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Speaker 1 discusses the history and leadership of women in leadership, including a mention of a bucket and a history of women being proffident. They also mention the importance of women in leadership and the significance of women in leadership. The speakers also mention a variety of videos and a mention of a bucket.

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Ladies and gentlemen, continuing the discussion that we had before. If you haven't seen the first video, go check out the one about

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talking about the law. They keep going back to me at HQ to edit the videos, because I keep not saying rhodiola unha radi Allahu anhu for advertising. It's like I'm gonna increase the length of the video like twice over.

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So um, but yeah, it is actually, before we get into the discussion, what is the etiquette or rather, the appropriate when it comes to the dimensioning the names of companions, like I know what the prophet Mohammed Salah Salah, we have to say, as part of the etiquette of giving respect and even other prophets is set up. When it comes to companions. Like is it the same degree, we definitely are encouraged even by last president in the salon to always mention them in good and to pray for them. So every time you do say it's a reward for you, because a lot praises the believers in the salon and sort of hotshot who make up for their brethren who came before them. I'm gonna fit it into when you

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squat, and Athena seven, one, I believe that for the men that, oh, Lord, forgive us and our brethren who came before us, our brothers who came before us. So who are we referring to all the companies, so let's encourage for us to always make up for them and say, I'll be alone, may God be pleased with them lovely alone on the home, may God be pleased with all of them, etc. So every single time, so essentially, so essentially, it is a draw that we're making and the edik. And the reality of that is, if we're making an offer, someone else doesn't make an offer us exactly. And the angels say I mean, which means May God also give you the same. And so if you're talking about the companions,

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when you're traveling, it's even more of a bonus. So remember that folks, but continuing on discussion,

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let's talk about the Allahu anhu, in terms of his leadership, and one of the things in my mind, and, and even when you've mentioned this before, talking about his when, when he

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came to Jerusalem, to get the to have the keys handed to him personally, because they wouldn't give it to Osama bin alas. And so just kind of explain that situation like what like, what, what went down? Well, the thing about our model, the Alon, who is, after, you know, abubaker, to kind of set up the oma from collapse, he saved them through the will of Allah subhanaw taala. And it was a very short period of time. So it was Bob who carried on the Prophet liasons legacy. So I think the pinnacle of that was entering Jerusalem. And it was actually through a dream that he saw a biblical vilano tell him it's time to go time to go to Jerusalem.

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And then he mentioned to other companions is I we've seen that as well. And when he mentioned that, they thought it was absolute craziness, because the reality was Jerusalem at that time was in such a state of instability. They had it had been traded has between the Romans and Persians three times. So now the Romans those three times was during the time of the Prophet sencilla. Yes. Okay, during the VSA. So when are the verses of the room? Exactly? When the last time that I mentioned the holy book, your room previously seen that? Rome has been conquered in a number of years, they will conquer again. This was what it was talking about. And there was a famous story between Apple buck

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Hill and among the kurush, the pagans of Mecca, who made a wager who would win and win a loss hunter revealed this in the hole on

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the lawn who obviously said, You know what, we're gonna put a wager we're gonna put money on this and the prophets. I said, I'm encouraged them to increase the time and to increase the wager. And obviously, you want that wager, because the last panel data is the one who revealed it in the law. So it's not really gambling. It's not really gambling, it's actually affirming the truth.

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So basically, the pinnacle of our model, the Alon, who's i think it's it's the epitome of armadas rule was Jerusalem was when he came and walked into that city. He came not riding. He came when his servant was on the camel because him and his servant wanted to trade some spaces all the way there out of His justice, which is, I think, a central theme in his entire kit. When he weighed when he came into the city, people when they saw that the leader of what would be the biggest Empire now now bigger than Rome, because they've taken over and bigger than Persia, because person has now gone but at this point in time, it's not the case right? At this point in time, it's it's the biggest because

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they've now taken over Persia is pretty much gone. Oh, they just okay. They it was what it was a battle of qadisiya. It was Yarmouk. That was happened after this with the Romans and before that was hard to see. Got it. So now the Muslims, they basically countered the Persians their attacks, and now they're in the counter the Romans attack and as a consequence of that, they get Jerusalem Exactly. And when they when

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pob walks in. There's a famous patriarch, from the, from the Christian church, orthodox Easter.

