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Adnan Rajeh
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Well I have 100 Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabi you know have you been I'm humbled. Lee he was so happy he urged him as well But Yahweh Imam Ali Buhari you have your Sahifa here and Abdullah hidden under the house a lot the Allah one whom are called following the video so Allah Allah Who early he was telling him that isn't a collection of emails, no hurry? No, you'll find it in a number of other collections. There's a hadith that has a very high level of authenticity. Some scholars put it up too close to the water, even though it's not necessarily that but it goes up to that degree. So it's very well known. How do you think it's

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important? And it's, I believe well on him that the main application of it is within the theme or the realm of performing Dawa, and performing outreach was wind generated for you tonight. And I will also is the one who's narrating to us, or for us and the Prophet Allah your sauce was and says the following.

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But a little honey. Well, yeah, Well howdy through I'm Benny Israel. Ila. How about Allah Yeah, multimedia affiliate about what Nakada whom, you know.

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So he says three things, Allah, his thoughts. And I'll point out what he said in the first and last and the one in the middle of leave it for another session, because it's way too complicated for me to explain to you tonight, he says out of your soul, it was an unbelievable I need to believe is for you to transmit its transmission. It's for you to hear something, learn something and then you take it and transmit it to someone else. You are a you're the mean, you are your median, which is what we are when it comes to the knowledge of Islam, when it comes to the knowledge that Allah subhanaw taala bestowed upon us prophets of Allah, Allah salAllahu Salam, and everything that comes from

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Islam, we are not innovators, we don't come up with something new. Anything that I explained to you about Islam, even if it's an idea that maybe novelty you at the moment, or it's an interesting scope, or it's an angle, it's not innovation, it's just it, this is all transmission. This is all to double within something that's already been explained, already been given. And we're just trying to figure out some of the pieces of depths that are a part of it. I'm just a transmitter, there's nothing, there's nothing more, there's nothing. There's nothing more interesting to this job than that. So the Prophet alayhi salam is he says, and even even if it's just a verse, just one verse, if

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that's all you know, then transmit it. Even though that's all you got. If you have nothing else, if you have not been able in your life to pick up any other form of knowledge or the amount of knowledge that you have, it's very, very simplistic, no matter how simplistic it is, offer it transmitted. That doesn't mean that you need to come and sit here with that one idea that you know, and explain it to the majority of the OMA. But what it means is that you will find someone who would benefit from receiving it. That's what he's trying to explain to your slot too. So that even if you have just one idea, you will find someone who doesn't even have that idea. And then you can transmit

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it to them. And maybe that's why sometimes it's how he's not interested properly. If you know something, you transmit it to someone who doesn't know, it's not just someone who knows it, or knows way more than it. And then you're basically just speaking, you're just you're wasting your time and their time, and you're trying to act like you know, something you don't know. But there will always be someone who doesn't know it.

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Whatever it is that you've got, and it's always worth transmitting it. You know, something simple, you'll run into a child who doesn't know it. And if you take a moment and maybe help them and you can offer them something they didn't know, you may run to someone who's almost never heard of this before you can offer them a piece of knowledge that they didn't have before. What he's trying to say Alia Salatu Salam is that it's always worth it. Even if it's just an even if it's something that is very simple that you're even ashamed not because you don't touch anything, you know, it's still worth offering is it's always worth taking a piece of knowledge, offering it to someone who doesn't

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have it always on all times. This is why we're here is why Allah subhanaw taala put us here the first thing he did was it Sudan was created. Well, I lemma he taught at MIT, he said, and then he showed them how we can learn. And they told them to teach and this is what we're here for the Erica is the first word he was given out of his throat to Islam. And this is what we're is what the story is about is the knowledge is the transmission of knowledge as making sure that we grow intellectually and academically. And I'm not saying that from needing to go to school, but actual knowledge based, lifelong learning aspect of being a Muslim. You receive and you offer, no matter

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how little you have offer, what little that you have the and that's what the hour is. Now what is that what really is, is offering knowledge, some of it being theoretical, and some of it being practical, practical, or something that you're actually doing to show this I was going to be done so they learn. But that's what Dawa is Tao is taking a piece of wisdom that you have an offering to someone else hoping that that piece of wisdom that you offered does for them, maybe more than what it did for you. Not what it did for you hopefully more than what it did for you. Why did you Ambani slavery and speak up and he is writing and there's no problem with that or speak on their behalf or

