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The importance of reciting Prophet's salallavi Alaihe diss and finding comfort in the face of the god is emphasized in the discussion of Islam. The importance of belief in Islam and showing one's behavior as a holy partner is emphasized. The importance of praying in a passionate way is emphasized, and the need for pride in one's behavior is emphasized. The importance of fast travel and slowing down one's behavior is emphasized, and the need to slow one's mind Drift off during a lecture and gradually add rockets is emphasized. The importance of building momentum and reducing one's devotion to Islam is emphasized, and the need to slow one's mind Drift off during a lecture is emphasized.

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firstly, brothers and sisters, we're listening.

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We're here for a short time. And it's going to be a very quick sort of reminder. And that is that we need to do what the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam went through in his life.

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And one of the things that you'll notice is that when the first time Salah was actually revealed to the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam. So there's a there's a salado that was revealed to all of us, and it was made fodder for us in the 10th year of prophethood, when Rasulullah, sallAllahu, sumati Mirage, I came back

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but there was another Salah that was not compulsory, but it was something which was okay for anybody to do to get close to Allah. That Salah was given to the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, and he practiced it. And the Sahaba practice that this was a Salah of the night, which first came down. And for the early Muslims, there were two salads in a day that they could do. But again, they didn't have to do the compulsory Salah at the 10th year of prophethood was five salads a day that everybody had to do. This came 10 years later. So the first salad that we've got mentioned to our Prophet salallahu alaihe salam is in Surah Mozambique, which was the second revelation to the province of

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alcoholism. And the ISS Yeah, you Hamza min Kumi Layla in kalila. Oh one who is wrapped up in love, stand except for part of the night, stand up in the nighttime except for a little. So Allah wants him to stand up in the night in salah and do his prayers in front of Allah for good portion of the night.

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Mr. Who, maybe half of it. I will Kuzmin who kalila. And sometimes if you feel like it, less than it less than half the night, owl Xie de la he or Atilla chronotope Tila and sometimes extend the prayer length, sometimes do more than half tonight. I want you to do that. Sometimes less, sometimes more sometimes in between. But the fundamental The most important thing is what to look for atomic Tila. Now this word killer Atilla meant, recite the Quran steadily recite the Quran in a slow pace. recite the Quran with Tajweed This is all in rottier Quran Ratan means that you research if you say it again and again. When is you saying it again and again. And the other thing about 30 or up till

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Chrono? Is that you saying it slowly, steadily. And the other thing about the Quran Dracula Curatola is you saying it slowly, steadily, but at the same time, it's with the greed. And the other thing about what to look for Atilla is you're trying to absorb the beauty of the Quran inside you and recite in Salah. So this was a specific trading method for the

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forest force Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam first to get closer and closer to Allah. And for the Sahaba of the Allahabad mine. It was a training method. So what did they do? Over time, they started to recite the Quran. And as they recited the Quran again and again and slowly and slowly again and again. They start to get closer and closer to Allah. They made a nice bond. And a very nice way of getting closer. Why? Because think about it.

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Some Sahaba of the Allahabad mine they joined the Prophet sallallahu liton. Later in Medina, they joined him in one of his tahajjud Press. Now, the thing was with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam.

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He used to do his first Salah in a way that was comfortable for all the people. So he said when you lead when one of you leads the press, then make sure that you make it not too long. For in a fee him a sucky Medina for Valhalla. He said because there are ill people sometimes behind you. There are weak people behind you. And he said there are people who have got a need and necessity to get to after the Salah. So don't make it too long. This was his fourth prayer. And the province of Allah has been preferred to read sutras in his Asia Salah like like eventually

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So kuvira like for example, attacker had to wash shampoo haha. he would he would like to read the Salas they did the sutras in such as in Juma time, it was sub base model because Allah and Allah Taka Hadith Slovakia one page for one Raka another page for another car unfinished.

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Even in his record, his record is moderate. So hanabi allows him three times or five times or seven times the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam would read it, and then he'd be up and he needs to do the same thing. So he kept it quite moderate. He wouldn't say his extra long hours in those slots. But this was because there were people there were people with him. As for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam in the night time when he was on his own privately one to one with Allah azza wa jal, that's when he got into his relaxation mode. That's when he got into the mode of really, really making the Salah, a way of getting closer and closer to Allah, to the extent that his feet would swell in in

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tahajjud, salah and I shall have the Allahu anhu famous Hadith she saw the prophets of Allah Holly Solomon's feed swelling and she she inquired messenger of Allah, why do you pray such long Salas to the extent that I see that your feet are swelling, and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said a fella or hibou an akuna abdon Shakira, should I not love to become a most grateful and thankful servant of Allah? Should I not love to do that? This was out of his Merhaba and I showed the allow Hannah she was asked, explain explained to us about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam Salaam she was asked occasionally How did he pray and she said, fala has an Hosni Hinako Li hin, don't ask me about the

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beauty and about the length of his Salas when he used to pray at nighttime.

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So nothing prayers. My point is knuffel prayers, extra prayers that we pray, not the first prayers but the extra prayers we pray, we're supposed to use them as an opportunity to get closer to Allah. And even fourth prayers were supposed to have our mind in knuffle prayers or thought prayers were supposed to have a mind that the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam used to have his mind they know the prayers.

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But there's a secret of how to get ourselves to do this. And there's a secret of getting ourselves to be connected with a lot. Now some of us might not not might not know the translation of the Arabic of the Quran that we read this fine today's session you'll see that to get connected with a Lhasa gel. You don't have to have your Arabic I mean it's really good i'm not saying to you not to learn Arabic or not to learn the Salah sections look.

