al-Raghib al-Isfahani #67 – This Special Type of Knowledge is Cumulative

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of understanding the meaning behind the creation of the spiritual act and how it is not possible to fully understand the process. The speaker also mentions the use of a microcosm of the spiritual act to analyze and contemplate the creation of spiritual things. The speaker emphasizes the need to be aware of the process and not just analyze everything on one's own.
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One of the most miraculous things are all of us. So he points out about a loss. puntata is that he has placed within us everything that we need to critically evaluate the existence of our Creator. And to accept that fact. He says that a loss parameter out of the Creator is known indirectly because we can't see him or experience Him directly in that sense, but we can see his handiwork in the creation, we can see his signature, so to speak in the creation and through that we can indirectly know him. And so the the task is kind of to look into the creation and to see his signs and to contemplate them, and let it bring us to certainty and bring us to faith and bring us to

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submission and bring us to obedience. And so at our last ohana, he points out that Allah is bound to Allah has given us everything that we need for that task. And two particularly interesting points about that, he says that, you know, the entire creation, it's not possible to if we're saying that we know the Creator by the creation, indirectly, right? We look at the creation, we see the signs, and we're able to know, somebody could argue, well, I can't experience the entire creation, right? How am I supposed to basically, you know, I can't be responsible for all you know, human history and all these sorts of things, every single part of the earth. I mean, you know, we didn't have Google

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Earth until very, very recently, right? And it was funny says, Listen, but yes, but Allah subhanaw taala made human knowledge very, very particular and special in that he allowed it to be cumulative, right. And this is part of the meaning behind when Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, or lemma below column is that he taught by the pen or he taught human beings, this special type of knowledge that it's cumulative. It's not just me coming into the world tabula rasa, right, just completely blank slate, and then I have to figure out everything on my own. It's actually I get to then study the works of others and benefit from the experience of others and the thought of others and the

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witness and the testimony of others. And so that's a really, really important sort of tool and being able to understand the last bounce out of signs and witnesses signs in the creation. And then the other thing in addition to human knowledge being cumulative, is that even if we can't go out and see all of the creation, by ourselves, Allah Spano, Tata has made a microcosm of the Creation in ourselves, your body, yourself is a microcosm of the universe, you've got all these amazing parts down to the microscopic level that do amazing things. And that's why I lost our data set and the Quran that and there are signs in yourselves as well. And so okay, maybe you can't go maybe you're

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you have sort of a disability or you can't walk, you can't go out and see the creation and you don't have any access to technology you can't get on Google Earth or whatever. Just look at yourself. Look at your fingers, look at your toes, look at the way that respiration happens. Look at the way that reproduction happens. Look at the skeletal system and the muscular system and nerves, the nervous system, all these sorts of things. It would be enough, a lot of summers. It would be enough to only give us our own bodies, to analyze them and to contemplate them to come to the conclusion that a Creator exists. But Allah Spano Tata has gone far beyond that. He's given us the signs within our

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own selves and outside of our own selves and the creation