The Parables of The Quran #27 – Surah Al Jum’ah 5 – The Parable of the Donkey Carrying Books

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Hi I'm

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Nina Shay. banyo lungeing Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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watching can

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see wama

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Silicon Valley la salatu salam ala rasulillah while early he was a woman while I'm about

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our second to last parable tomorrow be our last cotton Puranas tomorrow be our last parable. Our second tell us parable today is one of the most blunt and harshest ones and it is a warning for all of us. And it is the parable in Surah. Tell Juma that Allah subhana wa tada says methadone ladina home melotel wrotham Bella Mia Aloha, Catherine himari yummy Louis Farah beats a method of Omen Latina Canada will be

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the example the parable of those who were entrusted to carry the book. And then they refuse to carry it is like that of a donkey that is carrying books. What's an evil example Allah Himself sub bit semithin he gives an example that will make our hearts cringe the example the parable that is given we don't want to be a part of that parable and then Allah himself says big semithin What a bad example they have set

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now what is this parable about it is about the bunny is rotten.

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And Allah subhana wa tada mentions the bunny is thrown in over 70 times in the poor on their stories form a primary motif in the entire foreign. Why is this? Have you ever thought about this from Bukhara all the way here to pseudo Juma? We're talking about Bani Israel and Moosa and what they did and what they said. Why? Because in human history, the civilization and faith that mirrors ours, the closest in terms of law, and in terms of history is that of the bunny is it to this day, if you look at their theology, you look at their rituals, you look at their customs and their habits and the laws upon them, the way they eat, the way they dress the Orthodox amongst them very similar to what

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we also have been commanded. So Allah is telling us to learn from their good and their bad learn from their mistakes don't follow their path. And the Quran mentions so many things about the money. So in today's program, by the way, is about this whole topic. We're going to summarize it I know it's a Sunday night we're going to try to make it short and shallow to either because of what's happening in philosophy, and it just so happened today's parable is about the Venezuela just happened that way. Allah azza wa jal mentions that the bunny is ill. They were the chosen people, literally in the Quran for bola come. I mean, this is literally in the Quran. He chose you above all

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of mankind. Allah says in the Quran, what are Takuma Muti I had a middle alameen he gave you what he gave no other civilization. It is very clear we believe that they were in the past tense. That's the key point here. They were the chosen people and Allah azza wa jal bless them and gave them and Allah conferred upon them so many blessings. But what happened? They took those blessings and they abused, they turn their backs, they did not live up to their responsibility. And I want you to memorize a very clear, simple point. The Quran never criticizes the Bani Israel Israel for who they are. The Quran criticizes the Bani Israel for what they have done. make this very clear in our minds. It is

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not the Quranic methodology to criticize a civilization for their ancestry for their background that's not Islamic. Allah azza wa jal never criticizes the bunny is strong enough for their ancestry and heritage. every verse in the Quran, look at it, whether it criticizes them, you changed your hair reform.

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Right? Allah says in the Quran for the man aka him mitaka home they broke their covenant. Allah says in the Quran that worked for him was so they took bribes. Allah says in the Quran wakley him Riba walk know who and who they began eating interest and they knew it was forbidden. By the way, footnote here, look at the history of Europe and the history of the B'nai Israel in Europe. It is well known the system of banking and whatnot it is well known read this up and Allah said this in the Quran even before European history, Allah says you were forbidden from interest you know it it's still in Deuteronomy to this date very clear that you're not supposed to charge and take interest

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and yet they ate it and they made a business out of it. This is why they are criticized not because they are who they are, but because of they did what they did. So Allah says methadone Medina from Middletown, Ra Allah conferred upon them an honor, Allah granted them a great response.

