The Quranic words that bring a lot of comfort during a calamity

Abu Bakr Zoud


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The speaker discusses the importance of knowing one's sickness and illness, as it is a matter of whether one is a slave of Allah or not. They also mention the meaning of "will" in the context of returning to Islam, as it is a matter of whether one is a slave or not. The speaker emphasizes the importance of knowing one's sickness and illness to avoid overwhelming one's faith.

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When you acknowledge that your sickness and your illness is a masiva it's a calamity It was intended for you. What are you supposed to do? You are supposed to now say some words are at the mercy of Allah. So, you're supposed to say some words, Allah azza wa jal in the Quran in surah baqarah he says, and Levina Eva Saba Tomas, Tommaso Eva, all in la la. We're in LA or Giroux and whenever people are affected, or affected with a calamity

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all they see, this is what you're supposed to say after you acknowledge it's a calamity. See in early lair, we're in elite heroes your own Allahu Akbar. And this is the words of people that are patient towards the calamity. This is how you test yourself. Are you are you have you have you been patient during your sickness and illness are not? What's the sign? The sign is this that you see continuously it nearly left or in your eyes your own and you do not say or do anything displeases Allah subhanahu wa dialler. When you say if I had done that, if I had done this is displeasing to Allah azza wa jal even you are not patient. Alright, so you say in La La were in LA Horologium,

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beautiful five words, two phrases in the left, we belong to Allah, you know how much ease that puts a person with

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in their lair.

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You and your sickness and your illness and your troubles and your problems and your calamities all belong to Allah. All of it belongs to Allah. My brothers and sisters get this in your head. You don't belong to yourself. In this body is a responsibility from Allah to you only.

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Otherwise, this is Allah's possession. He does what he wants with it. This is why it's not allowed to sell any organ. It is not allowed to take money after you donate blood, because you don't own your body parts.

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You don't own them. You cannot say okay, I live. I have two kidneys, but I know I can live with one and my friend needs one. I want to sell him my kidney. Well, how much are you gonna pay half a million? Take it. You're not allowed to sell your kidney. Even though you can live with what because it doesn't belong to you. It belongs to Allah

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Subhan Allah. So in Allah, save these words, and understand what they mean.

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If you truly understand in early lair, you will never ever complain to anyone but Allah has its origin.

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And I will share with you later on how do you complain to Allah about your sickness. When we come to the door of your Valley, he said, Watch, you will learn something incredible. So you see in nearly lair me and my sickness and all my affairs belong to Allah. And there's a beautiful hidden meaning and in nearly layer.

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It is the hidden meaning is that you are acknowledging that you are a slave of Allah. You are a worship of Allah.

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within India Lila is the meaning of servitude to Allah. It's like you're saying Oh Allah, I acknowledge that I and my affairs belong to you. And I'm a slave of yours as a result, since you own everything in my life, why should I worship other than you? I worship you alone and no one else

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think of this as your in your sickness and your illness in nearly lawyer and then increase increase your worship and the Listen to how beautiful this is Allah Akbar, Allah He one Llahi these words only add to our comfort and our relaxation and tranquility and peace.

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Then we see what in LA he offers your own glory. One Llahi I do not know anyone that reads these words were in elite heroes your own correctly. I do not anyone. I do not know anyone who reads them honestly, knowing their meaning. And then he's afraid of his sickness and illness. And he's excessively stressed about

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let me explain to you why.

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We say we're in La Jolla, meaning the second part we acknowledge that we all are going to return to Allah. Right obviously because we belong to Him. So we are going to return to Him. But the question is why?

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Why is the believer happy to return to Allah? You know, because we're innately heroes your own. When the believer says it, it excites him. It makes him happy that I'm returning to Allah. Why does it mean

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The believer happy. Why is the believer so happy when he says why in your eyes you're odd

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because he cannot wait to come in contact with the reward that Allah Zoysia has set for him because of his patients during the calamity. Law High Court didn't allow surgeon promise huge reward for the one who is patient upon calamity. Whether this calamity is a sickness or an illness or physical illness, a mental illness or death of a relative, whatever it is, didn't Allah promise huge reward. So the believer when he's affected by a calamity, and he remains patient, he's happy when he says in la la, we're in LA hero's your own, because he cannot wait to go back to Allah and see the reward that Allah azza wa jal has promised for him. Where is it? I want to see my reward. I want to see my

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house in the paradise I want to see my land in the paradise I want to see my millions and millions of acres of land in the Paradise and the millions and millions of palm trees the lawn surgeon has given me and my high level in the in the Paradise and I want to hear Allah talk to me on the day of judgment in the Paradise and I want to see him this is all reward of the calamity if you're to remain patient.