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And then hamdulillah

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NEMA do who want to start you know who wants to feel when are we gonna be him in short already in fusina So you are Marlena

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Mia the healer who follow mandala who went to Europe little fella the

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white shadow Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola Sherry Keller was shadow under Mohammed bin Abdullah who? Rasulullah sallallahu early. He went early. He was a limb. Yeah, you're Latina Hammond otaku la Hakata quality. Walter Morton Illa one two Muslim on a Johan Shotoku Rob de como la the Holika come in FC moi ADA holla common Huzzah. Jaha or Bethlem in home it Jalen Cathy on when he says

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what Tapachula Lolita whenever he will.

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In Allaha Karnali como Optiva Yeah, a U haul Latina topple La La Kulu Poland's Eddie the la cama la come oilfield locum dono back home when mejor de la Howe rasool Allah who have accorded if I was in Halima and my bad for him now stop al Hadith he Kitab Allah will accent alHuda Houda Mohamed Salah Allahu Allah he when he was shot a lot more to her Wakulla Mahadev 13 vida, Aquila, Middleton the learner, all praises due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves, and the evil consequences of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray and whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray noncom guide

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I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship, but Allah alone, and I bear witness I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was Salam is His servant and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa early were selling them

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John Ebihara laterally Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Min Min Almighty Yamen will become SafeAssign if Allah if

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we were at Lehman or we or Lehman had a meanness, Palo Alto Ananya rasool Allah Falfa Via de for I don't know if he have a call

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it took him a harem. Token bananas, wild lobby Malka Semilla who like to call upon us

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what a cream Jhalak

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to convert Mina What hit belly Nassima to head Boolean f ck token Muslim

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whatever took the heck for in Kathrada Blakey to meet all

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our holy man Muhammad Musa was a howl Alberni.

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Overall the Allahu Anhu says the Allah's Messenger SallAllahu sallam said, five traits.

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Anyone among my ummah takes them, any person in the soma takes them and acts upon them or teaches them to someone else who would act upon them.

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I will pull out all the Allahu Anhu said

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I will do that on Messenger of Allah.

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The messengers of salaam took the hand of Abu Hurayrah and he counted them on the fingers of Ebola, five things.

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He said,

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avoid prohibitions.

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You will be the most

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among humans in terms of worship. You'll be the best among humans in terms of terms of worship, you'll become the top worshiper just by avoiding the things that are held on

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and be pleased with what Allah wrote for you what Allah provided for you.

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You will be the richest of people, the wealthiest

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and be good and dutiful to your neighbor.

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You will be a believer

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and love for others for people, what you love for yourself and you will

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be a Muslim,

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and do not

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go to excess in laughter.

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excessive laughing, kills the heart

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Beautiful advice from the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and a profound lesson. And all of these five things, because the prophets are seldom here is teaching the essence of everything. Because we humans have

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a proclivity, a negative tendency

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towards numbers. We think we become the richest when we accumulate more money, and we get more money, when we have more possessions, so it's in monetary acquisitions, and it's in numbers.

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And that's not only limited to this dunya.

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But even in terms of worship, sometimes we abused worship, we think worship is about the number of records that we perform, or the number of pages of the Quran that we recite, or the number of the call that we make. We think it's in quantity.

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And we want to be believers. And sometimes we take the hard way.

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In order to achieve that, or we start coming up with ways that are not true as to how to have more faith, or to be true believers. We make our own theories about this. Or we want to be a good Muslim. And sometimes we lose the way the prophets Islam teaches us.

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Believe you, if you're a believer, it reflects on your social behavior, how you treat your neighbor.

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If you don't treat your neighbor, well,

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you can't be talking about faith, you can't be talking about belief. And that shows that

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Eman is a very dynamic concept. It's not a theory in our heads.

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It's not some kind of specific actions that we do when we claim to ourselves belief.

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It's a very dynamic, it's a lively concept, and it reflects

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on how we treat our neighbors. But that's not the only criteria. That's just an example.

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And in terms of Islam, being a Muslim, someone who has submitted their will to Allah subhanaw taala that reflects on your attitude towards people, what is in your heart? Is it love for people? Is it concerned for the well being?

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If so,

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then you have truly submitted to Allah subhanaw taala. Again, these are not the usual parameters that we have. These are not the usual parameters, we usually have something else. And the problem with other parameters is that they are easy to fake.

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Because the hypocrites at the time of the Prophet and some of them, some of them would pray the drummer in the first line.

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And seemingly they would perform all of the acts expected of a Muslim sometimes they came across more devout than than true Muslims.

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So people can actually fool others with the wrong criteria. So the Prophet SAW Selim is drawing our attention to the real to the real thing. And matters of the deen and matters of the dunya.

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Sometimes, you know, we practice so called practicing Muslims, we think, because we look like a Muslim, or because we practice some of the outward

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clear manifestations of Islam we think we assume, and we act as if we are better than others who might actually be closer to Allah than us there might be falling short, in the outward aspects of Islam, or in things that are considered to be recommended in Islam.

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Their hearts are better than ours. The love of Allah is more profound than ours, their devotion is stronger than ours.

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And that's a problem with external manifestations.

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They can be easily hijacked by our neffs by our ego so that we stop bragging about them.

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Anything that is self serving, it beats the whole concept of faith, of worship and devotion.

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So the prophets of Islam is drawing your attention to the real criteria. And the real criteria

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is true goodness.

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Islam is not different from true goodness. That's what Islam really is. Don't make it very technical.

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Islam is not a club or a cult,

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or some kind of external manifestations

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that whoever displays the more is more developed.

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That's not how Islam works. That's a very silly redact

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of Islam, that is profound.

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So the Prophet SAW Selim is saying,

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you want to be a worshiper,

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then don't start counting numbers.

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But resist the temptation within you

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to commit that which is evil, to commit sins, to violate the rights of Allah.

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And this is something

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that is between you and Allah, because a lot of the sins are actually personal and hidden. And no one knows about them, the majority of sins that humans commit our sins of the heart, only Allah knows about that.

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So it's not about how many numbers you achieve, or about the quantity that you do. Because humans are naturally motivated towards numbers, because they can make an impression with them.

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It's easier

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to give a good impression with these things. So we are naturally drawn to that. And it doesn't necessarily separate those who are truly devout from the ones who are just trying to win some kind of social currency.

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And people in order to get a solid sense of, of wealth or financial security.

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They, they pursue numbers.

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They pursue the socially accepted parameters of buying your own house, having a brand new car, wearing the best of clothes hanging around with the best guys who are making a lot of money with the entrepreneurs, with the business people with the successful ones, all of these external parameters.

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Yet the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says

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that if you are content with what Allah gave you, that means you appreciate what Allah gave you. Because when you are always greedy, you don't value you don't appreciate the richness that Allah already gave you the wealth, of blessings that Allah has already given you. Every human being is rich, every human being has been given a wealth of blessings, that if they opened their eyes to and they appreciate, they would have a very happy life and very contented life.

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But greed blinds us, to our inherent wealth and abundance. So the prophets of salaam saying that if you pay attention to what Allah has already given you, and you are content with that, and content is not that you force yourself into contentment, but you just wake up to the reality that you've been given enough. You've been given what you need, at least for now. Don't think about tomorrow, Allah will take care of tomorrow.

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Tomorrow has its own providence.

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When you wake up to the fact that Allah has already made you rich, then you will be the richest person in the world because many people have billions. And still, they feel it's not enough. They will pour inside in their hearts.

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And be good to your neighbor.

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You will be a believer,

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as an energetic

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because faith is not some kind of information you store in your head,

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or some book that you memorize, or some slogans that you post on social media, or you cliches that you use in in conversations that make you look righteous or a believer. That's not what it is.

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Faith translates on how you treat others. And the Prophet Solomon specifically mentioned the neighbor, because the neighbor

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usually puts you to the test.

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And neighbor is someone that you have more frequent friction with, you're likely to see their deficiencies.

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And they are likely to challenge you because

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all of the negative things about the noise they make the annoyance they create.

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even the fact that you share with them a space physical space brings about some kind of commitment towards them.

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So just by being good to them, by being

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dutiful to parents are beautiful to your neighbors. That's actually a sign that you have faith in your heart. Because faith is in the heart and Zhan the tongue and in our actions.

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So it's not about you feeling good about yourself or feeling happy with what you have done for the sake of Allah, or how much you've memorized. And then the profits or loss in themselves.

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And the fact that you wish

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For others, you will love for others, what you love for yourself that selflessness that connection to other humans appreciating their humaneness

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is a sign that your heart has submitted to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Outward submissions sometimes and for some people that comes about easy,

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but this one is tough.

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This one is tough because Shavon feeds into our ego into our neffs that makes us separate from others, that places us in a position of competition against others, we see everyone as a rival every one as a competition. Every one is a threat. Everyone has an enemy unless they serve me as a person. That's selfishness that's self centeredness that ruins us.

