Hatem al-Haj – Fiqh of Worship #51 – Expiations in Hajj

Hatem al-Haj
AI: Summary © The importance of expediation and learning is emphasized in HUD, where users can avoid mistakes and risk violations of rules of thumb. The three options for users to choose from when they are unable to do a certain activity, including going to bar or restaurant, are discussed. The importance of fasting during high demand periods and avoiding fraud and loss of legal behavior is emphasized. Clipping and removing a head for game animals is also emphasized, along with avoiding false assumptions and protecting animals from harm.
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Okay, pay attention. This is just

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when we talk about explanations, because, you know, sometimes you learn things for their practical use when utility and sometimes you learn anything because you need to learn them because you should be teaching or given Tao or and this class is a combination of both we try to cater to everyone. So some of the people may want to learn stuff that may sound impertinent. So if it sounds important to you, please forgive me. And, you know, it doesn't help with that I am monotonous and read that like a redundant sometimes, but just forgive that and try to pay attention and focus as much as you can, because it's a lot of information that we need to sort out in this particular chapter of video.

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Okay, so now Fabian Hudgens in general, why would you need to expiate. It is not always expiation, the word video expiation itself is to some extent, a misnomer because it's not always expedient. It's not always that you've done anything wrong. Because sometimes you did not do anything wrong.

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But you need to do like a makeup for the hut, like you missed the head. But you did not really do anything wrong. It's just that you missed it.

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You're on your way and you missed out.

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But you need to make up for this. Sometimes it's not that you're making up for anything that was done wrong and have you made the method because the profit prepared the conductor for you and you want it to make them not to ask the Prophet commander this harder to make tomato, but since you're a bit since he, that is what it's called, howdy, it's not called failure is called the happy it's like a gift. It's a gift to our haraam because you are showing gratitude to Allah that He allowed you in on one trip to do both Hajj and Umrah on one trip and instead of having to come back for the other New Silk or the other scenario

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on a differential, so you're showing gratitude to Allah by sacrificing for connector or Tehran, which is combining Hajj and Umrah together. So it is not always affiliates. Sometimes just like a show of gratitude, it's not always explanations now as a makeup it's not always for redemption from IE an error or a sin. Sometimes it is but not always. So when is it that we need to sacrifice what is it that there is something some financial liability on us, because it's not always a sacrifice, some liability, liability, something that we have to do for our makeup or for our sugar of gratitude. One

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let's get this out of the way which is the show of gratitude. When you have like when you make a tomato or Kieron combine has an hombre together or do ombre and then come out of your seat have a frown and then do how do to scold tomato. You're showing gratitude to a lot you had allowed me to make these 200 homra on one trip, and then this is the offering

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for you. And then when when we sacrifice we're not doing this and we're doing this basically to feed the poor people. This is not basically feasting on blood or enjoying bloodshed or any of that stuff.

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all humanity all ama except very few people that are strictly vegetarian or this or that. For for what, what they consider to be ethical reasons. But for the vast majority of humanity, they eat meat. When we sacrifice animals we are the only difference is that we are doing this to feed others not to feed ourselves. You everybody sacrifices animals all the time. People people think that if it is done in factory somewhere else, I'm not responsible. No if you will get if you're a meat eater, you are responsible.

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And if this is wrong, it doesn't absolve you of guilt that has been done somewhere else outside of your eyesight. If you're the consumer. Yeah, they're doing this because they know that someone will purchase it but then of the day. So when we sacrifice the animals, the only difference is we're doing this to feed others not only ourselves, sometimes we share with others and what wherever we sacrifice

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Sometimes we don't even share if it is done to make up for an error or like a sin, we don't even eat from it, we just do it so that we could feed other people, other poor people, so keep that in mind.

