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My brothers and my sister that are listening.

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We all are in this world for a very short time.

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And Allah azza wa jal is our focus and we need to make Allah's Rayleigh focus the reason why we need to do that is because Allah azza wa jal is everything and under no normally, I know normally people hear this that Allah is everything Allah is. But no, let's let's pinpoint

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what is it that means everything.

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Allah is the closest to me than anyone else. Any other being. At this moment, I might feel closer to my mother.

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I might feel closest on this earth to my mother, to my father, to others that are really close to me. That that's because I have spent time with them.

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I've spent time with my mother. I spend time with my brother or sister. The reason why we don't feel the closest of Allah azza wa jal is because we haven't spent time with Allah.

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Allah is closer to me than my own mother. Because Allah is harlech. He is the Creator, He created me if my mother gave me birth.

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If a mother gave birth to me, then I spent nine months in my mother's womb.

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And because of that, my mother is close to me, because of the fact that when I grew up, I remember I know for a fact that my mother, not only breastfed me or my mother gave me food or my mother clothed me or mother, you know cared for me. If that is something which makes me feel close to my mother. Then what would happen to me if I really knew what who might Allah was? What My Allah did for me, because what my Allah did for me is that my my Eliza was the one who created me in the mother's womb.

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My Allah is the one that shaped and fashion me My Allah is the one that is MUSAWAH he's the one that fashion my face. So when Allah azza wa jal, he is a Holic I am the MaHA Look, I am his creation. May Allah is the one that gave me an introduction the Quran by saying, if you want to know who I am, then my name is Rob. Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. I am Rob. I'm the one that will not only brought you into existence, but I nurtured you. And I gave you I sustained you, I gave you every part of what is needed for you to grow. So what this means is, in every single moment, from the moment that I would my heart was beating inside or even before my heart was beating inside the

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mother's womb, for every single second from there onwards, Allah azza wa jal gave me my growth. I think about this for a moment. These fingers that I've got, they can't develop to what they are, if they got deformed in my mother's womb.

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These legs that I've got, that way, is stuck in a certain position for nine months. These cannot develop, if Allah azza wa jal just made them deformed. Allah never made them before. Allah gave me bones you know the bones that I've got those bones formed over time, they became strong Allah gave the strength to that, to my weakness, he added strength. My whole brain could I just be it was Jenny is absolutely Jenny for Allah azza wa jal to then develop a skull that holds my brain for my brain to actually form and become something that connects up with a whole functionality where I actually think I actually think and Allah says in the hook and the first thing he says, a Harajuku meme

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Bertone Omaha article.

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Allah is the one you want to recognize him Allah is the one that he brought you out of your mother's wombs in a state Giada Hola, como Samara, wala Busara while I've either he gave you by bringing you out of your mother's rooms, he gave you the hearing a summer. He gave you a lab sod he gave you different sites, meaning not only the site of the eyes, but the insight of our hearts and our minds. He gave you that. And Allah azza wa jal says, Well, if either he gave you something inside that you can, you can have awareness and you can be conscious of who you are, where you are and what you're doing. There's a whole functionality of here. Yeah. In your Levine

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philippou was up on

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Albany going to Mala Bay on fee Walla Walla Walla shafa.

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One curfew Rona humo,

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volley Moon Sutala HaNavi