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So now law How can you go to the internet? Well, you got to go when people have gotten done some other. Let's say for example, they've come to Hajj. Have you seen?

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Have you seen the selfie selfie selfie selfie in front of the Kaaba selfie in front of you say, you know, video call, you know, yeah, you know, I mean, toe off right now I'm doing my fourth toe off. I'm going around here. Here's the cover, you know, yeah, I'm just kind of, you know, I know you're in I know, you're all the way in England. You're living in Canada, wherever. But but but since I'm here and you can see the camera I've kind of given you view of the camera that you've seen the Kaaba blah, blah, blah chi. I'm giving you full view of this live wherever I'm in the Haram in Madina Munawwara look, you know, here's the prophet is great. And some people go to another extent they

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they kind of I don't know, they

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they, according to this thing is kind of a crazy now, I'm not going to talk to you about the permissibility and non permissibility of this but I want to say this that it's gonna be crazy people taking all the phones out in front of the process from grave and the foreign people and say, say the salam right now

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and they're all saying salam through the phone. Now there's loads of these phones going off with Salam Hey Quicken say this

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a big favor. Listen, if I want to say Salam to the Prophet, Allah, I can say from anywhere in the world. I don't need you a human being to take your phone, okay, your Samsung or whatever your iPhone, all the way to, you know, the prophets Masjid in front of his grave and then to make me say salam to that I've got a better way and a quicker way much quicker way, much better way and a much cleaner way of sending salam to him direct which is what the prophet Allah said that when I'm gone from this world

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Sahaba asked us as they said, when you're alive we're sending CERAM on you and we set it salute you know, sending salutations on you, what do we do when when you've gone from the earth? So the prompts a lot someone has been said when I've gone from the earth, and you send salaam wherever you are, then the angels will bring it and present it to me. Allah will return my soul to my body. I will I will say the CERAM to you. And then after that, finished, you've got the salam back. So right now I'm here I say Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina, Maulana Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam I've said that oh Allah please send salutations and bless and send you know your Salam on the promise of

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love or Ali Salim and his family and on his on his you know, sort of ye wives or his family or his or his companions and so on. I've said that right now, the angels have taken this constraint to Madina Munawwara and present it to him

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Do I need you with your phone hate say salam right now?

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And it's concrete some crazy with with the era they are doing anything, you know, doing the stoning and so on. Hey, look at this. I'm doing this right now. Well, if you come to that extent, you know, I think the next thing is people I wish they've already stayed if third time

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if thought of Ramadan loads of selfies, pictures photos. Oh, look what we having as food for I thought

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why don't you do that man? I mean, the person who prepared they started dating for whose sake can who for whose sake?

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To please whom? Allah sake they're supposed to please Allah. Right. So why you advertising what you've started say it's a holy time to have a holy moment. We know to break your fast and do da right. Did you do it for those people outside there? That you do not then the next thing is that okay, you know, when it comes to Salah as well,

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to show people, I mean, it's entered already is going to the stage where people want to show that they are praying. So what they do is, they'll go to, for example, Masjid Al Aqsa, or they'll go to Masjid Al haram. Another we all go to makan karma and they'll give the phone to someone. And they'll say when I start my salah, take a picture of me praying in front of here. Now I don't mind if this was your private picture. It is your private picture. As a way of you reminding yourself I was in this place, that's fine. But when you send that picture to others, what are you trying to do?

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Because that is that is pure RIA that is pure, ostentatious is showing off. And that to recap today the whatever you did there is now in front of others people other people's eyes. And you can't say you done it for the sake of Allah azza wa jal when you when you're just showing people you know your actions, and in every other part of the religion, people are entering these things. Okay curriculum covers all the Islamic educational needs of young Muslims today. You

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