Yasmin Mogahed – Nourishing Protecting Your Heart in a Negative World

Yasmin Mogahed
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And inshallah we're going to be having today our final webinar with Isetta yes Mima junk off our five webinar series. I just want to make sure before we get started if everyone can hear and see and that you can see and you can everything smooth inshallah in terms of the picture and the audio so if you're coming in please let us know in the chat if you can hear and see us. Me specifically right now in sha Allah and let us know where you're coming in from what time it is of the day. We'd love to hear inshallah from you guys once again I'm as we're going live. I see Mashallah. A lot of you guys are already joining us does Lachlan is the first one. I said I'm Ali Khan, which is I go

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through for being the first in the chat Halima as well. Welcome welcome. Welcome where you're coming. Where are you coming in from Halima. We would love to know in sha Allah. Noreen ICU at CU Noreen Softube I see Masha Allah. Several of you have a zoomed right in and yes, YouTube finally does it live here? Sorry. I thought I was concerned. We weren't on YouTube just yet. Indonesia. It's 1:11am Does that qualify for staying up at 1:11am for us? Samira emptyeyes Alina nudge Zakka l'affaire. Everyone I want to see more more locations I want to see where you're coming in from India. Lendon Masha Allah

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I'm humera from the UK we're in the UK to the ronto who from Toronto as well sha Allah. Kimberly from that Naperville

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Nargis from the UK as well half from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Keep that coming southern loves to see like you know, the international community that we have that are benefiting from this experience and Hamdulillah this series that has been sponsored by the unlimited online course that is out there has created that's been our flagship course with us which is transformed online that's facilitated the series that's been based this series has been based on and which is actually closing aid at midnight in your local timezone. So if you have not yet heard about it or you're tuning in for the first time or you have not just bitten the bullet yet, please make sure that you take the opportunity to visit

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a McRib dots online. It's on that screen at the bottom there as well. It's linked in your description and it's going to be in your chat shortly. And inshallah let's kick off inshallah for today's session. Today's topic

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is a really, really lovely one. So we're excited to close off today talking about nourishing and in a negative world with of course our respected speaker and our teacher for transformed online. So now Malik Omar Abdullah salah, yes mean how are you doing today? Why don't you come to Salam rapa lightworker get to how are you? Alhamdulillah I'm well it's really really rainy today. So it's like, the streets are all flooded. It's quite interesting, but Michelle, you seem to have the opposite weather. So I'm gonna live vicariously through your sunshine in the windows. At the moment at the moment we've been having rain in the past but hamdulillah Yeah, so inshallah Let's start out with

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the villa administrate on regimes manera Homina Rahim salat wa salam ala Rasulillah while annual savage nine be shortly Saudi we are certainly Omri Weiland rock that Emily Sania who Cody. So, it's exciting that we are hamdulillah basically at the finish line here with these with the series, but also with the with the class. It's closing today. So today's the last day to register for this class, the class transformed if you haven't kind of already kind of found out a little bit more about it. The reason why I think this class is so effective and so powerful is because it it really take talks about the the issues that we deal with in everyday life, but it talks about it through a

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special type of lens. And that is the Islamic spiritual psychological lens. So what I tried to do was I tried to combine, you know, what we learned from from our tradition or our amazing rich Islamic tradition, the Quran and the Sunnah, and the and the scholars. And then I tried to combine that with the, the latest sort of research in psychology talking about, you know, mental health issues, but also from a from a psychological perspective how spirituality fits in. And then what I do is I take these topics, which are really sort of conceptual, and make them sort of practical, right? So, you know, I was speaking just recently

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I got on Tik Tok for the first time live. So that was kind of interesting. Anyway, one of the things I was saying is that, you know,

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there's this beautiful analogy, right, one of the scholars gave this beautiful analogy about about dunya that dunya is like an ocean. And every single one of us, we're all traveling through this ocean, and we all have a boat, right? And that boat is our hearts. So our hearts are basically this vehicle that is taking us through this life. All right. Now what happens to a boat now think of the most, you know, sort of iconic boat in the past.

