Abu Usamah At-Thahabi – The True Servants of Ar-Rahman

Abu Usamah At-Thahabi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of not abandoning the Bible and reciting it during the blessed month of centers, as well as the holy month of centers and potential conflict between Muslims and Muslims. They also touch on the history of Islam and the return of the Prophet sallavi alayhi waq, the one with a beautiful lease Han obligation, and the return of the Islam sister, a beautiful one. The speakers emphasize the importance of not abandoning things that have been made and the need for people to not be associated with Mohoid sister.
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The talk that I will be giving inshallah on this series and I'll be given dealing with doing this blessed month of Ramadan. It is a series of lecture where we'll be talking about the characteristics or some of the characteristics that have been mentioned in the Quran and as particular Surah as it relates to the servants of a rock man, Allahu SubhanaHu wa Tada. There are many characteristics in the Quran that had been mentioned, our mother Isha, in the famous statement of hers, may Allah be

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pleased with her. She said that the prophets SallAllahu Sallam character was the Quran. So, if a person wants to be a believer, then let them read the Quran and let them look at the Quran and the instructions of what the Quran and the Sunnah are inviting him and encouraging her to inculcate in to be upon and to be about. So we want to take this Surah Al Furqan. And we would like to take an extract from this surah some of the characteristics of the true worshipers of Allah subhanho wa

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taala. And they are a number of is

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in certain Furqan is number 63 to 68 where Allah gives us a number of these characteristics. I'm not going to go through all of them today, obviously, because today is kind of like an introduction. And we will deal with a few issues, but they are some of the more famous IX what rebag the rock man and Millenium Shuna Alan

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Honan will either double human Jackie Luna Carlos Tiana, the servants of a Rat Man are those people who they walk on the earth and they walk with humility. And if ignorant people address them, ignorant people wanted causing problems, ignorant people want to confront them. ignorant people want to you know, create drama, that ribeye, the ramen the servants of Allah. They don't repay ignorance and kind. They don't repay evil with evil, they sang Salam, Salam peace, what I have for you, and

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what I give to you is set up. That's one of the characteristics of the servants of Rathmines, who Anna watada There is something I want to draw to your attention before going further in sha Allah and that is

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all of the characteristics that have been mentioned concerning the rebound the right man and these ayat, all of them are connected to the blessed month of Ramadan as well. All of them are connected to fasting and Ramadan. And we'll show you that inshallah as we joke as we move forward. Now, these things have been mentioned in Surah Furqan. That doesn't mean that these are the only characteristics of the service of Iraq. There are many characteristics that have been mentioned and

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the other 113 chapters of the Quran that are not insert the right man, but the ones instead of man, I just shed some light and emphasis on the ones that were mentioned in those ayat that I mentioned is 63 Two Ayat number 68. There are many, what are the ayat there are characteristics of wind and shear is not even mentioned in those five or six. If it's an eye at number 30 from the same surah I get number 30 from Surah Furqan where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam situation has been

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highlighted by Allah Allah said in that particular ayat number 30 from soda rock, man, we'll call her Rasool. Yeah, Rob be in COVID, tetra who have the Quran Mathura. And the messenger is going to complain and he's going to say, oh my lord, my people. My goal my people have abandoned the Quran. They may hedger of the Quran and they may hit drum of the Quran, they have abandoned the Quran. So one of the characteristics of the Rebadow Ratna and the servants of Allah man is they connect

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themselves to the Quran and they stick to the Quran and they do not abandon the Quran. They don't make hygiene of the book of Allah azza wa jal and these are the issues that we want to talk about Shala every Friday during the blessed month of Ramadan, 45 minutes before Ramadan before the Maghrib prayer on Friday be even Allah He SubhanaHu wata, IMAP so concerning this issue of abandoning the Quran, you know, Ramadan is the month of the Quran when the names are Ramadan is Shahrukh Al Quran

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is the month of the Quran because it was revealed in Ramadan, and the Torah and the Injeel were real in Ramadan, the soul of Ibrahim and Musa revealed Ramadan

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That's the border of doubt revealed in Ramadan. Salawat Allah He was sit down the winding edge main. So Ramadan is the month of the Quran and I have to say this

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any Muslim who is not increasing his connection to the month of Ramadan I don't say that his fast is rendered null and void. But I will say he's not fasting the fast of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because Rasulullah used to increase his recitation in the month of Ramadan, Abdullah, even a bass may Allah be pleased with him. He said in the IDF isn't settled Bukhari and Muslim Jabril will come and visit the Prophet every night in the month of Ramadan. And he won't

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rehearse with him every ayat of the Quran, every i. So in the month of Ramadan, Prophet Muhammad is reading the Quran more with Jabril and in the year that Prophet Muhammad died sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Jabril came to him twice, twice in that month. And he went over the Quran with him twice in the month that he in the month of Ramadan. So he you're going to read more, you're going to make a lot more, you're going to recite it more, you're going to listen to it more. If a person is not

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increasing his connection to that Quran, then that is not the fast of the Sunnah. Even the women who are not fasting due to suckling, due to the periods a crummy Kamala due to being pregnant, people were sick people were older. You don't necessarily have to fast if a person in the month of Ramadan is not fasting, and he doesn't have a reason to abandon the fast. He's not doing the Ramadan at the Sunday, but a person may be exempted from fasting so we're not going to say he's not fasting the

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faster Ramadan.