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unorthodox Now which one it was the fronius, who actually had prophecies of this righteous, just leader that would come. And they knew from his description what he would look like. So when the US had asked for the keys to the city, he actually said I am the leader, not trying to fool them, but basically saying, Give me the keys because we already want like, just stop, you know, with the whole thing. But when I'm whatever the last game said, No, you don't fit that description.

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Give us your leader who is in control of the Muslim Empire. Okay, what what do you mean by description, they saw a description of this, of this righteous leader that he would be a person who was humble, he would not have like these.

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The cane, the robes of leaders, for example, the robes of kings, this was one of the descriptions they saw of it. And when they saw him, he had patches on his on his clothes. So is this coming from when some of the previous travelers had visited the Muslims and they saw a pop up sleeping under a tree? Exactly. So previously,

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they first before that the rulers of Jerusalem were all the highest, you know, form of class of kings and leaders who came and kind of took over. So when they saw that none of them really abroad justice, they kind of use it for their own benefit. And not only not for the benefit of their people, because the Jewish people were actually expelled

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twice before this in Jerusalem. So when they came back with them, and they saw the epitome of justice and how humble he was, they said that he fits that description. Gotcha. And so what do you what are you talking about handing over the keys to the Gates of Jerusalem? Like, what is it is it a walled city. So basically, it was a fortress city, but it was more of a symbolic kind of passing, and a rite of passage, if you would say, for the people of that city, when they hand over the keys, it's almost saying that we give you the leadership, so So fronius, when he was handing the keys to of the city, again, the religious class had the most say, in the city of Jerusalem, the leaders

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would obviously subject the religious class to them. So when he gave it to me, I'm gonna I'm gonna pop up. They asked me to pray in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, which stands to this day, I got a chance to visit. It's absolutely you know, very beautiful building, it stands even before the time of almost let's very, very old, this church, is it on the Temple Mount? Or where's it located? No. So it's not on the Luxor it is in eastern Jerusalem. And you just when you when you visit, measure locks, or you walk to the eastern side, because the center of Jerusalem literally is Elementary, the locks on so it'll be on the eastern side. That's where the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is. That's

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where the

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areas of the Church of the Nativity and other churches, for example, which are very, very symbolic, very significant in Christianity to this day. So he goes there. And so fronius as a sign of acceptance, and also kindness. He asked someone, why don't you pray in the Church of the Holy subculture? You know, we welcome you to pray here. And our modern hip hop says no. And they were kind of like, okay, I mean, we were offering this with our modern hip hop said something very powerful to them, which made them realize his justice. He said to them, I don't want to pray here, because if I pray here, maybe someone will come after me, well maybe not be as just and take over

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this church, and make it into a mosque because I prayed here. So I rather pray and keep this, a place of sense of sanctity for you all. So he prays right across and the most amazing thing is, to this day, that place where Omar prayed, they built a machine and called machine to Oman. And it is the most amazing thing because it is as humble, but as beautiful architecturally as a representation of our model. And I got a chance to go there and tell this story. When he was right, he was like somebody said, he was 100%, right? He knew he knew Muslims, basically, wherever, you know, people prayed of significance. They wanted to make this place a place of worship. So I'm gonna put that

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goes there. And then finally, when when he prays there, this is one of the first things that he does. Shortly thereafter, he signs a covenant called Aladdin or Maria, or the aroma of the covenant of Oman. And the most amazing thing is when you go to Jerusalem, it's actually in marble, engraved into the wall of this question, okay. In measured armor that's across the street from the church. That's just across the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Okay, so in there, basically, he says, Whoever wants to stay in Jerusalem, you have freedom. Your right to honor your property and your body you will not be harmed, and wherever you is not comfortable, does not want to live amongst us. You're

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free to go to Rome and you are granted safe passage through all the Muslim lands all the way until you get to your your home, and whoever wants to stay and accept the to be citizens of Jerusalem. We grant you safety and he says that's an over six different

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Ways of, he says, we give you safety in your crosses. We give you safety in your churches, we give you safety in your places of worship. I mean, in six different emphasis on water saying, we grant your safety, you got nothing to fear Exactly. So when they saw that literally, this was the embodiment of the prophetic message. This was just another branch of the medini covenant of the Prophet slicin. So you saw now in the Muslim in the Muslim world, this righteous leader, which implemented the prophetic message, which represented or model the lawn was hit up and tight in entirety. It was just a rite of passage, and it was living the prophetic legacy. One thought that

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comes to mind is, is this one of the first few cities, the first major turning points in this history, that there's more non Muslims and Muslims. In this prayer time when Armada walks in, I mean, he's already used to it from Syria, and also Persian because they entered Medina. But this was one of the most established and oldest cities at that time. Again, this goes way back, the first Roman Emperor to actually build the walls was mostly the oxen was Herodotus and this and he built it 70. See, which is 500 years even before the prophets I said, so if you go to measure the Luxor today, one of the most amazing things is is the southern and eastern wall, you're looking at parts

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of what exactly the Prophet himself looked at when he came there. And Omar looked at when he came there, cuz here's some things it just kind of struck me, right. Who built measure the locks on? Okay, good. So I'm one of the one who built image locks. But measure the lock saw, when we're talking about what it is. A lot of people have confusion. So a lot of people you will say, you'll see these pictures, they say, the Dome of the Rock, the one with the golden dome, that's not not much as much as the one in front, guess what? Both of them are wrong. Okay, so mostly the Luxor is actually the walls of the entire compound. So the entire compound is oxa. Yes, it's like measure the

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harem. It's not just the green dome. In fact, that's not even the measure. Right? That's the profits house.

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But yeah, budget, for example, measured how long has the entire compound similarly measured?

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You don't realize it until you actually go there and use you stay there because the entire walls of the compound is what was there even before the prophets

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that was built by the Romans are neither the Dome of the Rock nor the black dome building existed at the time of the Prophet system. No. And what happened is, when Omar prayed, and mentioned oxide again, he's the one who built the one which has a grayish dome that was built by the omo is later on, obviously, but but the original, all muddy message, it is underground still to this day, you can pray in the exact same spot, or Alma prayed in the prophets, I sent him pray. When did Jerusalem gain significance? Jerusalem has been significant throughout history. throughout human history, I'm just thinking in the terms of the lives of the prophets, like it's like was there

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who was like the first prophet to whom it was significant to? Well, it was it was significant to the time of musalla he said I'm in previously as well, obviously, that would include a man and he said on may have passed by they're able to hear it. Sam is buried there. In Jerusalem, yes. Ibrahim is buried there. There's a city called honey, and there's a message called Ebrahimi message it were seven of the most righteous people in human history of Abraham. Yeah, who saw it his wife, Abraham's wife, Sana, yes. And it's hot. So these people are buried in that one place. Okay, this is like,

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I don't even know this. honestly believe. If anyone who has the ability should go and visit Jerusalem hands down, it is a place that you really, really feel the blessing that Allah mentions in the hold on that we have blessed this land and you know why? They say Jerusalem is the land of profits, whereas Medina is the land of the Prophet. And you I swear, you feel it when you walking in this on the on the grounds of measure that lost so much history, so much history, you feel hallowed ground, you feel like I'm standing where a prophet prayed, because when the prophets I sent him came there, he led all of the profits 114,100 24,000 prophets and messengers, so you're literally walking

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on where a profit frame This is crazy. Okay, so

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Alright, so, you know, this is definitely a lot to digest and kind of really think about, but just to think that all the way the land of profits and finally, you know, changing hands between various civilizations, and ultimately getting into the hands of Bob during the time of his leadership.

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And just he just seems interesting because it's like people have always used the

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At least in my in my mind, even if you go past that slot machine and whatnot, as I hate to bring justice to the place, and it's like justice is a value that everybody seeks, right? It's just that the application of it.

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Human beings will be human beings. Yeah, when Armada came they just studying the entire history of Jerusalem. Literally Amata was the epitome of justice Jerusalem waited for. And that is what is represented. Gotcha. All right. Has it. Thank you for that. It was awesome, guys. Thank you for tuning in. And not yet.

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yet. Yes. Oh, yeah. We're familiar with it.

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Thank you. Yep. Guys, uh, I gotta say people in San Diego, they're really really nice.

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Having originally been from the East Coast when somebody waves Hi, I'm like, what do they want?

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Guys again, coming into not live recorded from the beaches of San Diego here with Hasib nor one of our latest additions another instructor covering the leadership from the life of a woman hubub Stay tuned. Nadia lavon. Yes. And so stay tuned for some more videos. If you haven't seen a bucket before. Go check that out.