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AI: Summary © The physical beauty of Islam is highlighted in a cookbook on the topic, emphasizing the beauty of the partner's hair, body, and body. The importance of learning about the physical beauty of Islam to enhance one's love for it is emphasized, as well as finding the right partner for a woman who is the most beautiful and kindest person on the planet. The discussion also touches on the struggles of Islam, including the use of words like "has" and "has been," and the importance of being a prophet and a woman to increase one's love for god.
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100 in the middle of winter Stein wanna stop you're

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gonna stop you're gonna want to delay Himanshu Rory and fusina women say Elina yeah Hill love Palermo de la mama you live further ahead yella. By Shadwell, Allah you know law who had the hula Sharika la vie shadow NSA udana Mohammed and Abu Rasool yeah you Khaled in taco taco party. How to party he was terrible to

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me. Yeah, you had nurse otaku? qumola do for example come in next a way that mahalo tournament has. Oh Jaha Well, that's Sherman who were Bastion. Well, we're Beth Semin. humeri jana and Kathy are on when is

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what taco law Hello? Editas Runa b He was our ham in law. How can it come? Rafi that Yeah, are you Hello Dean. I'm gonna talk a lie while Kulu Poland's de that your slash.

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We don't feel compelled to welcome ye main Gupta. illa huwa rasa Rasulullah who fought for the first 1000 Athena and biographer in our stockpile Hadith de Kitab law the higher oil had you had you Mohammed in Salah Allahu Allah He was sent them by Sharon more to the coulomb desert in better our coolabah dokkan Bala Bala that Inferno Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Hilah. They had an early one they're connected here Lola and then Allah and hamdulillah Hilarion Zilla Abdi him Kitab over them wasn't Big Al

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen have risen due to Allah the Lord of All the Worlds All praise is due to Allah Who has guided us to this way and we would not have been able to guide ourselves and not Allah chosen to guide us Alhamdulillah we're in the month of robi on our end, as we all know, this is the month that witnessed the coming of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam into this physical world, animal itema shahada as they say,

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it behooves us to take this time, as we should take all the time, but especially during this time, to reflect on our Prophet sallallahu it was send them to reflect on his significance, to reflect on what he should mean to us. To reflect on our responsibility to our children, is said ademu, our ladder contract bearer SULI let teach your children the love of the Messenger of Allah, but as the Arab safe that they do share in their Yachty one who likes something cannot extend it to someone else. If we ourselves that in the depths of our heart, a true love for the Messenger of Allah, how can we extend that to our children. So we might say we love the messenger of Allah. I love the

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messenger of Allah. But when it comes to actualizing that love when it comes to being able to really feel that love when it comes to be able to being able to describe that love to others, we find ourselves sometimes coming up short. So in this cookbook, I want to mention inshallah Tana some of the things that if Allah so wills will help us to enhance our love for the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa Sedna. So the first thing is to learn of his physical beauty.

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One of the things that generates a love is physical beauty.

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Some of us we met our spouses, and they asked, How did you meet? I just Oh, I looked up and there she was, it was love at first sight. Right we say that it was love at first sight. She was so beautiful, that I just fell in love with her spirit. So if we don't know the physical beauty of the Messenger of Allah, the beauty that inspired many of his companions to say they never saw anyone or anything more beautiful than the Messenger of Allah. He was more beautiful. His face was more beautiful and radiant than the full moon that we saw last night, a clear cloudless night, we saw the beauty of the full moon that mesmerizes us we stand back and we stare at it and we're in awe and

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something called comes over us that we can't really describe the messenger of allah sallallahu Taala

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was still inspired a greater feeling than that feeling because of his physical beauty. So it is incumbent upon us to study his chameleon. What were his physical characteristics to know about his hair to know about how many aspects of his physical being he represented the the middle course that Islam itself represents. Okay. Then he came to another commandment and was of all the Taku she had their eye the nurses were your corner. Rasulullah Alikum Shahida so we're witnesses being a moderate middle nation, and he's a witness for the people. Okay, that has now come on Mountain West half off the trail, cool new shoe had that either Nice. way a corner. rasuluh Aleikum Shahida, then he also

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represents that moderate course, says beautiful black hair. It wasn't straight, and it wasn't totally curly. It was wavy between those two extremes, his physical stature, he was taller than the average person, but he was shorter than a tall person sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, likewise, his complexion as it's described, so he represented that that moderation and in his totality that enhanced his beauty Sallallahu eylea, who said them, and we could go on in that regard, but we have to study that. If we don't know and can't begin to describe even to ourselves, his physical beauty, how can that be a source of love, but when we come to understand the physical beauty, then we begin

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to love the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. We also one of the things that endears us is the beauty of character.

