Hasan Ali – Analysing The Lives Of The Prophets – Episode 14

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The "hasn't done it" concept involves creating permanent life in certain areas and is often addressed by the "one to one" fight between giants and people. The importance of showing one's faith and resilience is emphasized, as it is crucial to convince others of their actions. The speaker also suggests focusing on one's beliefs and staying true to them to avoid feeling Helpless and sad, as it is crucial to convince others of their actions.
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b2b don't

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wanna worry about too

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many. Suleiman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi.

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Firstly a Solomonic Warner

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Brothers and sisters, this is a second session with say the knighthood alehissalaam.

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And say they know who they are Elisa Lam is a prophet that came after season a new holla Islam.

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And we will establish that this is the part near Yemen, and a part

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called cold off between Yemen and Oman.

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And how the remote which is a nother section around Yemen is a this is the part where they were giants, they were great people that a lot created given them a lot of power. And then they got up to worshipping idols. And then they were also very mighty on the earth. And they used to, they used to show their arrogance, they used to show the arrogance.

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So we've done one session and this is the second session. And we were at the idea of pseudo Shura, which is the 26th use of the of the 26th the suit of the Quran and number 1282135

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and this ayah or these iots they talk about satana hudl Islam telling them what is wrong with you people why are you building on every every hill they used to build a you know, something that was that was to do with a monument a building that others would like to look at, which gave them the pride and the prestige that I talked about last week. And they used to also make certain certain buildings that were long lasting, and they used to have pride in living them because it was almost like it would give them a long life. So he said to them, Lala Kowloon as if you're going to live here forever now there's a lesson to learn from this. What we learn from this is that the most

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security a person gets in this dunya the more they are attached to this dunya and the more they yearn to live in this dunya a lesson that we learn from this

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people who are living in

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in mud houses people who are living in you know, non secure places, they have no debt they've got worries just like us we've got Where is our is our you know, big mortgage. And it's going to be about big bill at the end of the month or big deal at the end of three months. So you know it is my job secure. Their worry is, is the paddy field going to give the rice this year which they're planted? Is it going to stay or not? Our worry would be with our kids and the school and education and the you know, the SATs and the GCSEs and the you know college degrees and universities their their worry is, you know, will his son live now, would he? Will he get a son first because he needs

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him for his party fuel. And will his son live big? And will there be enough sons to look after his few you know, hens and sheep and goats or whatever what a few things that he might he might have.

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His worry is about the rainy season, you know, will the rains fall again through his roof, his worries about the cold season Will he be able to you know be able to bear the pain again, with his wife living through the cold. Their worries are about the daily food rations that they're living on, oh, you know, what can they get for the next meal whereas ours are something else but worries is on both sides. But what happens is the mentality of the people when they live with something that is permanent, they almost have an effect of a permanent life. A permanent long life No One No One actually believe that they can live here for for a permanent sort of status, but it does have an

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effect on your mind. One of our styles said that those people who eat from the the plates made of clay that you know in the traditional in our back back in the days even now in certain rural places of the earth. They eat in bowls and plates made of clay. So he said naturally those people are humbled who eat from those, he said the people who eat from tin plates people who eat from from plates, plates are not made of the earth or are made of like the China plates and other types of blades that are more sort of you know, shiny and so on. They have a different they'll have a different sort of feeling. Even those people who cook in those pots that are made of pure clay and

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For people who cook in tinned sort of stainless steel pots, that they have a difference in them. The earlier Alomar said about the profits that every prophet alayhi salatu salam, every prophet at some point of their life, Allah made them look after sheep, every prophet at some point of their life, Allah made them look at the sheep. And the reason was because when you look after sheep, sheep, by their nature, they're humble. And sheep are hard to look after as well, you need a lot of patience, because one wanders off here, one wanders off over there, and then you got to keep on having constant constant Look, look after looking over these cheap, you can't just drop off to sleep

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yourself and just say, you know, everything will be fine because your neighbors and others others fields that those those landlords will will come to you very soon in St. Louis, they ruined our crops and they ruined this not. So you've got to be on a constant watch. Now why is Allah doing this to prophets? It is because he wants them to be to be those who have patience for their own patients in a in the face of adversity. He wants to them to be humble in their nature. He wants them to be vigilant, he wants them to be, you know, people who are responsible because you're going to be very responsible with cheap. And all these things create the very basic characteristics that the profits

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need to deal with the with the profit hood, once they become a profit, and all profits, including our social alcoholism, they never kept things with them. They kept on giving things away. I know many of us are in different levels of this. But all prophets if you look at especially our Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he kept on giving away and giving you a giveaway until you see on his deathbed, he had only a few things which he left and there are counted items which he left in his possession at the time of his death. And these things that he left there even like a pillow and you know, pillow made of palm fibers and things of maybe a couple of you know, coins, even at the day or two

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days before his death on a solid solid. He remembered a few coins that were under his pillow and he told Satan I shot the alarm on her to go straight away and to you know, give that in charity. Why would they do this? And why is it that Rasulullah sallallahu even said he said Aloma is that he named Myskina make me live as a person in need. What admittedly Myskina make me die as a person in need. Why? Why should ni fi zu murottal masakan and resurrect me and make me be on the Day of Judgment gather me amongst those people who are in need of you on the Day of Judgment. It's a beautiful day, because he's saying that he wants to be a miskeen while he's living and miskeen a

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death and a miskeen on the Day of Judgment Why? And And the beautiful thing about this law also is that he didn't say that make them Miss Masaki. He didn't say to make them Masaki, part of me on the Day of Judgment. He said make me part of the Masaki on the day, which is which is a great value to those people who are in need of Allah azza wa jal and what happens is when you secure yourself so you got a secure job, you go secure, you know, house and you got car and you got your phone and you got your life and you got everything else, you know, running nice and fine. What happens is this security makes one forget about the afterlife, and it makes you forget all about death and the

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reality of death and it makes you feel at Yeah, you know, without you even saying it to yourself, your subconscious mind feels that Yeah, I'm here for a long time. I'm here for another good you know, you don't even think about how life is life is going by. So satana m who de la salam, when he's talking to these people, he's reminding them that the more you are building these fortresses and you're building these great monuments, and you're building these buildings where you are, you know, you're living in those compounds are high up on the on the mountains and the hills, it's given them a sense of arrogance even more that we are here we are we are people who are people of you

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know, a permanent and a long life. Right, that is a point of saying that on to mention that.

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On that point, just just one more thing is that Allah azzawajal has told us in the Quran, about about the castle, which is to try and you know, to have rivalry between ourselves to try and increase more and more, the more power and things and assets and, you know, especially with with with land, assets and buildings, some of the most arrogant people on this earth. I'm sorry to put it this way if anyone listened to this and you're one of those, but some of the most arrogant people on this earth are landlords, people who've got land people who got assets because they're a lot more secure than others. With with the with the ADD, they will people who are already like giants, they

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themselves had divided

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between themselves Okay, now I've got this pattern you got that part and so on. And each one was taking large amounts of lands and building on them. And each one was then priding over the other in what he was building, which was much greater and more stronger than the other person who was, you know, down down the other village or down the other mountain, or the other Valley. Now, he then added say, you know who that is, and then added added he said, Well, either Boston, Boston Jabari, when you strike you strike, as people who are arrogant people who are showing off their mind. Now this was another thing that they had, because what happened is that you imagine now there's a big

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lesson to learn from this. These people are a big now not everyone was created as giants in that time. This was the part in Yemen that allowed creative giants, another one that Allah did with Saleh Ali Salam was in the, in the Syrian sort of region, and they will also like giants, Allah did not repeat this for everyone. Allah did not repeat this forever. And so when these people came across others, they found them to be small human beings. And even between themselves, they had this extraordinary amount of strength, and build to challenge each other in fights in an actual one to one combat. And what happened is that whenever they came, they had so much arrogance, you know, it's

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there's a big lesson to learn from you. And that lesson is that you see this in our day and time. In the in the 20 year olds, in the, in the late teenagers, the 20 year olds, those especially who are part of gangs, and those especially who go to the gym. And I'm not saying every person who goes to the gym is like this, please don't get me wrong, right? A lot of good people who go to the gym, and going to the gym is a good thing anyway, because you can exercise fine, but being part of a gang or a gang culture or part of the street life and then going to the gym, and coming out of the gym, like with a with a thin t shirt on a tight one on when it's probably autumn time or winter time and

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walking around, you're down the street as if you know, you got so much space around you to use all my space anyone come here and touch them that you did. Alright, so they they'll walk the walk with that kind of impression that you know, I've got something to show, right and I've got this extraordinary amount of strength and when they see another person with the thing is the clashes don't come normally when a person like that you know is well bill he's got you know, he's got the body shape is he can do in a bench presses. Like, you know, two three other people can't do together, this guy can lift that many weights. Now when it comes across on someone like me, he sees

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me on the street. Now he wouldn't he wouldn't sort of do that to a person who's religious, whatever. They don't pick on them anyway. But even if I if I didn't have the beard and so on, I'm just a normal guy who's walking down. They don't have no qualms with that person. They have. Tell me if I'm right or wrong. The moment he sees another man who he doesn't know who's also got a thin tight t shirt on him who's also lie out there built who's also going to the gym, who's also from the street life who he doesn't know the moment he sees him.

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is a piece of water me.

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Tommy is a piece of wool. Hmm. And they're not friends. They're not friends yet. They're not friends. If he doesn't know him is sad. Okay, he's gonna I'm out.

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Am I right or wrong? They're gonna lie. Yeah, okay, you know, he knows he's there. And this one knows is here. Okay, you know, it's like two lions. You know? It's my territory. bruv and I rule this den. Who in the world are you to show me your muscles in front of me is an instant reaction. When they come in close contact. You can almost guarantee that if nothing else, it's not gonna be like, yeah, you know, Sarah or like, you know, hey, Brian, how you doing? Where are you from? Yeah, yeah, I'm cool. You know you you could it's not gonna be that it's gonna be like, walking past each other. Yeah, we go. We go. We got to prove right there might not crush me the gym the first day but

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you can imagine if they stay in the same area for for a little while. There's gonna be a pasta. Somehow something you know, it's like you would you would you think you see and it will stop. And few of these boys together. You can imagine now there's just one guy to one guy. Imagine like this, four of them coming to the gym. And out of another gym. There's another four coming out. And everyday they're passing by chavan. This guy, you know, thinks he's big and he's tough. What are you going to do? Well, it happens in schools. He happens on the streets, the men to men what they're going to do is they're going to start a fight when they start

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Fight is going to be to properly punch this guy up and beat him up so bad that his girlfriend's gonna leave him because she can't recognize him anymore. Right? That's how bad he wants to beat him. Now, that's the kind of thing that they will be thinking that's on so hard when they saw each other and they were giants. They wanted to have a one to one they wanted to sort of fight in the fighting, and the arrogance amongst them was was, you know, at a high, so satana, who the alayhis salam is telling them for too long, you know, have fear of Allah, these same items would have to have fear of Allah, you know, think about the consequences of what you guys are doing. What do you own and obey

