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Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The group discusses struggles and actions taken by individuals, including missing tax returns and a loss of hair. They stress the importance of being quick in small actions to avoid overwhelming ego and failures. They also advise guests to be quick with their actions to avoid missing important events and warn of potential consequences of losing too much money. The speakers stress the importance of remaining true to one's beliefs and avoiding religion.
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Jahai Do you have God

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Oh you who are believers struggled struggle as you ought to struggle struggle struggle go against yourself yeah I knew a Halloween MAN WHO

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ARE YOU BELIEVE be aware of me. Wellington was on AppSumo the matinee

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every single soul should see every enough's should see every ego every self should see every person should see. What is it that you already sent to me for tomorrow sent not send, you know sent and send is a massive difference.

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You know, those of you accountants will know right now. 31st of January is coming up right 31st of January coming up all the billboards outside there tells you get your tax returns before 31st August right.

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Now, if you send it before 31st You've sent it if it's the first of Feb, you haven't sent it, you're going to send it and it's late. Alright, Allah azza wa jal is telling us what you've sent in terms of your actions already to Allah. That's what you've banked. That's what you're what you're going to send is not used yet. You know, what happens in our minds is that somewhere inside that, Nef says, Don't worry, don't worry, don't worry. I sorted myself out. Yeah, don't worry. When I'm 50 When I'm 50 I'm going to bang my head up and down in the masjid and I'm Santa.

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When I'm 55 yard, you're gonna see me or do you know this stuff? You're gonna see me will Quran rocking up and down.

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When I'm 60 Everybody will know me as * Saba

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her dishonorable with our damage

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when I'm 65 They're gonna know me as the committee member of the masjid, you know, when I run it, when I 70 If I'm living, then I will become a counselor.

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assaulted, man.

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Now he's got 5055 66 devices same to all his head, the guy is still 40 That guy ain't got a clue that he might die by 49

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game over, game over.

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The guy don't even know he could be captured before he gets to his dreams. But that's what the NEF says inside that a roll work out my friend. You want to make something for Allah don't start to think about sending the 50 is I'm going to send 55 I'm going to send to Allah 60 I'm going to send all these tilava and Quran I'm gonna send today I'm 40 I'm 40 Or I'm 35 Yesterday I was 34 that was 33 Before that I sent I sent in 34 I sent in 33 That was a sent those things had been sent to Allah if I miss the salah I have missed it. It's in my record in the next world if I did it I've sent it is with Allah Allah will find it my friend don't fool yourself Rasul Allah says he says what he says

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man half

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woman, Ledger Bella

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whosoever fears that they might not get on time they come out early and whoever comes out early, they get there on time.

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Whoever fears that they might not make it on time they come out early and they'll get there on time. And in Sinhala Tama ivali Eulalia. In Silla Tang, you

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remember that the bargaining of Allah is not a cheap bargain. Remember that that bargain you making with Allah is to get Jana in return is expensive. Jana is not cheap, my friend. Jana can be cheap. If Allah wants to give you a bonus he gives you a bonus but Jana has to be earned. And Jana to be earned. Rasulullah Salah Xmas told us to be quick, quick with what quick when they can actually the thing is the nafs the ego will always tell you to go to default position my brother my sister what you need to do is move move the Grant says what? For your role in Allah run to Allah run to Allah be quick and run. The hadith says word of Timothy Rasulullah Salah Sammy says what by the ruble. Lee

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said be quick to do some action. Do be quick to do your actions before one of seven

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calamities come over you. Helen Tango Rona elaphe oran sia are you waiting except for a poverty to strike you that will make you forget Allah poverty sometimes can make you forget Allah you so hungry you without money you start forgetting religion

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Olguin moto RIA are you waiting for anything except for richness and for money that will make you go beyond the limits of Allah you know you're saying if I get some money if I was to get that money I'd be sawed Ed salted and now using Andrew Edinburgh and he said sorted I'd say sorted

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min tech you're gonna maintain rather than a mentor

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if you get they're gonna mentor but what happens you know what happens is you get the money you got loads of money you made it yet you know what happens if that kid inside you ain't sorted out he's gonna say to you you had one property secures yourself with two properties so you go buy two properties then you make some more and like the brother said You meant it again. So he says Do you not know you wanna look look you got two properties Yeah good. Rent buy 101 aapke third property you don't want it after the fourth one will stop so you buy the third one then why the fourth one you had a normal car he tells you to go and buy another car buy an Audi tells you to buy the next car

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then he tells you oh ya buy the Bentley are just get the Bentley. So you get the bin. Then he tells you you can fool properties here you need one Spain or Dubai because every time you flying either so you get one day they go whatever, Allahu Akbar, there's no end to it. If that kid inside, you hasn't been sorted out, you're in trouble, my friend

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will be in an area are you waiting for anything else except for except for richness except for a rich state that will make you go beyond the limits of Allah. Our friends, there are people out there who got money, and they want girls that got money. They want fame. They want the money. They want holidays, they got money. They want to still spend it. They want to throw it. They got money, they want to burn it. They got money. They want to fly across the world. They got money, they want to play politics, they got money, they want to gamble. You know what the cost of money they can do it or do it all who cares? They can bribe police. They got money. They can bribe mi fives and MI sixes

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they can bribe that they got money they can do that. You know that? No. Why? Because the kid inside hasn't been taught a lesson he is still throwing his tantrums.

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Helton guru

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Mirada Masuda. Are you waiting for anything else except for an illness that will corrupt you that will cripple you? Man, you are so good, everything was wonderful. All of a sudden, you have been diagnosed with cancer. All of a sudden you find yourself in an accident. All of a sudden you've been crippled because something happened to you something so simple. Anything can happen to your spine, to your nose to your brain, to your to your feet to your play football. You just want to play football and you twisted yourself. You twisted your ankle. That's all you did just twisted it but what happened? You twist in such a bad position. The doctor tells you that you know what even after

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operation is still not done. There are so many boys out there it happens to so many boys. Are you waiting for anything except for an illness to come that will cripple you that will corrupt you?

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I will haram I'm of NIDA. Are you waiting for anything except for an old age where you start to forget what you say? There are certain people who get old who forget what to say. And if you want to stop yourself from getting old and forgetting what you say, I'll give you a remedy. The remedy is read the Quran.

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The Mattila I can guarantee you this. Any man, a woman reads the Quran daily basis. You will not get to a stage of old health where you are forgetting what you are saying who you're talking

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