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If you can please at least once in your lifetime make an effort to try and make your your head know that when you say Alhamdulillah it means all praise when you say Lila is for Allah. When you say Robbie, it's my Lord when you say Allah, Allah mean is the world so All praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. Try and get your mind to know that it's a really important part of a Muslims life. It's really important part. Okay? Because what it will do is it will make us feel that we know what we're saying with a lot. There's got to be a connection there. We can't carry on all our lives. Allahu Akbar.

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Allah loves love.

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reciting, reciting, reciting reciting old God, I don't know what you're thinking about.

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I don't know where the mind is going. Because there's no connection with that kind of salami and that kind of Salah is a tick box,

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which means you've just done the job.

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A guy's just checked in his workplace, done something got a tick box out here. I was a guy's Yeah, I was here. He gets the salary or the paycheck at the end of the month. But he hasn't really done a good job of what he's supposed to do. It's just a tick box. It's just look a lot did my fault. Fine. Angels have written it down, gone. Gone. Fine. You prayed. You're one of those who's prayed. But in terms of the internal problems we have for them to disappear in terms of me becoming a person whom the Salah has the Quran and said in a salata, tanha and in fascia, it will mooncup that when you start praying, the pray itself will prevent you from doing bad deeds and and going towards obscenity

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and going towards things that are lewd and shameful in terms of that

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That's not going to happen in terms of Allah saying is that he knew this somebody was Salah, Salah is a means of you getting help from Allah. That's not going to happen very rarely that's going to happen with that kind of Salah in terms of me becoming a person who Allah said if let me know you are successful now and Allah said la comunidad de una la Vina Arizona fear those, those people who will actually earn the right to go to genital for those that's not going to happen in terms of Allah say in harsher in those people who are in turn in turn they fear me. And those people who are always thinking about returning back to me on the Day of Judgment, how they're going to meet me and how

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they're going to see when the dead doesn't mean that's not going to happen in terms of me becoming a person who wants I do the salah and my Allah is the one who is talking to me and I'm enjoying the Salah, analyze replying back to me and all that. I mean the reply might be there but the benefits of all of that

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is not going to be my life in terms of a person having mood because Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa Salatu Nuri said Salah is light for me to get light in my heart light in my life becoming pure in my life. That's all happening in terms of me being a person who finds comfort in Salah because it says in a hadith of Bokhari when something used to bother the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam he used to come straight in the masjid and he used to get straight in his Salah.

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And that's the thing that used to relieve him in fact, he said to build up the alarm on who he said bill ought to be loud because he believed or the alarm used to give the event. Ariana de Sala tip lol Oh Bella, by giving the event relieve us in terms of Salah becoming a matter of relief, not a matter of burden, a matter of me making it a cooling element. Because privacy law law has been said in one Hadith or Salatu Cora tiny Salah cools me down, Salah is the appeal of Mize, Salah is something that is so desirable to me in terms of that that's not going to happen to me or you. If we do that kind of salloway is just

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you know, glucose

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to two records, three Records, which record am I? Let's get up.

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I'm trying to choose the shorty sewers and trying to cut corners and whatever. And some people find the fatwa that you know, you could say a shadow light and lotion or Mohammed Abdullah Zulu, alongside Allah, Mohammed

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Abdullah, that sooner or sooner today's to say the Salawat and you know, cut the day and my smash vulnerable as him Can I say one season? Can I just go in there and come back up again? Would it be counting and looking for those factors and do the cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, and some people don't even straight in the back? when they when they're doing this a lot? I've seen some people say Mallanna Allahu Akbar, what my teacher said. He said we call this Salah,

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the law, the law. So the guy says semia law holy man Jaime de is supposed to straighten your back. And you're supposed to wait for a little while. Okay, and then say Allah Hopper, yes, this guy says semirara law will even have the law who akeeba and Sam straight back into from one straight into the other one are some people in between the surgeries, you see them, the lock lock, they haven't even straighten them back yet.

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Up, down, up, down. This kind of Salah is not going to even if you're doing it a little bit faster, but it's not with a rhythmic not with a with a passion to try and get the closest with Allah is not going to happen. So let me start first start with the brothers and sisters who are listening. Try at least once in your life to go mentally through all the salah and when I'm reading the Arabic when I'm reading Arabic I can sort of, you know put together what I'm saying it's important for a Muslim to do that. So Allahu Akbar, Allah is the greatest ally is the greatest Subhana Allah glorified, are you Allah will be handicapped and I praise you Allah. What about a cosmic blast? Is your name

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mythology dukane so high is Your Majesty? Well, I have a look and there is no other God besides you. I hold the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. I seek refuge in Allah, Who is I see refuge in Allah, from from the outcasted devil Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem and In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the most kind. Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. This is the seven he says, I say this, that All praise belongs to Allah Who is the Lord of all of the worlds

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and to pause there and then our Rahmani Raheem wipos there. If you can pause it, you don't have to pause that you can say all together.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Rahmani Raheem la comida. But if you can pose that pose there, why? Because you Allah azzawajal he replies back in according to hadith of Muslim hamadani Abdi my servant has praised me. Allah says that to the angels, and then Manny Rahim, Most Merciful, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, the most kind. Allah azza wa jal replies back by seven f9 Allah Yachty my seven has truly, truly given some, some praise and said some words of praise for me, Maliki omit the Master of the Day of Recompense or Day of Judgment. And Allah says for whether la you have the MD, my servant has said that I am in charge of all matters is delegated all matters to me, have been

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me ouabain Abdi Ali Abdullah Sal, later on law says this is something between me and my seven and my seven will shall have what he's asking for. Why? Because the seven is really connecting with a lot ear canal boo. For you only do we worship or serve? What kind of Stein you only do we seek help. And Allah azza wa jal at that point, he says, you know, this is too dangerous. This is between me and my servants, or my sermon Am I serving shall have or is asking for and then we say, hey, do you know surah de Mola, guide me to the straight path, meaning guide me and make me like Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Make me like the MBR Allahu salatu salam who are all on the straight path. Make

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me like the chosen ones, those who are the righteous people, those who are close to you, those who are sidiki the truthful ones, make me like them serata levina and naantali him the pathway of those whom you have favorite movie alima ball lead, I don't want to be on the pathway of those who have earned your anger. I don't want to be on the pathway of those who have who have earned your off.

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And then the person says, you know, a surah, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem In the Name of Allah, the Most kind, the Most Merciful. And then to get to the next part, whatever the sudama might be, and if you can just get one or two soon as in your mind, just the meaning of it. It's brilliant, short Sutras, short sutras. Let's just say for example, if you were to choose an evangelist for law, he will fit. How many of you know that sort?

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of, you know, hands up, hands up.

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Okay, it's good. Most of you know that good. Let me do that one, either.

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Through law you will get when the help of a law and the Triumph came

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of a lot of agenda when it comes

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to a tennis and you when you see a lot of people, they will come into the fold of Islam in troops for Serbia, behind the Arabic at that point. At that point, him the praise of your Lord

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was still fear and seek forgiveness in Canada Weber. Surely he's the one who who accepts the Toba and the repentance of his servants. Now Subhana Allah this surah if you studied you know that Allah azzawajal has given a suitor to the province of Lahore, it's about the end of his life and he will be fine but anyway, person will will you know, just say the surah will know that that allows origin is powerful. That's what's in his mind. Allahu Akbar, Allah is the greatest ally is greater than everything that is out there. Suhana Robbie allow the my load is so pure, the great one. So here is my lord the great so pure is my lord the great Super hanabi allowed him so with your head down semi

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Allah holy man hamidah Allah has listened to the one who has praised him Allah has accepted from the one who has praised him robina Allah La callaham

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Allah callaham for you is praise Allahu Akbar. Allah is the Greatest that you're on the ground with your nose they with your forehead, they with your palms, with your toes on the ground with the knees on the ground, and then Super hanabi Allah my lord is so pure, their highest Allah highest Allah anandi What am the lowest in this position? you thinking of Allah you know the thinking of Allah and the Prophet Allah Hartman said what a caribou Maja Kunal Abdullah Robbie for who of us allottee that the closest a seven can get to Allah in this world, the closest a servant can get to Allah is in his sajida so when we were many sujood and we're saying these words and we mean what we're saying and

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we're trying to get closer to Allah, you know, like you're the highest and we say that that's the closest we are to Allah, Allah, but it's the closest we can ever get like, think about it. What what this means this means that even when you draw even when you're in high

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Given when you know other other positions in your whole life, you cannot get as close closer than the part when you do so due to a law. This is a hadith Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, si Hadees Subhana Allah. So it's a closest let me spend some time here. If I can, if I can do more than three times, I want to do five times if not, I won't do seven times. Take your time. Take your time, say nicely and say it again. So the hanabi Allah, Allah, so pure is my Lord, the highest, the highest. So pure is my lord the highest. And you want to say from your heart and then a lot of lies the greatest sit down the if you can say in between there, Rob Bell, Philly, Rob Finley, my Lord,

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forgive me, my Lord, forgive me, it's a better thing to say. And then a law hopper lies the greatest and again so how neurobiol Allah a few times, and then a law paralyze the greatest and then you read sort of Fatiha again, with your heart, read another sutra, whatever sutra that might be, I'm trying to get your like, let's say let's take for example, you know, pulao, Venus, okay? which many people know. So, say this is my Allah saying to Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam say these are all the beauty of Venus, I see refuge in Allah, the Lord of mankind. mullikin nas, the king of mankind, de la, he NAS, the God of mankind in Shangri La Swanson, Hannah's from what what am i seeking refuge from,

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from the one who from the evil of the one who whispers the outcasted one who's Sly and sneaky and he whispers, and levy us refused to do the nurse, the one who whispers in the hearts of men, men agenda to oneness that exists amongst the genes and exists amongst mankind. Okay, so I'm seeking refuge from that, and I'm asking a lot to help them from that. It's a wonderful drive. Once you learn that, learn the meaning of it. And then you're going to recall like I just said earlier, the suit and you sit down in your chair,

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to the

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all compliments praises they are for a law or solloway to an any good or a bad or a good good act of worship done. It belongs to a law or a bad and any good word set by the mouth, it's all for a law.