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me now don't think that say, who de la sala was a small man talking to these giants. He wasn't he was also their size. He grew up amongst them. So he was there sighs if he was a small man talk to a few giants. I think they just like say Whoops, I didn't see him to start today off sorry, you know, sent him to the next slide really early. That didn't finish him off. But he was also their height and their size. And he says to the matakohe lady, Amanda de combi ma tala moon,

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have awareness of the one who extended his favours on you. You are people whom Allah has given a real people whom Allah has given a great amount of height, strength, you know, and we've got the bill, overall, other people. So he's extended. And not only that, Amanda can be an arm. He's given you animals. He's given you, Benny in children, where Jonathan has given you many gardens, where are you in and he's giving you springs. Now, this is a specific nehama of Allah, his sanctum, why? Why mentioned springs, because in Arabia, if you think about it, it's very rare to get gardens that are green, and to get springs that are running beneath those gardens or in between those Gardens is very

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rare. And whoever has got that is a lucky individual in the middle of Arabia, not not, you know, not even maybe a couple of a handful of people can say that they've got those things in the in the in the Arabian Peninsula. So he was reminding me and then he said in near a halfway la kumada, Yamuna. avi, I fear for you people a day of punishment, that is going to be really severe and really great and magnificent in this nation nature. So I feel for that.

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Now, instead of them being a people who are going to now say, Well, you know, he's right, we shouldn't be arrogant, and so on. The nature of these people was that they had they were too much injury. Now one of the things that happens is, it's the peers and the grouping and the pressure that happens, which is something I mentioned in when we covered Satan, unohana salaams story, but I'm going to mention in a different way, right now.

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If you look in in the media, if you look amongst MPs, there's a big debate going on. There are many debates that come along, go go go across, but one of the one of the things going right now is on the niqab issue, right should niqab issue should be banned should not be banned. Now. What happens is that the pressures amongst themselves is so much that each one fears stepping out of line. The moment you step out of line, you are a loner, you are a schmuck you are whatever else they'll call you, you are, you know you are a person who's an outcast, you you're a person who's joining the other party, you are doing the abnormal and you will get criticized and you will get mocked out for

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staff for stepping out. Now it's not just them doing it, we'll do it as human beings. You want to conform to your culture, to your people, to the norms and habits and behaviors of everyone around you. You even conformed to the accent

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along our path. You know, if you think about people, you know, just look at England, we've got people in, you know, up north in Manchester that speak differently slightly from the Newcastle people, and they speak now the jordiz in Newcastle and the people in Birmingham, you know, they speak differently from those people who are in London, London, right? So within one single, small island, you've got so many different sort of accents. When you move to one from one city to another city.

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Do they just say yeah, you know, he's just normal. He's talking normal English or do they find you a bit funny? They find you abnormal, right? They find you funny they think why is this pri is a northerner Oh, he's a southerner. He's an older now he's a southerner. And you find the difference and the what do you do? Well, if you stay there long enough, you naturally adapt to that. You will start speaking like them and

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I've met people. In fact, myself, you know, I've been born up in the Midlands. And when I'm here, I speak like this when I'm speaking. And as soon as I go back and see my family in Walsall, I'll be speaking in a dialect that fits them. And it just happened so naturally, and I don't know how I even do it. Because even when I'm on the phone, I don't realize that my wife tells me that, you know, you just switched your switch your you know, your accent slightly, your tone, it just switched when you spoke to that individual and said, All right, you know, sometimes I'm aware of it, I'm not aware of it. Now, it's so much demanding the peer pressure and the thing is that you will adapt to every

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single part of it, you will adapt to it. And you will not want to step out unless created like created us like that, so that we can get on with one another. Now, what's happened to here is the same thing is going on all these giants that together, and they don't want to step out. So they will start making any excuse to get back at say that. So one of the common thing that's what Allah Allah mentioned is and there's a massive lesson to learn from this because it's happening in our world right now in a different way. And I will explain to you how they said yahood you know, who.

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And they call him by his name hood. This is in Suda, hood surah number 11. And number 53 to 57 for reference done. So they say yahood magic 10 Urbina, they said, You have not come with any evidence whatsoever. There's nothing clear as an evidence why we should prioritize you. Over over ourselves. Why should we use the same as us? They then added on, they said, Why am I not gonna be tariki, ali hatena and colic. Just because you told us to leave these gods.

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We're not going to leave them just because you said it. You think makes you just you? Are you just gonna tell us to do that, and we're just gonna do it.

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Oh, man,

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we haven't even believe you. So three things, they said no evidence. Second thing they said is that just when you think you're just going to tell us to do we're just gonna leave it. And third thing they said is that you're not going to be we don't believe in you. We don't even believe in you that you're telling us the truth. Now, these are common things which many prophets face. But the next thing is the one that has the big lesson for us. They said in Nakul Illa, tharaka, Babu Li hatena de su,

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what we are telling you forget you telling us, we are telling you that some of our gods got so angry with you, and your behavior. And what you've been saying about them is that they've cast

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a spell on you. And they've done something evil to you, which has made you like this. Oh, who'd See, you are a fool. And you've got because they said Safa, they said called Mr. fee, or a person who's foolish. They said, You're a fool. You're a madman, because of our gods, they have cursed you. And a curse has fallen you so so who, you know, you wouldn't be back to normal to us. Please stop saying that about

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you be the same as us. There'd be nothing wrong with you. At the moment you talk in the middle who lose. So now you can imagine, now he's alone. He's trying to get them to believe in him and they switch it on him. This is exactly what is happening. And what happens. You know, when you're in the field of dollar, sometimes you feel you're absolutely alone. You're trying to change people, you might be trying to change a family member of family families. So let's say your whole family's one way and you're a different way. And they say to you, you know what, since you became practicing, you lost your job.

