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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. While he was happy he was virtual Manuela robot. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. The brothers and sisters, this is yours truly Shahada scene and I have a very powerful announcement some good news for you. On November the first we will be at the beautiful prestigious Jacobs Center in San Diego. That's the beautiful Jacobs center. November the first 7pm to 11pm. The title of our discussion or our event that evening. It is unity in the community. And probably you're saying to yourself, Yes, Chef, we've heard that before.

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But it's not just talk.

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Unity, the community is an objective. We want to join the massages, we want to join the hearts we want to join the families and brothers and sisters with some invigorating educating inspiring discussion. And we're going to discuss the way forward not just a subject but the way forward. That's Unity we community the way forward. Who are the speakers that evening one check, I used to have a very well known and respected scholar from the greater LA area. There's also brother use of barao. Everyone knows him here in this area, a very well known student of knowledge. Brother speaks about seven languages gives quick buzz in this area, a very well known young, dynamic

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student of knowledge and yours truly shakaal yacine and also with those prestigious speakers that we just talked to you about this also another bonus for you. Brother, cardi chef, cardi Youssef. Everybody in California knows him and his brother shikata usif. Come and hear him. In addition that we've got a very powerful Muslim rapper. His name is Habib, Sultan, amazing lyrics.

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So our use of Habib Sultan will also be there with you. Be there. The contact numbers, if you want to take it, you got to get it now. It's only 600 seats in that place. If you want to be in the house. You got to get your tickets now. So contact brother Jihad 619-534-1622. That's 619-534-1622 brother jihad, and call sister Navin very dynamic young sister who also is going to be speaking that evening. Her number 760-670-5920 that's 760-670-5920 sister Nadine. Tickets are $10 if you get it now at the door $15. And for all of you who want to know is food included? Yes, food is included. Also childcare is available. So you sisters who have children, you want to be there and you have

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children, bring your children and childcare will be available to you. Again, where's this going to be at the Jacobs center. You can just go to our Facebook page and you will see the flyer is right there. Beautiful prestigious place for 600 people Muslims have used this place before. So it's 404 Euclid Avenue San Diego that fall for you could have in San Diego brothers and sisters is yours truly Chicago, your scene reminding you that November the first from 7pm to 11pm. There's unity in the community the way forward. I hope to see you there are some Aleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu