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bad rumors spread bad things come to you about somebody else stop and have good thoughts. This is something we need to learn as a community and allows me to notice this so many occasions,

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which is one, which is when someone has done something bad

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at that moment, start counting the good they've done. Just to keep yourself in the balance. So give you an example.

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Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihe Salam, he's he's about to compensate for not this incident. Another incident.

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He's about to conquer Maka, maka, Rama he makes a secret meeting among senior Sahaba. They make a plan, how they're going to drive, how they're going to come all the way down from Medina to Makkah and take over Morocco. This is a secret plan because if the people of Makkah find out, then they could come up for war, they could get that allies together. And they will be seen as trouble for the Muslims. So bronze was a monster execute this secretly. And it starts telling how he's going to have an army going from the North America army from the east from the west from the south, and they're going to just besieged Makkah.

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As you're speaking, seen as the hobby has been built out of the Allahu anhu, he sends a secret message, secret one, he sends it to his family members, his elderly Sahabi he's like 60 years old, he sends a message because his wife and his family are in Makkah, and he didn't want his wife and family to somehow be outside roaming around. Maybe when the arm is coming down, oh my god, they get caught in the crossfire and then they could be killed. So he said to secret message, he found a woman that's going to Makkah he gave this message straight to my partner members. Now that letter is on its way small message. So Allah salAllahu Salam has ye from UB he sends a letter of your Allah

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Han to another Sahabi says go to this certain place, you will find a certain tree and underneath a certain tree, you will find a woman who's resting on a journey to Makkah, get the letter off. So they went all the way up to a certain place to a certain fee. And as Rasulullah sallallahu said, under that tree was a woman same woman so that you got hold of it. They said give us the letter she said I haven't got a letter, there's a give us the letter. I haven't got a letter.

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Give it now say Elon said otherwise I'm going to strip you down to an Alif if I have to get it

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basically I'm going to have to strip you that right down to your birthday close I'm gonna have to do that if you know I'm trying to say

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so then she puts her hand into her head she unlocks her brain and then from there she takes out this letter and she hands it over and the idea of Yolanda being brings it back to the profit and loss and then he opens it and says from had been built to our to his wife and family be where the profit is you know Muslim is about to come to market blah blah blah blah.

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And Rasulullah sallallahu sees this and obviously these are trees How can you give such a secret ad because he could endanger all the Muslims that are coming in the army dangerous the whole army

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and Sahaba there and Hunter button laundries there and he's embarrassed and the boxes are open the letter you can imagine how serious this is, and

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and it's a messenger of Allah gives me permission to strike the head of this one object right now.

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And at that very moment, probably some Muslim says, Oh, mum, he is a buddy.

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Don't forget, he was part of the battle of butter. Perhaps because of his involvement in the Battle of button. Allah has forgiven his entire life since Allah

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takes the whole thing your mind is going to this hypocrite. This got to be president because treason we've got to now go ahead and do something about this and this man

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anger but processing reminds us of his his credits. And that's what we need to do. One manana one minute not to be unfussy him higher. Why was it the case that you believe in straightaway when there's bad news coming to you about someone about another believer stop or start thinking God? What are the good things this person has done in the past so that you can keep yourself in a balance in check?

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