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AI: Summary © A person describes a situation where a man named Shaytan waits for them and makes them a draft. They tell a story about a woman named Susanna who was accepted by Islam but did not receive her the acceptance of her religion. The man tries to convince them to make a statement but the woman refuses and refuses to say it. The man tries to convince them to wait until they receive their acceptance, but they refuse to say it.
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have, you know shaytan waits for you? This is his second trick, okay, he's gonna wait for you. He waits for you. He waits for you. He loves you he leaves you alone for a while, okay?

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And then what happens is you you make the make the DUA over and over again, maybe you've made it for weeks. Maybe you made the four months okay? So you made the DUA over and over again. And then one day shaytan comes to you and says, bro, I've been watching you make that draft for long you know, bro

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I could hear me everyday making that dua. But bro, I don't see anything coming down from the sky for you. Like, you know, you must be so messed up inside. Like, I mean, I'm thinking that you've been blacklisted in the heaven. You're such a big sinner, you hypocrite sitting there, you must have sold that for months and four weeks. God hasn't sent you anything. You know what that mean? Bro, that means me placing you in the same boat.

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So he's got his next trick and this thing he makes you feel so bad. You've been making law for so long, and he hasn't been accepted. And it makes you feel a look man. I just give up he follows you. I mean,

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I think that God doesn't want to see you at your door has probably been smacked straight on your face after you make them. Like there's no there's no there's no future for you, bro. You might as well just go and join the club again. Or you know your friends are waiting for you. Right? So the thing is, though, he messes you up so God and He wants you to make one statement. If you make this one statement is one next statement, then Allah will stop listening to you. Why? Because Prophet salallahu alayhi salam has told us in a in a hadith of Muslim Hadith number 2735. Allah so Allah has been says lie. Azhar Lu, you studied Abdullah Abdullah, Al Allah is still ready to accept one of

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your donors.

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As long as you do Ah, it has got nothing to do with something to do with sins. And as long as it's got nothing to do with breaking ties.

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Okay, as long as you so you make a dua to Allah it's got nothing to do with since you're making dua to Allah it's not to do with blood, no breaking blood ties.

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Allah is ready to still accept your Doha, Milan yesterday, if you don't become impatient that he's ready to do everything for you don't become impatient. As soon as you become impatient. Allah won't listen to you anymore. So now, the question is the Sahaba said Man, Eastern JAL. They said, What is this impatient thing? How does a person become impatient? And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said,

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the person says, Thou to add TAO to follow Allah yesterday. He says, the servant of God that is making dua to Allah says, I'm in Doha, I'm a Doha I'm a god but I don't see that my dua has been accepted. At that point, you've lost the fact that your daughter could have been accepted. Allah doesn't want to hear Allah doesn't want to hear you anywhere. In fact, you reciprocitysm says in the Hadith, for yesterday I said, in the Dalek whether the other person will just stop making dua and the person will just walk away but you just messed up because you fell for shaytans trap and you only fell for that trap because you don't know your religion. Allah was still ready to give you now

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you're gonna say to me but share to the How long am I gonna wait right? I want my drive to be answered in and you're gonna tell me just to sit there and never say that my dua was an accepted No, don't ever make that statement. Allah will stop listening to you don't say that make dua may draw for this, but my daughter never got accepted. Allah doesn't like that. Why does any like that? Because it's rude. It's almost trying to say, Oh Allah, I deserve this ta but you never gave it to me.

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I should have had it. But why did you give it to me? How rude would I be in trying to talk to Allah like that? I know you're not saying that. But the fact that you said I may do I may do I may do I never got accepted. Do you know that Allah is looking at you that way? That is almost like you're demanding from God who am I? Who are you to demand from God? Look for me to make dua is my my thing. But for Allah to accept it is his and Allah azza wa jal for him to accept the doc if he does. When he does, the timing of when he gives it to me, if he wants to ever give it to me, we leave that to Allah azza wa jal because his God, that's what God means God is in his definition, he does whatever

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he wants, nobody questions him. Okay, so the moment that I'm coming to Allah Anna and I've said that, you know, my daughter, my daughter, my daughter never got accepted. It's almost like being rude to Allah that why haven't you accepted my dua any sooner? And that really, really does not make Allah very happy with you in saying that now the question is