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The beauty of beautiful character, and no one's character was more beautiful than the Messenger of Allah.

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Some people again, let's go back to the analogy of the man and woman they meet. And someone asked the sister, you know your husband, he's not you know, this sister who's asking she's caught up in all the physicality. He doesn't have the biggest muscles. He's not the tallest person, just kind of average. Why did you marry marry him? Because I know you got proposed to buy this brother who used to play in the NFL. And you got proposed by this brother who was on the cover of GQ magazine and this Brother Why did you marry him? And the sister says well Llahi I never met anyone whose character was more beautiful than this brother.

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And our messenger subtle Elijah was seven he said either Jack men mentor Dona Dena, who was who Luca who Femke who

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if one comes to you,

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and he has good deen and good character, the marry him the wadi, marry him off to your daughter, then give who and I never saw anyone who was more gentle. Anyone who was more honest, anyone who is more faithful, anyone who is kinder to the children, we come to the masjid, I just watch how this brother interacted with the little children. It reminded me of the messenger of allah sallallahu it who has said that, who its take time to rub the heads of the children who would play with Hassan Hassan Well, Hussein, who would who would let the children race to him and then both him over and he fall on the ground and the crawling all over him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who let a little girl

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grab his hand and run through the streets and alleys of Medina with him and he never let put his hand away until she pulls her hand away. Some Allahu alayhi wa sallam that brother reminded me of the Messenger of Allah, that's why I'm married.

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So Allah who I knew he was setting them, so character Kana Rasul Allah, He so Allah Allah was setting them as woodenness He was the most generous of people. So Allah why they will send them Kana rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam s John Nessie, he was the most courageous of people on the earth who name when Benny howison. They met the Muslims with a shower of a hailstorm of arrows, and all of them, particularly the newly converted ones. After the conquest of Mecca, they turn and they fled in the face of that hailstorm of arrows, the Messenger of Allah Subhan Allah who I knew was send them was advancing

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With his mule and he said Elena Vu like Kevin, and Abdul Abdul Abdul McCollum, I am the person that's no lie I am the son of our father. And so it's only befitting of a Prophet that he will be the most courageous of people because these he's the example the others have to follow some of the law why Nick who will send them

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so we know His character engine engine, dears love for Him, we if we know his beauty, it leads to love for him, Salah Lavon he was Cena if we know what he sacrifice, we love people who sacrifice for us.

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We love people sacrifice for us.

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Go back to the married couple. It was love at first sight for him. She fell in love with his beautiful character. And now they're getting old. Not good. They're advancing in years.

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And he starts to get thoughts. No, my wife, it was love at first sight. But now I look at her and I don't get excited.

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And he starts, Sheikh Khan starts playing with him. And then he remembers the sacrifices that she made for him.

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How she was there when for him when no one was there, how she held on the house and took care of the children while he worked his way through medical school, how she took a part time job to help him pay off his debts. The sacrifices that he that she made for him, we said to him himself, I will never leave this lady.

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Because he reflects on what she means to have the sacrifices that she made so that he could be the man that he is today.

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And when we reflect on the sacrifices that the Messenger of Allah Subhan Allah when he was sent them, and what he suffered for us

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see his companions torture

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when he's weak,

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and has very few followers, and his enemies are torturing Ali. Yes. And they murderous murder sumiya Rhodiola Han, and only he and Keegan say a subgrant subcon Allah He asked her in the morning to

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be patient or family of Yes.

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Your promised abode is paradise. And seeing that suffering Bilal and others torment

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and during that for our sake, sending his message his followers to have a show twice, so that this message will live on for our safety.

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Having himself to go to present himself to the tribes to try to generate support for his mission, being humiliated and PIF for our sake.

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Watching his beloved wife, who has given all of her wealth to support his mission,

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passing away while the barricaded and blockaded outside of the city of Mecca, in the wilderness for our sake, having to upload and watch his companions up route and have to leave their homeland,

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the beloved valleys,

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the dry climate, and go to have to migrate to yesterday, and suffering the swamps from the malaria and the fever is from the mosquitoes in the swamps.

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And the humidity, that they want to come accustomed to it coming down with sickness, and many of them perishing, to witness that the says beloved uncle assassinated then his liver guards out of his body, to see this beautiful youth that must have been on there,

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who is the one of the wealthiest, most sought after young men and NUCCA the best fulfilling the best clothing to see him killed,

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and then not have anything even to cover his body. If they covered his lower extremities, the upper extremities would be exposed and vice versa.