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You know, he's not practicing the faster Ramadan. There are people who don't have the fats. But even those people will not fasting don't let the shape on come and trick you and make you fill in think that you're not fasting this year. You don't fast ever than you don't have to do anything. No, you should increase your recitation of the book of Allah and not have 100 of the Quran. So as it relates to the issue of the hygiene of the Quran hazard like the word hijra, to abandon something, the

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prophet will come and complain and say My people have abandoned the Quran, Murthy my nation, one meaning of his nation is the non Muslims and the Muslims as well everybody. So this is referring to the non Muslims have abandoned the Quran because the non Muslims are from his ummah, Prophet mentioned an authentic hadith sallallahu alayhi wa, it was setting them that there is no one from this ummah, from this ummah, who hears about me, and then he doesn't believe in me, except that he

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would be in the hellfire. So if they're from this ummah, are they Muslims,

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if they're from this ummah, the Muslims are from this Oma. But if they don't believe in the prophets Dawa and they go to the hellfire, then they're Kufa. Why would he say that they are from his own mouth. The scholar of Islam said because the Prophet has to omens to communities. He has an ummah a dour, the Ummah, we had to give the Dawa to and that's everybody from the jinn and the INS Muslim non Muslim, white, black poor. That's the ohmmeter Tao, his Alma, those people asked to give Dawa to

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all of the people. Another meeting of the Ummah are those people who believe in the MENA Aqua. Verily, the believers are brothers. They're the metallicity Jabba the OMA the people who heard the call and they accepted it. So as it relates to this ayat number 30, from Alpha con, the first meaning of, oh my lord, my ummah has abandoned the Quran, meaning my ummah of Kufa from Quraysh, Abu Lahab, Abu Jiang, for me blue health and the rest of those people who rejected his dollar, they

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abandoned it and then believe in it at all. That's one meaning. The other meaning is the one that we'll be dealing with today in sha Allah and the subsequent Fridays and the blessing month of Ramadan. The second meaning of the Ummah, my Alma has abandoned the Quran, the Muslims have abandoned the Quran.

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And this is the truth and this is one of the ayat of the Quran. That really although the message is dangerous, is something that our Eman should increase for many reasons. One main one reason we have the Life now to change the problem make Toba and rectify and another issue is will likely be led to

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Why rebel alanine have it the Prophet no sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam that many of the people who are listening to me right now and watching me right now and those who are not how did the Nebby know Salah Why do you send them with this it was revealed over 1440 years ago that many of the Muslims their condition is a condition in which the Quran has been abandoned.

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Last Ramadan, people picked up the Quran and tried to read the Quran. We're in a new Ramadan and you compare the time from last Ramadan to this Ramadan. And this aid is applicable to many of the people nests of Allah Allah Aki was sent Amma Oh my Lord, My people have abandoned the Quran.

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So it's as if the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will be what is known in Arabic as a hustle and a hustle. It's like an opponent to a person, because he's complaining and given a shockwave, oh my lord, my people have abandoned the Quran. This is the miracle, the greatest miracle that I brought to these people. If they claim that they believe in me and my messenger ship and they believe in you, Allah, and this is your speech, then how would they and how could they abandon the

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Quran? How?

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So, we want to give this reminder, what is the abandonment of the book of Allah? We don't want to come and be people who are opponents to the Prophet sallallahu what he was saying, and so al Bukhari and Muslim Abu Huraira may Allah be pleased them said that they may be mentioned sal Allahu Allah, he was setting them up for lafortune and a small mule Mulkey Amity. There are three people I will be the opponent yomo Kiana. First when he mentioned Roger alone, a man a man

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aka beat Phil mother, a man who used me use the religion. He used me to get something and a person gave it to him. He said look, I asked you by Allah do this do that. Rasul Allah said this. And because of the usage of that ayat, the person who hears it, he'll agree to do something. And then the person who made that request, he uses the religion to take advantage of the person. So Allah will be his opponent, you'll know piano, second person Rajaram, ba Rosalyn, a man, who he saw a free

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man hook register, he saw a free man. And then he devoured the money, he sold a free man. And lastly, a person who gets someone who works for him. And then after he finishes his work, he doesn't pay him. You know, I don't want to digress get distracted. But the month of Ramadan, some people are fasting today. And all of their fast is for someone else for other people, people they oppressed. So the hunger as he says Allah what He was selling them, Ruben saw Lacell a woman so yummy in La Jolla

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will Atish it may be that a person fast. And all he receives from his past as a result of his fast that he makes himself hungry and thirsty, his hustle that his fasting are going to be distributed to people who he didn't pay him the rent, and pay them the money. He was oppressive to him, they talk bad about him. So those people will get their prayer those people will get their Ramadan, they will get there fast, they will get their sadaqa they will get the breaking of the fast and all of that.