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So sometimes it's to show for gratitude that is tomato okra, sometimes it is, sometimes it is for for Alibaba board, it is to make up for the year mistake your error if you violated the harm, if you violated the rules of thumb, then sometimes expiation will be required, sometimes it is for part two added for basically missing out on one of the obligations of HUD, you know, abandon it, neglecting it or just missing out because it does not get to it. One of the obligations have had such as a muddied banana or, you know, the many obligations of hygiene that we would come we'll talk about in detail that are not considered pillars, because if you miss out on a pillar, which is

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part of our standard guitarra horto awfully fava beans, these are the two main pillars of hubs in addition to the knee, Yes, for sure. But these are the two main pillars of hubs RFM and often a problem. If you miss one of these, your heart is invalid. But if you miss the obligations of hubs, you could make up by a sacrifice you could make up by a sacrifice. So show of gratitude for the metreon Karen making up for violating the Haram and making up for missing have added an obligation of had also missing the hothead you make up for missing the whole HUDs by sacrifice. And

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then the only thing that is left with for the Matan Quran to show gratitude for violating the Haram for missing out on the wardrobe or missing out the whole hat. The only thing that is left is killing game. But this is a little bit different because this is this is considered like it is like a violation of Ron, but has different rulings. But you could say that it is under the violations of Islam still, but it does have some different rulings. Finally, finally, if you have been prevented from proceeding to heart by an enemy or like sort of highway man or

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unjustifiable detention or any of those reasons, and according to the canopies and medicals as well. sickness and lack of means to proceed, but not according to the honeyberries or the sheriff place.

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According to Verizon, Chevrolet's, it has to be like an overwhelming force from outside and overwhelming external force. So the tension or like an enemy, an enemy that stopped you or unjustifiable detention, kind of using Maliki's app to xR, what sickness and

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lack of means, you know, running out of money or run out of means to proceed. So, these are the things that we will discuss now, the explanation for them, these are things that we'll discuss the explanation for them, the classification that the scholars use to discuss the expiation, they divide the exhibitions into two big two different categories that are big one is when the sequence is not required, basically, you have options, you have options. The other category is when the sequences required to do this, if you cannot do that, if you cannot do that, first one, do this or this or this, the second one The second category, do this, if you are unable, then you may do that. If you

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are unable then you may do the sequence is

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required sequence is required. Is that clear? Because we have Okay, so at the moment Kodama Rahim Allah here says Babel Vidya chapter on expiation, hey Allah or by any huduma here, it is of two types the expression is of two types. The first is where one is given a choice to hear where he affiliate with other one look, see what the fella who are buying a car means allottee as our autonomy philosophy also and mentoring lucidity Misaki. I will share the first one which is the word he's given options. This is the explanation for shaving the hair due to some necessity.

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wearing clothes that are sewn or wearing perfu, the person has the choice to fast three days feed three sets of dates to six poor individuals or slaughter a sheep, or goat. So these are the three choices that you have, if you violated your economics by wearing clothes, putting perfume or shaving or clipping your nails, were wearing clothes, putting perfume, shaving or clipping your nails, you have one of three options. One option is goat or sheep to offer a goat or sheep. The other option is the past three days. The third option is to feed six people, three sources of food, what are three sources of food, one side is about 4.5 pounds, three sides would be about 13.5 pounds of food that

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is any type of food except for wheat and the hanratty mazahub because the you know,

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because we it was expensive. And you know, so, so, one saw of thumb would be equal to have a sack of wheat in value. So they figured that feeding six people each one of them have a sound of thumb

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or half of that of wheat, what is one half half of half piano. So, what is one

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half of milk in value, they figured

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one pound and change like one and just a little bit above one pound, you know.