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cast, which is like the Titanic, it was at the time called the unsinkable ship. Ironically, right. Now what destroyed the Titanic, it was only one thing, and that is that it got holes in the boat, and then water entered the boat. So what happened once the water entered that boat, is it broke literally in half. This is what researchers say broken half, and then it's sunk to the bottom of the ocean. This is what happens to our hearts when we allow dunya to enter. And when I when I first heard this analogy, I was like, so blown away by it because it's perfect. When we, you know, every single one of us we're floating through this life on with this vehicle of our hearts, our hearts are

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the the, the the is really the the master of the rest of our of our body. And so we're on this ship, we're on this ship. And the only way to survive this life is to keep the oceans water outside the boat. In other words, the only way to survive in order way, the only way for our hearts to survive this life is to keep dunya to keep to keep worldly, dunya life outside of the core of our hearts. And that's a very, very profound statement. And you'll find that if you examine, you know, we talk about living in a negative world we live in, you know, various types of negativity, you know, there's the negativity that comes from our surroundings, from our culture from media. There's the

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negativity that comes from within us. We have internal enemies, and we have external enemies, we have shaitan. But we also have our naps. So there's like, we're sort of bombarded from every direction, then we have the the trials and tribulations that we go through in life. We have relationship problems, we have financial problems, we have mental health problems, we have trauma that we experience. So there's all of these challenges, right? And so it's like there's this huge ocean, sometimes there's a lot of storms, sometimes the waves, they get big, they're like mountains that Allah subhanaw taala describes this analogy in the Quran about being in the middle of the

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ocean, and then you see waves become like mountains, what do we do that. And so we live in a world that's surrounded with sort of challenges of various kinds. And sometimes the challenges are, are are internal. And sometimes they're external, and sometimes they're both. So So what is this class about this class really, what it aims to do, is to give tools to give the prescription, like I said, from the Quran, and the Sunnah, from psychology and spirituality, in order to be able to navigate this ocean, in order to be able to navigate the storms that we go through in our lives, and to be able to come out whole, you know, to have our hearts not overtaken by dunya, to have our hearts not

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broken by this life, and to actually live a healthy life where we flourish, regardless of the weather. That's really the goal of this life in a nutshell. You know, the, the goal of this this class, rather, in a nutshell, is to be able to give the tools from from Islamic, psychological and spiritual lens, to live a life that is that is successful in this life in the next and to be able to weather the storms to be able to handle the challenges that we go through, and to be able to heal. You know, a lot of us are walking around, and we're suffering for just one reason, and that is that we're unhealed, that there are that there are deep emotional traumas that there are deep

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psychological wounds, deep emotional wounds, and we don't know how to heal them. We have We don't, we just don't, we weren't given the tools or we weren't, we weren't taught. And a lot of us, you know, at a very root level, we have allowed dunya to enter the core of our hearts, we have allowed the ocean to enter our boat. And that's why our boat is broken. That is the reason why our hearts are broken. And so it's really about learning the tools to be able to, to not just guard our hearts, but to mend our hearts, many of us, you know, we need to heal, and we but we just we just don't have the tools. And so so I talked about, you know, it's a lot of content. And it's content that you can

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have a lifetime access to right. It's not just a limited amount of time. The only thing that's limited is the registration period. And that's finishing. Its closing actually in just a few hours. And so it's it's really like all of this content that I've put together. I've taken concepts from reclaim your heart. I've taken concepts from, you know, classes and courses and seminars that I've taught over the last decade and

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And I've really sort of combined all of that. And you know, added the, the psychology, you know, the spirituality and the practical aspects of how to apply these things in our lives. And then how can we start to see lasting change, you know, transformed is about transformation, it's about how to really change from the inside out, because Allah subhanaw taala tells us in Hola, hola, yo hieromartyr Coleman had the oil maybe unfussy him, Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what is inside themselves, if we want to survive in this world, which, which can be very negative, you know, we have so much pressure from family sometimes from from ourselves,

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sometimes we put our own immense amount of pressure, you know, some of us have very, very unhealthy thinking patterns, some of us have very, very unhealthy self talk, we talk to ourselves sometimes in very toxic ways that cut down our self esteem and, and really just kind of destroy ourselves from the inside. And these are all things that we can change we can, we can become better, we can become healthier, you know, emotionally and psychologically and spiritually, and it's all connected. It's, it's even connected with our biology, you know, that that's the thing that all of the latest research finds the connection between our minds, our hearts, you know, our, our, you know, where,

