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The cultural and political confusedness of Muslims versus Christians is discussed, including pride of Islam, Christian religion, and the cultural and political confusedness of Muslims versus Christians. The holy war in Islam is discussed, as it is not the holy war, but rather a fight against evil people. protecting one's source of information and being careful in their actions is emphasized, along with various programs and events in the area. The responsibility of Muslims is emphasized, and protecting one's source of information and being careful in their actions is emphasized.

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We're gonna we're gonna save you that.

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How are you guys doing?

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We're in sunny Florida

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during our trip, trying to meet

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some wonderful people out here trying to connect

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Alright guys, we're in

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Boca Raton

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volleyball court over here you can play very nice.

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Salaam Alaikum. Guys, how you doing? I told you I'm gonna be looking for some wonderful people, I met the mom here a mom, that he had 40 healthy. Now, there's a lot of people who want to know what these Muslims are doing in these mosques. Trump was even talking about maybe some surveillance and whatnot. I want surveillance of certain mosques, okay? If that's okay, I want surveillance. We're gonna we're gonna save you that gave a wonderful talk today. So for the people that not yet Muslims are out there, that we encouraged to come to the mosque to connect with the Muslims. I want to cover three points that you talked about today. One was that there was a question asked about two about

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the Creator God Almighty, and what religion what way of life is pleasing to God? And you mentioned this word in Arabic, what is it again and hanifa? to somehow Can you take it from here and tell us this point? This point? Yes, the prophets peace be upon him was asked, What is the most beloved religion to God, so he peace be upon him said al hanifa. to somehow I like I said in the football. hanifa means the religion that contains no polytheism the religion that establishes the true concept of the oneness of God, that isn't any fear. And it's somehow meaning it is an easy religion, it is a religion, it facilitates for people, their tasks, religious and worldly tasks. And what is

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Islam, and Islam is the religion of all Prophets and Messengers before them all. And I guess that God said it before. And he was a handy posting. And he was not among the policies, meaning he was

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the one who got the concept of oneness of God. Like I said, the oneness of God includes the Oneness in his lordship, that there is no creator, there is no sustainer, there is no one who gives and takes life except God, and the Oneness in his names and attributes, meaning that God is not comparable to his creation, and his creation is not comparable to him, he does not share those attributes and qualities with his creation, and his creation does not share these attributes and qualities with him. And therefore he's the only one What do you worship? So this is the first part.

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And as you heard in the football, we gave many examples, like I said, draw from an ocean, in which the Prophet peace be upon him, Mohammed, the last messenger of God thought he's followers and his companions, how to apply and how to perform how to practice that holiness and that he is in the worldly life. And you saw a lot of examples, whether it's related to the regular daily tasks of life, whether it is related to the religion itself, wonderful. I mean, this is just something that connects what we call the fifth or the natural disposition of the human being, worshiping the Creator, not the creation. One of the things you mentioned was Abraham.

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Yes. And you

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Talking about, you know, in the Quran is a passage talking about that he wasn't a Jew or a Christian, but he was a Muslim. And people are like, What are you talking about? Can you go ahead and elaborate on that? Yes, sure. So, every prophet of God, he's a Muslim, and everyone who follows a prophet at his time, he's a Muslim, until the last prophet and messenger came, Muhammad peace be upon him, and he finished the message of all the prophets who came before him and therefore, now those who follow him upon him are called Muslims. So what is Islam? What is Muslim? anyway? Islam in the Arabic terminology means is teslim

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which means to submit. Alright, so submit what and to whom submit to God and obey his comments. So that is the literal meaning.

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In the religious meaning, it means to testify that there is no one word to worship except God and that Muhammad is His Messenger, to perform the finest five daily prayers to fast to give charity, obligatory charity and to perform the Hajj. So that is the life.

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It is just an analogy, but the literal terminology when you say I'm a Muslim, meaning I submit to God and obey his commands, and every prophet and messenger of God, obey God and submit it to his comment and submit to God and obey his comment, and every follower of the prophets submitted to God and and follow his comments, for example, in the Quran, in so many verses, God tells us that the disciples of Jesus peace be upon him, they said, to me, nobody should be there, he was happy.