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So 1.2 pounds

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that is one mud, multiply this by four and he gives us off. Now what is it that we are required to feed every poor person of those six poor people that we will feed we will feed them half a set of dates. So we will feed them about what 1.1 kilograms of dates let us say 2.2 pounds of dates. But when it comes to wheat, we will feed them what half of this

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one 1.1 pounds of wheat

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and multiply this by six. Now there are some scholars who say that this is not the Prophet that not really mentioned one more wheat, this is something that it's the heart of the scholars afterwards. And they don't accept that it's the hub, but this is the position of the math lab we

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have a higher value, therefore

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one of the half of the amount of other foods will be enough. If you are

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then the so this is the this is the first thing that's clear right then move moving on. So that is violating harm. And that is not not all violations of a harm because getting getting in a game is also a violation of law for this fellowship program by saving clipping wearing clothes that you should not be wearing and for the sisters if you were going to cop or if you put on gloves you know that also with make you

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liable for this violation.

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And now he's moving on to the second type The second type was in the same way when sequences not required sequence is not required. Because here you have one two or three feet six people fast three days or offer good or sleep. Now the second type where sequence is not required is when you get in game animals. Because Allah said

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Santa Monica Mohammedan for desert aquatera Minami visa admin Kumari and Bella taba how how or the founder Thomas Aquino, how old are the delicacy Emily COVID. So, the because Allah said uncertain the era whoever kills a game animal, then the sort of the expiation for this is

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Mr. McCotter Amina is is has a similar

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animal of the domestic animals you know, so something similar to that game in the domestic animals. So game animals like an AMA for instance. What is similar to

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Because it was an expensive during their time, Australia, it was expensive during their time. So what was similar to it a cow, you know, or a candle.

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And if you kill like any, anything the size of a sheep, then you you sacrifice a sheep or a goat. If you kill anything that is bigger, no, you sacrifice a cow or like a camel. And sometimes because certain things came from the Sahaba, they just wanted for instance, the honor hammam in particular pigeons in particular. So the punishment for this was a goat. So if someone kills hamama, a pigeon, that he would have to sacrifice a goat. So when it comes to killing game animals, you would have to offer a similar animal in the sacrifice is a comparable animal that is domestic, a comparable animal that is domestic heavy and valuable Aqaba that will have to be given to the people of the harm. You

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know, the Miss Misaki and the poor people have a lot of the poor people of Harlem do not have to be the residents of Mecca. The poor people of Harlem could be also the wifey Dean could be also the visitors. It's not like you know, you have to give me your ID and have to ensure that here is whoever is there have the master key in any miskeen that is there. Okay.

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So you give this the, the this offering now Allah subhanaw taala said, How can farrakhan Palmer Misaki

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you know how, and then I will have the delicacy m. or, you know, now

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you saw it's an offering, you sacrifice an animal that is comparable.

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Or you value this animal the value of this animal the value of the sheep or the goat, you figure out the value of the sheep and the goat and let us say the sheep was

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$200 you buy dates or wheat for $200 you buy dates or wheat which is far from farmer Misaki the same value of the goat goat or sheep or the Commodore cow that you should have sacrificed in place of this game that you killed in a haram or while in a state of a harm. You figured out the value and you give this out in the form of food in the form of food do you have that option either or either or either or now you have a third option Allah seven sort of an odd delicacy Emily azuka Bella Emery or or or what ever is equal to this in the form of fasting How How could you what is equal in from fasting it's explained by the prophets of Allah Salah You know what?

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Another handicap of nausea but in general if you are not fasting and you feed someone

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feeding a person like pycharm miskeen for every day right when Ramadan when you don't fast what do you do? If he Tom is keen to every person right here the same will apply.

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So, I should have given 200 200 you know wheat is always causing us a problem because wheat is controversial and half but let's say $200 I would have bought data for $200 how much data for $200 let us say 200,000 of the

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let us say 200,000 of these 200 sounds

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of date.

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200,000 date, one half of a PSA of dates is enough to feed a poor person. So 200,000 of dates, you need to feed 400 people you can feed 400 people was 200,000 date

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gala got blown out of proportion here. And you have to fast for 100 days. No, say it's uh you know, it was not that expensive.