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Here to the legs adhere to rely on salatu salam alayka a un Nabi O Prophet to UB salam, and basically we were sending it we're not imagining the prophet in front of us. We just saying these words and we know that Allah angels will take these words to the prophets, Allah Allah is and is part of our Salah to do but we don't imagine that we've got the Prophet sallallahu in front of us something that's not right. Assalamu alayka Yuen nibio prophet Salam on what law he at the mercy of Allah Wa Barakatuh and the blessings of Allah, Salah Marlena, let the peace of Allah be on all of us. While Allah, Allah He Salatin and all the righteous servants of Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah I bear witness that there is no other God besides Allah. What I shall do no Mohammed Abdullah Sudan, I bear witness that Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is a servant and the Messenger of Allah, Allah Houma suddenly Allah Muhammad Allah I want you to send your salutations on the Prophet sallallahu wasallam well, Allah, Allah Mohammed and to all the family and the extended people who are beloved to the prophets of Allah, Allah said to his immediate family, to his extended family, to all the people that are even close to him, not even his family, like for example, the Sahaba and others. I want you to send it to all of them karma so late Allah Ibrahim, just as you

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said to salutations and Ibrahim Melissa mala Ali bryman to the family of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam and his extended ones. In NACA Hamid Majeed, surely you are already praised you are glorified without me having to save is Allahumma barik Allah Muhammad Allah, send your blessings on Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salatu wa ala Ali Mohammed and on to the family and the unto the extended one the beloved ones are the prophets of Allah Allah is lm commas Coronavirus, tala Ibrahim, just as you sent your blessings on to Ibrahim alayhis salam Allah Allah Ibrahim and on to the family and the extended ones of of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam in the militia. You're already praised you already

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glorified without me saying this Allahumma inni vollum to Allah I have surely wronged wrong What? Not see myself. lumen kathira great wronging I've done to myself, while I feel to know that nobody will forgive sins, lanta except for you. Follow fiddly. So forgive me muffuletta mindig I want to forgiveness that is befitting you from your high exalted position. Not a forgiveness that is small but a great forgiveness not ending what harmony and have mercy on me in Africa and tell her food Rahim. Surely you

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You are the one that is off forgiving and the one who has most mercy. And after that when a person has said that assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah persons looks around and says, peace and the mercy of a lot beyond to all of you. Now, if he's got his angel, his angel offices, they're sitting there writing all of this. So first is I've said it to the angel. If I'm in Salah in a group of people, I say also to all the people on my right, I say to all the genes on my right as well, because there are genes who join us very good genes that join us. Every time we pray in congregation. So we say to all of the Meunier, the angels on the side as well, I say to all of them, and then assalamu aleikum

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wa rahmatullah my left the angel here on all the men and women, whoever on that side and all the genes and whoever on that side, my Salaam goes to all of them. Okay, that is, you know, it's a different world. I've been talking to Allah All the while, yes or no guys. Because yes or no. Allah's Name is in all the whole world. Now, this is on every believer to try and get it in his life just once. If you can take some time out, to learn the meaning of Salah to try and connect the mind with what I'm saying to Allah. Because if you don't my brothers, my sisters who are listening, it's you know, I've seen people who are 60 years old, who are 50 years old, who are 70 years old, who

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even 3040 and they've been praying and praying and praying.

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But unfortunately, they haven't got the link with a law they haven't connected with the law. Why? Because of them not engaging with the law. Now, some of you might be sitting here and thinking, well, I've wasted my life. No, you haven't wasted your life. Every time you've done your Salah, even if you do your Salah without meaning there is still reward in that don't give up Don't think well, amen. What's the point of me doing my Salah You know, I've been reading without meaning. And now the Imam says well, you know, it's not good to do that. We might as well leave it No, you still do use Allah because you are at least ticking your box. Because if you're not even there, then it means

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you're absent. You're not getting no paycheck at the end of the day if you're absent. Okay? If you if you come to work, you might not have done a good job but you were at work they will still pay you if you never came to work from the beginning then it's like absent without leave you're not paying him and that's another thing on the day gentlemen, you'll have to answer answer when you don't do your Salah but if you do your Salah with horseshoe and with good concentration, then that means you not only did your job but you did it well. You're actually now you deserve a bonus you guys understand that's when they give you a bonus they say you know this guy's been working really well

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he's put his heart into nucleus projects better than anybody else you know, we need to we need to reward this person at the end of the year. They'll give you 10,000 pounds 20,000 pounds whatever extra as a bonus because they appreciate what you did. And that's the Salah we're talking about see most of us are in the middle those who was praying in the middle we do tick box and that's it we're not getting any other benefit from that Salah of really getting a bonus from Allah saying that Okay, now my seven has done this I'm going to help him the Quran has said is trying to be something solid or solid when you do a Salah like that Allah says okay, I'm going to help my seven when you do a PSA

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the proper allows Okay, my smile, make my seven stay away from sins. I will make my seven do that I will guide my seven. This is in Quran in masala Tottenham fossa. This is in Surah

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Surah and Caboose okay surah number 29 and number 45 you will find it Allah said I will I will make make the Salah, make the Salah, stop him from sins. These are bonuses that a person gets Salah to know I will make the Salah neuron light for this person. Salah becomes a link with Allah azzawajal Allah will make that happen for that my friends, we have to go and look at the progress on the largest salah and to understand the Salah. Let's go one step back with what I said earlier, when Rasulullah Salallahu alaihe salam used to stand up in the nighttime he got so deep into so deep into it. Listen to this hadith. One Sahaba came and he saw the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam praying in

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his night prayer. And he went and joined him.

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He joined the province of alarmism in prayer. And of course, who would love to join the province of the laws in prayer, but this was his nightly prayer. This was his private prayer. This was the one that he didn't make it short for the people behind him because there's not supposed to be anyone behind him. It's him, one to one with Allah. So the prophets of Allah has been started and he says when the Prophet said allowance and prayed, he prayed every single ayah slowly and steadily to the extent that I could count the letters he was saying a lot. You know, one is to count the words how many words you say. One is so slow that you can count the

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Letters, there'll be as low as this, possibly possibly close this out.