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It happens guys, if you come to me and tell me this, they say, you know, I got accused by my family that I'm the only practice when I'm paying my salary This is since you did that this happened and that happened and that leak happened and other you know, you're a bad omen guy. change yourself to what we were before. change yourself change your habits. What were we were all normal before Why did you have to become practicing for because you became practice and all these things happen sometimes reverts they they have a real big problem when they when they come to the religion and their families say this to them and it really kills them inside. And they need to look at the story and

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they need to think that you know there's nothing wrong with you is those people are making false accusations against you. And sometimes what happens is the common one is no, you're you're just a normal individual. Just doing something normal. It doesn't even have to be that you're practicing. It could be anything normally you're doing and because you stepped out of line with your family and something and you're not listening to them for some reason. They say

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Somebody must have been Jabu

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somebody must have put black magic on him. Somebody must have given him the evil eye. Somebody must have made him be like this, because of the way he's, he's reacting, and you get accused. And then they say, Okay, let's take you,

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when when we should I go, let's take you to see someone you are possessed. You are a person who is under the influence, we need to snap you out of this. So we'll take you to a Mullah who's going to basically put some chili up your nose, and burn something and make you know how to seal these numbers in front of you. Right? And sprinkle all this water over you and beat the shadow and the genies out of you. And you know, they, they come to me, and they tell me this, then I'll give you guys this, this this town we're in. It was a girl, and she's still around in this town. And she's part of my Academy. She's left now years backwards. She left. She left about a decade ago. But about

00:26:04 --> 00:26:52

five years ago, she somehow she phoned me. I don't know how she got my number, she must have found so many people to get my number one, she phoned me. And she said to me, sir, she said, I really need to ask you something else. I said, Well, I said, My whole family. They're telling me that I've got because she said that I actually, you know actually fainted. A completely normal girl 22 years old, doing her studies. And she just fainted. Right? A couple of times it happened. Now her whole family, especially being Asians. And on top of that being Mongolian being from select, you know, they say that that's it, you know, why should a nice looking girl 22 years old, not married suddenly faint

00:26:52 --> 00:27:23

twice? You know, this is extraordinary. This is it. You know, she has been possessed some of them black, my dad said we taking you to the to this guy to this machine to that machine and so on. Now, she was freaked out saying that, look, I don't want to go I don't think there's anything wrong with me. And I'm completely fine and don't see anything. And I'm not, you know, I'm not hallucinating. I'm not whatever, you know, just leave me alone. They said no, you better come That's it, you got no choice, you don't know what's gonna happen to you, you might actually be taken by the gene you might take you took the tree and convert you to a gene allow, but I'm not how they make these things up.

00:27:23 --> 00:28:06

Right? But But I'm serious. They make all these things up. So she said, I've told my family that I've got a teacher of mine. And if he tells me I need to go somewhere, I will go. And if he tells me I don't need to know, then I won't. And you guys, you guys just base it on my bases. And that's when she called me that, you know, please help me here. So I got in contact with the family. And I said, Okay, let me see what the situation is with this girl. So she was in hospital at that time. Middlesex Hospital went to visit her there, her family were there. I told the family to stand aside for a little while. And I had a you know, one to one with and I said, you know, tell me, is there

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anything that is abnormal in your life? Whatever, how are you seeing things? Are you desired? You know, all the normal questions and she's saying, No, no, no, no, no, nothing. I'm completely fine. So I'm like, I'm building myself. I'm thinking now What is wrong? Why is this girl and and the doctors can't find anything either. That's the that's the nother you know, and when the doctors can't find anything, you know,

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currently and you know, it's got to be there somewhere you know, we'll find the crook wherever it is. And we'll, we'll send him on as well. So

00:28:38 --> 00:28:44

now is getting even more frustrating because the doctors are doing all these checks on a blood on this and that and saying you can't find anything.

00:28:45 --> 00:28:47

So I found myself in Bangladesh.

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And Michelle straightaway said you know Allah gives certain certain people who are close to Allah azza wa jal, Allah gives them a few grace I even though Sue Larson, Larson talked about, he said, he said it in a certain moment, he said Be aware of the inner psyche of a believer, the inner insight of a believer because he sees from the light of Allah azza wa jal so I found my shave on my shelf straightaway said to me on the phone, he said

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she's in love with someone.

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And she doesn't know how to break it up to a family because a family gonna say no. And because of her stress that she's never been it's never going to be able to marry this person whom she's deeply in love with. She has blacked out a couple of times.

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And straight up this is I'm not making any of this up, share her got on the off the phone team went back to Middlesex Hospital, right family turn turn suicide, one to one with a with a girl as a strategy. I said, Who in the world are you in love with and she went

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Read from here to here.

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And she blushed.