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where are we emotionally and psychologically and spiritually, with how we are physically in our bodies. So there is there is an intimate connection, and we can be healthy and Allah subhanaw taala Subhanallah, he made the human being so resilient, you know, he made us be having an amazing, immense capacity for healing, you know, when you when you break your, when you break a bone, think about that a bone in half, it can heal, and you want to know something that's really deep, and like, if you want to talk about learning right from the, from the physical science, when a bone heals, you know, after a break, and after the bone heals, it actually becomes stronger, at the place where it

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was once broken. And that's Subhanallah That's deep. And that's it, you know, and, and the same designer who made that bone, made our hearts and made our souls that's Allah subhanaw taala. So we can heal, just like that bone can heal, and we can actually heal stronger. So I really, really encourage people to sign up. This is a class I believe in this is a class I put my heart and soul into. And this is a class that's closing in a few hours, and this is why I'm jumping on, you know, to let you know, because I do believe that it really really does these these concepts really do change lives. And they help us to get through this ocean of dunya without drowning in the process

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inshallah. So inshallah I do do find the link, it should be in the chat box, the link is on my IG bio, it's also going to be provided in the chat box inshallah.

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Hardy does that go through so there for that amazing final reminder. And one thing I can't stress enough, which I'm glad you mentioned, as well as that, you know, we have we've had sources of this knowledge but we really haven't compiled this until this into this with this course you can listen to her here and there even these sessions as beneficial of hamdulillah as they have been and as inactive as they have been with all of the hundreds of you.

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But you know, this is a deeper journey, you need to tackle some of the things that have been weighing on you for potentially your entire lives and to go through that process systematically why we partnered with Islam to create this course with all the expertise and experience that you've had utilizing it and making it systematic so that there are four modules that we're going through four main topics that we're breaking down and truly understanding sonship with of our

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introduction to the heart, our relationship with hardships and pain and

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centering ourselves and all of that and going through that journey of course so it's a 12 plus hour course there are four live q&a Is that was that I was going to be with you for inshallah to address any questions that you have any concerns as

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you're going through the experience and as you're completing it's closing tonight midnight so head over to online it's again mentioned on the into your chat in your descriptions and right now it's actually in that tiny script on the screen as well so inshallah you can't miss it. We look forward to seeing you there on the other side. Inshallah feel free to pop on. We're going to just quickly share some feedback structures, gems inshallah and iG as well as we close off our final day of transformed online.

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closing soon inshallah to se Mujahid just to clarify that for being with us today. And for you know, being with us on love on tick tock on Facebook and now inshallah Instagram experience and we will see you very soon and we'll see actually on the other side in the live sessions for the course. Take care for now enjoy that lovely weather.

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Santa Monica what I what the light

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just for those who are sticking around just a quick little peek I know a lot of people are curious and have have you know confusion if you've never taken an amalgam online experience before, what that experience actually looks like. So I want to quickly show you what the course looks like on the other side how so there's going to be teaching you and what that process is going to be. So this is inside the course portal when you go to log into online and you register for trends with se Nusajaya this is what you see when you come inside. So as I was mentioning, and some people are asking, Is this going to be on Zoom? How is it going to be we've actually professionally recorded the entire

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course for you so it's easy for you to watch, you can watch it on the go you can watch it on your phone, so it's super accessible in sha Allah and you have your four modules as I was mentioning the introduction to love, you have your introduction to the heart so you have topics and so many lectures broken down by topic and hamdulillah by lesson in these modules you have then of course you have hardships and pain and then you have a lot in his creation as well you then you have four live sessions with this other yes mean we can join in via zoom submit your questions in advance or join in live of course it's going to be in your local timezone. So ignore the time that you see here and

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your aim at the other student audience and make sure that you get clarification you'll also have resources such as of course binary, you'll have some extra eyes and vigor that's provided for you guys as you're going through the course experience inshallah and you'll have the access to a telegram group and a supportive students and support team inshallah that while the experience if you have any confusion or if there's anything that you need support with inshallah so we're super excited to see you in transformed online with this. I mean, do not let this opportunity rarely keep this course open. It's only comes around about like once a year once every two years. And every time

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we get students for the rest of the months of the year asking us when we're going to bring back so don't miss out. It's gonna close tonight at midnight, your local timezone until we're for now, please take care. Stay happy, stay healthy, stay safe, and we'll see you on the other side.

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