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ROI, fee, who then

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the key, if I go as low as that I can count the letters. But if I go faster than that, if I say the decal kita Bula Ray, Buffy gets way too much for me to count, right? So he must have been going slow as as the first time I did. And he said, Prophet sallallahu wasallam he read Surah Fatiha. Then he started Suda, Baccarat. And each time he read a verse, I thought, Okay, he's going to go to recovery in a short while and he kept on reading and kept on reading after reading kept on reading. And he kept on reading. And every time he came to an IRA, where he's supposed to ask a lot for something, he kept repeating it again and again. For example, a lob burner.

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Tina, do Hassan and morphin. Monte Hansen,

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what feeling in

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it has

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enabled, repeated. Rob burna.

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00:31:35--> 00:31:36

he has an

00:31:37--> 00:31:38


00:31:40--> 00:31:42

he has an ad

00:31:47--> 00:32:08

unrepeated. And every time he came to something to seek Allah's refuge, he would seek Allah's refuge and say it again and again. And the Sahaba thought, look what's happening, what's the maximum the prophets of Allah, Allah isn't going to read well to the end of surah baqarah and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam reached the end of Surah Baqarah. And he didn't go into ruku. He started Surah Nisa,

00:32:09--> 00:32:36

and the Sahaba thinking, this is getting very long now. And the prophets of alarm carried on till he finished all the verses revealed up to that time of Surah Nisa, and then he started surah Allah and Ron, and he recited Surah Al e Imran, you know how much all of this is? This is almost if we count all of the is revealed, and it's about five years, maybe not all the is revealed by that point, it would have been at least three or four years.

00:32:37--> 00:32:46

That's a long time in that rhythmic thing to read. It's a long time it's probably about I don't know, probably might be an hour, hour and a half could be I don't know, I don't know.

00:32:47--> 00:33:34

So could be an hour at least. So he's standing the old way with the prophecy last night you standing that long it's going to it's going to pain you Okay. Now, the prophets of Allah Harrison finally goes into ruku. So when it goes into coup, it's a relief. It's a relief, because you're in Rico, but you know what it is? Avi says, He says his ruku was as long as he's standing. Allahu Akbar. And, and you might think, Wow, that is that is long enough. I'm not asking any of you guys to do that tonight. Okay, seriously, you won't be able to manage it. This is a person building his Salah to a wonderful, wonderful point. This is our professionalism. And he said that he's standing up for that

00:33:34--> 00:33:41

was saying as his ruku. And his salute was same as the Roku. And he and the Sahabi. He said I wanted to break my salon go.

00:33:42--> 00:33:53

Now, no, it's not for everybody. Now I'm not asking everyone to do this. I'm asking for us to do a five minute instead of taking two minutes for two tickets, take five minutes for tickets.

00:33:54--> 00:33:55

You guys.

00:33:56--> 00:34:01

Take five minutes, take four minutes take them all the time. So normal people will do two rockets in two minutes.

00:34:02--> 00:34:40

Normal people to rockets two minutes. Fast people will do two rockets in one and a half minutes to the cost probably in one minute. That's really fast. Okay, if you can do two rockets in four minutes, three to four minutes. That's very good. If you can do two rockets and you can stretch it a bit more than That's excellent. And all I'm asking for if you can double the time for two rockets say three to four minutes if you can double it you'll see you you you get better and better and you'll enjoy more in fact when you stand there sometimes you will not want to you know some people think let me share a share a secret with you some people think that

00:34:41--> 00:34:59

if if we get people to do slower I'm look I'm not talking about fourth presentation. Guys, please I'm asking the man tomorrow Yeah. To do a Salah that in our salon you there for 15 minutes. Allah what happened, you know, accidentally came and he switched our Imam. Yeah, I'm not talking about that here.

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

I said for Salah you know, fine and even Tara we should be moderate Tara we shouldn't be that slow, but you know some places in tarawih they go drome drome drome drome drome drome drome drome, they want to just finish it.

00:35:14--> 00:35:22

They wanted to finish it. It's like a whole racing cause whatever, how many times they can how many records? Do you know like a like, like a racing car?

00:35:26--> 00:35:29

I said one lap, two laps, three laps, four laps always come to

00:35:33--> 00:35:40

finish. Now people think that if they get turabi like that, you know, how fast can I do it? You know what happens? People actually get more tired.

00:35:42--> 00:35:52

Trust me, people get more tired. You know, if I do a quick quick one here, and I make you do recall and salute fast. Trust me, you'll be more tired by the end of it. So it's a lot.

00:35:54--> 00:35:55

A lot.

00:35:56--> 00:35:58

Allahu Allah, ha

00:35:59--> 00:36:07

ha you it's like doing some exercise and by the time you finish it, trust me, you'll be more tired. What I did is I went to one place I think it was in

00:36:09--> 00:36:13

in Holland 1995. I did my taraweeh there

00:36:14--> 00:36:17

and the people will use to fast therapy.

00:36:18--> 00:36:43

And I know the mom used to pray the moms for something like this. hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Rahmani Raheem Imani kiyomi Dini, eigenaar, Buddha yaquina Stein, in the name of rapala Nina Nanaimo anymore boom era monoball in I mean, then, you know, whatever the Mongolia and Nikita Amina Corona and he's just reading you know, whatever they might be an apple in Guangdong, buena Mahabharata

00:36:44--> 00:36:45

Laguna de

00:36:47--> 00:36:48

la la

00:36:49--> 00:37:06

la la Allah boon caffeine that's how the mom used to read. So I came and I said, You know, I said to people look, I want to do be different and I stood up the first night and I explained to everybody I said look, I'm not going to do too slow. I said guys, you've had years and years of you know,

00:37:07--> 00:37:34

kind of a fast probably not super fast but it was a kind of a faster rally. And I said what I want to do is I want to you to experience with me not a slow travi but a moderate one. Okay, guys, i'm not in favor of reading or somebody have some brothers that go to turabian like my God, three hours and the guy's got to go to work tomorrow I'm not in favor of that too. I'm not in favor of really faster way and i'm not in favor of really slow travel i'm in favor of a moderate rally.