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And she said, you know, how do you Why do you ask her to quit? How do you know? And I said, Oh, it took a fearless woman, as she said, is I'm just being straight up with you Who in the world, then she broke up. She said, Well, you know, it's a guy, he's 23 years old. I'm Amanda with him. And I really want to, I really, really need to get married to this person I really need to and I don't know how to break it up to my family and my family and accepted everything the sheriff said over the phone, she confirmed it. This is just five years ago, she confirmed it. And then I asked again, the chef and the chef said, Okay, tell her not to worry, we're about to, you know, read certain things

00:30:47 --> 00:31:23

just to calm myself down, and so on. And I told the family all I said to the families, look, there's nothing wrong, she doesn't have to go to see anyone. There's no gene, there's no, there's no nothing, you know, there's no black magic, and so on. And then Alhamdulillah Now, a few years later, she's completely fine, fine, because in the end, you know, it took a lot to convince her that Look, you've got to give up. Either you give up this person, or you're going to go through another few blackouts and so on. And it's going to stress you out. So humbler she in the end, you know, gave gave up that relationship took her took it took some time, but she did that analysis completely back

00:31:23 --> 00:31:57

to normal now. Now, what I want to say to you is that people do go through these phases in their life where others are accusing you have something which you are not under so many of them saying the same thing to you. Sometimes you could even go mental in the house, because so many people are saying so the same thing to you. I had this recent one case where one individual, he had to leave the house, he actually looked for another friend's house. In the end, he got in contact with me. And he said this very recently, within the last year, he got in contact with me and said his family are driving him crazy. I said well for because they want him to marry this particular girl, and he

00:31:57 --> 00:32:28

doesn't get married to head in that scene. So you know, they're gonna blow Blow his whole life up, because he's not agreeing to that. And he doesn't want to get married to him because she's ugly. You know, you don't find her pretty. I'm not saying women are in general, even though there are a lot of beautiful women out there. But he just didn't fancy her and he didn't under that putting so much pressure on him that you better just say yes, you better just say yes. Now, then they start using things, you know, the same as somebody must have done something to you and so on. And you know, same case, same scenario. So what I want to say to you that is that from this, they said to say that a

00:32:28 --> 00:33:07

hudaydah ceram, that you have been bewitched, you've got a curse on you. You got there's an evil Omen about you, our gods have done something to you. And that's why you're behaving like this. Now you're going to listen to his answer. So behind Allah now, this is a prophet alayhi salatu salam this is you know, we've got to be the whole reason why this is here is that you learn from them, so much pressure on him, that all of these people are ganging up on him and they're saying doesn't matter why he says, what he says he just cursed his a man is cursed. You know? Do you gonna stay near a person who is cursed? Do you? Do you live next to a person who's cursed? Do you listen to a

00:33:07 --> 00:33:52

person who says no amount of things that must have said to him? And he said in the law, he said, I make a law, a witness? What shall I do and you be my witnesses? Well, anybody who Mima to shikun that the thing you are calling me to, I am completely acquitted of that. The first thing he said is that Allah is my witness, that I'm never going to be that you thought you tried to put so much pressure on me that you're trying to get me to agree to your devil worshipping or your idol worshipping, you're trying to get me to, to do to worship all of these, these idols, which in essence is devil worship. And because you listen to the devil, you listen to the devil, whether you

00:33:52 --> 00:34:28

worship him straight up or not, you listen to the devil. So he said, You want me to be pressurized to do this. Now I put allows my witness and I make sure my witness that I'm completely acquitted of that. Now, the first thing I want to say to all of you, who might be under this pressure in time your life is you just tell them if you feel you're in the right you tell them there's no way you know, with absolute certainty, you can see how much certainty is in this. He first says in me is like surely myself. Then he says oh Shula before he even says was gonna say said, Allah is my witness. I'm saying this. Why should I do and you remain Magnus i'm saying is anybody who may not to

00:34:28 --> 00:35:00

shikun that I'm completely far away from whatever you people are doing. First thing second thing he says, mean dooney faki dooney, Jamie and mala tomorrow. He said besides God, Whosoever you want to find, to try and go and worship to them, because that's what they're doing. They will go on to the idol they say, you know, oh, idol of giving us an idol of that. We want you to curse hoot. Now, what happens is, they make it now part of their worship, too.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:31

curse the Prophet. And that's what they were doing. And I just want to say to you, that is very unfortunate, right? I'm not saying to you that not all shears are non Muslim, I'm not saying that to you. There are shears who are Muslims, there are shields that are non Muslims, it depends on the aqidah. But it's very sad to see that some shears the whole religion is based upon cursing the Sudanese. It's really sad. It's really sad state of affairs that you need to make your religious, you know, believes that you just cut somebody else. And that's how you actually you know,

00:35:32 --> 00:36:14

elevate yourself in your deen. So on this point, he said, mendonca, he said, You take whoever else you want besides Allah, and you use them to try and plot against me. So go and get all your Gods you want Jamie on all of them. So mulatu zero. And I said, whether they are gods or others, bring as many people as you want to go against me, bring your entire force on me sumela to the moon and don't even give me a chance to have, you know, a step ahead. Or don't give me a chance to have to be aware of any product that you making. Just do what you like,

00:36:15 --> 00:36:28

in the talkin to Allah, why I'm saying this to you is because I have put my trust in Allah in it Raka to Allah, Robbie, or have become

00:36:29 --> 00:37:10

my Lord, and your Lord as well as there's a big, big message here. He doesn't say you know, my lord versus your gods. He says, My Lord and your Lord versus your gods. Right? There's a difference is like, You think I'm gonna bring the one Allah who just I'm on side of, and you're on all these gods together? And we're going to have in a battle? No, no, he's saying, my ally is your ally, by the way. Right? This is, you know what you want to say? Subhana Allah, you want to think about these, you know, these. Some of these sometimes I think like these, because I already in one of the scholars sayings, he said, you know, some of these arrogant people are in power. You know, they're

00:37:10 --> 00:37:24

in power, you know, where they it's some of these large countries, some of these large generals and armies and wherever else and go in countries and do whatever the * they want, right? Just put it in your mind and say what the scholar says said,

00:37:25 --> 00:37:27

what he said, he said,

00:37:28 --> 00:37:36

that God, that makes me urinate every day, makes you urinate as well.