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Not $200 it was just like $50 in $50. Who would have gotten you

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would have, you would have been able to feed 100 people. So you'll have to first 100 days. Anyway, you're being encouraged to feed people in the first place. So

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But But if you really can't feed and if you can sacrifice the animal the appropriate comparable animal and he cannot feed, then you will have to fast and it will be whatever number of days. So, what is come like for every miskeen that you should have fed you fast one day clear? How do you figure out how many Mr. Kenya needs to feed

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the value of the animal that you should have sacrificed because you have three options you sacrifice an animal, you kill the patient in the in the harm

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whenever this harbor whatever

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you know, whenever there is arbitration by the Sahaba the accepted and they don't talk about it anymore, when there is no arbitration established from the Sahaba traceable to the Sahaba

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then we will have to figure out what is the value of this they have to estimate the value of this, but many many of the animals that are there there is always there is usually an Akuma or arbitration by the Sahaba So, you just follow them So, the Sahaba said if you kill a person, you sacrifice a goat then the goat is for $50 then $50 can buy you 100

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sauce of wheat

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every half PSA will be enough to feed the poor person so you should be feeding you know with less 100,200 poor people or you should be fasting 200 days that does that make it clear okay

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so he said what is that we'll say the Miss Rama pasa mera naam Illa era in a matter who in Little Havana if he has our Nana fi habarana Wi Fi Robaina fragile metadata creamy butter almond photo mo liquidity miskeen and modern are we assume on Kali mata neoma

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the expansion for getting game animals is a domestic animal that is equal to the to the wild one killed except for birds as their value instead would be do except for a pigeon for which a sheep is due and an ostrich for which Canada is due he is given the choice of sacrificing an equal domestic animal or given its value in food feeding mode. That's a wheat to every poor individual or fasting a day in place of every mode he had to give away.

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And that that is number two have you know the expansions where the sequence is not required. Now we will move to where the sequence is required. We will move to when the sequence is required. A double Zenyatta team will examine Lucia for unlimited for siano ferocity am and Phil had was about in his eye Raja, the second type is where the sequence must be followed. This is for the person who is performing the metro he must sacrifice a sheep or goat. If he does not have one, then he must fast three days wide in had or at HUD and seven days when he returns to his home land. Okay, so

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let's get this out of the way okay.

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Now we're moving to

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no sequence, we're moving towards sequence as required. He said the first one is the matter

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and with the matter also always add pair on. Whether it's the map to orchestra conductor means aamra. Then had Kieron means Amara, and Hud combined together. So whether you're doing the metro or theater or anything other than a fraud student has alone, you will need to give heads up or to sacrifice and that sacrifice is goat or sheep, goat or sheep. Lots of pinata Allah said from infinite abnormality another Hadith from Spicer, amin and howdy from unlimited possiamo ferocity Ahmed from had just about any valid alternative cancer in Canada, radical Middle America and I know how did Mr. Hartman sort of the battre law said Whoever gets to enjoy doing the online has at the

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same time, you know, enjoy coming out of their prom of Ramadan

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and doing hands on the same trip with Amara to hunt for from a slicer under it then do upon them is what misplace from a mineral head. You know, whatever it is affordable to them, but at the end of the day,

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He's not gonna slaughter a chicken and say this is affordable to me it's gonna be a goat or sheep. So you find the goat or sheep and the goat you know the sheep could be six months old.

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The goat has to be one year old. So six months for the sheep one year for the goat.