00:37:35--> 00:37:41

So I said I want you to experience it. So they gave me a chance I said fine, and I read I will

00:37:43--> 00:37:44


00:37:46--> 00:37:48

no time you're only

00:37:55--> 00:37:56

pulling up

00:37:57--> 00:37:59

soon Thank you

00:38:01--> 00:38:05

more Hello. Boom caffine in

00:38:07--> 00:38:07


00:38:12--> 00:38:15

mean lineitem

00:38:17--> 00:38:35

one more who sent me on any game not just in between not too slow, not too fast. You know, by the time and and I was slowing a bit more towards the end bit more because I saw that you know what happened the first night? First night you know people who are used to this faster Avi

00:38:36--> 00:38:38

and suddenly you're going slower?

00:38:39--> 00:38:45

like nah, when I have enough complaints came seriously complaints came

00:38:47--> 00:39:11

and then after a while, some left some left seems to someone to other masters. A few went other machines, many stayed, but even then there was still few complaints. By the time I did two three nights with them and you know you slow it down a bit more than they get the den they really liked it and I could slow down more and they would like it more and I'm trying I'm seriously you want to test it out test it out.

00:39:14--> 00:39:15


00:39:18--> 00:39:24

Unum Mika Daniela and even eco norm febi a.

00:39:26--> 00:39:33

Europe bukhoma to the ban. Yes. lumen sama to one

00:39:35--> 00:39:38

woman who Murphy Shannon, Femi.

00:39:40--> 00:40:00

You won't be Kuma to can v ban and I know that can be quite slow for some people. Well, you know why when you get to the 20s 20 something night and if you're slowing you down and you because everyone used to it, you know what more people joined? why people get used to it. Now what I want to say to you brothers and sisters is I know this is about turabi that I quickly said something Yeah, but for our individually

00:40:00--> 00:40:34

Salas, we need to slow the Salah down and we need to basically get our horseshoe. Now I'm going to give you a few tips right now on how to get your horseshoe in. So I've got about 10 minutes left in this in this 10 minutes, I'm going to give you tips on how to get your concentration in Salah number one one of the biggest ones if you can please get the meaning of Salah, look at the meaning. I've done it in this lecture inshallah this will be on YouTube, you can go through to get in again and try and get the whole meaning in your mind. That's one of the best ways to get your connection. Number two,

00:40:35--> 00:40:52

try and do some Vicar before the Salah. So just before the Salah, get your mind into a mode of thinking about law. So for example, if you were just playing a computer game, and you start reading a book or try to go to sleep straightaway, you see the computer game in your mind yes or no guys.

00:40:53--> 00:41:25

When you're doing an activity straight when you when you've been watching something or engaged with something so deeply, you get to the next activity, that thing will follow in your mind immediately. It won't stay there for good. But for the first few minutes it will be in there. So what you've just done is you've you've just been in dunia to go straight into the Acura, you're doing your play in your mind. It's natural it'll play in your mind. So have a little breaker. That's why we have the advanced before see the advanced supposed to be a moment where everyone breaks up and cuts off from everything else. This is how traditional was traditionally the province of the law at a time when

00:41:25--> 00:41:42

beloved of the Aloha got onto the roof of the masjid because there was no minaret at that time. He came onto the roof of the masjid and they made a separate place for him to to climb up onto all wedding before that he gave me from you know from outside of the masjid when he said a lot.

00:41:49--> 00:42:08

Oh, when they heard that in Madeira, everyone dropped whatever they had sellers they dropped put that to buyers dropped it but they had two people work in the field just left it and they walk off and they listen to the

00:42:09--> 00:42:10


00:42:26--> 00:42:41

The hearing the beautiful sound, I don't know how blah blah, blah who used to do it. I'm just doing whatever than I can at this moment. When they heard that he was like allies the greatest allies the greatest and they're walking towards Allah they're getting the Buddha and and listening to the other

00:42:42--> 00:42:57

allies degrees and then Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam you know is we mentioned in the in Allah Allah mentioned first that we bear witness that Allah is the only God we say shadowline Allah and then Rasulullah sallallahu has mentioned their shadow

00:43:10--> 00:43:25

bear witness oh I bet witness that Rasulullah sallallahu Mohammed Salah is Allah seven is messenger and they're doing the whoo They're coming for the Salah coming in the mustard and the listening and the breaking off see the whole thing is break off from the dunya

00:43:37--> 00:43:42


00:43:45--> 00:43:47

to Salah Why should I come

00:43:55--> 00:44:08


00:44:09--> 00:44:34

come to you success come to success. And the last thing before that and beautiful just allies the greatest of breaker from everything in between it was about statement about a law statement the profit and loss statement about the Salah three things. Allies the greatest Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam we follow. He showed us how to pray Salah we're going to do it and at the end, who will be doing it for a long while.

00:44:49--> 00:44:53


00:44:59--> 00:44:59

Sonia law

00:45:00--> 00:45:08

I can imagine the mind if you listen to, if you break up from the hole of the dunya you're in a mindset of salah

00:45:10--> 00:45:25

and you broken off now What did the Muslims do? In the early days they came to the masjid. First they left all the work when their van was said, Maybe 15 minutes, maybe 20 minutes before whatever it was, they left everything. Then they did the booth and they came to the masjid. They pray this individual knuffle Salah they pray the sunan Salah.

00:45:27--> 00:45:46

Not like last minute get inside they don't want to do missing the roccuzzo Hello, trying to catch the mom in the record Nononono slowly, steadily they prayed and they sat down and they were in Vicar in remembrance of a law until the Imam appeared. And the prophets Allah Islam has told us that a man

00:45:47--> 00:45:49

is in his Salah.

00:45:50--> 00:46:14

As long as the Juma prayer is holding him back and making them sit there What does that mean? That means you've come for Salah, you sat down quietly, you just in the remembrance of Allah you're just sitting quietly not even the remembrance of Allah just sitting quietly just waiting for the Imam to come, but you're not breaking the etiquettes of the mustard visit which is talking Allah azza wa jal will give you the reward of actually praying

00:46:15--> 00:46:29

your insula so another person is there, you know the best thing to do just your Salah just just going to just go into scoring to your rhythm of getting to think about la xojo City

00:46:31--> 00:46:32


00:46:42--> 00:46:44


00:46:47--> 00:46:48


00:47:09--> 00:47:10

No, no

00:47:13--> 00:47:13


00:47:21--> 00:47:21


00:47:25--> 00:47:25


00:47:27--> 00:47:40

Just think there is no no God but Allah no God but Allah, there's no God but Allah, there's no word but Allah. Just think of a la la la la la la isla

00:47:55--> 00:48:03

Whoa, mind is another new standard for prayer. The thing to do I'm giving another point in that one has to do with the second one that I've said to you. Third thing what do you do

00:48:05--> 00:48:44

you think Allah is watching me, allies watching me allies watch me those of you that this is a short talk I'm giving on the subject and it's quite different from another one that I did on YouTube but if you want to go onto YouTube, just type in there how to attain horseshoe in salah and you'll see a whole sort of our something talk talking about again the same point, but there'll be a lot on this point about building the vicar up and building the mind that before the Salah. So inshallah look at that and you will get inshallah you get extra benefit from there. So to build a mind up and to think that Allah is watching me I say that in the other one. Allah is watching me Allah is watching me

00:48:45--> 00:48:54

lies watch me that's what you want because that's that's the ultimate thing about getting your crucial or your your devotion to Allah. Now some of you like I said you don't know the Arabic Meaning

00:48:55--> 00:49:30

if you don't know yet just use this mechanism. Allies watching the Allies watching allies watching allies watch allies watch me allies, but that's going in the head while you're saying Subhana rabina deems vulnerable, honorable and standing up somehow but your head is saying allies watching me allies watching your mind is saying allies watch me allies are you saying Robin Allah Callaghan allies watching me allies watch me that's that's what's hitting in your head. That's in itself a great way of getting your shoe and your devotion to Allah azza wa jal if you can just Just think of it as your last Salah. This is another point, the fourth point, think of it as your last Salah after

00:49:30--> 00:49:59

the Salah, I'm going back to Allah, an angel of death is behind me. He's just standing there. If you can think of fifth pointer that I was on the day of judgment and allows the origin was about to question me and I said Allah, you know like you know, criminals is asked, you're about to be sentenced. Have you got your last wish that you want to say and I lost you that and you were out in the desert when you said a lot my last wishes. I want to go back and do two tickets for you. salon. Here you are right now for tickets. Here you are right now.

00:50:00--> 00:50:05

Now, although hold prayer hear you right now, I shall pray hear you right now. Okay? So you're going to think of that, Oh,

00:50:06--> 00:50:40

another pointer, which is that you're standing on the Day of Judgment, you they're standing on the Day of Judgment malakian within most of the day of judgment, you're they're standing there right now think of it. You're standing there right now and you're doing two rockets, and then you're going to be judged on that point. And number seven, you're in your cover or your grave and you're inside your saw in the in the, in the grave, six foot down, and you're standing there and you're doing the saliva, you think of that and that's where I am right now doing my Salah, you build your consciousness, some people can, you know, they've been to Ron Hodge. And if they think they in front

00:50:40--> 00:51:17

of the Kaaba, it brings a, you know, a whole moment of devotion inside them, that's fine. But obviously, we think more of Allah or we should think of Allah than to think of the Kaaba itself. But if that's going to build your momentum, find some people they, they will close their eyes for a little while alone, the sooner is to open, keep the eyes open while you're in solid, that's the sooner but gradually, you can do that first you close your eyes and trying to get the concentration and then after that slowly, slowly, slowly, you get used to opening your eyes and then you can open your eyes and you'll be in full concentration in your salon. Number one number 10 is to slow your

00:51:17--> 00:52:03

Salah down whenever your mind drifts off to slow yourself down whenever your mind drifts off. So if it drifts out like you were saying, molecule mendini, ear canal Buddha in Yangon, Estonia and then you realized my head is drifting. A Dino's, Ron Paul knows that the Syrah levena and I'm laying that's gonna hurt your ego, but it'll make you concentrate. Okay, so that's another pointer. Another point is that if you think of something and select something in your mind, ask yourself a question. Who is the one that will get me out of this negative thing I'm thinking about let's say for example, in your salon, you thought my exams are coming up? Who will make me pass my exams who take his name?

00:52:05--> 00:52:38

Allah so therefore Why am I thinking about my exams? Allah is the one to make you pass if you're thinking about a pain that you've got or a doctor appointment that you got to oh my god what's gonna happen when that x rays result comes? Who is the one to give you good health? Who? Allah so think about a lot? My mom is not well, who's the one who's gonna make your mom well, Allah Australia, like a washing machine is going on. When's that going to finish? Yeah, somebody might be in the house you know, just put the washing machine on and come to cylinder thinking oh my god, I'm gonna minister who is the one that will give, you know, keep the washing machine going and make to make sure that

00:52:38--> 00:53:18

they close the Waterloo is the one last thing about it. Okay, appointments, whatever Allah Allah is always directs back to Allah. So that's another good point. That you know, if you're in Salah, you can do that. And if you're in Salah, and you're praying, make sure that you don't make it a burden for yourself or you make it too long. Don't go all along too long. Just do gradually do the short sutras are things that are moderate, not every time in our dynamic lovano is moderate sutras short, Saurus. Tarbosaurus, do slow. Do we read the Nick and try and do it try and build up on it's a fuel to rocketry for rockets. That said it took seven months to try and increase it a little bit. But

00:53:18--> 00:53:38

don't make it burdensome. Don't be so long that you know your feet were aching straightaway. Your legs were aching anything and I don't want to I don't know when you think about your Salah again, maybe not this time, maybe not this time, because that will that will hurt you. So what you want to do is build up gradually. The people who go to a gym don't go first day inside there when they have gone no train to go inside they take 220 pounds

00:53:41--> 00:54:19

and pick it up and put it back down you next day you are gone. All right, well, you won't be able to lift that up anyway. But you know, even if you did, you're gone next day, they don't do that they start with it with a lightweight first get used to that and then add a bit more, add a few more pounds on add a few more pounds on add a couple of kgs on and every day they go everyday and then add that and then you see them taking on the big heavyweights, you know, the weights and being able to lift them up and then there's no sweat, they're able to do 10 times 20 times and so on. That's what I meant by Rasulullah sallallahu isn't doing that long Solomon's tahajjud because he said Allah

00:54:19--> 00:54:21

has and built it up over time.

00:54:22--> 00:54:28

And people who do tahajjud over time they start off with let's say eight rackets eight minutes,

00:54:29--> 00:54:59

eight minutes, eight minutes. No problem do that for as long as you like. Then slowly eight rockets 10 minutes, same eight rockets 10 minutes COVID slower than eight rockets 12 minutes. And when you get used to that eight rockets 15 minutes when you get used that eight rockets. You know, take it half an hour and you want to add on some nanoprobes allows me to do 12 rockets fine dude one rockets if you want to. But if it's eight rockets, altra rockets extended extended until I get used to it. Don't Don't make it a one day so long. It used to slowly start over

00:55:00--> 00:55:14

months and years get used to it until finally you know what when you're in your salon there's nothing more beautiful than being inside your salon You know why? Because a person will see

00:55:15--> 00:55:33

a person will say oh no these guys are showing me the time but you know sometimes we get into one you want to just say right guys I'm saying save me okay? So you know you get into your Salah a lot when you get into Salah you're in another world a completely different world handloading

00:55:37--> 00:55:37


00:55:40--> 00:55:41


00:55:43--> 00:55:57

Buddha, canister sorry, the nostril all stuffy matsuno levina and Nam dalim Why not?

00:56:04--> 00:56:06


00:56:13--> 00:56:15


00:56:19--> 00:56:21


00:56:26--> 00:56:27


00:56:30--> 00:56:32


00:56:33--> 00:56:35

be Duna

00:56:37--> 00:56:51

lukan Dino kumaoni de la chemo. Imagine I'm saying this to myself yet. Super hanami en la meme super Hanauma.

00:56:52--> 00:57:01

super high. Noma below the Susquehanna on the Susquehanna.

00:57:03--> 00:57:22

This is another point, another point and probably one of the final pointers I'll give you a 12. One is that if you can think of a beautiful tune that will get you involved like instead of saying handler of LogMeIn or Rahmani Raheem if that if that motivates you, that's fine, but you know, some people with a good tune, they might in the might get they might lift themselves up

00:57:23--> 00:57:27

hamdulillah euro Minami

00:57:30--> 00:57:35

Maliki de Caen our Buddha

00:57:47--> 00:57:48


00:57:56--> 00:58:33

lift yourself up with either you saying it yourself and maybe some of you can't say but bringing your mind a tune that you love and think that you sing it in that tune? Is it lifts you up? It brings you closer to Allah azza wa jal I hope inshallah this has been a beneficial session and I hope you make dua from inshallah when you pray those you know if you can get your devotion to 100% for every salado be brilliant, if you can do it, you know, when you get into that you just don't want to let go seriously. You don't want to miss another gadget. You don't want to miss another prayer. And when you get to prayer every time it's so enjoyable, your prayer Take your time getting

00:58:33--> 00:59:15

the really nicely and with good horseshoe. I'm saying this Why? Because I want everyone in the world to taste it. Because I've done this session you know today we haven't got time for a practical one. But I'm done this up and down the country. You know people when they get to the day when they've done 100% concentration of Salah in a in a tutor card. Oh you know the enjoyment. It's like you've climbed a mountain. You've conquered a tower. It's It's so thrilling that you made your whole Salah from a lower to Solomonic Mandala, no other thought except for Allah. And you know what the hadith of Bokhari says whosoever does will do really nicely. And then they pray the Salah to rockets for

00:59:15--> 00:59:30

Allah, their face, no them heart turns to anything but Allah when they finish that Salah, the halogen, Allah will enter them into paradise, meaning that when you get to the next world, Allah will give you paradise

00:59:33--> 00:59:43

so when you get to that it's like you've achieved so much I want every Muslim out there to achieve this. I'm not to see a Salah as a burden does not know hey, Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh