that should really take my computer to him to really take my son to him, stuff like that. So we created the propaganda or in part to create propaganda and believe that,

00:45:58--> 00:46:30

so I advise that we stop, you know, perpetuating the propaganda, you know, amongst ourselves, stop perpetuating the propaganda, because you get to believe that any gift, when once you believe something you live in, it is a surrender to it, it becomes overwhelming, and becomes overwhelming, like, you feel that there is no escape, we're just like that, we're just inferior, so we'll just have to accept it. And that was it, and be part of it.

00:46:33--> 00:46:55

But if you if you truly look at where we were, when we were really practicing Islam, you know, there is no reason for me to repeat this. For me, I haven't talked about this here. But I've talked about this in several other places. for 1000 years, we were really dominating every field of science. And

00:46:56--> 00:47:12

we were pushed by the University are so far ahead of all other nations, the nursia, meaning that the Pristiq and the Sahaba, and Fabien and the greatest generations of this owner, have given us even after we started, you know,

00:47:14--> 00:47:15

slow down and,

00:47:18--> 00:47:43

you know, depart from the true teachings of Islam, they have given us such a push that, you know, got us ahead by like a great distance. So by the time other nations caught up with us, it was already 1000 years. So for 1000 years, we were moving forward, and then for the last 400, some years, almost 500 years, we have been behind.

00:47:46--> 00:47:56

So, this, this is not an intrinsic issue that we have as Muslims that this is basically what we have made of ourselves because of our

00:47:59--> 00:48:15

because of our corruption, because of our departure from the true teachings of Islam, the practice of truth teachings of Islam, because we do a lot of lip service, and we talk a lot and we have much less about our fraud.

00:48:17--> 00:48:18

But we,

00:48:19--> 00:48:25

we are, to some extent, not an excellence anymore, like we used to be.

00:48:27--> 00:48:33

And it is upon each and every one of us to start providing himself, you know, you start to be

00:48:35--> 00:48:52

practice excellence in your work. And your, you know, I'm not the best striker, but I always remind myself, you know, it will this is part of it, if that was was really made obligatory or prescribed

00:48:53--> 00:48:59

towards everything, that's part of it, that is, you know, driving is the thing that you should really practice.

00:49:04--> 00:49:11

So, we go back full circle, and then we go back to the meaning of need obligatory sad,

00:49:12--> 00:49:19

parts of asset are obligatory, but as I said, as a concept as an attitude is obligatory.

00:49:21--> 00:49:47

asset in general, as an abstract idea as a concept as an attitude as an approach to things is obligatory even as Muslims in its totality. Now, we will come down to the details, but the Prophet meant to use the word Kappa, made obligatory, meant to use it to infer that meaning, that said, as a concept is obligatory on us

00:49:48--> 00:49:52

towards everything concerning calories that

00:49:53--> 00:49:59

it takes basically, a little bit of heedfulness a little bit of wakefulness

00:50:00--> 00:50:19

So that we work if you have a business, try to figure out tomorrow how you can improve your business, improve the work ethics at your business, improve the way you treat your employees, improve the way you conduct your business, you treat your clients, that is part of excellence, right.

00:50:20--> 00:50:29

So, work ethics is frankly, part of excellence driving is part of excellence, parking, you know,

00:50:31--> 00:50:50

even dressing and grooming, as part of excellence does not mean that you stand in front of America for two hours. But the soap was always was always clean, you know, wipe clean, and you know, so it will cheer you up to look at him

00:50:52--> 00:50:57

because of the simplicity, the cleanliness and of his thought,

00:50:59--> 00:51:43

despite his despite his grades. What I'm trying to say is that the word quickly say here is very, very powerful, very meaningful. So perfection, excellence, beauty, SM perfection, excellence, beauty, all of this perfection, excellence, graciousness, beauty, perfection, excellence, graciousness, beauty, all of this, our acquisition, concerning everything, towards everything. And when you break it down, break down everything, everything that you do, from the time you wake up in the morning, to the time you go to bed. How do you do it with perfection, with excellence, with graciousness, and with beauty.

00:51:44--> 00:51:52

How do you deal with your spouse with you know, graciousness, how do you

00:51:53--> 00:51:57

you know, beautify your Salah

00:51:58--> 00:52:19

How do you beautify your stock, there is Sabri Jamil and there is some that is not German, Sabri, that is beautiful, suffers average, I mean, beautiful patients, and there is patients that's not beautiful. so surprising to me is when you the patient, without complaint.

00:52:20--> 00:52:32

And internally patient as well as externally patient with internal patients, that is the harder one is when your heart becomes at ease with a lot of choices.

00:52:33--> 00:53:18

And accepts them accepts of our choices, and when you know becomes an easy choice of Allah subhanaw taala and say to yourself, well, that's better for me is better than my clinic for myself. And I'll accept that I'll move on, I'll try to make the best out of the situation that I may, even if it is hard, even if it is, you know, unfortunate, but I'll try them as being the best type of ethanol except for the planning for that is beautiful patients. So patients can serve in everything and the word everything is very, very weighty. Think of everything very weighty. Every practice, every conviction, every thought, every action, every statement, every silence, every interaction, every

00:53:18--> 00:53:20

abstention everything.

00:53:22--> 00:53:47

And that is really the test. And the test. You know, the most important part of the test is that each and every one of us will go home and wake up tomorrow. And someone is going to college and we'll do the same thing that they've been doing. But, you know, it is amazing, you know, the speaker and the audience have

00:53:49--> 00:53:50

heard this story from the

00:53:52--> 00:53:57

next day there would have been so much going on, you know, like a lot of changes and a lot of things happening.

00:53:58--> 00:54:30

But for us, you know, we go back to the same routine. And then if someone remembers that he remembered for a day or two and they remembered me remember concern, one or two things, but it's such a weighty hobbies. That is why the purpose is not to use the Habang installments because he did not want them to learn for leisure. He wanted them to learn production. Take it and use it. Laptop costaining laptop, don't get angry, outstanding. locata Don't get angry.

00:54:32--> 00:54:42

Don't be angry. Take it and use it. You want more. Take that first. Use it first. act upon first and come back from

00:54:44--> 00:54:45


00:54:55--> 00:54:59

We mentioned that towards our parents can be part

00:55:00--> 00:55:00

obligatory and

00:55:02--> 00:55:03

not obligatory,