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He said, we believe in Allah or Jesus, and testify, being within us that we are Muslims, they do not say that we are Christians, because when you say Christ, Christian, you are following a man Do you are following something, a man yehudah. But when you say a Muslim, you submitting to God and obey his commands, every prophet and every messenger was Muslim. And the message allegedly says in the Quran, in Edina, in the light Islam, the religion before Allah is Islam, there is no other religion, there is no two or three religions there is only one religion, and therefore, all the prophets who are Muslim, what does it mean? Meaning they obeyed God and submit, they submitted to God and obey

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His command. And that is what he sent me is all about. And when the Prophet Mohammed is running came, he was the CEO of all profits, because every prophet was sent to certain people at certain time, with certain rules. The messages want to submit to God and obey his commands. That's that that's not going to change that. The rules of interaction we change from people from generation to generation, for example, tells us that when Jesus

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came to the Chitungwiza, he told them, when

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money came to you to make things for you that were unlawful to make them awful for you, this is not the now you are believing in one God, now you can believe in two or three, you know, this is things related to food, to marriage, to divorce, to inheritance, things like that. When he Sam came,

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the belief of God state, it's not going to change, this will never change from Adam until the day of judgment. But now the rules. Now we're talking about the rules, set of rules that are good not only for people in Arabia, or people at certain time, at certain place, but for people all over the world at all times. And that is the religion of Islam today. Tell us what do you feel now is the biggest misconceptions you guys are we're down south now. Right?

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That people have and you've experienced that have people. Obviously the mosque ears open, anyone wants to come and knock and they can come in and listen and learn and connect. Yes. What have you seen through your experience? Are is the biggest misconception now that people have about it? Yes, very good question.

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Almost every Saturday I have students from different universities, they come to the museum, they come to the mosque or ask me questions. Most of the questions are about what is the holy war in Islam? What is this concept of jihad, holy war. And they get surprised when I tell them that there is no holy war in Islam, in fact, and in fact, Jihad does not mean holy war, this word, holy war does not exist in the Islamic terminology. If you look at the book of jurisprudence, Islamic jurisprudence, you will not find the holy war because in Islam, so I tell them, the word use this jihad, they say this one I said, What do you mean holy war, let me tell you what Jihad means. Jihad

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means to struggle to change something bad to something good. And he had these three types, there is jihad, struggling to change something bad to good? Jihad with the shape and with a Satan. So the whispering of the shape of Satan, we change that we struggled, we make Jihad All right, to change that bad, whispering to good to something positive in life to become productive in life instead of just one on one he's

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bad, evil, whispering, there is Jihad with the neffs Jihad with oneself. And that is to stop once evil and to change that evil energy that we have into productive energy into good energy that is also jihad. Then the last Jihad which is the Jihad the fight against those who

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Attack the Muslim territory and those who attack the Muslims property

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that has, you know, rules and they'd have to have a leader and the leader has to announce it, and the scholars have to agree on it. And this is a big concept. It's not what they because what they what usually we see we see some individuals acting on their own, and using the name of Islam, and Islam is far from that, like I said, I give them a circle and I said, The we have, the texts are preserved. The Quran and the Sunnah are preserved, they're not touched. Unlike other religions, when you go to the original texts, they are not preserved, they were changed,

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altered the Quran and Sunnah they are not. So God, God's word are preserved in Islam. So therefore, we have the circle of Islam, this is the circle, some people are a little bit outside of it. Some people are very far from it. But the source is still clean, you want to come back, please come back. We want you to come back. We want you we don't want you to go far to the extreme. That's what extreme means in Islam.

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Meaning to go to the borders, you don't you're not in the circle, you go to the borders, and sometimes you go far from the borders. That's it's called extremism in Islam. And that is what so we the source is preserved. That is the difference in Islam, our source is preserved. All right, so it's here, you want to come back, please come back. But if you are far from that you're not in a circle. So saying that you are representing Islam is wrong. You also covered in your talk today your husband, that for the Muslims not to be a fitna, you know, and you mentioned this dog, this supplication from Abraham, can you please be upon Can you elaborate on this? Yes, yes.