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And so, so then you start the regular seat but then Allah said from Allah myalgia because this is always the Islamic way of things. how Allah knows people have different capacities a lot of does not burden us well beyond its capacity locally from Epson a llama allows haha. So, Allah does not burn any sodium, there are always alternatives and this is something we learn also in the in the hour and in teaching, you must always come up with alternatives because we could sometimes be obsessed with deconstruction or refutation

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and just you know, completely fake complete failures, synthesis and sort of

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alternatives and you know, construction

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stuff like this. So you should be should be understanding the reality of people to ask them anything beyond their capacity allows one of us and whoever does not find the goat or sheep to slaughter or cannot afford to slaughter gonna see possiamo philosophy and perhaps because of Anthony avara jotham, then fasting three days I've had poor during HUD and seven when they go back to their homeland, what what what is meant by at HUD or during the three days at HUD HUD, or during HUD for the majority this has to be while you are in the state of not just in the months of hardship, but while you are in a state of alarm. So you could do this, when you are in a state of alarm, not

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necessarily for hat, but also for hombre and outside of being in a state of around the allow this during the three days of the sleep. So if you are instead of Atlanta, because you're doing your ombre, you're a tomato fast while you're doing your homework.

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And you're sitting at home while you're doing your homework. And then you could also start your farm on the seventh and faster seventh, eighth and ninth

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if you are unable to do this fast, the seventh, eighth and ninth

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you could fast the eighth and ninth and keep one day for later. You know because you used to use the yamakawa as the eighth and RFA is the ninth they allow you in this case they say it's okay for you too fast on RFI in this case because you need to fast. Otherwise, it's not recommended for people to fast and offer. So when you arrive and you are doing aamra, fast day you are doing ombre, and then fast the eighth and ninth here done. Hold fast to the sevens, eights and nines here then how fast eights and nines and then you will have one day to one more day to fast we allow you to fast and the days of the ship, not the day. Not that ends you fast on the 11th 12th or the 13th. And you're done.

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If you just decided to not fast,

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Hero B any of those days, during your seventh or eighth and ninth, then you are you're required to fast the 11th 12th and 13th fast the 11th 12th and 13th three days of tertiary if asked to those days, that and then you would have passed the three days and had and when you go back home, you fast to the seven remaining days you'll never go back home. So

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keep in mind what if someone just decided to fast before he goes back home? who just wants the first hit will count who moves you know too fast before you go home. However, it will not count if you start in the days of tertiary. Let us say you finished the three days on the seventh, eighth and ninth. And you said let me get a head start on it. And fast on the days of the ship some of the seven days that I should fast when I returned to my homeland. They will not count. They will not you can fast on the days of the ship except those three days. If you have not fasted them yeah, those seven days have to spark after the end of the days of surgery.

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and preferably when you go back home has a lesson in the crank. Okay, so three days and then seven days. And this is for internet era. This is for tomato or Kira.

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Now, I'm going to put down as Ben said

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Which is on fire on his

00:30:05 --> 00:30:14

failure to bandana for in lamiaceae for cm on calcium and matamata like a radical hawkmoon Federman flower

00:30:17 --> 00:30:27

for the one who had no * he must sacrifice a candle a candle or a cow you know cows like camels who had one

00:30:28 --> 00:30:31

button you know they're only like camels.

00:30:33 --> 00:30:40

So, I can no longer account for the one who had * he must sacrifice and this is * when

00:30:43 --> 00:31:02

before the handler after the handle ago before to hammer it out when the first learn it is a capital after the holiday hours or go for the thumbs up button after ellonija Okay, if he does not, if and if he cannot afford it, he must fast like the one making tomato

00:31:03 --> 00:31:30

the ruling is the same for the sacrifice do you do for missing the heart or for missing an obligation or for missing an obligation for missing in general had or obligation. So now we're talking about * and we're talking about missing and they have the same ruling in the sense that they're the sequence is required, what is required of the one who

00:31:32 --> 00:31:45

what is required over the one who had * before 200 cow or camel if they cannot do that, if they cannot do that, then there is just like in with a matter

00:31:46 --> 00:32:13

or the target, they must fast three days and had and seven days upon the return three days and hard and seven days upon the return what if you miss had the same applies to you, you arrive on the 10th you know, in nowadays it's laughable, but it was not laughable then because everybody was coming from a different direction there is like you know

00:32:14 --> 00:32:46

when really you could easily miss the day. So, so, it did happen in the past, if you missed the heart, then the same applies you sacrifice but it does not account for the sacrifice of a camel is only for *. So, but this will be sacrificing a goat you sacrifice a goat or a sheep and if you cannot sacrifice a goat or a sheep what do you do fast? But in this case, you know

00:32:48 --> 00:32:57

if you miss then you come after have to complete completely after how to then you're just past the 10 days you will fast the 10 days.