00:37:38 --> 00:38:08

The God that makes me go to the toilet every day is the same God that makes you go to the toilet every day. What's the difference between me and you? Doesn't matter how much of a big guy he's on the air. Doesn't matter how many people have garnered him how much interest how many billions of dollars he has and trillions and so on how much investment he has and how much power he has the God that makes me a simple man, go to the toilet makes that man as simple a simple man go to the toilet, there's no difference between me and him inside of God.

00:38:10 --> 00:38:31

And the God that will put me six foot down is gonna be the God that will put him six foot down as well. He's not going to escape that. Another scholar said, he said, Who in the world are you to show your arrogance? When you pass through to private paths.

00:38:32 --> 00:39:11

One through your father's and a second one through your mother's to get to this world, you pass through through to private paths to even be born. So Who in the world are you to show your arrogance? So how do you think about it? So you know these these tyrants and others, when the prophets taught us that is you don't look at them in any way that they have gotten power emitter Welcome to Allah, I put my trust in Allah, Who is my Lord and your Lord as well as the same Lord who's feeding us feeding me who's who's doing giving you all the treats that you've got and giving me my treats everybody. If you've got any dignity loss in your side, it's him not your gods. Mammon

00:39:11 --> 00:39:41

de Botton, Allahu Allahu Allah Subhana Allah, then he stamped it down. He adds on this is not just a simple statement he's making he's saying every creature that crawls every beast that moves every creation that has an ability to make some maneuver in law who is hidden we now see it my Allah has got there for lock in his hand.

00:39:42 --> 00:40:00

And the forelock is, this part of the hair name, I know my hair is short, right? Now imagine my hair was a bit long, and you could actually see it. And this is the forelock. This part here and the Arabs have a saying that that you know, different languages. You have

00:40:00 --> 00:40:12

have different ways of expressing it right? So when in English my say he got him by the neck, he got him by the neck. Right? Or some others might say he got him by the

00:40:15 --> 00:40:59

you know, trying to say that. They might say that means that that's he's got no way to escape, right. Even in Bangladesh say Shashi Shashi Dorinda Chatelet bass I'll get you by the way I can, I can strangle you. Right. So in Arabic what they say they say Aki luminosity which means one who holds the forelock. Now whoever's got the full arc has almost got the whole body under him. And he's got his his most pressure part of the body which is the head in his grip. So they, when they say that they mean that you got no escape, just like you might say, he got him by the neck, he just got him, you know, in a position that he couldn't get out of. So every creature creation, that crawl

00:40:59 --> 00:41:38

that moves that has the ability to wither my Allah has got its for lock in his hand, meaning that you can't escape. Now this is a beautiful thing I remember, the chef said the other day, we're talking about Bangladesh in the situation, Bangladesh and all these, whatever is going on. And I said to you as a chef, you know, what is it that you know, all this is happening and so on a lot of frustration you think about the country after country got a little frustrated, he said a beautiful thing. He said I'm you know, you cherish these things for life. When I when a person who's elderly whose wife says this, you cherish it for life, he said, Bothell which is falsehood, falsehood will

00:41:38 --> 00:41:48

never be able to escape. The hokum of Allah falsehood will never be able to escape the command of God.

00:41:49 --> 00:42:27

Never. So no matter how much they're doing, you know, right now, you know, the whole of the whichever Western world countries that they trying to plot against whatever Middle Eastern country and whatever happening within the Muslim countries and whichever generals and cools and wherever else is going to look at them as bothan, falsehood. whatever they're doing, they're still within the command of Allah, they can't escape that. So if Allah willed that they can't do a certain thing, they will not be able to do a certain thing. And that's a great satisfaction for the believer to know that you can only harm me as much as my Lord has written for me to be harmed by you. Besides

00:42:27 --> 00:43:00

that, you can't hurt me anymore. So if you're gonna give me a broken nose, and you're gonna give me you know, broken teeth, and you're gonna, like, give me a broken arm, that's as far as you can go. But if my Lord didn't write that, you're gonna kill me, you can't kill me. And if my Lord didn't even write a broken arm, you can do whatever you want to break, man, you can't do it. And even law didn't even write that you can't break my nose, and you can't break my nose doesn't matter how hard you punch me, and how hard you try to attack me, my nose will not break because Allah is the one that has the command over any falsehood, and anyone else that is there. So he stated that, and then

00:43:00 --> 00:43:14

he said, in rugby, Allah sirotkin, stuck in my load is on the absolute straight path, which means that my lord has got full justice, full command, full power, and full, he's got full

00:43:16 --> 00:44:00

power, and he exercises his authority over all of his affairs of whatever is happening in this world. And here in my place of Yemen, what you guys are doing, my lord has got every power over you people. And I remember one one scholar said beautifully said, he said, you know, the believer, he sees everyone, imagine, imagine right now, I'll just just just look around the people, right? We just see individuals, he said, Can you imagine if, if, if each person had a link, just imagine an invisible link from their head, and the body, the whole body going upwards? margin, every single one's had the link going upwards? Right. So these are links that's connecting his eyes, his ears,

00:44:00 --> 00:44:27

his nose, his face, his mouth, collecting all his brain, his nerves, connecting his connecting his heart connecting his the pulse rate of his heart connecting his arms, his vessels, his veins, you know, his his joints, his limbs, his bones. You know, every part of the body has got, you know, this, this kind of a link that's coming out, and you find that it's getting, you know, it's all joining up to one link and it's going up.

