The First Deviation in the History of Islam

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The Debate of ibn Abbas with the khawarij – The First Deviation in the History of Islam by Sh Hacene Chebbani

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layerable armina salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmeri.

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So if you can come forward please use akula Hayden's, who have finished of holopainen.

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So today as it was announced before, we'll be talking about this debate that took place between Abdullah and I Bestival, the Allahu anhu. And the sector from our parish. And their owners many have said that this is the first deviation or the verse bidder the first innovation that took place in the history of Islam.

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This group called them however, it appeared at a time of Alibaba, Vitaly abre, the Allahu Allah.

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And he used to be labeled a woodworker and the rest of the Sahaba with Cofer.

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And they were violent. So they were killing other Muslims. And they created many problems in the Muslim state at that time. an admirer of the Allahu anhu had to fight with them, based on the instructions of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He almost finished them, but some of them few of them stayed escaped death and then the were able to spread their their ideology. Now in this document, that is called Muladhara tignor bazzil have Irish debate of nobis whittle, how Irish they are called auroria. So my best would call them a Harare, wild Harare, because the when they pulled out when the left the Muslim community, they went to a place called huddle RA, which is a place two miles located two miles from the city of Kufa.

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So the state there that was their camp in some many sources, resources history, like we'll be there when we hire, they mentioned the different numbers 12,000 16,000 now we are concerned with this story here with what even are at best, the Allahu anhu said he said when we went to them, they were around 6000 people.

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So you might study this issue and this Muladhara and the history of this group, we find other numbers, but the best of the law and we said well, can you see that? lf there were 6000 so he said are the Allahu anhu and this hadith is well documented in mustard, Rachael Hakim, journey ban in a more populated national bar, and masala Abdul Razak salani different sources of Hadith. So he said that the Alon, he said, is he he's the one who narrated this howdy the story and told us what happened to him. He said, Let Maharaja tell Harare. Hello feeder in Allah Haider al Qaeda team where can you sit at lF for kotula Alia ameerul momineen Aberystwyth salata rally aka Yamaha Hola, Elko,

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he said when the Harare rebelled, the secluded themselves in a place any place I told you, it's called herradura. And he said himself, there were 6000 of them and they were united against or in rebelling against the failure of the Alona. So all of them as they said, label the album we thought of the Alona with cover and and the rest of the Sahaba with him and they were willing to fight didn't actually do anything at that time.

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But later on, they became violent and they killed some of the Sahaba and their wives and so the alarm said on that day I came to Allie and said all either of the believers delay the prayer until it is cooler. It was a recommendation from Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. Please mister have the majority of scholars said it is Mr. happ if the weather is very hot to delay the whole prayer until it becomes cooler, so I first wanted to benefit from this roxxor he was keen or eager to attend salata Gemma, so he asked the leader of the believers at that time I mean what meaning it to delay the gym out door prize so he can go to the these people talk to them, have a debate with them then

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comes back and come back and then attend this salata Gemma has a lot to do with the Muslim. So

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he said in the a half of whom Alec

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fairly I feel for you. So earlier the Alona was concerned about his safety. So he said color insha Allah in Iran, or if to be personal lokala moody I hadn't. So at best he said never. I used to be known as a man of good manners. I never heard anyone I never harmed anyone. So he said he gave me permission. And even though we thought about the allowance gave me permission Tony told me and go will delay the prayer for your sake.

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Or it is it was okay. As I said it was one of the recommendations for us all as I sell them. It seems like it was it seemed like it was summertime It was very hot at the time, Ronnie, the weather could reach your

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could reach like 50 degrees 60 degrees in that area. So he said I put on very nice garment.

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And he did for a reason

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is here he is planning for his debate now. He said I put on a very nice garment, the best of one of what one could get from Yemen. At that time. Yemeni clothing were very famous very fancy at that time, and they said I can't do my hair.

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And I visited them at midday while they were eating. So he said I greeted them. And we assume that he said the Salam aleikum greeted them with with with with a greeting of Islam or low to Allah Allah. So they said marhaba navan at best that was their response welcome or even at best,

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what is the cloak that you are wearing? Look at the reaction. He said I put on a nice garment right. Now they are objecting to it, what is this cloak you are wearing? So even I better said matter even earlier. What is what deficiency Do you see in me? Lakota a to Allah Rasulullah saw Selim Asad ma akuna Minal Hernan. He said I saw the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam dressed in the best of what you can find from Yemeni clothing. That was his answer. And then he supported his answer with the arrow from the Quran, Surah telara, Goodman, Hare Rama Xena it's a lie Leti originary body what I mean or risk? He said Allah subhana wa Taala revealed

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in the Quran say who has forbidden the adornment of Allah which he has produced for his servants and the good things of provision Allah Subhana Allah has produced for his servant many things that are good and he's not haram to benefit from them or use them as long as they are hella but they were not happy with his dress and we'll talk about these for ya the benefits of this you know, debate at the end inshallah.

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So, carlu familia abacha what has brought you here?

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That was their question then look at his answer at a to come mean India's hobby now visa Salaam and mahadji. Rena will answer. He said I came to you from amongst the companions of the Prophet, the Maha Genie, and the answer is reminding them about the position of the Sahaba the allow Anna, women in divinity Amira Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and from the cousin of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, where was he? Yeah, and he's who is his his son in law

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and a human sLl Quran. The Quran has descended upon them. The Quran was not revealed to the Sahaba it was revealed to her as well as I sell them, but they lived with him, they had first hand experience with the with the Qur'an, because they used to witness you know, look at Rasulullah Salem talk to him when the Quran was revealed to him and they used to learn from him and he Salatu wassalam for whom Allah will be really he minko he told them they are more knowledgeable about it than you and there is not one of them amongst you

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know, one of the Sahaba the Mahajan of the answer is amongst you, I have come to convey to you what they say and to convey to them what you say.

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So for Karla boham and in in one of the versions, and it'll be there when he I think he was screaming. He said LA to hosam operation for in a la jolla portable Hong Kong ha Simone. So one of them he said, he said do not debate with Quraysh because the last month Allah said, Nay, but they are quarrelsome, quarrelsome people they are prone to dispute, people who like to have disputes and arguments. And of course, this ayah was revealed about the co founder of Porsche who used to have argument and dispute with Russell lies on allowed to sell him. Now I bet here he's a Muslim is a great scholar of Islam who came to them to invite them to come back to the truth. So and then by the

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grabbers was very fair. He told us about some of their qualities. He said, Man, I tell you to calm and talk to a shed dish the head and minimum was a Hamilton Whoo hoo, Minnesota.

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And ad worker well, Tiffany Allah him, he said they had entered upon a people the likes of whom I have never seen with regard to their exertion in a bag and exertion in worship. He said their foreheads were wounded due to constant prostration. So they had marks on their faces because of their Eva This is very important one because we need to know the right methodology how to, to learn about the truth and to know actually, who is in the right path or who is not what are the qualities what are the requirements. So he said the four hats were wounded due to constant frustration and their hands had become like rough, had become rough, like camels feet.

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So some of them said, so the guy said do not have any dispute with his guy do not talk to him. He's from Croatia and Croatia. Last patella says about that, but whom como has mo neighbor, they are in a coral some people, but some of them they said no, rarely we will talk to him and we will listen to him. So they decided some of them decided to talk to him and listen to him or be alone. Then the first question he asked called How to man akin to Allah as Javi Rasulullah saw Selim with me. He said first question, he said Verily,

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he said come forward, what is the graduate that you have against the companions of Russell lies, I sell them and his cousin Allie, the answer three points we have. So these are the points of conflict.

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And I asked what are the mahana so they said ml una una phipa in the Hakama region, Effie amarilla wirkkala in in Kokomo inland in LA. So, they are using Khurana

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to justify their ideology or their rebellion in Elko. Illa measure nutritionally will help them. So this is one of them. One of them the first point he used man to judge in a matter that belongs only to Allah, because Allah subhanaw taala said in in Heroku, Allah Allah This is in Surah Tina, the judgment is for non but Allah subhanho wa Taala. When did he use men to judge in a matter that belongs to Allah in the view in their understanding? After we had there was a conflict between him and more our of the allow on the Sahaba Ali and Mahalia and the two groups wanted to settle the matter, the dispute so what happened I'll even a Vitaly brought the Allah and who chose

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Abu Salah Shari. And Mahavira. The Allahu anhu chose

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us to make a judgement to talk and have a debate, sit down together and pass a judgment upon the dispute that was between muawiya and Alli, what was the source or the origin of this dispute? After Earth man or the allow and who was assassinated earlier of the law who became the halifa? And he said before you take the position of khilafah, let's deal with the criminals who killed the earth man.

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I don't even know we thought it had a different opinion. He said no, let's establish the philosopher and everything should settle down and then we deal with them. So that was it was a dispute about timing right? But then it got bigger and bigger because those who killed Earth man or the alarm, they were in between and they were spreading fitna. So the fitna was not caused by the Sahaba it was caused by those who killed Earth man or the flower I know and they were not among the Sahaba they were people who belong to the second generation

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are people who did not meet Rasulullah saw Selim did not live with Rasulullah saw Selim so they were not sahab so here actually are the law accepted the judgment of humans. That was their problem. And a lot of Allah said in the Quran in in como la la is very important because we will no shala learn how people use the Quran in the wrong context, using the delete the evidence in the wrong context. So here

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the said, What have men got to do with the judgment? The judgment belongs to Allah. I don't even have the title of course before try to explain this to them. In the merciful Kufa, he brought the most half in front of them. They were in the masjid with the Muslims. And he said almost half we're talking to the most half, almost half tell us about the judgment. It was touching the must have with his hand and then they didn't accept his argument. The argument is very clear here that the must have does not talk

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Because this is a very obvious matter that you have to come to the book of Allah derive the rulings from

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the book of Allah. The most half does not talk. We bring the most half now it doesn't tell us about the ruling. If we talk about any mess Allah This is obvious, right? But that was their argument. That was their argument. So they said in in Kokomo, Indiana, so he said, this is one point. Had he Lula carlu What am Athenaeum

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fenno cartella What am ESB willamina incanto? foreign Takata lsmu home we're in can mini mahallesi view Humala ketola home the second point they said as for the second point, when he fought, and he did not take captives, nor did he take the war booty. If they were disbelievers, then they are captives permissible for us, as Zoo believers than their captives are neither permissible for to take, nor was it permissible for us to fight them in the first place. Here they were talking about the fight that took place between Annie and grew another group of Muslims, Sahaba, talhah and zubayr. And among them was eye shadow, the Alon, those people also had the problem. This is the

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first civil war in the history of Islam. They had a problem with

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the killing of recommend the assassination fragment the same point that we had, that we have to deal with the criminals, those who killed the earth man, before we give you a pledge of Philippa

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so and but the Sahaba when we came to Basra, the city of Alba, Sarah, and Ayesha was one of them, or they allow

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the talk to Ali. And then they decided to solve their problems in a peaceful way. Right? They almost had an agreement. But at nighttime, those who killed Earth man were in between, they started the ignited fire in the tense of the other one of the camps. Because we said if the two groups agreed, and they settle their disputes, then they will take care of us. Those who kill the earth man. So at nighttime, you know, the set fire in one of the camps. And then the other group thought that the other people are fighting with them. And the other group thought that the first group is fighting with them. And there was a fight and many people were killed. So they said here, you fought with

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these people, you should have taken

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know, captives. So

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the Allahu anhu said, This is the second point, what is the third point carlu Maha nafsa hoomin ameerul momineen. And he gave up the title of immediate meaning. Because when, when he decided to have his, his his dispute settled with meraviglia, he gave up at that moment, the title of a mirror meaning the position.

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And then he allowed the allowed hourglass and Abu Musab ashari to settle the matter.

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So they said was look at this white and black mentality. They said here, he gave up this title of a meeting meeting leader of the believers. If he's not the leader of the believers, then he should be the leader of the disbelievers.

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That was their third point, black and white. That's it there is no third option.

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So and then he Ebner best about the Allahu anhu he said, Do you have any points other than these?

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And here I want you to pay attention to even our best skills.

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The skills of his debate was a great debater. Very professional, or the allowing great scholar of the allowing.

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So they said no, these are sufficient for us.

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So because he wanted to locate the area of dispute or argument, so we're talking about these three points that's it. We're not talking about something else. Are you fine? Are you happy? We'll be talking about these three points. He said he has these are sufficient for us.

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Then Karla home kotula who are I to come in Corolla come? Right acumen karatu alchemy tabula rasa shell ocean Latina v saw Selim, Mayor Dakota uttered Giroux, he said do you think if I read to you or do you understand if I read to you from the book of Allah the Quran and the Sunnah of His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that which refutes that, or what you say? will you return back? Can he come back to the sooner? The Jama the Muslim community. You come back

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The Philippines and, you know, to the Muslim community, they said yes, the people who were talking to him. So he said about the Allahu anhu he started now, you know, dealing with their shuba with these points and he said as well your statement that he had used meant to judge in a matter that was for Allah then I will read to you from the book of Allah. When Allah subhanaw taala has dedicated his judgment delegated His judgment to man regarding the price of a rabbit.

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The price of a small animal the value of a rabbit, which is a quarter of a quarter of Durham, which is now a day is around $5 $5. Yeah, and if you look at the value of gold, and silver these days, it's around equivalent to $5. So, and then he mentioned the ayah in Surah, till Merida, in which Los Angeles said yeah, you live in amarula Taku cida, and to home, one to woman catella amico Madame Madame fecha, Miss Luma katell Amina na Yahoo movie the widely minco this is in Surah, tema, ADA, Allah subhanho wa Taala, he said, Oh, you who have believed in not kill game while you are in the state of Iran, because the when the they used to hunt, and the animal could be a deer, could be a

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rabbit could be a bird. So Allah subhanaw taala said, Do not kill animals while you are in the state of Iran. And he said, If this happens, whoever have you killed it intentionally. The penalty is an equivalent from sacrificial animals, to what he killed, judged by to just men among you. So two people from the community people of knowledge have to make a judgement about the penalty of these men, or this hobby or this Muslim who killed an animal while in the state of Iran. So and he told them if Allah subhanaw taala, which if he lost pantalla wished to give us the judgment he would have given us he would have given us the judgment. But he left it to men, it said to people from you from

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your community, people of knowledge would make judgment about the penalty for this man or this woman who killed an animal in the state of Iran.

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and then he said, I asked you by the name of Allah, so he was remembering, reminding them about Allah subhana wa Taala. And their their relationship with him, I asked you by the name of Allah is not men judging in reconciling between Muslims and preventing bloodshed better than two men judging regarding the value of a rabbit? And they said no, the first one is better. Because he or two people like us and Abu Salah Cherie, were judging regarding a very important matter, you were trying to prevent bloodshed and making reconciliation between Muslims right. But Allah subhanaw taala here has allowed men to judge regarding to people to judge regarding the value of a rabbit or a deer or a

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bird or an animal. So which one is better? So they said yes, the first one is better. And then he mentioned another ayah. Allah subhanaw taala said when his term shikaka veiny him if avato hackerman mean le or how can I mean Allah, talking about marital disputes Allah, Allah Surah Nisa, he said, If you fear a breach between them has been in wife then appoint two arbitrators, to arbitrators one of them from his family, the other one from her from her family.

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And these two people are coming are supposed to come and look into the dispute between husband and wife and pass a judgment make a judgment. So he asked them again I asked you by the name of Allah is not man judging in reconciling dispute between Muslims for the sake of preventing bloodshed better or this matter that was allowed by Allah subhanho wa Taala allow the Allah Allah is commanding Muslims to have two people from her family and his family to judge regarding a matter that is not it has not the same important importance of of this the matter the dispute between the conflict between earlier of the Allahu anhu and in Mahalia so this is actually the first one is better

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by he said a harsh to mean had he have we finished with this? I wanted to make sure that they are happy now with the answer a harsh to mean how they have you have we finished with this? They replied Yes. So we are done with the first point now. And the second point he said amapola Kolkata om yes we will and we have an effortless buena oma Kumar Isha. So is it as for you

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statement he fought when he did not say captives did not take war booty, then would you take your mother in Islam? Because the wives of a prophet are the mothers of the believers? Do you take your mother in Islam as a captive?

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If you say yes, it was permissible for us to take care of the captive, then you have committed this belief. That was his statement or the alarm. And if you say she is not our mother, then he said you have also committed this belief because the last part Allah said in the Quran, you go against the eye of the Quran, and maybe you have been meaning me unforeseen, what was worse you mahato he said the last pantalla said the Prophet is closer to the believer that they own selves, and his wives or their mothers. If you say she is not our mother, then you have committed this belief because this is clear. I have from the Quran that she is your mother. Then here they said they looked at each other.

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And I bet for the Alon who said a harsh to mean howdy how we finished with this. They said yes.

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Okay. And then the third one.

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He said, As for allier of the Allahu anhu, removing the title of leader of the believers. He says I will give you something that will please you Rasulullah sallallahu is better than Allah when he signed the peace treaty of Lodi via

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he said he removed from the treaty or the agreement, his title of Rasulullah, the Messenger of Allah, because he made a treaty with suhaila hammer and Abu Sofia harp. And I was available hammer was sitting there, when they were sitting down Muslims and non Muslims, and they were signing this agreement. And allier of the allow I know he was described. He's the one who wrote this agreement. So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told him, right or Ali, this is what the Messenger of Allah Mohammed the Messenger of Allah agrees with. And then the the kuffaar or suhaila panorama, he said, he said, if we either ianniello lower alumina and nakasu la cattanach He said if we know you

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to be the Messenger of Allah, we would not have fought with you. That was the answer of I'm gonna say, socialize Assalam said Allah in the khatallah near Rasul Allah hum in the katana many Rasulullah Oh Allah, you know that I am your messenger. So he asked Sally to remove the title from the agreement, the Messenger of Allah, and he told him right hand side, Allah He Mohammed Huebner Abdullah,

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this is what Mohammed the son of Abdullah agrees with. And earlier the Allahu anhu refused, he said, No, I'm not going to erase your title.

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Not going to do it. And he said, there was one last SLM of course was an illiterate man. He didn't know how to write and read. So he said, Show it to me, and he showed it and he showed it to him and he erased it by himself.

00:28:15--> 00:28:39

sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And here, if not the best, are the Allahu anhu. He said, I swear by Allah telling them that the Messenger of Allah is better than Ali. And even he erased his own title. And erasing his title does not erase his prophethood does not make him not prophet Yanni does not any it doesn't make any difference.

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at the end, he said a harsh to mean have you have we finished with this? And then he said, they said yes. So in the head, if all of the rewired integrations of this versions of this Hadith, he said there are 2000 people 2000 from them came back to the Muslim community. And 4000 stayed on their ideology on their path and the aliveness of the Allahu anhu has was forced actually to fight with him. Because he said, we're not going to fight with you. We're not going to ban you from the massage

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until you you fight with us. And he was sure he was confident that they will start the fighting and this is what happened. They killed some of the sahabas and there was a big fight big Marika in the area called narrow one. Now here by looking at this great debate here one, we want to benefit from it. The owner Maddy said many earlier have talked about this debate. They said you know the students of knowledge and the room and darat who follow the Quran and Sunnah should have a strong desire

00:29:56--> 00:30:00

to you know, guide members of other groups and

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Bring them back to the deen of Allah subhana wa tada

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because, first of all the Allahu anhu. He had some knowledge. Of course, he was a great scholar. And he he was like, eager to guide them to bring them back to the Dean of philosophy.

00:30:17--> 00:30:42

And his debate was carefully planned, and he the way he dressed and when he combed his hair, he wanted, he knows, he knew that he will object to it. So he was trying his best to actually to actually make, you know, through some doubts in their minds about their own ideology and the way they are dealing with the Quran, the ayat of the Quran and the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:30:43--> 00:31:26

Second point earlier Maddie said the importance this debate shows the importance of Shura, you know, at best is not decided by himself. He didn't say, Okay, let's go, I'll go and talk, talk to them. Now, he made Matura with Alli midvalley are the Allahu anhu, who was the leader of the believers at that time. So they said their own ama, and the leaders in the community have to always make sure and make sure between them talk to each other, and come up with the right conclusion in sha Allah. And the third point is the Obama talked about the permissibility you having debates with people of innovation, and it could be mandatory sometimes, if there are some expected good outcomes or

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desired, you know, goals to be achieved. Some people don't like to have any debate, to be engaged in a debate, that's fine, but early on there and people who have knowledge as opposed to use this knowledge to you know, have debates with those people who are who are following any deviated ideology.

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Their own also talked about the importance of planning for your debate or our activity. So as I said, when I best put on, you know, the best clothes on purpose,

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because he said, you know, with the intention of attracting their attention, he knows that he knew that they will object to it, and he will just give them he wanted to shake their beliefs and diminish their pride right? By telling them reminding them about the ayah from Surah to Allah and the Sunnah of Rasulullah saw Selim that he sold us on lies I sell them dressed in the best of what you can find a few many clothing. That was it's not haram to be dressed in a you know, in a good garment you only use and it's not Haram, this is something a lot pantalla has made it permissible.

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The rudimentary said among the point also they said in the field of our own one having a debate, one needs to establish common ground with opponents.

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So before you start your debate and start talking and and you and explaining your arguments, you have to prepare, use a common establish a common ground. So here's an address in this in this case, reminded them about the authority before he answered the questions reminded them about the authority of the Quran and the authority of the Sunnah. And the best people who understood the Quran and the Sahaba because they lived with Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. The Quran descended upon them they have first hand experience with the Quran. So you cannot have a better knowledge than than them we can't. It's impossible. We lived with us who lies and allow us to sin. So actually, he's reminding

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them here about the right methodology. When it comes to deriving matters, rulings from the Quran and the Sunnah. You go back to the understanding of the Sahaba the Allahu anhu. And the aggregate Didn't they didn't actually disagree with this with this point, because Sahaba they allow animals pantallas as praise them, like methylene sorbitol hacer las pantallas described the mahadji rune as saw the poor and truthful people of truthfulness, and described

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as people who have success and mostly who

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fail. And he said no one among them is with you. So again, he's trying to shake their beliefs in their ideology that you know, if there is some goodness in your ideology, at least some of them would have joined you. Now, no one among the Sahaba is with you know,

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or has shown any support for your for your cause. That is the one of the benefits. They said, We learned from the debates. This debate that people of innovation may use evidence from the Quran and Sunnah in their own context. So they use the iron Sora to zakharov Belem. Cohen has a demo that was revealed about the co founder of Qureshi against if not best, who is that cousin of rasuna lies as a great scholar, as soon as I see them made for him Allah humification

00:35:00--> 00:35:45

Didn't we? Hello Allah bless him with the fifth the understanding of the deen and teach him the interpretation of the Tafseer of the Quran if Nagasaki alone, but we use this ayah against him and we used any Hiroko Lila judgment is for non but Allah in the wrong context actually I leave now Vitaly when he was when he brought the must have in front of them in the messy devil Coover and he was telling them or talking to the Muslims and they almost have tell us about the rulings of Allah subhanho wa Taala we didn't like his his argument, they stood up some of them in the masjid and they start shouting and saying in in here como la la la. So he said Kelly meant to happen every day we

00:35:45--> 00:36:09

have Arthur Alan evitando he said, it is a true statement that is used in the wrong context or used to endorse false hood. This is very famous statement that the owner said Kelly metal hacking or ew harbottle and who here many people who don't have knowledge become confused when someone used something that is help, but to support something

00:36:11--> 00:36:46

to suppose a deviation or support falsehood and there are many people who are good at this. It is how the evidence is from the Quran and the Sunnah, but but it is used in the wrong way. And here people become some people become confused, right? Like he got 6000 people who just you know, got this no points and some of them are obvious. Yeah, I need the Quran will not talk and tell us about the axiom of Allah, people who will come to the Quran and the Sunnah and derive the rulings of Allah you think that See, this is obvious, but Subhana Allah.

00:36:47--> 00:36:50

So, and one of the,

00:36:51--> 00:37:30

the benefits here, there are many said appearances can be very deceiving and increased acts of worship and not enough for the person to be classified as someone who follows the right guidance. And if someone is praying pmla and fasting every Thursday and Monday, Mondays and Thursdays and giving sadaqa this act of worship, they said aroona these acts of worship and not enough for the person to be classified as someone who is following and hidayah the right guidance. There are actually many people who follow who look at this appearance method and have their show you

00:37:31--> 00:38:08

and then follow them just because of their opinions, they might have a long beard wearing a longer robe and you know praying offering kiama Lane and having method and misbehave they will look at their appearance and say well, this is a great man we should follow Him and follow his his path or his way this is not right. I mean, this is not the right way to find out about who is on the right path or who is not. So the Buddha said actually the right guidance is based on two things right knowledge and appropriate action.

00:38:09--> 00:38:57

You have to have a first right knowledge the right understanding and then appropriate action appropriate action and as an ml solid that has two requirements. The good intention and Nia salejaw and also following the sooner or following what is right and it goes back to right knowledge that combined together sorry bear that act of a bear that by themselves and not enough. And here we're going to advance said I have entered upon a people the likes of whom I have never seen. You are talking about the Sahaba hear about someone who lived with Rasulullah sallallahu he was told Romano Quran. habra Luma is a great scholar. He the Sahaba had a great relationship with Allah and then yet

00:38:57--> 00:39:19

why because it also last Aslam actually said about the Quran I was talking with his haba takuna salata, Camila salata him, he said, You will reduce or you will belittle your prayer when compared with their prayers. And yet, Allah subhanho wa sallam said we will be he described them

00:39:20--> 00:39:51

in a different Hadith and this is how they say that they are Caleb and not the dogs of hellfire. It's a very strong statement but this hadith Sahih Abu mama is the one who narrated this hadith he saw them killed in Damascus in the street of Damascus and he said you know these people who are Muslims and also last SLM said about them that they are killable Nah. So no he this a bat that are not very beneficial. If the right understanding right knowledge is not, is not there.

00:39:54--> 00:39:59

One of the benefits one of the good points here that will never be said we should never lose hope about those who follow

00:40:00--> 00:40:13

deviated ideology, some of them could be sincere, looking for the truth. And when it is well explained to them, it might come back to the dean might come back to the to ideology will allow to either.

00:40:14--> 00:40:16

And the last point here or

00:40:18--> 00:40:42

the point number nine there odema, he said our debates should be well organized, you cannot talk about different issues in the same session, in the same gathering, sit down with someone and have a debate with him. And he talked about 100 messala. So, it will not be beneficial, he will not reach any conclusion. And when I first read the Allahu anhu, did not want to talk about

00:40:44--> 00:41:24

many issues. He was satisfied with three points, he thought that these these three are important for them. So it didn't ask for any. Any other point he said, you are satisfied with these points here. Let's let's talk about this point, this point of complete conflict. And then he he said he asked them, Do you have any other point he wanted to make sure that we'll be talking about only this, because there are people who like to argue when they are talking to you and having a debate with you, they like to jump into other issues and then confused make you confused. So can I mess up the law and who wanted to make sure that we will be in this debate inshallah organized and we will be

00:41:24--> 00:41:25

able to reach

00:41:26--> 00:41:28

you know, a good conclusion.

00:41:29--> 00:41:34

Otherwise, the debate will turn into a useless, you know, dispute.

00:41:35--> 00:41:38

One of the benefits there earlier, they said we shouldn't mock

00:41:39--> 00:42:26

the opponents or ridicule them, but at best did not say did not try to hurt them or harm them in any way. He didn't say you guys are stupid. You are. You have baseless arguments. He didn't use this language at all. Bill acciani when he came back and he narrated, he was very fair with them. He mentioned the good things that he saw with them. And when talking to them, you understand from the conversation, that he was very calm, even there when the objective about his dress, he was not like offended. He just defended his point. And he wanted to show them that you're, you're just actually your knowledge about the Quran is very limited because this is a clear idea in the Quran, that says

00:42:26--> 00:42:30

it's helpful to wear, you know, the best clothes.

00:42:31--> 00:43:15

So, treating them with respect, we might encourage may encourage some of them to listen. And then we may come back to the Dean of philosophy that there is something important another point as some scholars have mentioned, many darat and many people involved in Dawa or activism. Witnesses sometimes have some gatherings important gatherings or programs and they forget about salata, Gemma and insalata. Gemma is not part of their schedule. Here. Pay attention, I want you to pay attention to the behavior of NAB, so he didn't want Why did he ask alibre Vitaly to delay Salazar? Because he wanted to attend. So let's look at the importance of salata. Gema so he was concerned about

00:43:15--> 00:43:57

attending salata, rudisha Ma, he wasn't at the same time to go and have a debate with these people. But he didn't want to miss salata, Gemma, even though he thought this is a very important, you know, issue and actually he saved 2000 2000 of them were saved because of his debate. There were 6000 so 2000 of them came back to the Muslim community. It's a great achievement trait. But even though he didn't think he didn't say no, this is a great task. It's okay if I miss a lot of Gemma for the sake No, he was concerned about a large amount so he said they're really pleased. Yeah, I mean, what mini delay? salata though, is echoing low, Hayden Baraka lofi can be