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The prophets are missing the reality of Islam the reality of your submission to Allah subhanaw taala becomes clear, a clear gauge of that is that how much good you will love for others just as and if it gets to the point where you will love for them what you love for yourself, then you have reached a good level of submission to Allah

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that gives us some sort of a different appreciation of Islam.

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It makes us see the the beauty, the humaneness of this beautiful religion.

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And that's the natural way of being a colocado stuff. Aloha Aloha como estas

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Alameen wa bad and the messenger SallAllahu Sallam says, And do not increase or go to excess in terms of laughter.

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And this is not about smiling because the Prophet SAW Selim was a very smiley person.

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And he advised people to have a smile, to smile to others. And he said it's a sadaqa. It's an act of goodness.

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so the Prophet SAW Selim would smile. And but he would rarely the person would rarely laugh. And somebody might wonder does Islam doesn't doesn't Islam, like as if it seems as if it's dumb, doesn't want us to have joy. But there's a difference between joy and between excessive laughter excessive laughter is usually a forced act. It's a response to some negativity. This is why it comes about forced. It's an expression of some bottled emotions.

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It's excessive joy, and excessive Joy does not come within us from the right place. And it cannot be for the good reasons. And that's why the Prophet did not say Do not laugh. Because there are moments where this excessive Joy takes you over. It takes you by surprise. It comes it's spontaneous, it's natural, that's fine. But when you always seek in moments of acts of extreme laughter, this shows that you have so much pain and you're trying to cover it up. And usually that comes from your, the negative sense of self from the ego.

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It's more of a compensation, you're making up for negativity, it doesn't come from the right place. Whereas Joy balanced joy

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when it comes from the heart, it's beautiful. It's it's deep and doesn't necessarily make a lot of noise outside and a lot of expression. And this is something that is noticed in Islam. Allah Subhan Allah says the kala so Allah ma Fattah como la, la Hobbema Atacama so that you do not fall in extreme negativity because of what you lost. And that you also do not reach extreme joy and happiness because of what you gained. Allah does not want us to be captives to our condition, our external conditions, that extreme conditions make us extremely sad take us really down.

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And extremely positive conditions take us excessively into a high.

00:19:17--> 00:19:23

Now we should have some detachment from our external circumstances, we attend to them, but we're not completely governed by them.

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And this gives us balance. So our laws and our laws are not too low. And our highs are not too high.

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And that's what's called composure, balance, emotional balance. Because if you're someone who reaches excessive Joy easily with any kind of external conditions, that you are someone who's hit hard by negative conditions and you will be destroyed. You're just very sensitive and dependent on external circumstances. We're talking about emotional health, mental well being

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it's there

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wouldn't be connected to faith.

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Definitely connected to our relationship to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And here we see it in the advice of the prophets of Allah when he was in.

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So if you look at, if you look at those, it's about being the most, or the best among the worshipers, being the richest,

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being the highest in faith, and being the most submissive to Allah, and being the most balanced emotionally.

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By these five things, you can become the best in the world. Very simple. That's the profoundness of the words of the Prophet sallallahu send them its divine wisdom given to the messengers of Allah who it was.

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And these are words to live by.

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And they just give us a glimpse into the profoundness and the beauty of Islam and the practical manifestations of this wonderful way of life. And this is something that we should hold on to before we open our mouths and preach about Islam. Because very easy to preach. Because there is social gains with that. There is a tension that comes with that.

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So Muslims should be very careful when it comes to external manifestations because everyone is motivated to do that, by the way, because they get your credit with people.

00:21:23--> 00:21:31

But the most challenging is that you do the things that only Allah knows about. Only Allah knows about it, you get no credit in this life for

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that's the real change and that shows that if our hearts are in the right place or not.

00:21:37--> 00:21:47

And that's what Allah loves the most. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us appreciate the essence and the value of our faith and to be living

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human Are you would you be living examples of this beautiful religion and have this divine guidance Allama theme in a minute, when Muslim you know when Muslim Atala here in Oman and what a llama full and I don't know when and what stuff and if you already know with a bit of Domina on sadhana Allah Coleman Katharina la MacFarlane our huali Dina walima Nam Hakuna Halina erotica ultimate rock I mean

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Aloma couldn't be mustafina Minion minion ethically makan Allah multiple Koslow or humbleth Allah on agilon Betta Ed Corona so they can be like medicale hammer blow I mean in a lie model will actually work so anyway either we're gonna have any fish out you will monkey well belly evil company I love them to the current with cola headquarters. Kuru Allah Annie. I mean he is it was Salam o Selim Mubarak Ali Abdullah Saleh Muhammad Ali he was me