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So today we'll go over two chapters about the whole maca and

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the whole Nakata chapter on entering the Mecca and the chapter on the description of HUD. And this is based on alanda by Edna Kodama Rahim Allah tala, who died in the year 620. After hedger, it's a Mohan buddy. Manual. But we will cover when it comes to the major points we will cover the positions of the other mazahub as well in some

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you know this is a this is basically the whole story of how to summarize here and what we will do is that we will try to do come on top see which is you know to perfect and to set clear and then to detail and expound so comprehensive you know and then detail comprehensive detail then we will be doing this afternoon so that we can understand the basics and then when we elaborate on the basics, we will not get confused and get lost. Last one I thought I did this in the Quran ombre kitana kimata to some of our silicom 11 Hakeem and hubby and the beginning of surah good Allah said Alif Lam ra a book whose verses have been then set clear, perfected set clear made definitive and the

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size and the size of was no ambiguity that is comprehensive and concise. And then some of us are less than they have been detail expounded on elaborated on 11 hakima aveer from one is Hakeem all wise hubby are all acquainted or all aware.

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So the summary of the story is that you will go to Mecca

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and you will finish your ombre if you're doing tomato if you're doing hot fraud, which is hard you only fraud means only or one you know to single out hubs. If you don't have fraud, then you don't worry about the ombre before when you come to America you will do too often. That is the thought of arrival in Mecca.

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Then you would wait. If you're doing Tehran or going abroad you would wait and you're a problem that you came into Mecca with but if you're doing tomato which has Amara Zim had separated by a period after handle, being able to just you know where your regular garments and stuff and put on perfume.

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Then you will finish your ombre and then wait until the eighth day have the header which is the ultimate darwinia which is the day of watering that way as watering or storing water because they used to store water for the journey because Mina and arafat did not have water nowadays 100 Allah men and artifacts they do have running water. So they call the geometer Lila is that hedger because of this, and then you set out from Mecca to Mina, this is number one here says number one, you are leaving Mecca, you know,

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we're not talking about Amara Amara is done and you're now waiting in Mecca, and you're waiting in Mecca and your regular clothes and stuff. On the eighth day of the head. You make a harem to make Hajj from Mecca, and you put on your garments, and now you are in a state of a hoorah Once you have made made the intention. You know you put on your your head arm garment, you go to Aqaba, preferably from underneath the rain spout, but you don't have to do this. But anyway, anywhere from Mecca you put on your forearm, and you make the intention that you will embark on had now, this is when the eighth day of the heads for people who did not for people who will fast because they don't have

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money to slaughter, it is preferable for them to start from the seventh day of the hedger so that they can fast to the seventh

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eights and nines. And that would be the three days in had, that they will fast and then they will fast seven when they return home. If you're not one of those people and most of you will be able to

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offer a sacrifice,

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then don't worry about it. You start your alarm on the eighth day of the hedger from Makkah, and then you proceed from Mecca. To Minar. You proceed from Mecca to minute in manner, you stay for five prayers. You arrive in Mina

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before though, and then you will pray for us, Margaret, Asia of the eighth day of the hedger and fetch of the ninth in Mina, he will pray those prayers not combined, separately, you can combine thereafter, but this this on this particular day, you will pray the prayers not combined separately, but you will pray them pass. So, you will pray 22322 and you will

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not combine them. So, 2402 for us three, four, Margaret 24245, but not combined in minute. Now, the eighth day of will hedger is is done, you pray the fetcher of the ninth day of the head, in manner. And

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before you proceed to our offer, before you proceed to our offer, you arrived there and our offer that is on the ninth day you arrive and our offer, it is preferable. You see you're taking this route offer. And basically this is the exact map. You know, let me show you.

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Okay, it's not showing well, but this is the Kaaba. This is the exact map here. This is the Kaaba here. This is Mecca muscle haraam, this is Mina, these are the three jamara that you will be storing. These are the three of them are the story. This is most dairy farm. This is a natural haraam, which is part of animals that in fact, the sacred side, which is part of Muslims. And unfortunately, the border of them is that if it is not clear, is it clear? Here is the border, huh? Yeah, this is the board that is that's Yeah, um, was that effect. So you are coming from emotional harm, you're going to Manor you're going to stay in Mina, on the eighth proceed on the ninth thought

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of when you proceed on the nine starpha, you're not going to take that route. Because there are two routes thought of there is one where Minar work was done if I will be to your right hand side. And there is another out here, where Minar will be to your left hand side, on your way to autofit. This is the one that you're taking to offer. And all of this is the perfect your heart to be just like the heart of the prophet SAW Selim. We're not talking about obligations or pillars or conditions or anything of that nature. Where next week in sha Allah, the talk will be about

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talking about will be about what you will do after you remove your firearm. And maybe next week or the following week, we will talk about the pillars and obligations and to sort things out and this you know, to sort out the obligations from preferable acts and so on. But for today, just this is the heart of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. This is the perfect HUD as the description of the perfect HUD. So you're going from minute to arafa before voting on the on the ninth day of the hedger and you're taking this route to

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to arafa. It's called Bob. And it was that if I will be at your left hand side.