00:32:59 --> 00:33:26

Now if you miss a word yep and you're still in habit, then you need to follow the same scheme he passed the days and had and then seven days after the return the same scheme if you miss a word and you cannot offer a sheep or goat then you fast three days and had and seven days when you return and then we will have a whole session on why the better outcome

00:33:27 --> 00:33:33

or the obligatory x in hat. So that is clear right.

00:33:38 --> 00:33:44

What is left is only xR right? You will come to xR now

00:33:47 --> 00:33:49

500 to two years and five years.

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00:33:53 --> 00:34:07

now and masurian Zama who does done for unlimited for CMOS rottier the person who is prevented from proceeding must sacrifice an animal if he cannot afford it he must fast for 10 days.

00:34:08 --> 00:34:17

So the person who is prevented from proceeding must sacrifice an animal if he cannot afford it he must fast for 10 days. Now the moxa

00:34:20 --> 00:34:22

moxa is a long story.

00:34:23 --> 00:34:24

So the mocks are now

00:34:29 --> 00:34:48

It means mocks mocks are means what? prevented withheld kept back posted process. So you know now that is the master How could this happen? The pension address should have unjustifiable stuff.

00:34:49 --> 00:34:53

Highway man kidnapping you.

00:34:54 --> 00:34:56

Enemies war

00:34:58 --> 00:34:59

falacci snapper the posse

00:35:00 --> 00:35:16

During the Crusaders this used to happen often for people under way too hard to be prevented. So that is called a sock. herpes and Maliki's added to this someone who got sick and stuff like this or someone who

00:35:17 --> 00:35:19

sort of ran out of money

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but according to the honeyberries masalas by an enemy or a detention now, so if there is a SAR

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and you cannot proceed to make had but you can proceed to Mecca like the prevents you from going tada but he did not you could go you could make it to Mecca. Then they say easy go make hombre and

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you don't you're nothing is required of you just going to be calm and your handle your exit from your home. Because once you have Why are we saying all of this because once you you are embarked on the Nasik once you are in a state of a home you cannot exit from that state of a home just because you want to

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you only exit from the state of Oman you fulfill that right the Newser that had ordered the ombre

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only if you don't fulfill it, you will continue to be instead of things will be forbidden for you. You keep on doing them because you're not you and you keep on making yourself more and more liable. So you you cannot come out of your home except by fulfilling the 100 hombre or following the procedures to get out of the state of Africa. Now if you were prevented from proceeding thought about you that you could stick still make it to Mecca go to Mecca and make your armor if you're prevented from both from going to you know arafa and Mecca, then in this case, this case you will sacrifice and exit from your seat of the hand that is do not even ask you to shave or do anything to

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sacrifice and walk home sacrifice and welcome

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except which is a little bit of a problem here for the honeyberries interface except if you

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if you made yourself a father if you have not made yourself before the immediate hardship but you did not make yourself any farther between the if you made your arafa but you did not make yourself or the father between our friend prophet and father. You could get stuck here because if you are prevented from making the offer the Father and He already made your offer. According to the hammer is not a surfer is here if you make if you stood at artifact but you are prevented from making software the father hand baddies will tell you wait for three seven years whatever it takes you to pick off a default he cannot exit from that harem until you make properly for the shafa is would

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allow you to sacrifice shave and walk home to sacrifice save and walk home boundaries will say since now if I was the only thing that is left and there is no hardship for you to wait around.

00:38:21 --> 00:38:24

Just wait until you make the offer the father and

00:38:26 --> 00:38:44

then go home afterwards but but wait until you make the offer the father because he Mahabharata ROM are all okay for you except for *. So that's that's fine. You could wait, you know until you make an offer to somebody say that the chef I say that was you know you don't have

00:38:45 --> 00:38:49

these information, these details. You're not finding your books, by the way in that book.

00:38:50 --> 00:38:53

Like smaller detail details for from Sean hemanta.

00:38:56 --> 00:38:57

And other you know,

00:38:59 --> 00:39:01

other books, but

00:39:03 --> 00:39:05

but that's that's when it comes to xR.

00:39:06 --> 00:39:53

That is why they're making a condition of exemption at the beginning of the Habs will make all of these things just go away. All of these things will go away. Why? Because if you make that condition like Obama was told by the prophet sallallahu Sallam that Mahalia Haifa have a study, like if you prevent me from proceeding then then I then then I will exit from my home. Whenever I am unable to proceed, whenever you make me unable to proceed. If you make that condition at the time of your home, you will not have to worry about any of that stuff. Because whenever you're you can't proceed. Just walk home. That's it exist from your common walk home. So that sort of that is why the ham

00:39:53 --> 00:40:00

bodies consider it to be recommended. Even though the prophets was on divine, instruct each Sahabi to say the best

00:40:00 --> 00:40:15

Considered to be recommended because most of the people nowadays, they don't have the stamina to sort of to do all of that stuff, you know or to stay in a state of a home until they can figure out how to exit from it and so you make that condition if you want

00:40:17 --> 00:40:21

them to see accept lamancha mazara minjin See?

00:40:22 --> 00:40:23

What is this word?

00:40:25 --> 00:41:12

We have Okay, just give me 10 more minutes. Okay. Okay, quickly when kamasan linzi vitamine. Jensen hypoplus scientific authority my head of income for arella one couple of 30 is very sakata. Hakuna aka foreign if a person does a forbidden act more than once aside from killing game animals that exclusion is due once but if he already compensated for the first forbidden act before committing to the second the ruling pertaining to the first becomes a void he says Min Jin soo min min Jensen wa has died a couple of slides. Okay. So if you violate your if you violate your harm, if you violate your heart, you wear something like this and you wear shoes and you cover your head

00:41:14 --> 00:41:16

how many exhibitions

00:41:19 --> 00:41:24

cover the head where the garment wear shoes, trousers, they'll

00:41:25 --> 00:41:42

one because that is one since you violated the rule or the prohibition concerning clothes, wonders. But if you if you wear shoes and put on perfu how many

00:41:43 --> 00:42:09

to okay? Now, if you wear something, and then you don't experience it, and then you wear something else, and you don't explain yours in the house and you don't explain how many one if you wear something and then you expiate, and then after you expiate you cover your head and then after we and then

00:42:10 --> 00:42:14

then you will have to explain again right yes you have to explain again

00:42:15 --> 00:42:26

so that's why the soldiers that that do their hands on hombre wire in their full attire, they just don't explain it until the end you know because then they will have to explain only once

00:42:30 --> 00:43:16

when is that well the exception here is getting game animals like if you get an ostrich and then you can like whenever zebra killed this he killed that every time you kill something Yeah, you will have to the exclusions here are gonna basically account for one another or do not make up for one another you have to explain for every game animal particularly. And then he said, When pharma go down as an as for the equivalent for equally Wonka Ferrara if he committed two or more forbidden acts of different types that expiation is due for each one. Well, how do I agree more what wacaco say the Estonian do? Massaro maharatna say fsfe for saving clipping that means having * and

00:43:16 --> 00:44:06

killing game animals, it is the same whether they are done intentionally or absent mindedly for the rest of the forbidden acts. There is nothing do in the case of forgetfulness. So if you forget and you put on this, you were like here or you cover your head, you forget to cover your head, you forget you put on for a few. What? Well, what should you do? Nothing. Nothing at once you remember, take it off. What if you did not take it off immediately, then you don't have to explain. But once you remember, take it off. So now, if you clip the knee and save the head, save the head or click the names that is called a left or kill game animals. That's called the left whether you do it

00:44:06 --> 00:44:11

intentionally or absent mindedly according to the formulas I have, you will need to create.

00:44:12 --> 00:44:24

The same applies to *. However, however, here are some concessions and that is always find the rough and hard. Here are some concessions

00:44:26 --> 00:44:56

saving and clipping. According to our report in the Hanbury method that is not the authentic position in the mouth and one in the Shafi method that is not the authorized position in the shuffling method. And according to Z for saving because clipping for him is not a problem to begin with. And according to his Hakan according to him and ones that and according to Ebony pay Mayer, all of them said that if you do things absent minded in the even if it involves it laugh,

00:44:57 --> 00:44:59

then what which is like the clip clipping course

00:45:00 --> 00:45:00


00:45:01 --> 00:45:50

all of that stuff would not make you liable with Martin would not make you liable. Now when it comes to *, and doing this absentmindedly is for some scholars was unconceivable. But for the for the shafia is the say, even though they would require the expansion, but they say if he if it is done absent mindedly and that's the authorized the big s, the authorized position in the matter of safaree if you do this absent mindedly, it does not spoil your heart. Only for the South ladies if you do absent mindedly, it does not spoil your house. Now, for the killing of game animals, the killing of game animals. They consider this to be like a liability, a financial liability, and if

00:45:50 --> 00:46:26

you kill someone by error, you're still liable financially and if you ruin somebody's property by mistake, you're still liable financially and therefore they say, and that's the form of hip. Also, if you kill game animals, absentmindedly, you're still liable, even though you're not, you have not sinned, but you're liable for the expiation absent mindedly is never a sin. But are you liable for execution or not? That is always the question. So if you kill a game animal absentmindedly, then you're liable according to the formulas I have for the expiation z.

00:46:28 --> 00:47:08

says you're not. That's the Valkyries has, VA Harry's said you are not because we're lost product Allah says in the poor add on Katara hoomin como de Madan federacija on Miss Roma, kata la mina na. Whoever kills the game animal intentionally Allah said Mohammed unintentionally, for example, Mr. Malhotra Nam then the expiation for this is a comparable animal domestic Adam. So it has been said that by diversion implication, whoever kills the game animal absent mindedly is not liable for anything. And he has he has a strong point to be honest.

00:47:11 --> 00:47:38

When the safe said we're kulu had he in our environment for who element second and harm Hila videotel aza you forget to have an older lady holography will have you more sorry young Haru female de mscm z o be called the mecca every sacrifice or provision of food must be for the poor individuals of a harm. That is not necessarily natives or you know it is anyone who's there

00:47:39 --> 00:47:47

except for the expiation for shaving or clipping of names which would be offered could be offered.

00:47:49 --> 00:48:42

Have the place where he shaved the sacrifice of the one prevented from proceeding commas to be slaughtered in the place where he is asked for fasting it is valid anywhere. So whenever whenever you need to sacrifice or when you need to feed people, it will always be in in Haram, the poor people in haram except if you clip your nails or save outside of the Haram for instance in arafah versus someplace that you could immediately do this outside of adhara. And for the most part, the one who is prevented is not able to get there to begin with how could we demand him to sacrifice of time when he is prevented is just unable to get there. Then the masar can sacrifice wherever he was

00:48:42 --> 00:48:54

stopped and then go home. But otherwise, it will be harder for he said fasting can be done anywhere except

00:48:56 --> 00:49:12

when first thing is required have had that you will do that have the three days that are required at HUD then you do them have HUD is not limited to a harem. It is about who you know, at HUD not not haram but

00:49:16 --> 00:49:20

I'm sorry, this was a little bit like you know, I just couldn't make it any more interesting.

00:49:21 --> 00:49:23

Want to go home shower and stuff

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