00:44:29 --> 00:44:57

Then he said, imagine every human being has got that link, every creature every animal has got a link, right? And that link goes straight to Allah meaning that Allah azza wa jal has got the power over the vein, the cells, it's his power over the brain, his power of the skull, over the arms over the shoulders, the body, the legs and all of that, and every vein, muscle brain thought idea is linked up to Allah

00:44:58 --> 00:45:00

and that they are within his

00:45:00 --> 00:45:10

powers so that they can't really do anything without his will. He says the true believer sees every creation of God like that.

00:45:12 --> 00:45:50

Imagine you see your enemies like that, that all of them are under his hokum. So that's how the Sahaba must have felt, you know, going into the battlefields and thinking, you know, seeing what all of these, they're under the command of Allah, how many Am I going to get down? Right? And if one of them gets me down, when I had my link to Allah, right, and it was my turn through the fate of God, that I fall at this moment, so who cares? When my moment comes, I want to fall down. Before that, let me try and show my Lord, how many I can take down. This was this was the mentality behind them, which made them you know, so audacious when they went ahead. So anyway, save now, who doesn't I

00:45:50 --> 00:45:52

mentioned that and then he says,

00:45:53 --> 00:46:36

obviously an inner be a certain services or interval. So you turn around, you reject my message, faqad, Abla tokuma, or the sin to be illegal, I have delivered my part of my job of giving you a message, I have completed my duty, so I'm not lost. Now, what we learned from here is that when you're in a situation where you've got people against you, and they're trying to switch you to their ideas, and so on, you've got to be strong enough to say, Look, I've done my job, I'm doing a good job here. Sometimes you can't see the other end. And but you got to convince yourself and tell them that your duty is being done. If you're on the truth, carry on speaking the truth, even if falsehood

00:46:36 --> 00:46:54

is in its multiples, like rain around you that surrounds you just carry on. And that's the message that we get from such ambia. And then he says, where's the common hydrocone said, he said, tomorrow, all of you people are going to be replaced with another nation.

00:46:55 --> 00:47:06

Now, isn't it true, guys, you know, you know, sometimes you replace, right? Somebody plays you know, it's really, really funny. You know, we're here in this Masjid right now. Now we live in this head machine right now. Yeah.

00:47:08 --> 00:47:10

Who's here before us? I don't have a

00:47:17 --> 00:47:36

synagogue. It was it was a Jewish synagogue here. So this place was a Jewish synagogue. And they worshiped and then who knew that we would be in power here and get this piece of land? But before the synagogue, I don't even know who owned it. Who knew who had it? But I'm sure some Christians probably had it. And before then,

00:47:38 --> 00:48:13

this part of the earth didn't exist. Before that. Of course it did. Who had it? Well, some Saxons had it. Some Romans had it. Some you know, I don't know some guy under King Edward Henry, Edward the second or third or fourth or fifth or whoever you want to call him? You know, James, the whatever. under him. Some guy had it. Right. There was some landlords 400 years ago, 500 years ago, 600 years ago. Now before then there was others before then there were others. And you think to yourself, if you compare yourself to the Romans, you think the Romans had this land where the Romans the guys can tell me where the Romans

00:48:15 --> 00:48:56

in the museum's that's where the Romans the Romans are there nowhere else except for the museum's the Saxons, the Vikings, the whole lot of the history that they had in this country, were all in history books. And in museums, they're nowhere else. And if they, if they discover something from the earth, they end up again in the museum and their monuments. And I know that the artifacts end up in the museum and that said, history, my friend. Well, this is what says, who the lesson was trying to tell his people, he's telling them you people, you're so arrogant today don't use see that Allah is gonna give this part of the earth, he's gonna put it into the hands of somebody else after you

00:48:56 --> 00:49:25

that your whole generation is going to get wiped out. You people won't even exist not even your name won't exist, if you unless if Allah wills, nothing will be there. So you see that another nation after another nation come a lot another nation come, who knows how many other people will occupy this time because these are lost land, and the whole of the Earth is Allah and Allah chooses who he wants to give his parts of his lands to. Then he said, while Otto Guna who share he said none of you will be able to harm me by the least.

00:49:26 --> 00:49:47

Do what you want, bring or bring on only gods in Nairobi, Allah kulesza in Haffield, why you can't harm me is because my lord is the one who is overall protecting on everything. He protects everything. So therefore my allies protecting me at this moment, you can do what you want. Now, what we learned from this is the sheer Eman that Satan who that I Salam had,

00:49:48 --> 00:50:00

how strong he was in saying all of these words to them in the face of them saying that he's an evil Omen he's been cursed. He's got you know, black magic on him or the gods have, you know, that have had

00:50:00 --> 00:50:40

Kirsty Medan something to him, the sheer he man has got under faith he has in Allah and the strength he has and standing in front of these people. That's the strength Allah wants to take, you know, he wants us to take a lesson from from such a thing. And like all profits, this wasn't one day. My brothers, this is this wasn't one day, this was day in, day out day in day out, they had to put up with all these different things that they were saying against them. And ourselves, we're going to go through certain phases in life where you're under pressure, day in, day out. Now, one thing I want to tell you is,