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And you will arrive here in where do Your Honor,

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this is the value of our honor, you will arrive here this is Mr. Nakamura, where they usually give the hotbar on the day of all of this is still outside of the art of a present. The Art of a present is here, where the arena is right at the border at the boundary or the border of the art of a present you are staying there for a little bit of time until you pray with the Imam or an aspie. You listen to the football of the moment you pray with the announcer and asked and they are combined in this case, they are costly and they are combined in this case, and then you will proceed to the present of our of the present of arafah is not limited to Jabba Rama. It is not limited to the noun

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of Rama. It is the entire piece of arafa that the Prophet said walk up to one hour for too long.

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Harmonia if I stood here and he stood here exactly where the where the pointer is.

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Do you see this? He stood here, I stood here and all of our alpha is is a is a standing station, all of our faces standing station, but when the premises of them stood he stood here and he made hablo Masha which is basically the route of the pedestrians. This is the route of the pedestrians in front of him and he make a Qibla in front of him. So he stood here and he was facing the mecca he was facing Mecca. And he stood on top of he actually was riding on top of his she Camelot Paswan face. And she the her she was facing a Sahara, the rocks of the mountain here. And he was facing Mecca, and the pedestrians were walking in front of him here. So this is one of the promises of standard

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and then you stand an aura all the way until when? Okay, let's go back to this key. So you're standing an alpha, all the way until the sunset of the ninth day of the hedger after the sunsets have

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the sunsets not before, after the sunset.

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You proceed to miss Darfur. And you're proceeding with you're taking a different route in and was that the problem was that I'm used to do this, even when he went to eat, he will take one route into you know,

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one route to the master and a different route back home. So that the out of the Earth would witness on your behalf on the Day of Judgment testify on your behalf on the Day of Judgment. And then you get to meet more people and you get to sort of say Salaam to more people and different people and so on has different benefits from this. So you're going back to Ms. 95. From a different route. It's called the domain

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because they're the main two mountains here on this side. So you're taking this route to Metallica, after the sunset, you arrive in and was daddy fare on the ninth of the hedger.

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And that is after you know in the evening, late in the evening. Once you have arrived before you unpack or do anything you pray Maghrib and Isha and Mustapha. Once you arrive into muslin, if you pray Maghrib and Asia, they are combined, they are combined. And all of this is a matter of agreement. So they are combined, your primary bananas are combined, and then you go to sleep,

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that you could make some Vicodin and so on and so forth. But it is important that you also go to sleep, get ready for the next day, which is a big day, the young 100 October, the biggest day of HUD, which is the 10th of the head. So you're waiting here and then you wake up and you're praying fabuland was verified once you know the time comes in what because when it is still dark once the time comes in, you pray it veteran was notified once the time came in. And then you proceed to unmarshal haoran. If you know but was that if you could could be anywhere in was that if I bet the prophets of Salaam went to the sacred site. And someone would point it out to you you proceed to

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Masada haram and you make Vicar and Dora and leave and be unharmed and so on and all of that until and that is what you have been doing an artifact Anyway, you know all of that, particularly the will and we will come to it because we will talk about this stuff in detail. shala

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but then when you finished all of this and you wait and was that if up until when

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you could proceed for midnight, particularly for people in the Hanbury method you could proceed for midnight, it is preferable to wait until right until before sunrise. So before sunrise, not after sunrise before sunrise and was that effect. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam proceeded to Minar and he did this because the co founder of Quran she used to wait around until the sun rises. So one of the objectives of the Sharia is that this agree with you know, evildoers. So, then the Prophet sallallahu wasallam proceeded to manner before sunrise and when he arrived in Mina and he arrived in men around the time of Doha, he what we what he started with is Murat now you arrive and Mina and

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Starting with which to jamara there is only one genre that you will stone on the 10th day of the hedger which is john rattle aka general Cobra. Genre means a heap of stones. It is symbolic of the sights on your your stoning the shaitan.

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And those three heaps of stones that are symbolic of the shaitan

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are arranged in this way. This genre is the closest to Mecca. This genre is the closest decades called genre Tanaka it's called the general Cobra or the major genre and it is closest to Mecca and this is the only one that you will stone on the 10th day you will not be stoning any other generals on the 10th you will be stoning the three Jamaat on the 11th and 12th. And if you want the 13th as well. But if we go back here so you're going to you see these three jamara do you see the three jamara

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this one is closest to Mecca. This this is the one that is closest to Mecca is the one that is called the Cobra the major one the one that you will be starting on the 10th day of the head.

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So after you had stolen the the camera the the major genre on the 10th day of the hedger

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what what are you doing next? Do you go to old man where'd you go to slaughter your sacrifice. I mean most of the people now the the you would have

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like purchase like a sort of like

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a voucher or something for those that are on your behalf and everything will be done on your behalf and the money will be distributed to the people that will harm those of them that are needy and the meat and the rest of it will be shipped out different parts of the Muslim world. They freeze it and they ship it out to different parts of the Muslim world which is a good thing Don't worry about being shipped out because if the people that are haram have no need and there is surplus then it is only sensible that you ship the rest out to needy people outside anyway. So then after you you may sacrifice which people are doing tomato and Karen will need to offer other people who are doing Hajj

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only will not need to offer and poor people you know some people don't have cannot afford this so we prescribe for them to do Haji only and then there is a trick for them afterwards after we finish How do they can go and make their Amara afterwards.

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You know they go out to eat and eat and then they make their ombre that could be a little bit controversial but this has been the established practice and approved by the vast majority of this college.

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But for the people who are doing the tomato which is recommended by the prophet SAW sentiment, they don't mind offering the sacrifice or if they are unable to offer the sacrifice they're healthy enough to fast in place of offering the sacrifice then we certainly recommend for them to do tomato.

