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The importance of fasting during quarantine is discussed, including the need for individuals to develop their character and start praying. The speakers stress the importance of fasting for the long term and not just for short-term pleasures. forgiveness is emphasized, along with the potential for a reward and a "day of Judgment" where people's deeds will be measured. The segment also touches on the benefits of fasting, including helping individuals reach their weight goals and building a capacity for forgiveness.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi wa sallahu wa salam ala Mallanna BIA badda who are early he was certainly here to mine. My brothers and sisters, what is there in a date?

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Who can tell me what is there in a date?

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The brother asks what type of a date I was expecting that from the brothers, because their minds go to a different date.

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To be honest with you, in Ramadan, great importance is given

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to being the person who made the effort to let someone open their fast at the end of the day. And it's called Iftar Iftar is the breakfast, the same term used for breakfast, we would say breaking the fast in Ramadan, the Iftar the reward that you get to put a date in someone's mouth, not physically take it and put it in. But well unless it's your spouse or a family member and you putting in it, you get a double reward Right?

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Which is true, by the way, not laughter right.

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But at the same time to put something in someone's mouth in the sense that you made an effort to bring them something with which they will open their fast. Did you know that you get a reward of the entire fast of theirs. That's the reason why people jostle in order to make people break the fast with them, they send you food, they send you dates, they send you so many things because they want you to break the fast with an effort that they made. I'm just coming from Makkah, and Madina Munawwara. I was there a few nights ago. And I promise you as you enter, especially in Medina, because the simple reason is in Medina, everyone's facing one direction. They're facing the Qibla,

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which is towards Mecca. But in Makkah, everyone's facing the Kaaba and so all around the Cabernet facing like different directions in terms of east, south west, but they're all facing the Kaaba, but because it's around one

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cubed building, they're all around it becomes more difficult in Medina, they always tell you Come Come join us join us why do they make such an effort to say join us sit on our sofa, they call it a sofa, which is the laid cloth or the laid plastic on which they have the food that is laid food, meaning something basic to open the fast. I tell you, we're not poor people who are going there, today we are seated here we are not destitute Alhamdulillah we are not people off the street who are homeless Alhamdulillah but still there is a similar reward for anyone who makes you or any one of us open the fast why? It is because we give so much of importance to the act of worship of fasting and

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we would like the reward to be plugged in not just for the person fasting, but for all those around that particular person. We should feel the ambience of this beautiful month. Today we are seated here. We will listen to a good talk mashallah I hope may Allah Almighty help us benefit us we might have an opportunity to donate a few pounds to a unity appeal that may be happening and at the same time, we will probably go and pray downstairs. Before we pray, we will all be seated and you can feel the ambience you can feel the goodness you start making dua you start asking Allah subhanahu wa taala to grant you this and to grant you that may Allah Almighty bless us, may Allah grant us our do

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as and may our do as be halal to begin with. And secondly, may they be the drugs that are the best for us. Sometimes we ask Allah for something, and we don't realize it's not good for us. So Allah through His mercy doesn't give it to us. But anyway, towards the end of the fast there is a point of happiness and joy that the movement and the believer feels towards the end of the daily fast. You feel a sense of joy, because of many reasons. Number one is, you're about to open the fast isn't it? Mashallah. Number two is you've managed to fast through the day. I know the first year are far longer than where I come from Subhanallah I was in Zimbabwe earlier. Yeah, in fact, yesterday's

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Iftar was there in Zimbabwe. And guess what happened? It was much earlier than you guys much earlier. Subhanallah Yeah. 8pm and back at home, it's going to be 9pm at the same time, or is it 10? I don't even know to our difference. Now. I think.

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Nonetheless, you've made it but it's not all about staying away from food and drink. It's about developing yourself. Have you

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changed? Have you developed yourself? Have you become a better person? Has your character improved? Have you stopped some of the things you know you need to stop in your life? Have you promised that you're going to fulfill some of the things you know you need to fulfill for the sake of your makeup? Are you becoming a more pleasant person? As time is passing? Or are you becoming an irritation? Are you selfish? Are you do you think of others? Ramadan is supposed to wake up all those questions and beg for answers. And you're supposed to be having correct answers. And the reason I say this is because in Ramadan, you're supposed to be developing yourself such that you give a charity when you

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give a charity.

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What's it supposed to do for you? It's supposed to have made you compassionate. You know, think about the poor, I'm not eating yet I have food What about those who are not eating because they do not have food. Let me put my hands into my pockets and give something. Let me for example, reach out to those who don't have, that's supposed to be more so in the month of Ramadan. If Ramadan doesn't soften you nothing will ever soften you. This is why we say those who don't pray. Ramadan comes about with an opportunity to pray even more than you're supposed to throughout the year. We have taraweeh, don't we,

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in the evenings, we engage in extra prayers, there is a debate as to exactly how much I or how many units I don't want to get into that debate. But we all agree it's some extra units.

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It's in the category of voluntary, but at the same time, it is soon in the sense that it is something extremely important. You should do some form of Tara we're in the month of Ramadan. What is the aim? The aim is to be able to earn closeness to Allah. The whole month of Ramadan is prescribed in order for us to achieve taqwa, which is a better relationship with Allah. And who is Allah by the way, he is your maker, the one who made you in the first place, the one whom you are going to return to at the end anyway. And he wants you to get close to him. And he promises you that any rule that I have laid down is only for your benefit, short term and long term. Anything I told

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you not to do is only to protect you short term and long term, nothing else, no other reason And subhanAllah that is something that Allah Almighty has ordained, and Allah Almighty knows that there is nothing he is benefiting from, from what we do. And there is nothing that harms him from what we would do. So that is Allah Almighty, when he says, Don't do this, it's not that if you do it is going to harm him, it's going to harm you, when he says we want you to do this, it is not that it's going to benefit him, it's going to benefit you SubhanAllah. And that's why if you look at all the rules and regulations of this religion of Islam, you will find discipline in all of them. In order

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to help us through that he tells us, when you obey these instructions, you will gain closeness to me you achieve contentment, it doesn't mean you won't have problems in your life, it doesn't mean you're going to lead a life without bearing patients. You know what that means?

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When you came onto Earth, you came here to bear patients. That's what you came to do. You came on earth to bear patients. Summer summer is an act of worship, no human being can go away without having engaged in you have to what is sober, it's divided into three categories. You have to have the power to do the good. You have to have the power to abstain from the bad. And the third category is you have to have the power to surrender to the decree of Allah when it comes by when Allah has decided something that's it, I need to bear patients. So you fall in your bed patients. You need to pray and you're lazy, you want to sleep you need to bear patients, you you feel like doing something

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that's wrong, you know that it's wrong, you need to bear patients. If you felt that somewhere you need to be strong enough to ask Allah's forgiveness. In essence, you came onto this earth

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to bear patience, or lie.

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To worship Allah through what being patient in that worship. You cannot worship Allah without Sabha. You need a lot of Sabbath to worship Allah wa Khaled Telegin now an insane Lally Abdul Allah says in the Quran, I created mankind Qian kind in order that they worship Me in order to worship me you're going to need a lot of strength and what's the strength I need the sub. So Allah created this beautiful month of Ramadan in order to help you through the rest of the year. And Allah wants you to develop consciousness of him. When you discipline yourself. Guess what you become a better person. Allah says it's not all about staying away from food and drink. But did you watch your tongue while

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you were fasting? Did you watch your way

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words while you were fasting. Were you careful while you were fasting? Did you reach out to people while you were fasting? Did you multiply your good deeds while you were fasting? Because if you did, I'm going to give you a multiplied reward you polished yourself when your hearts were softened.

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You polished yourselves when your hearts was softened, and therefore you deserve a multiplied reward. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him told us that if you do an act of worship in Ramadan, its reward is multiplied. It's unlike doing it outside Ramadan, guess why? Because it's a season that is given great value by Allah.

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Do you know if I do a good deed on an ordinary day, say one of the days of the week, Monday, Tuesday, outside of Ramadan, it's a good deed I did the deed mashallah I get a reward for it. But if I did a deed, for example, in a blessed season, like Ramadan, it's multiplied. And if I did the deed,

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in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, chances are it will be even more multiplied, it will it will be multiplied even more. And if I happen to have done the deed, while I was within the night of Tada, or decree, it is even more powerful because it's a sacred night. And imagine if I did that deed in the city of Maccha. It's not the same. If you do a good deed in the city of Makkah, it's multiplier. And imagine if I did the deed while I was in the masjid, for example. And imagine if I did the deed

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while I was in a haram making hombre Allahu Akbar, you see what I'm saying? One after the other after another not all the days are the same. Not all the places are the same not all the conditions are the same. That having been said wherever there is a need you don't wait for the condition you don't wait for the place or the time you give or you do the good deed if something needs to be done now it needs to be done now I don't say I'm gonna wait I need to give a charity just an example of a charity I need to give a charity I'm going to wait until I go to Makkah then you go to Makkah say no not giving now I'm going to wait until I come back again next time in Ramadan and then you go into

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Ramadan said no no no, not giving right now I'm going to wait when I come back inshallah next year in the last 10 Nights inshallah it won't end. But the point is, if Allah has blessed you to, to witness that give Mashallah. And Allah will open your doors, Allah will open your doors, but whatever season you have right now, seize it. Use the opportunity, make sure that you are doing your best. The reason is, you never know how long you're going to still be on Earth. Make peace with the one whom you are going to go back to today.

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And how do I make peace? One simple formula, I seek forgiveness simple formula. How do I make peace with my Lord? He says, Listen, I don't need you. I don't need your acts of worship. I don't need your meaning your sin is not going to affect me. I need nothing from you. In fact, I created you to give you an opportunity to grow if you just say oh my Lord, forgive me. It is wiped out. Subhanallah wiped out. It's this month of Ramadan. What have you done in your life that you're embarrassed about?

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Just say to Allah, Oh Allah forgive me. Sincerely and you bear in mind what you did.

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I admit it. I did wrong. It was very bad. It was really bad. Oh ALLAH forgive me. I'm not going to do it again. Trust me, it's wiped out. Do not ever underestimate

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the greatness of Allah. Anyone who believes Allah will not forgive him after he or she seeks forgiveness has belittled Allah, they they say they think indirectly that Allah needs them for a moment. Allah doesn't

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imagine you asking Allah Oh Allah forgive me and you think he's not gonna forgive me? What on earth is he? What is Allah gaining by not forgiving you? Or what is Allah losing my forgiving you? Nothing? Not at all. Allah is honey. Yeah, are you Hannah so to Moodle for Cara in Allah, oh people, you are the ones who are desperately in need of Allah Wallah who will Vani you will have me and Allah is the One who is totally independent. praise worthy completely. Allah is just giving you an opportunity to shine. So Rise and shine. Allahu Akbar, Allah has given you this option. It tells you I don't need you. If you say sorry, sorry. You say sorry, a million times a million times is okay.

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forgiven, forgiven, forgiven uncondition that it's genuine. You don't go back and say today we were told something really nice man. We were told I can just say sorry a million times do the wrong things a million times. That's it Allah

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doesn't work that way. It doesn't work that way.

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Allah is indeed most forgiving. You know, imagine your Lord, your Lord is telling you I am most forgiving, most merciful, Most Merciful. Your Lord is telling that to you. And then you're thinking no man can't be. How can you do that? It's only shaped man that entraps us and makes us belittle the status of Allah. The verses read by our our body, beautiful verses where he says, or where Allah Almighty says, oh my worshippers who have wronged themselves, who have got transgressed against themselves, notice how he does not say transgressed against me. Why he doesn't need it doesn't affect him. The whole world's obedience doesn't increase the value of Allah and the whole world's

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disobedience does not decrease the value of Allah. Allah says, a surah for Allah and fusi Him those who have wronged against themselves gone beyond the limits against themselves. Allah says, You know what? nataka not on the Rahmatullah don't ever

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lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. Those were the verses being read

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in the Lucha Libre Jamia Allah indeed.

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Allah indeed, forgives all the sins. So shaytan comes along and says No, he doesn't know that's not how it works. He doesn't forgive all the sins Not you. Not you, bro. You live in London.

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Now May Allah forgive us, I'm just giving you by way of example. Shaytan can come and say anything, don't lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. Islam is based on mercy and forgiveness. Because the Hadith says khulumani are the MaHA every child of Adam, every human being makes mistakes. Sins is and the Best of those who have sinned a lot are those who repent a lot. You repent? Do you repent a lot? Well, then good news to you. You're probably the best of all of us. A sister walked in today saying, pray for me. And I said, my sister, you guys pray for me? She says no, your Holy Year, I started counting the holes. So one hole, two holes, three holes. I'm not we're all the same. We are. We're

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all the same. I don't know your status in the eyes of Allah. You might believe you know, I'm a sinful slave. I believe the same. I'm a sinful slave to you don't know the mark I'm in and I don't know the mark you're in. We're all in muck but guess who's the better of us? The one who repents more. Wow. How's that? The one who repents more is the better one. So you might see someone and you think this person is far away? Guess what they might be spending their nights crying to Allah Oh ALLAH forgive me. I've done wrong. Better than someone who who thinks I'm pious. I'm holy. I'm making five Salah a day and they hardly seek the forgiveness of Allah. Days past nights pass and

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they haven't even sought the forgiveness of Allah. So Allah gives you the month of Ramadan and he says to us through the blessed lips of Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam man Samarra, Madonna Iman and YT Serban who fear Allah Who mata cardamomum them be Whoever fasts the month of Ramadan

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with conviction, meaning you believe in Allah and fasting for the sake of Allah and I know the benefits you know, there are so many other benefits of fasting as well. Physical spiritual is one you have health benefits so many other things mashallah finally you look at some you lost weight mashallah, it's Ramadan you know, mashallah, that's that was a perk, but with us who come and munch here mashallah, you know, you look at the guy after Ramadan say what happened, you gain quite a bit say it was Ramadan and chi, you know, the difference of people, right? Some people Ramadan, mashallah they eat all night, they can't even get up for Salah to Fudger because after this whole

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day sitting on the spot, they can't even get up meaning like sort of, you know, push themselves up. But that's not supposed to be the case. I think people across the globe are becoming more health conscious.

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So they are different benefits of fasting, but the biggest one is forgiveness. Whoever fasts the month of Ramadan, with conviction, expecting a reward from Allah, you have to expect a reward. You know, one day, someone asked me, look, I want to give a charity, but I don't want to reward for it. I just want to charity. I said, What do you mean, give a charity give a charity for what? Who created the poor and why did they create the poor? And why are they poor people anyway, they didn't have to be poor people. Allah wants you to engage in an act of worship known as giving a charity. Do you know there will come a time when there will be no poor people on Earth? It's a sign of the hour.

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It's coming soon. It's coming soon. There'll be no poor people on Earth. See?

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Wouldn't it be interesting times, right? Very scary because you want to give a charity and you're giving a guy who's good, who's probably worth more than you look at and say what are you

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Doing Emma, say some circuit brother say What? Are you, okay?

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It's coming.

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Charity is an opportunity that Allah created that he's going to take away from us. He created an opportunity to, for us to engage in an act of worship known as caring for others in giving. So Allah wants you to reach out and give, you can't say I don't want to reward who gave you the opportunity Anyway, like I said, Who created the poor? That was one question. But the other one is who they view that the chance to give who made you slightly wealthier, who put an extra pound or two in your pocket? It was ALLAH wasn't it? So Allah Almighty gave you an opportunity and created an A place where that opportunity can actually be seized?

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And then you're coming and say, but I don't need a reward. No, you need a reward, you know why? You don't know which deed of yours, and which penny of yours may be the one that actually finally ultimately got you into paradise SubhanAllah. You see, I want to tell you one very interesting fact. The Day of Judgment, your deeds are going to be weighed. And so mine

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the weighing of the deeds is probably one of the best things that could have happened for you and I, why I've done good deeds. I've done bad deeds. You've all done good deeds and bad deeds. Allah says if your good deeds are more than your bad deeds, I will ignore your bad deeds and give you paradise. How's that?

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What kind of hope is this? It goes to show you there's so much hope.

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If your good deeds or more your bad deeds or less from an alcoholic magazine, like a horror movie, if your good deeds are heavier weight here, I give you paradise. But if your bad deeds are Mo, you're going to have to pay for it, then we have another process that will be coming into play. That's what Allah says. So the weighing of the deeds, Allah says, if you may have done bad deeds, do you know a way that the Quran tells you to come out of it for the Day of Judgment, increase your good deeds? Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us through the blessed blips of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam at BTC at Al Hassan atta Taha when you've done something bad, follow it up with good things and it

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will be wiped out. It will be eclipsed because you did so much of good that's why I say you don't know which good deed will wipe out those bad deeds. You better keep on doing as much as you can by the will of Allah. This is the month of Ramadan. I don't want to talk for too long we have a beautiful Iftar Inshallah, we will read Salah together, we will come back and have our Iftar together as well by the will of Allah subhanahu wa taala. But what I do want to say is, seize this opportunity, have hope in the Mercy of Allah, Allah is the Greatest and Allah has blessed you in so many ways. If you're going through struggles, we're all going through struggles. subber is something

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that Allah will reward you for. Keep praying for what you want. Keep asking Allah for what you want, even if he's not going to give it to you ultimately he will reward you for the fact that you prayed to him for something that you were not even going to get by His will and His divine knowledge he knew you will not going to get but the fact that you had hope in Him, guess what, he will reward you for it. So keep it going do your best in the month of Ramadan soften your heart, you know the things that you need to get changed. Let's get closer and closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala May He strengthen us and grant us goodness I tell you my brothers and sisters as we come out of Ramadan we

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should have developed into the best version of ourselves better than we were last year and inshallah next year if Allah gives us the life and chance we will be even better than we've developed this year. May Allah bless you all shukran for lending me in ear aku loco Leha wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad