Adnan Rashid – SHOCKING! Humans evolved from chimps Vs Atheist

Adnan Rashid
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of acceptance of evidence for evolution and the historical lack of evidence for macro evolution. They criticize the scientific community for providing too much evidence and question their legitimacy. They also discuss scenarios involving deaths by creature victims and blindfolded individuals. The conversation ends with a suggestion to return to the fog and work hard.
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looking strong last night, I didn't make any of these two big names. I would never do. I would never. God's telling us that if you blind, you blindfold yourself and walk into the road, you're going to you're going to you're going to *.

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God is the one telling me but don't find for yourself and you the minimum evidence.

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You claim, you claim evolution is true.

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Are you a biologist?

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So you believe it is true? Yes, I've seen Have you have you know, have you conducted conducting experiments yourself? Okay. Then I give you the same argument. Say Have you seen God? Have you? Same argument? Yes. Thank you.

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Are you

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calling me a blind follower? Are you because

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Believe? No, no, no, no, I have no problem. If they can find me a missing leg. Yeah. You know, they say for example, there's enough evidence there, you know, to substantiate that, you know, would you evolution until you the weakest point in evolution is the fossil record. Did you know that is the weakest point. The strongest point for evolution is genome evidence and DNA.

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embryology images, again, interpreted, this is evidence that is seen by scientists, and they interpret, I don't blame them. Tell me how they interpret the DNA to be wrong. When you say precise. DNA doesn't tell you that I was once upon a time

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a primate. And then suddenly, slowly, slowly, slowly, species species transformed and drifted. But then DNA doesn't you have to interpret you have to interpret data.

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similarity, for example, yeah. And human genome, there are similarities. Yeah. And from similarities, scientists concluded assume that there was a common ancestor, there's a link. When I look at a chimp, and I look at humans, I don't need

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to show you a caterpillar. If you didn't know that evolved

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into a butterfly, we say no, totally not possible for because you see an issue with micro evolution. I have no problem. I agree. But can you give me evidence for macro evolution, but you do not know? Can you give me empirical evidence for macro evolution is too long, so obviously, you know, but the fact is,

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you do know that. Number two.

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This is not your screen fused. That's a fact you did not deny. Okay, that chromosome number two has been fused. They've got found the two telomeres and the centromere at the middle. And that's why they weren't 100% Sure. Otherwise, you would have had the same amount of chromosome appearing, as

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show me any evidence showing you showing chromosome number two where he's been fused? Look it up. I mean, he said, it's not for me, you know, if you say you want to find the truth is there you just have to sort of accept it, because the problem is, you have the solution. Why can why Can God not do this? Why can God not? Vie Can God not diversify species? This is the whole point.

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Why do you have intellect chimp chimp doesn't? Amazingly, force is more intelligent than chimps are. Dogs have more intelligence than chimps

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are more loyal and more more able to change? Why do chimps have less intelligence than other animals we have? In that sense, we are close to them.

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Team dogs don't work as a team. And those don't work as a team teams can work as a team, okay.

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And we can do quite a long time they organize themselves into a hierarchy, just

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experiment. Now the thing is,

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science and

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Do you can you show me any evidence? I'm saying chromosome number two

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is interpreted as a fact. I'm not denying that. I'm saying what what inference do you make? The fact is is the conclusion is the conclusion inferred or not? It is because basically, no, no. Has he had it not combine? Okay. Why can God not do it? Yeah, but then why can his God not do it? He might believe in Samantha.

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Let's say one column is calling the Supreme Court and the Supreme Being the one

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what you saying that? We're not from chimpanzees, okay.

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Evolution doesn't say that we are from

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primates, right. Okay.

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So there was but the diversity and species the unmasking. Why could God not plan that? God made species? And then he said, This branch humans, and they are not chimps. They're humans that brought chimps and your chimp here. But then if you want to bring logic into it, why did he wait? Say the earth is 4.5 billion species and why? Why did God do this? Why did God do that? You can find out. The fact is okay, no, no, in fact.

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God means by this new set, and when suddenly he cannot explain, because I can I can't explain many things. I can't explain this gentleman.

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I can't understand why. Why is he doing?

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So? So the point is, I there's so many things I can't explain.

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Let me tell you if he got religion, say for example, I'm going to cross the road. I'm gonna say, You know what, I have so much faith in God. I want to push that busy by blindfold myself, right? I want to see things in halfway if I walk because nothing happens. I say, Look, God exists protecting me. Second scenario, I could get knocked down slightly hurt myself. And I could say, You know what, I could have died. But I must have seen so God saved me scenario. I could walk across the road, get run down, kill myself get killed, and then say, Go graduate me paradise. So either way you cover yourself. And this is a whole beauty way we can argue with you. Now to a normal person. I didn't

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tell him any of that.

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I don't need I didn't. This is normal person. This is attacking Islam. Stupid. This is attacking stronger. No, I didn't make any of these stupid claims. I will never do anything. I will never

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be the one telling us that if you blind, the blind for yourself and walk into the road, you're going to be blind to you're going to *.

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God is the one telling me Don't go blind for yourself. And you're the minimum evidence. Okay? Prove

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your Claim. You claim evolution is true. Yes. Are you a biologist? No. So you believe evolution is true? Yeah. Because I've seen Have you have you know, have you conducted conducting experiments yourself? Okay, then I keep you the same argument. Say Have you seen God? Have you? Same argument? Yes. Thank you.

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Are you

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calling me a blind follower? So are you because

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I have seen the evidence for God likewise, I've seen the evidence for both Yeah, we shouldn't be a circular argument. Thank you. So so so you're in no better position than I am. I am I am in I'll tell you why I'm in a better position here because I had philosophically Yeah.

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But it's only a philosophy it's not fact this going back to that

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basically Socrates

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and everything they had said Say for example

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Plato he had inductive arguments with what's his name the guy after I restarted he based more in deduction

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we can continue talking yet. Another 10 hours. Yeah, you kids. My kids. Nice talking. Mister. Let's go.

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Back home.

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I was really

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listening to you keep talking. Are you coming back to the puck?

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Just come back. Come back to the fog. We keep talking and one day

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you're gonna have to work very hard.

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I asked God to take me before that time.

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