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instability, and that was you are the chosen people and you have a line of prophets, one of their best blessings was that they had a continuous chain of profits from the time of Israel who is yaku all the way up until Jesus Christ, literally every single generation, they have a prophet they're interacting with when a prophet dies, another prophet is sent immediately in his place. Can you believe an entire civilization and you have a continuous chain of prophets that's protecting that's guiding This is no other civilization was given it, but what did they do? They attempted to kill some of their own profits, while calculating will ambia can you believe and of course, the final

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straw was Jesus Christ Himself. That was their final chance that Allah sent them one of the most apparent and clear and mightiest messengers and they did what they did it is well known what they attempted to do. And so that blessing and status was lifted away from them. They were the chosen, they are no longer because of their own actions, not because of anything else. And Allah azza wa jal says that they recognize the truth of Islam. They knew this was the truth, and yet they turned their backs on it. And this is most famously demonstrated in our mother, Sophia are the Allahu tada unhappy that she, of course, she was from a Jewish background, and she converted to Islam. She

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became one of our mothers. She tells her own story, that one why was a little girl when I was a little girl. And of course she was at the time a Jewish her father and uncle visited the profits of the law set up to verify what is going on in Medina. And she said, they came back, sad, distressed, distraught, even though they would love playing with me, I would jump in up, they ignored me. And I heard my father say to my uncle, who are who is he the one? And he said he will law? Yes, he is the one. So the father said, What are you going to do? And the uncle said, I don't want to who I'm going to hate him and oppose him until I die. This is why Allah revealed these types of verses. You know

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the truth. And yet you turn your back to it. Allah says, Yeah, the foreigner who come

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up in a home, they recognize him like they recognize their own sons, they know he is the Prophet, and yet they turn their back. So Allah says, My fellow lady in our home middle toe wrotham madam via the example of those who are given the responsibility of the teller off and then they turn their backs and they don't carry it. gunmetal hammar like the donkey, and in every civilization, the donkey is an object of ridicule. The donkey is an object of disgust and Allah says in the Quran, we're in the uncut Allah Swati la Sol told me the most irritating noise is the brain of the donkey. Every civilization hates that noise. So Allah gives a parable of the donkey for the one who had the

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knowledge and completely turned away a few weeks ago, we gave the parable of the dog as well who is similar to this we seek Allah's refuge, the two most brutal and the two most harsh parables are both of them dealing with those who know the truth. And then they turn their backs on it. The example of the dog remember we did that? Right, right, the one that came with alchemy and Tamil Allah he had the same example was the one who knew the truth and turned his back. And Allah zoji is another example like a donkey carrying books, and what a powerful example he has the books, the books are all on his back, but of what value is all of that knowledge when he refused to act upon it? Now, to

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be precise, both the dog and the donkey analogy are explicitly for those who know the truth and refuse to accept it. And that's why Allah says beats a method, Amina can be it law, what an evil example of those who rejected the book of Allah or the signs of Allah, therefore, those who are knowing the truth and they're struggling to follow, they're slipping. They're not being perfect. No doubt that's very bad. But it's not exactly what this parable is about. This parable, or this method is about those whose arrogance is so much that they don't submit to the truth, despite knowing it. And that is the essence of Cofer. And that's something we all have to be wary of. Now, our scholars

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say that the one who knows the truth and doesn't act upon it out of weakness, maybe the exact example doesn't apply, but still he should be scared. He should be terrified because it is a fine line. And that's why By the way, this parable, which surah did it come in? Who remembers I just mentioned the surah which Surah Surah. Al Juma and what's the very next verse? Oh, you who believe when the other four Juma is called come and listen to the hotbar. Notice Allah mentions the hot tub right after warning people of rejecting knowledge. Why? Because every hot tub you're reminded of basic fundamentals, pray five times a day be good Muslims. Don't do this.

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do that every hotbar you're reminded of the essentials. So be careful all Muslims that you don't even a portion of this example does not come on to you. When you hear something. When you learn something, try your best to implement it. And if you fail if you struggle, ask Allah's forgiveness, but never ever reject the truth never justify an evil that you have done, or else this parable might possibly apply to you. We seek Allah's refuge from ever being like the dog or like the donkey, and we ask Allah subhana wa tada to be of his righteous and pious worshipers and inshallah we'll continue tomorrow. What are the ganas about ever in Vietnam tgb shave evolution. Ernie era be worth

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to be

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had by the Obama Team wodgina journey