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But we'll talk about that at another time. Those three people are the three people that the Prophet will be an opponent to them. And there are many other people who used to say anybody who meant food and food and, and free from so and so and so on So, so we don't want to come yomo piano and we are opponents to the Prophet sulla Salam o he's free from us. The person who abandons the Quran, Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is going to complain about his condition in that condition. So

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as it relates to the abandonment of the Quran, Lana remind you hear in these days to increase your connection with the book of Allah azza wa jal because it's virtuous. The Quran is virtuous, the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in showing us the virtues of learning the Quran and teaching the Quran and being with the Quran in many, many iron many, many a hadith had death, Willa harridge He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned Burnley will and He will

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tell the people about me even if it's an iron, an iron of the Quran. But this hadith can also mean a hadith, the Sunnah, tell the people about the Sunnah, but he used an iron because the iron is the most important column and the most

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important speech and for that reason those companions said that in the beasts Allah Allah who it was seldom used to teach us the Quran he used to teach us hope but will hija with the same emphasis that He will teach us and if from the Quran so when he used to do the hook for the Juma, he will say hospital hygiene in Alhamdulillah. He may do who when a stirring know who wins the Pharaoh, he used to teach the Companions so many of us here at the Imam, the khateeb people give classes in Dawa,

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they say this hood put their hijab, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't learn it. That doesn't mean you shouldn't learn it, because the Prophet has to teach this to the Companions and they said, with the same emphasis that he would teach the Quran so it goes to show that the Quran is the hustle the Quran is the main thing. He sallallahu alayhi wa it was suddenly the Nexus companion, which one of you would like to go to the place where the camels of the cat or cat, and every day you come back

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from there with two fat voluptuous camels.

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They say we all would love to do that every day, I go and get two camels every day.

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365 days in a year, times that times two. So if they get a rich person and every year I could do that. They said we all want to do that yellow sola. He said for one of you to go to the mosque, and to read or learn to is, is better for him, then two candles, if he reads or learns three is, is better than him learning or getting three candles and four is better than four and five better than five. So that's some of the virtues of the Quran. The best of you is the one who learns the Quran

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and He teaches the Quran faces the month of Ramadan Rebadow Allah with that being the case, let us see sha Allah Who Tiana connect ourselves to the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala and this was the way of the companions may Allah be pleased with him and they put a lot of emphasis on learning this Quran and teaching this Quran and I've been able to people will abandon the Quran, Abdullah Dyneema screwed may Allah be pleased with him and what was collected by Imam Al Bukhari and Muslim. He

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wanted to let the community know something when Mr. Read the line will pick the legend or the committee. And he chose at the head of committee was at the new hierophant I was at the booth and it read the alignment. And I'm delighted that my school was older than Zane. And Irma didn't choose him. But in order to let remind the people know, his level of understanding of the Quran, he said, and it wasn't bragging, he said,

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There is not an ayat in the Quran, except that I know when

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it was revealed, there was not an iron in the book of Allah except that I know where it was revealed.

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There is not an iron in the Quran in the book of Allah except that I know when it was revealed, who was it revealed? Because of Why did it come down? He said and if I knew and I heard that there was a person that had more knowledge than I do about the Quran, he knows some ayat I don't know. He said what law he, I swear by the one who there is no God worthy of worship other than Him. He said, I would have gotten on a camera and I would have rolled to that individual to get that knowledge to

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get that knowledge. Those are the companions. Those are companions. So on one hand, he's showing his knowledge of the Quran that goes to show the Companions they learned the s babinda Zoo, why is will reveal what's the reason they learned about the places in there and all of these issues that get the correct understanding of the iron when the Jewish man came to the middle of meaning, and he said yeah, Miramont meaning there was an ayat in the Quran that was revealed I knew Muslims if it will

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came to us the Jews would take that as a day of their Eid celebration. El Faro, Allah may Allah be pleased to say what is the man read the ayat non Muslim man read the ayat al Yama Akmal Tilikum, Dino como Atman. To add equanimity will be to let Kumal Islam Medina on this day I have completed my favorites upon you that I have made religion your religion is Ellis land. Am I read the Alana who said yes, I know the iron. I know the day that it was revealed. And I know the place that it was

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revealed. And I know the month that it was revealed because this was the knowledge that needs to place on learning the Quran. So this is what we want to do Inshallah, as we joke because it's a dangerous issue. To be disconnected from the book of Allah was fine

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without the hijab the Quran and the bending of Quran means a lot of things, it means a lot. So each week Inshallah, we're going to draw upon and talk about one or two of them, to encourage you to be on the opposite the antithesis of that and to encourage you Inshallah, to Allah, to stay steadfast as being from the people of the Quran, I will pour on those people of Allah, the people of Allah, because it's dangerous. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, O with my half Mithy mighty

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men and Manasa

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Aleem will be sang, the one that I fear the most for my ummah, the one why fear more than anyone else. I'm afraid for my ummah, on behalf of my Alma against his person. He said I'm fearful of the hypocrite the new NAFTA, the one who has a beautiful speech beautiful lease Han munaf. If someone who's not a Muslim, is teaching people the religion and the people are asleep, they are duped that because we don't know the religion whatever. We get taken away by people like that charlatans and

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people are lying and so forth and so on. He mentioned something Allah what He was selling in the UK federal Manasa T Murthy. Pura hoo, ha. The majority of the hypocrites from this Huma are the ones who memorize the Quran, the Quran, they memorize the Quran, so the prophets of Allah What are you so most fearful of the one who is having the fuck as it relates to the Quran, not taking care of the Quran, not reading the Quran, not memorizing the Quran, and so many other issues that are going to

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come up in sha Allah, the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa it was sent him he has informed us Al Quran, her jutaan lega Oh, I like the Quran is a proof is an argument for you or against you. So if you abandon the Quran, it will be a hijack,

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I think against you, but if you connect it to the Quran, you gave Dawa to the Quran, you defended the Quran, you read the Quran, you gather the people around you and your household connected to you and they know about that Poron and I have to take my hat off, I have to take my hat off. That brother was filming I have to tell you this very quickly.

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My brother was filming this, he had asked me chef he said Your head is not even

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say you have this part is pushed in and this part is out. I tell him that's how we do it, where we come from. It's how we wear those hats. I want to take my hat off, so to speak to all of those mothers and fathers from our community who are making the jihad and the efforts of taking your kids to Quran school to the duck Sea to the Medusa. Here in green lane, mastered the Sunnah wherever you happen to be. May Allah bless you and may Allah bless the whole five from the aalameen of the Quran.

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But I'm specifically talking about that Muslim sister who may be a single parent, that Muslim sister who she's the one driving, picking up the kids from school, dropping them off at school, the Quran, taking them swimming, taking them to karate, taking them to all these extra curricular activities. We ask Allah and the blessing month of Ramadan, that Allah puts it in the skills of you brothers and your sisters and your skills of good deeds yomo Qiyamah in sha Allah Who Tabata with Allah, Allah

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Colin, this is what we want to deal with inshallah and these days, the abandonment of the book of Allah, what does it mean and what does it entail, so that we are not of those people who have abandoned the Quran? What we should do is we should abandon those things that Allah azza wa jal has made Haram as he says Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam and mohajir min Hajra mana hula hula I knew the real immigrant or the one who migrated there a true mohajir like the people who migrated from Mecca

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to Medina and Hijra Hijra abandonment. You leave your country to go to another country, you leave the place where you can practice Islam you make Hijra to an environment where you can practice that. It may be a far distance and it may be short. It could be you abandoning those friends who are not good won't help you like doing this Coronavirus during Ramadan. Excuse me abandoning people, we become better people. We don't have to deal with some of the people who are bad influences in our

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lives. I saw when in Italy they put Italy on

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I'm locked down at one time and it was a man and they were very serious the authorities about people, they arrest you. And they found the man in the street and he would insist that you go back home man said no, I rather go to jail and be out here with the virus of Corona than to be locked up in the house with my wife because they just didn't get along. So people make abandonment

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hedger, we abandon things, we abandon things. So, the real Mohajer is the one who abandons what Allah azza wa jal has made haram.

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So this is what we wanted to present inshallah and we asked allow Tyler to not allow us to be of those people who are the mohajir reading of the Quran. But we asked him to make us those people are the mohajir 18. From what is haram to connecting ourselves to the book of Allah subhanaw taala last week, I want to think Eliza Joe and ask him as well.

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To bless the elders of this Masjid Greenlee masjid, those people who have something to do with starting this Masjid when it started over 35 years ago, and from them is a chef who had died recently as well and other than Him may Allah reward all of you had was sold in the low suddenly robotic on a newbie Nina Subhana Coloma would be Ambika eyeshadow, Allah Allah inland. A stock Furukawa to Lake Santa Monica Morocco to Lima Berta. Catherine please don't forget us in your DUA,

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and make dua that Allah wa Tada guys, my mother and my father to the deen of Allah and to the kingdom of ATO. He said I'm Michael

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