00:50:41 --> 00:51:15

and I'll end this I'll end the session with this is that, you know, under such immense pressure, people get stressed, people get depressed and people crack. People actually crack under pressure their brain, their men, men in the mentals abilities, it cracks, they what happens that they feel helpless, a normal person will happen, I'll tell you how depression sort of happens is at first you're trying to convince convince, and you're like, you're burning all your energy out and trying to convince them about the truth. Imagine you're trying to give power to some some people out there, whoever it is family, friends, whoever it is, you Oh, it could be even a lot of people have come to

00:51:15 --> 00:51:48

talk about workplaces. Now. Sometimes workplaces, you got people who are oppressing others, people, then what they do is they switch things on you. So you're talking about the truth. They're talking about falsehood, and I'll give you a typical scenario, that there was a there was a person I know that went into the drug rehabilitation sort of program is working with the council, and it's trying to get people off drugs. So it's a whole, you know, part of the borrower part of the council and trying to do that, then what he does is he gets inside and he's he then you know, he's really he's got a lot of energy to burn is telling people you know, all these, all these peers that this is how

00:51:48 --> 00:52:24

we're going to get him off drugs and so on. Yeah, yeah, everything's all good, his old paper, everything, then he realizes that you know, what, what's on paper, these guys are doing something different. And he's what's going on here, you know, we're the people trying to get them off drugs. And you're the people in charge of this with me, and you guys are not doing your job properly. So he finds out that Subhana, Allah, these guys, they are going against, against their own paperwork. They're not going into the areas where drugs are and there must be something going wrong. And then he finds out that they got a deal somewhere. So the guys who are in the office in the council, I've

00:52:24 --> 00:53:01

got a deal somewhere not to go in seminary, do the drug barons must pay them off and said, Well, you know, we'll give you this much cash in a backhander. We'll give you this, this this backhand, as long as you basically don't, don't, you know, come into our area. So there's less invigilating going on in those areas was more going into other areas. So he sees all of these, you know why, you know, going into this area, I know there's drugs being sold there, and they're not doing that, then what happens is that he finds out that some drugs that were seized are now missing. Hey, what happened? You know, where did these drugs go in a typical story, that drugs went back, sold resold back to the

00:53:01 --> 00:53:37

drug barons, you know, this happens, this brother that was involved in this, he is now at the top senior level, going in the unlock giving everything he's got to try and make others aware of the dodgy tactics, and the mishandling of all of this going on. What do they do? They gang up on him? All right, this is a true case. I'm telling you, they gang up on him, and they make him look like the weirdo. The one that is you know, he doesn't know how to work properly. You know, he's true. He's got an anger management problem.

00:53:38 --> 00:54:17

And management problem, you know, he's losing it. He's, he's talking too loud. He's a bit rude. That's what they'll do. They'll play emotionally. He's a bit rude. He's, he's, he's saying things that that he shouldn't say, you know, he should say different, okay, there might be certain things but he's got to understand he doesn't understand all these accusations against him, or what they do, they flip people around. And then in the end, the main people who are at the top, they put certain bad false information in their ears, and they switch them around this guy. What happened in the in the foreign when they fired him, he went into severe stress, and his stress went into some kind of

00:54:17 --> 00:54:54

depression. And what happens then is that you're helpless, you can't do anything. And along the way, he even found that the some police were perhaps, you know, had mishandling the whole thing as well the project as well. So he went to Sydney, you know, he dropped down. What then happens is that because you feel helpless and you feel you can't do anything, you then start talking to yourself, right? You start saying Nah, man, this does not talk to as many people as you can. The problem then is, the more people you talk to, and at the same time you helpless, what happens at this thing kills you even more. If you're able to talk to people and get to solution of your problems, then you come

00:54:54 --> 00:54:59

out of stress and depression. But if you are deep in this and nothing's happening

00:55:00 --> 00:55:37

leadings talking to people talking to people, you're digging yourself in sand and quicksand and taking yourself deeper. And that's when serious depression comes. And that's when you need to go on tablets, you need to go to the hospital and so on. Now, luckily for this brother, someone came along and started giving him some medication and so on. And luckily, also, you know, he started to come out of it through other ways, and so on. But what I want to say to you is I've seen people who've come to me taking advice off me and they go through it, and I warned them, and the best thing for anyone to do is what say they know who that is, Ellen did, which is you say, you guys can do what

00:55:37 --> 00:55:39

you want. All I know is my Allah said

00:55:41 --> 00:56:20

that's the only way you can stay save yourself from depression and stress. And I'm telling you doesn't matter. You know, you're not like taking, taking antidepressant drugs, you know what he does? He just numbs a part of your brain, that's what he's going to do is going to numb certain parts of your body, and that's all it will achieve. It won't get to the root of your problem. The root of your problem is your mind. Need to get your mind straight, focus, strength, strong belief that's what Satan did. He's he had his mind his body his whole you know his whole psyche his inner is out is all strong you can do what you want I've got my Allah my allies on the street but my life

00:56:20 --> 00:56:47

is my life the Justice my law protects me May Allah I have I put my my full full trust in Him. My Allah controls you people my law controls you're all the people all the creatures that that that move around my last full full power over everything. What can you guys do to me, go do what you want me to do because I'm not going to worry about you. I'm going to still just put my trust in law, my thoughts in Allah and that's the only thing that can keep you calm.

00:56:48 --> 00:57:07

That's the only thing I can give you a contrast to Allah, Allah. Allah basically lines up. Only through the remembrance of Allah will mines be settled only through the hearts and mind will be settled only through the realms of Allah. And with that I I finished inshallah Next week, we'll continue the third part of season hudaydah

Analysing the Lives of the Prophets 14, Hud Part 2 by Shaykh Hasan Ali

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