What is the Significance of Kaa’bah Scientifically & Logically

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I want you to know about the cover. I had a question about the cover. I mean, what is it significant scientifically and logically? And why do Muslims circle around the cover? Brother asked a very good question. That what is the significance of Kaaba scientifically logically? And why do Muslims are commemorated on the Kaaba? Now many non Muslims think that we Muslim worship the Kaaba.

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It is, that's wrong, correct? I'll give that answer and even come to your scientific answer.

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Every club put together to answer you and the other non Muslims conception.

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The thing is that Kaaba is the Qibla. To Quran says in Surah Baqarah, chapter number two, for the moon for the for that wherever you are, play in the direction of the Kaaba, in Arabic direction with Qibla. So Kaaba is only for direction. For example, today if you have to prayer, some reason let's face thought, some will say not, some will say some will servants may have to face the for unity we face towards one direction Kaaba to Kaaba is our Qibla. No Muslim ever worships the Kaaba. And

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when the world map of geography was drawn the first time it was the Muslims to do the world map first. It was Andrew C in the year 1154, who do the world map and the Muslim drew the world map that South Pole on top not pulled down and the Kaaba in the center. Later on the western cartographers came and they turn them upside down North Pole top south pole down yet the cupboards in the center

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so whichever part of the world you're in first thing in the north you face towards the south. If you're in the east, you face towards the west. If you're in the West, you face towards the east. If you're in the south you face towards the north, all Muslim throughout the world they face in one direction. Kava Kava is a Qibla. Now when we go for ombre or when we go for Hajj mudita from the Kaaba we circumambulate why do we circumambulate basically because of God Creator because mama Salah for himself did you ask me logically what is the reason? That's not mentioned in the Quran or Hadith? If I had a logical person wants to think why do we circumambulate the reason I can think is

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every circle has got one center we circumambulate on the cover to testify there is one God

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because circle has got only one center doesn't have to center we circle member to testify there's one God

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and the statement of other tomar Mala will with with him the second Caliph of Islam, which has mentioned sai Bukhari one number two in the book of Hajj. Chapter number 56. Or the number 675, the second Caliph of Islam has said this Blackstone pointing at the hijab what? The Blackstone in the Kaaba, this black stone can neither benefit me can neither harm me. I'm kissing it only because my prophet Christian. This statement proves that no Muslim ever worships Aqaba. Furthermore, at the time of the Prophet Musa al salaam, there was a hubbas who stood on the curb and gave their son No idol worship will ever stand on the idol he or she wishes. This proves that the Muslim don't worship

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the Kaaba. Kaaba is only the Qibla it's only a direction. Hope that answers the question.