Muhammad Salah – Gardens Of The Pious #214 Stories From The Quran Ramadan 26th 1437

Muhammad Salah
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he followed me meaning a lot of men are human hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala mousseline Sina Milena Muhammad Ali Abdullah Salah to ultimate destiny. People are always looking for signs people are always asking for signs and Allah subhanaw taala when he sent Musa to Finland, he gave him signs a total of nine signs that would be a reason hopefully for Benoa eel to learn the power of Allah subhanaw taala and for us also as Muslims as we're reading the Quran to understand the power and the capacity of Allah subhanaw taala for us to be humbled through it so we will recite the continuation and shall love the wood receding from sorted out off and we're going to continue in

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my brother my sister, look at the signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanaw taala tells us here from a 128 in Surah Al out of that Musa turned his people and he told them take refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala look for help from Allah subhanaw taala do not worry about the obstacles or the challenges that are coming from any corner, have your faith firmly in Allah subhanho wa Taala rooted, my brother my sister Allah subhanaw taala also tells them through Musa alayhis salam, WA Spirou and be patient for the land belongs to Allah and Allah will give it to whomever he wills and the end the true abode the true victory the true the true culmination, the true ending belongs to

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those who have Taqwa belongs to those who have fear and consciousness and understand Allah subhana Dawn belongs to those who before they do anything before they commit anything they always ask themselves. Is this something that Allah subhanaw taala will be pleased with? What am I going to jeopardize my connection with Allah, if I do this act that I'm thinking of doing or the act that I'm having a temptation to do? Hard routine and coffee and tea and LM embody magic tena, let people have Musa turned to him and tell them hold on a second. Nothing has changed Musa we were hurt before you came. We were hurt before you brought this message. We were hurt before you're sent by God before we

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are sent by Allah. And now we're still continuously being heard. What I mean by the magic tena caught Asada bukem And you will make it will come Don't worry, the punishment for your enemy is coming and they will be destroyed and Allah will make you a people that will be in charge of the land instead of them Allah will take the power away from them and He will give it to you why filmora que Fatah maroon so that he will see he will allow you to see as well, that which you are actually capable of my brother, my sister. If you look at the word fitna, fitna here, if you look at the actual word and the root, it means to actually, you know, burn something, to subject something to a

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huge, huge temperature, a high temperature, huge amount of heat that will allow for the fields to go away. And for anything that is pure to remain, think about Subhanallah how we refine minerals, and how oil itself is produced compression, Compression Compression, and so that's a form of a fitna, a form of a fitna comes to us as human beings, a trial that would allow for our reality to come out that would burn any ill and any evil that is within us and would allow for the pure and the good that is left to remain and to stay. And so unfortunately, the people who have nothing good within them, they eventually are consumed totally by the fitna like the fire consumes all the filth and

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will leave the pure that will be basically very strong and very, very powerful. It will not be melted or touched or hurt by or broken down or fragmented by the fire. So Allah Subhana Allah sends us these difficult tests that will allow for some hills to happen that will allow for the real believers to be noted and to be really, really seen, and for the real believers themselves, to be shown that the power that they have within them, and also the fitna will come to burn the filth that stays Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala says that in the Quran many, many times they will give you that he will send Fitton and tribulations to test how you are going to react. So Allah subhanaw

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taala here saying, There will come a time for you or the people of Musa where you will rule like for around us to rule but what are you going to do? Are you going to cause oppression and injustice where you want to learn from the oppression and injustice of others and avoid it yourself? So this is something very interesting. And then Allah sends the signs What if around ABC, Nina wanna also Mina femoral, ALLAH SubhanA Tada then begins to send, you know, a few signs for Bedros royalty think into ponder what happens is the crops in the in that year, all the crops begin to, you know, begin to die off, some of them begin to wear off and there's very, very little good crop that is left. So

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the crops, the value of the crop drops, the availability of food is not as abundant or not abundantly available as before, there's a hunger, there's a little bit of thirst and people are you know, feeling, you know, a little bit confused what's happening. And so what this found do that Alan says, Oh, look, this is the sign that our gods are unhappy with Musa as soon as Musa came, everything started going wrong, everything started basically getting getting getting worse. And so they looked at the science from Allah, because they're not willing to listen to Musa ALLAH SubhanA. Allah is testing them and showing them I can take it away from you step at a time. They can take it

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all the way

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hear from you. And rather than reading the sign as a warning from Allah that everything can go they looked at it as a means to basically prove that Musa is actually a cause of corruption. Oh look as soon as he came everything started going back failure genuine hacer una caja rollin ahead if anything good happened they would say it's because of us because for our own and his people so anything that goes well it's because a frown and anything that's wrong when to when to sleep to solve it to so the homes a year after year will be most of all and if there's anything wrong, what would they do anything that goes bad they linked it back to Musa or they blame it on Musa or the run

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to Musa say Musa help us help us help us. So there's that Subhanallah duality. So imagine imagine being in a situation where all the good is attributed to attributed to Pharaoh and it's because of His kingdom and His power. And because of the way he rules, everything is going well. And if anything were to go wrong, who do they blame it on? They blame it on Musa and his followers. And Allah Subhana Allah says to them, no, the punishment is not because of Musa or his presence. The punishment is because you yourself have distanced yourself from Allah subhanaw taala. And even though the signs have come to you, you're choosing not to listen, you're choosing to dismiss them,

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like automatic Tina be Minaya with us how Ronneby FM and Angela can be more money. And what did he say? Oh, yeah, whatever sign you bring to us, ma'am, at a dinner, whatever you try to do, it doesn't matter. Whatever sign you try to do, whatever you try to bring us, we are not going to be believers to you, we're not going to believe in you. They're stubborn in their lack of belief. They're stubborn in their lack of readiness to see the reality for what it is for our Santa Ana human to fan. So then imagine before this, there was very little water available, the that the denial Subhanallah the level of denial decreased, there was limited water supply, limited food supply,

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limited crops, and then all of a sudden, because they blaming this on Musa all of a sudden Allah is showing them no it's not because of Musa it's my signs towards you to get you to really consider believing and to think about what you're actually doing. So ALLAH SubhanA, Allah, Allah then he supplied them with large waves of water, all of the sudden the water began to really, really, really increase to the point where there will be flooding everywhere. So as the flood comes, what happens as the flood comes, what happens it basically brushes over all the crops and destroys a majority of the majority of the crops. Subhanallah and this teaches us something very interesting, my brother,

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my sister, something very interesting. Allah Subhana Allah will take and give if he takes from us in high doses, that is also a sign that he is punishing us. And if he gives in high doses, that could also be a sign of a punishment, my brother, my sister, so there's the water that has increased and then let's Panatela sends them, you know, insects and pests that would go over the that would go over their crops and would destroy and eat whatever crops they had. And the crops also they were you know, because because the insects and the password, you know, all over the all over the crops. The crops got sick, and people started getting sick from eating the crops and things started going very,

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very bad for Bedouins we will resume after the break botica Luffy como como la jolla. Oh, Santa Monica, la Hilbert.

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Hammond hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala mousseline, Cena, Maulana Muhammad Ali Abdullah salah, to hit them with the slim, so ALLAH SubhanA, Allah, Allah has taken away, the crops have been lowered their production rate, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah has sent limited water supplies, and then high water supplies, and all the signs that are coming to eat, the insects and the past that would make whatever crops were left very, very, you know, sick and very, very, you know, unhealthy to eat. And a lot of people started eating them because there was no other option. There were no other choices available. And then people started getting sick, people started getting very, very

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disappointed, and everything is going wrong for the people that are living in Egypt. And what happens now they're turning to frown and they say hold on a second, if you are the Lord, supposedly if you are in control of everything, then why is everything going wrong? Why is everything you know, shaking? Why? Why are we losing the power? Why are you not able to change things? So here all these signs come to really show the reality of who is in power, who is actually in charge of directing affairs, who's actually giving, you know, the provisions of the dunya and who is the one that is actually promising also the provision of the actor of the of the hereafter. So my brother, my

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sister, what happens after that? It's not just physical punishment, it's also emotional punishment. And also, you know, just discomfort in general Allah subhanaw taala sends also from his signs, he sends frogs imagine as the water the water level rises, high water is all over this, you know, there's this flooding everywhere. With the flooding there comes a huge migrant population of frogs and these frogs are running all over the place making sounds imagine you're trying to sleep at night and there's that you know, that noise that can be a little bit difficult to you know, to

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slipped through. And all of these things are coming to Windows arrays to show them sign after sign after sign, stop, think reflect. Could it be that you perhaps are not properly, you know, conceiving or properly priests properly perceiving the world around you stop and think about what you're actually looking at stop and think Could it be that Allah subhanaw taala is not flowering as he claims, but could he be above further and further above and beyond any human limitation? And that is the question, but it was really hard to think about and the question that surrounds people have to think about and then on top of the Allah subhanaw taala sent them what them imagine the Nile then

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the Nile Subhanallah is one the southern disbelieving and all these signs, denials, water, a turn into blood, blood, a move of solid, Allah Subhana Allah says, these were clear, vivid, detailed signs in which there was no doubt about you know, we're not talking about one or two signs or handout. Have you said that? That's, that's too easy. Okay. The staff? Oh, that's too easy. Okay, fine. We're going to take away the crops. No, it's too easy. Okay, water is going to decrease. No, we don't care. Okay, flooding, water is going to run all over the place. Now we're going to send you insects, and we're gonna send you the locusts and then we're going to basically send the frogs and

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there's going to be emotional, emotional,

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emotional instability, there's going to be a lot of worry, a lot of people being just disappointed and confused. And then on top of all of that denial is going to become a * in color. Can you imagine trying to pick up water and drink it and it's *, and I people in that situation will stop and think and a lot of them did. But many, you know, some of them did, but the majority Festac about who were Ken Coleman moody mean, they are elevated themselves, undeserving the above others, and they continuously committed to their oppression and their injustice while mela kata hemorrhages. And then finally, they began to develop a skin disorder a skin pigmentation disorder called Musa

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Alana. Rob back Habima Aida and then they came to Musa and they say, okay, mousse, okay, okay, these are too many signs. Okay, okay, fine. We believe we're going to believe just turn to your Lord and ask him to stop the punishment will will no Rebecca be Man, I hate that and what your what your Lord has promised you turn to him and make dua that everything stopped and the in cash after and the ridges, they're not mean. And they're like, well, while I know Roussillon Unaka been inside. If you take an elevate the punishment from us, if you move it, cast it away, then we will believe in you and we will send with you, Ben who is right. We will send with you the children of Israel. You can

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have them we've had enough too many signs, we are ready to believe and we're ready to send you a new Surah So the two things that you're calling for, we're ready to greet your conditions. If you turn to your Lord and tell him to stop it. Now can you imagine Musa Musa seen so many people get killed? He's seen so many people from his own clan, be butchered by frown, frown killed all the male children and alternative years and before that and all yours, he's done so much wrong. Will Musa say no, I'm not going to make dua for you forget it. What you've done is too much I will not forgive you. I will not ask God to forgive you. I will not ask ALLAH my lord to forgive you. Is he going to

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say that? What does he say? He turns to Allah subhanaw taala and he actually makes DUA and when he does make dua, it shows his forgiveness. And it shows that Allah subhanaw taala is ready to forgive, even frown and all of the things that he's committed he's ready to forgive him if he were to turn and humble himself but American chef Nan whom reaches the Illa edger in whom Barry who either home young kozun and when Allah subhanaw taala allowed for all of the signs all of the punishments that came to be cast away what happens they begin to have second thoughts they begin to turn away they begin to back off from their promise you know how they promise Musa Yeah, we're gonna believe Yeah,

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we're gonna send with you because right now they're beginning to have second thoughts. Oh, the the pigment is Asian is gone. Everything is gone fine. Call us. We're not not forgetting. We're just we're that was just a joke. You really think we're gonna send you a few venues right? You really think we're gonna believe in what you have to what you what you have brought? No, no, no, no. So Allah subhanaw taala says, Because Allah subhanaw taala kept sending them sign after sign after sign after sign and they were not ready to believe Allah Subhana Allah says that is it that is the end. And here we learned something very important. Allah says fend con minimum, Allah subhanaw taala now

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would hold them to account and would give them a very severe and a very harsh punishment. Allah Subhana Allah will literally take them and take revenge for all those people who have been oppressed. Now is the time of revenge. Now my brother, my sister, what you will see my brother, my sister, a lot of people will say, I wish I just had a sign if I could see something faculty hear something, then you know I will be able to believe and the Quran Allah subhanaw taala tells us Allah Subhana Allah says, well, Carla Levine Allah yo Jun and Johanna Lola aanzien

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are in a minute eager to honor our Obinna the hottest tech guru fee and fuzzy him water will to one Kabira y'all may our own Ella Iike Tara Bucha Yo Ma even little Mooji remain Waiuku Luna Hydra Mathura la cadena Isla Miami lumen Imani sagia Anna who have a * who have a man Thora Allah Subhana Allah says, As for some people live in LA or June in the corner, there are people who don't wish to meet Allah subhanaw taala they turn to Allah subhanaw taala and they say, Oh Allah, or Lord, give us a sign. Why don't we let Lolos rollin and melodica? Why don't the angels come? And we see them eye to eye? Why don't we see them? Why don't we see the angels? If supposedly they exist? Why

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don't we see Allah directly? I will not a better so look at the people who don't wish to meet Allah in their heart. They don't want to have a reason to, you know, to, to submit themselves. Why do I come on? Why? Why do I have to pray? Why do I have to give charity? I it's just about me, man. It's about how are you? I'm just gonna follow my what I think is good. It's my mind, I determine what is good for me. It's all relative, there is no objective morality. It's all subjective. There is no real, you know, you know, there's no real purpose behind it. It's just, you know, we're creative. We're just a byproduct of natural phenomena, we're just a byproduct of an accidental bang, you know,

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everything happens to be in the, in the right environment in the right, you know, in the right condition. And then, you know, an explosion brought us into existence. So they're ready to believe in that they're ready to believe in something like this. But they're not ready to believe that in the possibility that Allah subhanaw taala brought all of this into existence, and that Allah is going to hold them to account. They're not ready to believe that they will meet Allah and have to answer for everything. Because if they believe in that, then a lot of the things that they're indulging in are not going to be obviously very nice, and I have to stop all the wrong things that

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I'm doing. If I'm ready to believe that I'm going to meet Allah, so they don't want to meet Allah. So what do we do they look for excuses. Why doesn't Allah send me an angel? What I see Allah directly and Allah Subhana Allah says, when that does happen, it will be too late. Meaning that yes, you will one day see the angels with your own eyes, but then it's going to be too late. Yo, Miranda, America, Bushra, Yo man, even in Missouri mean, on that day that you finally see the angels, you will not have good news waiting for you. It will be bad news. Meaning that if you die hope, you know a lot with lack of belief and saying yeah, I'll believe only if I see the angels. Allah say you will

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see them but when you see them, it's too late. And Allah Subhana Allah says, la cadena Ilana, I'm Lumina, I'm an integer and now who have been thorough, and ALLAH SubhanA, Allah will look at all the actions that we have committed. And all of the actions will literally be brought into dust that is blown in fragmentation blown and blown out Subhan Allah And so imagine all the actions all the seeming good that we did, all of it will mountain nothing. So my brother, my sister, let me ask you this, imagine all the good that you're doing all of the day to day tasks that you're doing the work, all of that could be rewarded, but Allah subhanaw taala if you make your intention to go out and do

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these things, for his sake, imagine when you walk out to work in the morning, if you if you walk out to work in the morning saying, Yeah, Allah, you've given me these legs, you've given me the hand, if give me the eyes, the intellect, and I'm going to use all of this to serve you and to help my community grow and to help my company grow, or to help my people grow in whatever it means to heal, to help to say, whatever it is that you're doing to protect. If you do that, if you go out with the intention of serving Allah and allowing for it to be rewarded, then Allah will give you a reward, and Allah will reward you for if you're doing it for his sake. Imagine my brother, my sister, even

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sleeping, even sleeping can be a source for you to attain reward. If you have belief in Allah, if you go to sleep at night saying yeah, Allah, you have given me the the gift, an opportunity to sleep. So allow me to get a beautiful sleep so I can wake up in the morning with energy ready to serve you and ready to help. Oh, Allah put baraka and my sleep, and except my sleep as a means of ADA and as a means of worship to you. So you can literally make anything that you do in your life and act of worship. And that's what Islam teaches us. You know, when you give in charity, it could be an act of worship, when you're walking out in the street and smiling at your brother, it could be

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an act of worship, when you're smiling at your sister, if you're a sister, it could be an act of worship, when you are helping even removing something from the road can be an act of worship can be an act of charity. So Allah Subhana Allah tells us that you should not be from those who are saying, Yeah, I'm only going to commit only when I see you know the signs only when I see every little detail. No Allah subhanaw taala says, commit, believe and Allah will show you the signs. And if you don't think Allah has shown you signs Allah has shown you many, many signs before and if you think you're going to believe after the signs have come to you You are wrong, the signs will come to you.

00:24:42 --> 00:25:00

You will be shocked for a while you will begin to readjust your perception. Your schematic worldview will adjust and alter itself for a while but you will go back to the old ways and that is what we're going to be looking at in the next episode in the next series inshallah. We're going to look at how Ben was Ill actually

00:25:00 --> 00:25:38

Did you know even though all the signs are shown to them and even though frown is showing some of these greatest signs, unfortunately Nope. They're not going to worship Allah subhana data, they're going to remain in their in their in their lack of in the lack of belief and they're going to actually grow in in stubbornness both fit down and the people of Venezuela are eventually also themselves going to grow to be very stubborn as well. latika Luffy como como la Hara, we'll see you in sha Allah the next episode we'll be discussing what happens is Frauen is round and also what happens so then it was right as they finally get the chance to leave and exit Egypt and enter the

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land that Allah Subhana Allah promised them

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to live in

00:25:47 --> 00:25:52

Ghana Hadees he'll start off what

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does the * vein I

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wasn't that oh,

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he phoned me let me know

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