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We Muslims are commanded not to put people into trial and to turn people away from the path of God and Ibrahim peace be upon him. He made he somebody catered to God and asked him he said are benedetta nepeta Lena cafaro Allah do not make as a reason for others who do not worship you to turn away from your worship you turn away from your pet, because of our misconduct. So, therefore, the Muslim has to be very careful in here like I said, he has to be responsible of every word he says and every action he does. So it is a responsibility and therefore a Muslim has to make sure that his words and actions do not turn people away from the path of God and that includes no Muslims and

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Muslims as well because you can turn away Muslim from the religion of God by you know, mistreating him tala, you know, hurting him emotionally or physically. So, we have to be very careful on that. How can people if they're in this area right now we're visiting sunny Florida, we stopping to visit you. People now they watch the Dean's show, and maybe they're visiting sunny Florida. This is Boca Boca Raton, Boca Raton about a half hour from Fort Lauderdale. And they want to come in and they want to learn more about the most misunderstood way of life get the fastest growing way of life. And the way of life that connects with the heart brings peace, contentment, solace. There's too many

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wonderful things to list, but they want to learn more about it. How can they connect with you? Yes, we have a website I see beyond that. Or we have also many programs. Here we have the revert program. In the rebirth program. Basically, we teach new Muslims about the basic concepts of internet. And we also teach non Muslims who want to have like some one on one.

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We also have many outreach programs like we have once every Thursday, we have this open house. And people come from different faiths. Sometimes we have priests, rabbis, we have at ease we have many different people from the society. They come here and ask questions. And we tell them you know, there is no question that is

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not a good question. ask any question you want. And it doesn't matter whether it's nice or it's bad or if you just ask it We are not afraid to answer any question and there is nothing we are afraid of in Islam and there is nothing we are trying to hide anything that is that is clear. Like I said, the religion itself is preserved. The texts are preserved and they're not altered and they are open for anybody who wants to have access to them. They stumbled on our channel. They've been pumped up with Fox News, closing comments and suggestions for those people. They're scared they feel like Islam is like the boogeyman is coming to get you what advice do you give for people like that who are out

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there who really sincerely generally good people, but they're scared they don't understand it. They Islam Muslims have been demonized and they look at them as the other what what advice do you give to people like that out there? They have to know that any one who calls someone for the goodness and for for for the truth and for the path of God, He will have resistance here in there. So

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the road was not paved for no appeasement upon him. He was not paved for Moses peace upon him. He was not paved. For Jesus. Peace of autonomy was not paved. For Muhammad peace be upon him. It will never

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be paid for the followers of the prophets, we understand that and we are actually we are facing these challenges. And we would like to reach our hands to the non Muslim Brothers out there and sisters, that, please, if you want to know about Islam, don't go ask someone who is not Muslim about Islam. There was a brother here who came from students from university came here. He was asking me questions, and I said, What did you get this information from? And he told me, he got it from another non Muslim and I said, Is that fair? What you did? He says, Why? I said, if I wanted to know something about Christianity, when I go to a Buddhist and ask about Christianity, and he says, No, I

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said, what is the right way to do? If I want you to learn something about I go to the priest, priest? He says, Yeah, I said, Why did you go to enormous interest about something in Islam? You should have come to me first. And he said, That's why I'm here. I said, that's what that's what I want you to do. We want you to come to us. Please don't ask someone who is a Muslim about things about Islam. Like I said, the misconception is,

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conception. What is Islam about like, Allah? Who is Allah? Is he another god? Or do we worship Mohammed? And please come

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listen to us and talk to us. And, you know, ask us questions, and we will be more than happy to answer all the questions that you have. And don't turn away from someone who is reaching out for you. Don't turn away from them. Come Listen, if you like it. That's good. If you don't like it, then at least you heard this. You gave us a chance to express ourselves was amazing. Now, if you sat through that, I mean, knowledge is so important, removing the ignorance, because that is the enemy of most of us is when we don't understand people. We don't understand what they believe. But that's why you're tuning into the deen show. You got to meet the mom here of this Masjid here in Boca

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Raton, and you got an invitation to come and learn, ask questions and connect with the Muslims. We're going to continue on here in sunny Florida.