Ali Hammuda – Overcoming the Real Cancer

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The misunderstandings of Islam's promise to fulfill its promises are discussed, emphasizing the importance of finding happiness and peace in one's life instead of rushing to fulfill them. The promise of satisfaction is a result of patient behavior and actions, measured by the outcome of those actions. It is crucial to not rush to fulfill these promises, as they are not just promises.
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If I remember when you told me the story of our beloved sister, when he was suffering from his cancer, those who know the cancer got one point quite severe the lump was on top of his, you could see so clearly above the shoulder of this arrow, he was in pain and you will suffer, because Paula kids, very few people like him who exhibited the characteristics, that he had pure confidence in our last contract that this falsehood, this cancer with go.

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As you mentioned, I'm recite Bronwyn this all the time or under the truth, and Subhanallah he mentioned that.

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But let's not go on that. Indeed, truth is,

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the truth has come and falsehood has perished. And falsehood by its very nature is bound to vouch

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And subhanAllah we know the conclusion the constant hum did Allah removed it? Why?

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Why is it

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some of us do the same thing.

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And yet, and besides, and due to

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all the things that belief in our last promise,

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because people have different degrees in confidence in the fullness of Allah subhanaw taala. So there is going to be a varying degree in the outcome as well, depending on your competence.

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And that is because Allah subhanaw taala never fails in his promise.

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Allah subhanaw taala said, Well, as usual, if Allahu Allahu Allah does not fail, in his promise.

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And this, indeed, is a principle that pours so much reassurance and confidence within the harbor listening,

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especially those who are experiencing some sort of hardship at any level.

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There you remember that there is no one who is true to his word. Then Allah subhana, who was odd.

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And I would like to say at this junction that this principle

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of Allah not failing in his promise is not exclusive to the context of revelation to this verse, no, it applies to each and every promise of Allah subhanaw taala. So allow your heart to rest, it has to come to pass. So a Muslim who believes this is not focused too much on the fulfillment of the promise. What does he focus on? He focused on the necessary human effort that is linked to that promise. Because when the conditions are met, meaning hardwork, certainty, patience, then the Promise of Allah subhanaw taala is a given. It's a rival as a byproduct, because Allah said in Allah Allah, Allah does not fail in his promised. And he said in number two I do not Assad if what you are

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promised is truth.

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And Allah subhanaw taala said in to alguna Allah Wa, what you are promised must come to pass.

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Back, why is it that people break their promises?

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It's usually either because the promise itself was alive to begin with, or because of an inability to act upon that promise afterwards. And that's why Allah never fails in his premise. Because Allah is Exalted above lying. And Allah subhanho wa Taala isn't affected by weakness in any way, able to do all things, so why wouldn't he fulfill? Why would he not fulfill a promise?

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So we asked Allah in the Quran, woman outside the beginning Allah who is true to his covenant, that Allah subhanaw taala.

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Now with that said, let us take a look

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at some of the promises of Allah Jalla Jalla Allahu all of which have to come to pass. But as we said, if the prerequisites are met from us that human effort, number one, Allah subhanaw taala has promised that Islam will remain till the Day of Judgment, even if the adversaries of their religion may hate it. That is because Muslim narrates on the authority of Sal Dawn, an inspiring Hadith rather beloved sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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Allah Almighty drew the ends of the world together for me. And so I have seen it to Western and its eastern parts. And I saw that the kingdom of my OMA will reach those two ends.

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And I have been granted the red and the white treasure.

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And I begged my node for two things. Number one that my own now should never be destroyed because of funding

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I asked him that it should never be dominated by an enemy who is outside of it, for which Eradicator

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and my Lord responded, and he said, Oh Mohamed, whenever I make a decision, it cannot be changed. So I grant for you your ummah that would never be destroyed by Salman

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and that it will never be dominated by an enemy who is not amongst them, who would end up eradicating them. Listen to this next part, whenever we determine I lay him in the aquaria, meaning even if the entire world were to join hands to do so.

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This is a promise that could not have been remembered at a better time for our bruised.

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One of the ways in which Allah fulfills His promise, ie that Islam will remain is by safeguarding a select group of Muslims, who will remain adherent upon the truth until the end of time. And each and every era they exist, even if they ask you a number. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said lashes out Oba effects on mathy by hearing and there will always be a group from my own life

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who are prevalent with the truth

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and they will not be harmed by those who let them down to the Command of Allah comes to pass.

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So a Muslim

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who believes these promises will not despair, regardless of the magnitude of the hostility that Islam faces and the Muslims face. Because Allah subhana wa Adonis promises are far more truthful than those of men, Islam will remain for Miss number two, Allah has promised those who practice Islam inwardly and outwardly a pleasant life.

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In no era in history, has the means of comfort and welfare ever been so within reach like they are today?

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Never has no knowledge of the world's context mysteries and the ability of subduing nature's unfriendly elements ever been attained like they have today. But Subhanallah despite all of these astounding achievements, and in spite possessing all of the means for a better life, that goal of leading a pleasant life and feeling mental peace has never drifted further away from our shores, like it has today.

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I mean, when you say New Zealand, for example, what image comes to your mind,

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mountains landscape,

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vast and empty, endless beauty.

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But three years on end, it's actually been struggling with very high rates of depression and suicide.

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And there was a new report by the UNICEF, which has horrifying statistics suggesting that New Zealand has by far

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the highest Drew's suicide rate in the developed world.

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So it's evident that the 21st century has taught us how to fly in the air like birds and how to swim in the oceans like fish.

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But how to walk on the face of the earth. As happy and content pleased individuals, a lot of people still don't know how to do that.

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What is the problem?

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Take the Promise of Allah subhanho wa Taala as he said, When Medina Amen. Well, I'm here to slightly hottie, Manuel de manos de la la Muhammad, well, who will have will never be him. Because Koran who say to him was the Havana and those who believe he said,

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and they do righteous deeds, and they believe in that which is sent to Mohamed Salah who are your senator, and it is the truth from the Lord. Why don't you give them

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he said he will raise from them their sins and He will improve their states

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will improve their sales.

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And Allah promises man I mean, I saw the hand whoever works with these big Zackary now on male or female will who will not mean whilst having Iman, but an Athenian never hire them for you that we will give them a happy life.

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So you read all the theories you want.

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And we can take every medicine on the shelf and try knocking on every door and visit every avenue and search for this gem called happiness and peace of mind. We will not find it except your Allah subhanho wa Taala has taught us to find it that's at the doorstep of Islam and his obedience. That is a promise from Allah promise number two. As for promise number three Allah has promised those who stretch out their palms to the Lord in dua, He will fill them with abundance he will answer Should we fail to believe this? Then we are in need of an immediate retreat to the drawing board of

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and to assess who we are,

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because Allah has promised to answer glass, he said, what color of Boko mattoni? As

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we all know, it says, Call upon me I will respond to you.

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Should you succeed in settling this promise in your heart and finding a home, then your DUA will become one of the most beloved acts of worship in your life. So don't direct the focus on the answer of the DUA.

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No focus on the meeting on the conditions of grace. So not asking Allah for haram. That's a condition not rushing for an answer. Not doubting,

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not making earnings from haram sources of income not giving up

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then the DUA will come as a byproduct and that's why all matter he said in Nila

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Harmon each other in ask me no hana dua for either on him to draw for Indonesia butter ma who he said I don't worry about the answering of a DUA.

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I worry about my dua itself. Have I done it right? He said, Because if I am inspired to make the right dua in the right way, then the answer will come with it as a byproduct.

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That's promise number three Allah will answer to our promise number four, Allah subhanho wa Taala has promised those who put out a simple practice with a replacement of that which is better.

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And that is a promise that provides so much strength maybe to the young Muslims more than others who may be struggling with a specific attachment that he or she knows will distance them from Allah subhanho wa Taala Abu Qatada and Abu Dhabi.

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They said that we came to an Arab Bedouin man in the desert tending to his sheep. We said to him, Have you ever heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say anything? And he said, Yes,

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I heard him saying that there isn't a thing that you leave for the sake of Allah, except that ALLAH will replace you with something that's

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Allahu Akbar, that replacement may come to you in an obvious fashion. For example, an impermissible relationship that you sever may be replaced by a permissible relationship.

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I didn't impermissible business transaction, Allah replaces you with a better and pure business transaction and so on.

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And however, the reward the replacement may come in a different form, in a different fashion. So Allah gives you health for your children,

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cure from an illness, a beautiful unrighteous spouse, and ability to pray at night that you didn't have before.

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And that's because Allah knows what is best for you.

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And He will reward you for your courageous rejection of the impermissible and the answer will be tailored to what you need, not what you think you need.

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The last of those promises I share promise number five is that the outcome of patients

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will bring paradise

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Allah subhanaw taala he said, Listen to these verses, brothers and sisters.

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Just try to live with it.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said Dara, McAllen by eating Samia hola hatha yoga was a fear.

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When the Hellfire sees them from a distant place. That's the day of judgment. They will hear it fury and rolling.

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Whatever or informing her McConnell by ear calm McCargo Nina down Hoonah Lika to Bora and when they are thrown

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into a narrow place in how bound in chains, they will cry out for destruction, that the only old metro board on locking down whether

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they will be told don't cry on this day for one destruction, but cry for many destructions that Allah says Luca higher on Amgen that will hold in that you idle mode, the moon say is that better? Or the Gardens of Eternity, which is promised to the righteous it will be for them a reward and a final destination. Now Humphrey Hanna Yasha Omaha living within it they will have everything they may wish, living there eternally the conclusion

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of the Kawada Missoula. It is a promise finding upon your Lord that must be fulfilled. It's a promise.

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The reward for patience is genuine.

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You know, me and you. We know certain people who built for themselves

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such a reputation of honesty

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that they would prefer to die many times over as opposed to paying in a promise that they made.

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So if that is the status of a promise in the eyes of some human beings, what is the status of opponents in the eyes of Allah?

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Was given himself the name of the truth

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and then borrow the ever DOER of goods.

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And then Kareem the most generous This is really assuring

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what are the most reassuring principles that Allah has given us? The promise that says or the principle that says in hola hola

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hola never fails in his poems

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or been happy

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obey shield whoa

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whoa go

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follow up on

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