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Okay, so we we through we stone the genre and we what what did we do afterwards we offer this the sacrifice What are we doing afterwards, we are shaving our heads we're shaving our heads for the sisters they are only cutting this much of their hair

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which is the tip of the finger the tip of the finger they only cut this much of their hair. And then

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after this now you stoned and you slaughtered and you

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shaved after stoning and shaving goodbye agreement of the form as the head and by Muslim agreement by Muslim agreement. You come out from your first hot you are coming coming out from your strict head on to a partial ROM. The difference between the strict ROM and the partial ROM that he will exit from the strict harm that you would exit from with your first hallowen

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is that the first term has many Mahabharata that we went over before the nine Mahabharata that we are went that we went over before, we're only left with two out of the nine, two out of the nine, the two that pertain to sort of sort of the relationship between men and women. So no, no lost the full contact between the two sexes whatsoever, and not even the marriage contract. There is a little bit of controversy about this. But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said for Parliament coalition Illa Nisa, he is clear from all the Mahabharat the prohibited acts except for women and that applies marriage in the contract itself. So just

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Remember that nothing related to the opposite sex stem until when until you make the often a father which is the pillar throw off, which is the coroner throw off the most important off and had. So after you stone, the the genre, and then you slaughter that you're offering and then you shaved your head, then you proceeded to where to Mecca to do what to do to offer the Father and that is the coroner of HUD, two things that you do not want to miss, you have to be at arafa you know, at some point

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during the day or night of the day of arafah. So from the tragedy of the ninth until the factor of the 10th you want to be at one point even for a second, even if you are passing through it,

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you want to be somewhere in order for on that day, somewhere on that day. The second thing that you never want to miss is your thought of as a father, which is the the pillar call off. So under tense after you have done all of those three acts, which is stoning, slaughtering, saving, you proceeded to Mecca and what are we talking about the perfect had to we're not talking about, you know, because you could do you could switch the order as much as much as you want. But we're talking about the heart of the Prophet Sal Sal, then you proceeded to Mecca, and then you may have had a father and then you will make sorry.

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If you're doing conductor and also in in the other mazahub you will make sire

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as well after go have a father anyway. So you will make your salary here

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that is in Iran in the middle of in the HANA fees, they will repeat their their salary but in the 100 bellies, if they are doing Paragon they are not repeating that off if they had already are not repeating the salary if they had already done their salary after the offer to do that's a different issue. But But let's let's just go over the the one perfect form that we are talking about. So you will make your toe off you will make your site and after you have made your talk and made your sound, now you exit completely from your state of a harem. Now you could get married as you know as many.

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So you can you can get married, you can have the marriage contract. If you're single, you could get married.

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And then then you go back to Mina, then you go back to manna because you're spending the rest of your days in Mina, because they're spending the 11th and 12 in Minar and possibly the 13th if you want if you desire to stay around for the 13th, but on the 11th and 12th which you must spend, which you should spend in Mina

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What are you doing, you must be storing the jamara You must be stoning the jamara and every day you will start by uncertainly starting the Jamaat out on the day of the terms. This is this can be done before though, on the other days 11th and 12th it is you know, if you just there is a lot of room for flexibility and just follow whatever your guides tell you because there is a lot of room for flexibility. But in the Hanbury madhhab it only counts if you do it after vote, if you do it afterwards. So you wait around until though and you stone the Mirage you start by by the first gemorah, the Cobra, the major jamara. And then you proceed.

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I'm sorry, you start here and then you proceed to the major you start here you start with the saga, you start with a minor one, and then you proceed when you start here you are going to be standing here. So this is the first camera that you will that you will stone This is a savara and after you stone it you you stand here, make the stone to the left hand side face Mecca, actually you will be facing this way, just you know the stone will be to the right hand side and you're just facing this way and Mecca will be in front of you. And then you make the ayah and then you proceed to the second stone and you make it on your right hand side this time. So you stone it and then you stand the knot

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here but there so the second

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Stone would be on your right hand side, you're facing Mecca and you're making the law and then you proceed to the third stone which is a cobra and then you stone it and you do what you stand where you don't stand. You know you there is no standing after Cobra

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then you just go home

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you are repeating the same thing on that wealth. No, I have it here it's

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here repeating the same thing on the 12th.

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And you're doing the stoning on the 12th as well.

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Those who will need to fast the could be fast in those on those three days. 1112 and 13 no fast incompetence, this is the day of aid. But those who need it to get a head start. It is preferable to wait until you go back home. You know those who are fasting three and seven is preferable for them to wait until they go back home. If they want to get a head start on fasting. You know and fast iometer sleep it is permitted for them to fast aim to sleep too fast. You know some of the seven days

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that they need the fast

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it is also permitted for them.

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I'm sorry not not that not not the seven days the three days that they need to fast. They they are so some people that was not we're not able to fast on the seventh, eighth and ninth. And for those people they make up on geometry. Some people want to get a head start on their first thing they do it after I am officially head start on the seven they do it after but if even if they are still around and they have not gone back home, it is permitted for them while they are there to start the seven days it is preferred when they go back home because that is the exact statement of the text of the Quran. For sciamma ferocity, mFl hodja Sabathia Nasara jotham fasting three days for hajus

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prescribed and seven when you go back, but they permitted it before that when you're still in, you know, the sacred precent as long as it's after ama tree, so in amateur sleep what which Days Are you fasting, you're fasting them the day the three days have had if you had not already fasted those days on the seventh, eighth and ninth fasting is prescribed for those who will not be able to offer a sacrifice. So if you're able financially to offer a sacrifice, don't worry about fasting.

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So this is basically the entire thing and now that you have finished your year so you have finished the 11th and 12th. year starting of the jamara number seven, you're going back to Mecca, you're going to make the offer whether I which is the farewell pilgrimage, and then you're going home.

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Is that clear? Okay, now we'll go over it in some detail.

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Okay, so it this is basically our repetition. So this is Mac, this is Mina, this is Mustapha, this is our alpha one. On the eighth you're going from Mecca to Manor, you're going to spend your day the eighth and minor and the major of the ninth as well. And then number two, you know, after

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you know before though, between Schrock and Zohar, you proceed from Mina to Arusha. And you arrive in Arusha

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and pray, Lord and ask combined with a man and then you proceed to stand at the

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somewhere in Africa. You know, the prophets of Salaam stood by the Mount,

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Ramadan, Mount mercy, and we explain this, but then after sunset in RFI, you're, you're going back to where was that if this is muslera here, you're going to miss daddy fan you're going to pray is not going to be nyjah combined in was daddy fair and then you're going to rest until Saturday or prefer to proceed to a massage and haraam and add in massage. You will supplicate MIKTA Leland Hamed entecavir and so on.

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Tell her before sunrise and right before sunrise before sunrise. Then you proceed to

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here Where are you going? You're going to Manor. And this is the 10th day you arrive here from Florida you stone the first genre and the biggest genre the major genre, which is drama tilaka. And you slaughter offer your sacrifice, you shave your head, and then you are you exit from your strict head on to your partial harem. And that's number four. Number five, you're going from Minar to Mecca, to make to have a father and then you exit from your home completely an afterthought for the father, you're going back to Manor to spend the 11th and 12th. And if you want the 13th and stone, the 3g Murat

00:30:57--> 00:30:58

every single day

00:30:59--> 00:31:10

while you are in minute, number seven and the last step, you're going back to Mecca, to do your top off and whether or the farewell pilgrimage.

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We went over these chapters before and we talked about the ROM sites and we talked about what else we talked about, you know,

00:31:25--> 00:32:03

Mahabharata, ROM the forbidden acts and ROM and so on. But this is just three different types of hatches that people make tomato fraud and Tehran. Tomato means Amara is then had separated by a period of being you know off the handle of being able to wear your clothes and do everything you want in Mecca. If fraud is the single out had meaning you're coming only for Hajj there is no aamra involved. I told you after you finish had the allow you to make home runs on

00:32:04--> 00:32:07

Iran is where you

00:32:09--> 00:32:23

is where you combine the hjem ombre you're not doing any more than a frog, but you're intending to do hardened ombre the difference between Parana and a fraud is that for Karen, he will sacrifice because you got to enjoy

00:32:24--> 00:32:34

or to make the reap the benefits of combining hodgen hombre on the same trip so you offer a sacrifice in this case.

00:32:36--> 00:32:41

Here tomato you will enter the first head on

00:32:43--> 00:32:56

a product Tehran you will enter once you arrive in Mecca. If you are making tomato you will enter your first herb if rather than Quran you will make your first and only because that you are not going to come out until you finish everything

00:32:58--> 00:33:03

for tomato after you have made your first ROM

00:33:04--> 00:33:48

keep in mind you're making the first ROM were had the main part of the ROM site you're keeping it while you are in Mac. Here you perform your armor and exit from your first ROM so you do your toe off you do yourself you you cut your hair you don't save it keep it for hot, you cut your hair trim it a little bit and then you come out from your state of a hub you could have come to Mecca for this in Shadwell cassava is one of the months of had you come to Mecca you make your home run so well have you waited around the mecca for two months you know you're waiting around the mecca you know in your normal state without haram and then

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but for the people who are making effort and Quran II they perform too often presume they may perform surgery now instead of on the 10th after the after the Father. So, you may make sense to you now or you may defer it to the 10th after photography father, if you know for if you want for the Hanafi xeoma you will repeat the site. So this is for the ham bellies, they make one salary only they either make it now or they make it after after the father

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is often hedger

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on the eighth of the head. If you are making tomato you need now to get back into your state of alarm and you will do that from Mecca itself. Okay.

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If you are okay but the rest of the people did not get exit from another set of a home so they don't need to worry about putting their home back on they already are in their home if they were doing a fraud or fraud. Now, eighth, ninth and 10th

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We all do the same acts of worship up until the stoning of the demonic Gomorrah to the haka, everybody is doing the same thing, whether you're doing tomato fraud and karate. Now, after you had stolen the the German accent, aka the people who are making tomato and the people who are making Qur'an, they will need to sacrifice they will need to offer their sacrifice the people who were making a fraud they don't need to sacrifice they go right ahead and save their right to saving

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but for the people who are making tomato and making kalon they stone the JAMA tilaka then the sacrifice then they shaved their head and we're talking about the perfect had we're not talking about what we must do.

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But but for the people who are making tomato and karandi must do this three things the order is what not what doesn't matter but they must do the three things they need to stone they need to sacrifice they need to shave

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then everybody on the 10th of Dhul hijjah

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all three hotjar proceed the different types of project proceed to enhance the performance of a father

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then for the people who are making them after they there is mandatory size for the people who are making flat or peran

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if they made their salary already they don't need to repeat it if they made this it was tough to do the first half of arrival they don't need to repeat it

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now all have exited from the ROM which is the second to handle after toppling father which is the pillar throw off

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you know after it's the winning and after stoning and shaving by the agreement of Muslim scholars you exit from your first state of Iraq. And then if you activist often say you by agreement of Muslim scholars, you exit from your second frat from your home completely exit from your home completely.

00:37:17--> 00:37:22

Okay, so this is the chapter that we are starting with today.

00:37:23--> 00:37:27

This was just like a summary. Now the details

00:37:28--> 00:37:30

Okay, I'm not going to repeat this slide.

00:37:31--> 00:38:10

Grab the whole Mac imagine Kodama Allah, Allah said used to have one yet hola Naka. Allah, it is preferable to enter Mecca from the northern side. Don't worry about that stuff. No one will allow you to make any of those choices. But the northern side of Mecca, the northern side of Mecca is you know, if you're coming from in Medina, you're gonna come from the northern side, and it is called cadet, and the southern side by side is called coda. So when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam enter the Mecca, he entered from the northern side, which is the northern heights,

00:38:11--> 00:38:26

you know, and sunny La Jolla, and northern heights. And then in southern heights, that's when he exited from Mecca. And I told you the purpose that he used to use different routes before

00:38:27--> 00:38:28

and then

00:38:30--> 00:38:31

Danny shaver

00:38:32--> 00:38:40

how it's wrong. So you enter from Canada from the northern side, you exit from the southern side.

00:38:41--> 00:38:44

But you will follow whatever group you're in.

00:38:46--> 00:39:11

Then where could a mustard member Benny say, buddy, I'm going to be a lambda man. And he enters the mustard from the gate of benicia since the prophets of Salaam entered from there, and here is the gate of benicia This is a model this is a suffer, this is the master, this is the gate of benicia you could ask about it, you know for those people who were particularly you know, like abnormal types.

00:39:12--> 00:39:21

They can just you know, the if they want to they can they can do this for the for the rest of the people you know just follow the group

00:39:24--> 00:39:29

and and the rest of the people don't feel bad don't feel inferior anything because you know.

00:39:31--> 00:39:59

Now not everybody was abnormal even among the Sahaba. So the prophets of Salaam entered from the from the gate of Benny Siva and that would be certainly preferable to follow the Sunnah. Exactly. Now then, once you have entered the phase are abate Rafael de Vaca para para la hamidah. Once he sees the house, he raises his hands. He says a lot of work.

00:40:00--> 00:40:17

He praises Allah and he supplicates once you see the babies Raise your hands, you say Allahu Akbar, you praise a lion, you supplicate. Raising the hands has been reported from the prophet and if not best, has not been traceable authentically to the Prophet but it is traceable to hobnob best,

00:40:18--> 00:40:32

saying Allahu Akbar has been reported from the Sahaba as well, and it has been reported from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for more than a morsel meaning the hobby was

00:40:34--> 00:41:00

was skipped. It is the reporting directly from the prophet SAW Selim without mentioning that he heard it from one of us Ahava if he mentioned that he heard from one of us probably he did not name this a hobby. That is still authentic. No problem because it doesn't matter which is the hobby Sahaba are all or dude are all trustworthy. But if the database reports from the prophets of Salaam and skips the narrator, completely, then that's called morsel. So, anyway,

00:41:02--> 00:41:41

and then you supplicate supplicate you say what Amara the alarm said alimenta Salam omenka salam for hyena this Allah, Allah you RPS and from youcam species make us live in peace will allow you RPS and from euchems peace to let make us live in peace alignment is that our main concern for high in urban arisa for high in urban Amsterdam. So Omar Lord make us live in peace. And the profits of It has been reported from the profits through a weak chain, a very weak chain that he said Allahumma xip has a beta of Lehman was asleep and Rama Harbor was Edmond hodja, who Altamira who

00:41:42--> 00:41:51

Lehman was leaving what to attack be around well Bera, Allah increase this bait increase this house in glory

00:41:52--> 00:42:03

and honor and reverence glory, honor and reverence and increase those who come to it for Hajj or Umrah in glory, honor,

00:42:05--> 00:42:11

status, and righteousness, status and righteousness. So

00:42:13--> 00:43:01

keep in mind for perhaps have been lenient with others as God and you know supplications and I've got the vocal I have been lenient they have accepted them from you know, the Sahaba taba in and they have accepted them through weak chains from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as long as two things one, you the meaning is sound, the meaning of the sound, it's not counter to any principles and Islam or music, the meaning of the vigorous sound to you don't attribute it to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. If it is not traceable to him, you don't assertively attributed if it comes from a weak chain, and you don't attribute it at all, if it comes from as a hobby or a therapy or, but you could still use

00:43:01--> 00:43:46

those two eyes because the Sahaba don't like him were wiser than us and more educated than us. So they're the eyes would be better than whatever it was we make up that does not mean however, that you could not make up your own drive because you could make up your own door and make as much as you want. Whether in whatever language whatever form whatever request that you have from Allah subhanaw taala This is your time to make your freestyle is permissible all the way yet the eyes of the poor and they're the best and they're the most the most perfect jobs. So if you use you're gonna have done as well General 30th in a

00:43:50--> 00:43:51

hospital can

00:43:53--> 00:43:54

say a theater from algebra

00:43:56--> 00:43:58

rhetoric to our benefit, do

00:44:00--> 00:44:30

not visit near and Morabito for a Muslim and what happened he was sorry he and all of those beautiful puranic do as they are certainly better, but but then afterwards, you could make whichever guy you want. So, then you raise your hands you make your tech beer you make here, there are all of this, you do not want to forget when you enter into the master this application of entering into the master as well. This has been prescribed to me by many of us.

00:44:31--> 00:44:39

You know, there is nothing to say that you do not also make this application of entering the master when you enter a Master

00:44:41--> 00:44:47

Hand that applies to all the massage therefore it also applies to administer the Hara.

00:44:52--> 00:45:00

First off, then now you entered the master enter the master the first off that you will be making which the office then

00:45:00--> 00:45:27

You're making tomato, try to make tomato everybody tried to make tomato which is Amara and then had separated by a period of the handle, which the off is this this is awful to do. This is not off of arrival. And at the same time it is off at Amara. This is built off of the armor. You know, if you were not making Amara, this would only be perfect for them for you off of arrival and would not count as

00:45:29--> 00:46:00

soft armor. Okay, so then he said Samantha a bit off and armor and kind of more feminine with Africa dome and kind of afraid and I'm foreigner and then he starts with a circumambulation of the ombre, if do an ombre or that of a rival of doom if he was performing a fraud or Tehran hodgin hombre simultaneously. So this power off. So off, there are seven conditions for your thought to be valid, according to the Honda Mazda in the Hanafi madhhab they do not consider

00:46:01--> 00:46:38

IE they do not consider pure purity, to be a condition of validity. But according to him very much have they considered a purity to be that is physical and ritual purity, to be a condition of validity. The seven conditions are just like the conditions of Salah because the the the Prophet even said in the talk is Salah, except the law permitted talking in it to off his Salah, except that a law permitted talking in and that's what the prophet SAW Selim said. So according to the honeyberries and try to remember the conditions of the ham bodies because the honeybees will not consider it to be a bad thing. They've considered it to be a great thing, but they will not consider

00:46:38--> 00:47:11

it a condition of validity. So if you're doing you're trying to do your perfect perfect had tried to remember the seven conditions of the ham berries, six of them are just like this Allah, what are the six key missions of validity of the Salah Nia intention commencement of time, you know, this does not apply except to the often if father poverty father has to be done after the midnight of you know, so to offer the father is done on the 10th house after the midnight of the eve of the 10th

00:47:13--> 00:47:15

after midnight of the eve of the 10th

00:47:17--> 00:47:52

but then it is preferable certainly that you wait around and you do it after he's thrown the giraffe and you wait you wait around. How do you do it afterwards I do have the tense but for the particularly the weak and particularly sick and those people they can do it earlier, that is to offer the father sick immense amounts of time applies only to offer the father but with all phenomenal aquadome. The time for this off is once you arrive into Mecca, that's it. Okay, so now we have the intention, we have the commencement of time, what is the other condition of validity in Salah for stuck below Qibla to face the Qibla

00:47:53--> 00:48:14

switch this around a little bit because you're there you're you're not facing the carbon when you're making fall off, but switch this a little bit and the condition of validity that that takes the place of this one is what to do the power of anti clockwise anti clockwise meaning that the Kaaba will be to your left hand side, when you're making your toe off.

00:48:16--> 00:48:21

It will be you know everybody it will be so hard to do it otherwise

00:48:24--> 00:48:26

you may not be able to come back.

00:48:28--> 00:49:21

But so you're doing you're doing it anti clockwise. The karma is on your left hand side and you're starting from where you're starting from and hazardous with or parallel to hazardous what there is a line on the ground that you will start up that is parallel to and hydrated as well. So that's the third condition the fourth condition for cough according to the honeyberries is to harm and hardest fifth is third and fifth fourth is ritual purity to have to be unassailable to the fifth is what Harmon and others to have no physical impurity on your body to have no physical impurity on your body. And the sixth is what sutra allowed us to cover your nakedness This is also applicable here

00:49:21--> 00:49:40

and so on according to the honeyberries it is a condition of validity that you cover your nakedness. Now, what is the seventh condition that is not applicable to the prayer but it is only applicable to talk is that you do it seven times is that you do it seven times.

00:49:42--> 00:49:45

Is that clear seven conditions for yourself to be valid now.

00:49:47--> 00:49:59

Failed pub every day he felt on wasa who attacked RTP a man with a fee Allah RTP an ICER so he makes it with his upper garment and puts the middle of

00:50:00--> 00:50:48

It underneath his right shoulder and the two ends over his left shoulder. This guy is making it about this one guy is putting around the regular way. This is how you're going to be looking, this is how you're going to be looking for the entire head. This is how you're going to be looking only in the first off, only in the first off, only in the first off according to which method according to the ham bodies and the shaft is that the Americans don't have this at all. They are always like this, the HANA fees they do this with every poll off that is followed by the HANA fees you will find them doing this. So when you're Why are we saying this? Well, the beauty of doing a little bit of

00:50:48--> 00:51:16

comparative is that you are customized sort of acquaint yourself with different positions so that you're not surprised he's just don't get surprised when people are doing things that are different. Don't get particularly surprised or shocked. So the HANA fees you'll find them doing this and often a father for instance, if you know because every dollar for the HANA fees that is followed by OSI you do a tuba and every so often followed by OSI