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And he suffered that for our sake, some Allah who I knew he was sending them

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some of the law while he was sending them. And when we reflect on that,

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we begin to love the messenger of Allah. And when we combine the beauty, and we combine the character and we combine the sacrifices, how can we not love the messenger?

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got long some of the law who I knew he was sending. Now Allah Tala bless us to delve deeply into these aspects of his life, his character, his being, to take the time, so that we can love the messenger of Allah. And those who have children can convey that love to their children. So that that night that was lit by his love and our hearts will shine on after our passing, it will shine on through our children and to our students.

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And it will live on in the loop in the world and the prophetic legacy

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that has been described as a luminous now will continue to shine and light the way for a troubled,

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and lost humanity. Yeah, you know,

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in our son NACA shahidul want to bash your own idea

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where they are, you know what he believed me he was CRR Jim who knew Euro May Allah bless us to take from that night and to pass it on. A poodle Cody had was stock for low knee was only 70 movement in your comments of.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam o Allah see the University in St. Louis Lena Mohammed in Milan he was he was 70 screaming

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in the White House.

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Who saw Lunarlon

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you handled that in some way. He was certainly Motorcity in Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad in Ronda and he or Saudi are selling testing and Kathy Europe. Another thing we can mention

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in terms of our love for the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi salam is to reflect on how deeply

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he was pained by any difficult that we set difficulty we suffer how Devi was pained by those from his ummah, who didn't respond to his call the entire humanity after his being dissed deputed to the prophetic office is his own land from what a dour, all of us who have responded work on Matilija other but the wider Ummah, the wider humanities is Uma.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Concerning that,

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concerning us, Nakata

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No luck on camera soon and full sequence, that there is come to you a Messenger from amongst yourselves. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and this is out of His love for us.

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The angel is Raphael came to him and offer them a choice and a wider Hadith we just mentioned the choice

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FAFSA and be on medication, nubby and Madigan when be an app then you can be a prophet King. If he chose to be a prophet, King that means you will be aloof from us. We will be called on to serve Him. So Allah Allah, Allah Who ascend them, who would have entourages that we would have to pass through to even reach him.

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But he chose to be a prophet sirven

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and Jabril encourage them to call us LS and some Allah what I did was send them then now be an abdomen, never be an abdomen, that be an abdomen. I will be a prophet, servant, which men he had to serve his family. He had to be amongst his people. He had to be a reflection of them. He didn't dress to a higher standard than them. He didn't eat to a higher standard than them. Someone brought in once a fancy loaf on a beautiful plate and a beautiful pillow to recline on he took the loaf off the plate and he pushed the pillow away and he sat on the ground and he said and

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he said, Can I get up so wherever you can, yep, pull up that I am a servant, a slave servant. I eat as a servant eats. I sit as a servant sits and I eat as a servant eats some Allahu Allah

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He was sender. And that was his humility. When and fusi come, there's come from amongst you

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as easily he managed to his deeply grieved, and pain and trouble by any difficulty you in tune as he's on, are they demanding to hire you, Sean alikhan He logs so deeply for your success for yourself patient for your guidance

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and in something and we all want for that for our children, for our loved ones, for our friends, our relatives, we all love for their guidance for them to come on to our remain on the path of guidance. But sometimes they turn away just as many amongst humanity turned away from the messenger of allah sallallahu I knew he was seven into when No, if they turn away they'll call the Husby Allahu

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Allah who if they turn away say Allah suffices me our relationship with Allah Tala shouldn't be so strong, that even if the most beloved of people to us want to turn away from this religion as happens every day

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it will not affect the the closeness, the strength of our relationship with Allah I would only increase it in enhancing

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because we know and Allah has fooled me i Allah never breaks His promise.

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Then till no focus has to be Allahu

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Allahu Allah suffices me there is no god except Him. I will not make my children a god, that I worship other than Allah, I will not make my parents a god. I will not make my relatives my neighbors, my friends, gods that our worship as opposed to Allah that I have a deeper emotional connection to then Allah that they determined was it halal and haram, not Allah, that they break my heart if they deserted me abandoned me turn away from me. While I still have a law

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has to be Allahu La Ilaha illa Allah He came to Oahu, a rock with our Silla vein. And here's the Lord of the Mighty Throne.

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salaam Allahu alayhi wa sallam are no more feeling misdemeanor wellness demand what we need when you know

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