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Manuel Ferrara himself, he told us and he taught us this one wonderful thing in one of the first lessons I remember

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one of our first lessons we did in the rulings of Islam. He said everything you do everything you need to know. And it's a wonderful, a wonderful thing he taught us.

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He said, Rahim, Allah, may Allah have mercy on himself. Wonderful teacher, while absolutely wonderful teacher. He said, everything you don't everything a human does on this earth

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is to get in Arabic as a Mullah who, and to stay away from my alley.

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Everything a person does on this earth, every human's actions, everything they want to achieve or do, it's because they want to get some benefit from them for themselves, any kind of benefit, I'm not talking about the benefits that the government gives you. And I'm saying any benefit, any form of good benefit anything that's good, they want to receive it for themselves. And they want to save themselves from things that are going to be harmful to them. That's Malou. Huberman ally, if you understand that you understand a lot about the Shediac, you understand a lot about the Islamic way of life. Why? Because the whole of Islam, and the karma the rulings of Islam is for every human

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being to get maximum benefit of what will benefit them in this world and in the ACA. And everything in the Sharia law has told us Don't be this don't do that is because it's going to be harmful for us in this world and in the next world. And that's why we're studying all of this, we're going to try and get the best of what's good for me. Guys, would you wake up in the morning? Why do you brush your teeth? While you brush your teeth content? Why do you brush your teeth?

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Hide you, but why do you act you brush your teeth, let's say some kid got up and said, I don't want to brush your teeth.

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Every morning of brushing teeth with

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one of our teeth like they tell me twice a day, once a day, whatever, I'm gonna go without brushing my teeth for five days in a row six days in a row seven days in a row. Yeah.

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By the time he says you have to be with us, we're gonna die. Because

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you know what happens when you don't brush your teeth for five days in a row six days in a row, you're not gonna be able to smell you know, keep keep up with your breath.

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Know that you're gonna get clarity, you're going to your cloud, you're gonna get your chief that you're going to, they're going to feel rotten, you're gonna feel like oh my god, my teeth are hurting. That's why you brush your teeth. Now, why do you brush your teeth? Not only just hygiene, you know, and it's gonna benefit you. It's gonna benefit me. And it's going to save me from all the troubles, I'm gonna get my teeth if I don't if Marty says very basic thing, you think about it every other move make Why do you invest money? Why? Why are you trying to make money, because it's gonna benefit you.

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If a human understands the world of what would benefit them, and what's important to them, they will do those things, and they will try their best to achieve those things. But as a human being doesn't see those things, they won't do it. They just won't do it.

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So for example, right now, a lot is being said, a lot around it is being said around the world about environment. You know, the environmental crisis that we've got a lot being said about, because that information is around a lot of people trying to do something towards you know, protecting the planet.

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30 years ago, that wasn't the case. Humans won't do certain things if you don't, if they don't feel that it's important for them.

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If you actually feel that water is gone, there's been a rainfall in this country has been less this year. If the government says there is a case of a drought coming to the UK, which already the same for this year, the saying and parts of Britain are already sending certain signals out that there could be a drought, when they turn when they turn to us and they say seriously, watch how much water you use. Otherwise, we're going to be left without water. We're going to be we're going to need to try and use less water. Is that correct? Yes. Forget that. Let me give you a better example now that the gas prices and electric prices have gone up have you noticed the people in your house have been

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a little bit more careful with which light is on or which light is off? Yes.

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All those who said yes other people are paying the bills in the house. The rest of you seen here and that is poker. Yeah. You don't know about this because you don't. She doesn't hurt you. If you hurt you, you care about it. You're gonna suit you off. You know the little thing that's on the why do we need to lie on in the kitchen alone in the kitchen? You had to because you're paying the dues brother

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I'm talking from experience brother.

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Because doubling the price of electric, right, double the price of gas is gonna help you right now because he's coming out your pocket. Now, it hurts you why? Because they gave you the information. You know, the gas companies have called you net electric company has called you well, they gave you a letter, you saw those DG standard, you saw how big the digits are, and it's coming out your bank balance and it's hurting you. Now, guys, please stop here for a moment. Let's think I've got just like the electricity balance or the you got the gas gas, you know, company has given you certain digits, we got discount all the time, up and down and

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everything I'm doing something is happening in the app. Either my reward is going up and the balance is going higher, or my reward is being reduced and the balance is going low. I'm losing out. One of the things for the tortoises he told us in that lesson I remember he said one day human can feel

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that the akhirah and the benefits of the athlete are under and the harms of the era are much more greater

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that the harms in this world and the benefits in this world then you seriously want to learn the Sharia is saying because you you're creating yourself a massive problem in the afterlife. If you don't know what you do