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learn from them or listen to them? There's four different ways to understand this phrase. I will leave in shelter for another night to explain because it's a little bit complex. And then he says women Cadabra either Yeah, motor and median and those who lie on my behalf unknowingly so mean they say something and they relate it to you. They say to you, they're actually saying this is what I said or this is what I meant, or this is what I tried to explain and they know that that's not what I tried to say failure tuber Nevada who may or may they see with their own eyes, their position in the Hellfire as they're alive. If they speak and say something or claim that I

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had something or claimed that I did something or meant something or tried to encourage something that I didn't and they know that I didn't or they're being told that I didn't but they go ahead with in any way they see their spot and the Hellfire during their lives very dangerous to speak on his behalf so Allah on your side it's even more dangerous to speak on Allah's behalf subpoena witnesses, be very careful. Be very careful. Islam is not an issue of disguise. Now, it's not. Religion is not a topic for discussion. It's not open for you just to talk about in terms of offering your personal opinions on things and how you feel either you are properly educated and you have the tools kit and

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the skill set that allows you to talk about certain things in a certain way or you don't and if you don't then hold your tongue because the moment you start speaking your speak and you're talking about what Islam is trying to say you're saying this is what the Mohammed Salah that Mohammed Salah Salem tried to say and if you don't know that for sure, that's what he has done. That's what he said earlier about what meaning may you see it from now may you know where it's going to be May you head for it's just on the danger don't even wait.

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This member is member Rasul Allah, Allah salatu salam, when you stand on it, you stand on his behalf out of your slots, and it's very dangerous. I don't take it lightly at all. It took me 15 years of Bala before I was allowed to tense on it, stand on it with permission with permission of the chef who is going to be watching me it took years before I was allowed to stand on it only for Dora. Now we haven't it's like solid law. Anyone, anyone who wants to go ahead. That's maybe acceptable in a in a community where there is no one who knows anything. Yes, in a community where there's no knowledgeable people fine. Whoever Who's the eldest who knows what's going on, they get on and this

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is the show they get on the member and they don't go beyond handle hamdu Lillahi wa, Emery but Taqwa the only praise Allah and remind people of having Dakhla and then they get down. You don't start getting messages unless you've been trained to do so you know what you're talking about. When you talk to when they talk about the problem of extremism in this world. From an Islamic perspective, my more My concern is more the lack of identity within the Islamic world is not is the other problem. These two problems come from the lack of knowledge and the lack of information the lack of knowing what he was trying to say hello to Islam when someone stands up said no he didn't mean that you

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don't actually have to pray just know God with your heart. That's like in flight like a butterfly that doesn't work you go ahead and you take it everyone who does say like Hola Hola. Hola. Yeah, you're on your horse and you're charging towards this is someone who's speaking on his behalf, it is slow to sample knows nothing. He does not know what he was saying on his slide to us and was speaking on his behalf, you will know that that's what he meant. His thought was yes, what you're saying. You're saying that he said these things. That's what he meant. He meant go ahead and take the sword to the to the neck of everyone who doesn't say Allah and Allah or what you're saying is

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that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam did something but it doesn't it doesn't apply for other people afterwards, you know that for sure. You don't know that, then be very careful, because you can open your mouth and say something on their behalf and now and now you just spoke on behalf of God. And he spoke on behalf of Muhammad Rasool Allah, Allah and so to sum that is very dangerous, very scary. I've always scared I find this very, very, very frightening. I sweat before Joe and I sweat during and after. And I think about it for a very long time and I'm doing it for 15 years. I'm still very scared. And you should take it that seriously whenever you're asked to do it. And be very careful

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because this is a big responsibility. You're speaking on his behalf you're only up there because he's not here on he has thought to us that maybe we're here you sit down he gets up there out of your soul so no one stands in his position. But he's not here so aloha and he's like you said I'm sorry go ahead on his behalf and speak to perform dollar offer it to the best of your ability even if you have just an idea but be careful. Only say what you know for sure is correct. Don't say Don't make things up as you go along because that's very very, very dangerous, but transmit the knowledge and the same Hadith he told you transmit even the smallest amount the slightest little piece of

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knowledge you have, but be careful Don't make things up. Because it can backfire if you do I think that's a very very very valuable piece of advice that he offered us how to heal salatu salam that I will end with inshallah you're here with me I will hurry up so here and Abdullah hidden under the house. Now the Allahu Anhu Mr. Cole Cole and Nabil SallAllahu ala who early or Sahil Salam

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but level one knee when we had this one burning is like you know what 101 caliber Allah yeah Moto ammidon philleo Turbo naka de whom you don't know so the closer to Allah, Allah Allah is present sparkling condition Allah Allah really was that Allah was selling my work. I'm getting Muhammad Yunus. I'm just talking laughing and welcome if you consider Monica. Oh my god.

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