00:51:19--> 00:52:01

going back to the ham bellies, here doing this at the bar only in the first off which is the thought of arrival or to offer the homeowner the first thought afterwards you're not doing it above. You're going to be looking like this for the rest of your heart for the honeybees. They are looking like this for the rest of their heart except in the tops in the tops that they will make that will be followed by side then they will uncover the right shoulder. You blame your garment like this. And you throw the you know one end on your you know one end on your left shoulder and the right the other end also on the left shoulder on top of it. And that is what is called the bar uncovering your

00:52:01--> 00:52:02

right shoulder

00:52:03--> 00:52:43

Okay, then even having a pedometer him Allah said we will hydrated last word fair study move away kabiru where Poole Bismillah Allahu Akbar along my Eman and Vic was a Steven vikita because of the antiquity Valley sadhana Tina Vika Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and he starts at the Blackstone and places his hand on it, hand kisses it and says Bismillah and Allahu Akbar Allah who Allah how to faith in you and to show belief in your book, fulfill your covenant and follow the Sunnah of your prophet muhammad

00:52:44--> 00:52:45

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:52:46--> 00:53:36

Okay, so you will go there to 100 s word now pretend you know we're going to pretend you're going there to 100 s word to start your toe off, and you put your hand on 100 asthma, and you kiss your heart as well. And then you start your off from this point. Keep in mind, because because I mentioned this, this is the battery, the batteries, the batteries is the SHA one, Sha one the batteries of the Kaaba, if you step on this earth off is not valid. This is part of the carb, if you if you will take one step on this and the other step on the ground, that round is not valid. Or if you completely missed it, it is not valid. Otherwise, if you step on it, take a step back and

00:53:36--> 00:53:57

proceed. Take a step back and proceed because this is considered inside the cabin. So if you step on it, you're not making it off around the cabin because it's considered part of the inside. For sure this is inside the cabin. If you take a shortcut here, your throw off is not valid, you know people who like shortcuts, that's everybody.

00:53:58--> 00:54:16

But you have to make tough around hedgers. Now in because the hedge was part of the Kaabah except that price did not have enough money to build the car by the way it used to be during the time of Ebrahim so they cut corners and they they sort of

00:54:18--> 00:54:19

identified the rest of the by

00:54:20--> 00:54:27

making this hedge. So you have to make the tough around the hedges made and not make short cut here.

00:54:30--> 00:54:57

saying Bismillah is reported from the Sahaba from Omar lo Akbar from the Prophet sallahu wa sallam the rest of the DA has not been authentically reported. So is it okay yes, the Fuqua has been lenient, the you know, the, you could make whichever you want. And a door that has come down to us from the righteous predecessors, may be superior to the heart that we make up however, we can make up whichever God we want.

00:55:00--> 00:55:00


00:55:02--> 00:55:52

this is this is the structure of the Kaaba here. Starting with number one number one is the black stone. Number one is the black stone. This is where you will start your toe off. Number two, whereas number two, number two is the door of the Kaabah This is the daughter of the cob number three. Number three, is it Misa the rain spell, the rain spout? Number four. Number four is the buttress the Shahzad won the buttress the Charlevoix of the Kaaba, don't step on it. Number five, number five, whereas number five hedges smile, don't walk through it. Afterwards after you thaw if you want to stay there, stand the inside 100 smile because you will be inside the cabin. Do it as much as you

00:55:52--> 00:55:57

want. I mean, if you can get to get into it, you know, you will find people fighting their

00:55:58--> 00:56:12

butt. But if you can do it, it will be easier and ombre. So if you go to armor on some other time, it will be easier for you to do those things. Anyway. Then number six number six says what and we'll tell them

00:56:13--> 00:56:42

where is it here and what does it mean what doesn't because you tell Quasimodo tassimo means you hug it, so you hug it on 1000 which is between the corner and the door the Blackstone and the door number seven macom Ibrahim, the station of Ibrahim, the station of Ibrahim that you will go and pray to rock house after you finish your thought off you pray to rock house here. You put the station over here between you and the carbine you pray to rock I see if you can number eight.

00:56:43--> 00:57:00

Whereas number eight number eight. Number eight is this is the rock novel harder. This is the called the rokinon harder or the pillar of alhaja. The higher the Kaaba has four pillars to that are called the Amani. Imani

00:57:01--> 00:57:19

number nine is the Yemeni coroner or the the the mini coroner. But both of them are called the rockline. idiom and EA both of them are called the mini coroner's because they are on the southern side. They're facing Yemen.

00:57:21--> 00:57:32

This one number 11 is facing gohara this one number 10 is facing a sham. So this is called the RRP. This is called the Xiaomi. These are the four corners of Alibaba,

00:57:33--> 00:58:26

the ones that are more honored than the ones and we will come to discussing some details about you know what we will do by the two corners that the to the pillars of Aqaba, the two Yemeni pillars of Aqaba, the ones that are more honored, are the CR many corners, not because you know not because of favoritism towards Yemen, because Sham also is a blue blood land. But because these Yemeni coroner's are the original ones. The shamian Iraqi coroner's are not the original pillars. They are not the pillars that Ibrahim built. They are the pillars that Croatia built because they did not have enough money to you know, to build the car by the way, Ibrahim belted this had the built the heirarchy

00:58:26--> 00:58:34

corner here and the semi corner here. This would have been a rectangular Kaaba, but the not so anyway.

00:58:35--> 00:58:36


00:58:37--> 00:58:38


00:58:39--> 00:58:41

So what do I want to say?

00:58:42--> 00:58:50

Let's say I guess this this brown line here at number 12 is the cover of the Kaaba, this brown line here is where you will put your feet to start your

00:58:52--> 00:59:12

toe off. You put your feet on that brown line or before or before, you don't have to put your feet on the ground line. But make sure that you don't put your feet after the point that when you start off here enough the brown line is not behind your back. It is in front of you or you're standing on the brown line

00:59:14--> 00:59:24

and it would be preferable that he stands on the poor brown line because he will be you know has was broken he will be just on parallel to the road.

00:59:26--> 00:59:26


00:59:31--> 00:59:59

So Matt, who's on Yemeni us Albania said he fell to Sabah and er mo Fiesta Lhasa lol Mirel Hit me harder, a lot harder. Mental harder, a lot harder, not from railheads German alhaja harder from the stone to the stone. My MC fell out about it over and then he moves to his right and keeps the house the Kaabah on his left and circumambulate seven times making ramen brisk walking short steps in the first three rounds.

01:00:00--> 01:00:50

With each round starting and ending from the stone, and he walks in the last four rounds. So basically you make the seventh offs here, you're making the seventh offs. Okay? The first three offs here are brisk walking. The first three are brisk walking, the last four, you walk normal, you walk normal, but the first three tops for men. It's about which is uncovering the right shoulder and Rommel both come together it's one package except for the medic ease but for the rest of us it is one package You're the one at the bar and Rama the same in the office that he will do what I'm going to do by the office you will not do Ramadan you will not do by and then that's not for the Americans

01:00:50--> 01:01:25

but for the homies chef Hazel Humbert Humbert ease and then they disagree over which staff you will do to vanarama and I told you for the HANA fees you're doing it for bow and covering the right shoulder and Ronald brisk walk in in the first three rounds you're doing them when with every off that would be followed by OSI for the ham bellies you're doing it only in North Africa do which is the first thought off okay, is that clear? Ramadan Mubarak come together. The only difference between Ramadan Tobias what is that Ramadan is the first three rounds at the bar is in the seven rounds.

01:01:27--> 01:01:29

Rama is in the first three rounds only.

01:01:30--> 01:01:36

If the bar is in all seven rounds, that is by agreement Okay.

01:01:39--> 01:01:59

And then it says here where kolomna has originally Emmanuelle Hodder Estella Houma, kabara Helen, whenever he is in line with the m&e coroner of this the mid corner or the stone, he places his hand on them and says Allahu Akbar, and makes the Helene saying Laila. Hi Lola.

01:02:03--> 01:02:46

Okay, so whenever you come next to a rock media man, if you can touch a rock media many touch if you cannot touch a rock Nydia, man, whenever you come next to it harder, what would you do if he can touch it and kiss it and do everything do it. But if he can't, then you pull into it from a distance. You point to it from a distance does this applies to a rural area, many in the Hanbury method it applies not the casing, you touch it if you touch it if you're close. This is rock media man here. This is a rock media man. You touch it if you're close, and you point to it if you're far, Hanbury wise, is there any proof that you put into it if you are far? No, there is not to be honest.

01:02:46--> 01:02:55

But Hanbury is considered us to be also recommended to point to a Yemeni coroner if you are far.

01:02:56--> 01:02:57


01:03:00--> 01:03:39

Then what are you going to be saying between between the nominee between the two young men equal once you get to the mid corner, once you get to the nominee corner and you pass the nominee coordinate and now we are between the nominee coordinator and the coordinator of the black stone, then you will say this and this is established from the Prophet sallallahu ala nabina. Athena for dunya hudsonalpha karate has an open I've ever known, or Lord grant is good in this world and good in the hereafter and protect us from the torment of the Fire. Then, he says what, what Adolphe said he be madhhab and makes any supplication he wishes in the rest.

01:03:41--> 01:03:50

This is the only thing that is traceable to the process of settlement terms of the law. If you want to use any help, you know, any cheat sheet or anything to make your

01:03:51--> 01:04:02

data is fine. But recognize that this is the only thing that is traceable to the profit, this is the only thing that is part of our the this the only thing that is certain is this.

01:04:03--> 01:04:35

Otherwise, you could make up your own drama. Or you could use cheat sheets if you want. But if you make it spontaneous, I think it's better it's sweeter, to make it spontaneous, to try to remember some of the day of the Qur'an and make up your own thoughts and stuff and make it spontaneous instead of walking around holding that you know manifesto in your hand. And you know, you can trip and fall and hurt yourself. So just if you make it spontaneous, that would be better.

01:04:38--> 01:04:59

Okay, so my insomnia rakata in Salford Mocambo de la rockenfeller studying then after you finished your seventh off, and then pray to rock as before behind the station, you know, overgrow him up ready to rock us here. And then he returns to the corner the Blackstone and plays

01:05:00--> 01:05:01

His hand on it.

01:05:02--> 01:05:04

Most of the stuff you're not going to be able to do.

01:05:06--> 01:05:31

But anyway, but praying those two records, you could pray them anywhere in the mustard. Pray them anyway. If you can pray them somewhere here, like you know as as close as possible to the hunger aim that may not be a bad idea, but you could pray them anywhere in the master if you can pray them, if you can't make them come between you and the Kaaba, this is the macom and this is rock.

01:05:37--> 01:05:53

This is according to that according to the Hamburg emails hub, when it comes to Rama and a toolbar, but we are done with this. So let's take a break for a little while and then come back and try and finish this I this is getting out of hand

01:05:56--> 01:05:56