Allah Is Pleased With The Repentance Of His Servant

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Alhamdulillah Abdullah Al Amin Salallahu Salam Obata kind of you know, Muhammad and while earlier CIBJO salam to Sleeman Kathira some

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of you guys would like to be stranded in the middle of the desert.

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Anyone likes to be stranded in the middle of the desert, chilling under the sun?

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Of course you want to be right. But a moment like this, what hope would anybody would have to be rescued in that moment?

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And when they lose hope from everybody who were that hope goes down

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to only one Allah subhana wa Darna let's see this story here. So Hadith number 14, number 15. As a matter of fact, I did number 15. One Abu Hamza nsmt, American and Saudi Kadima. Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Akaal, Kala Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam the Allahu Afra habito but you have the him in haidakhan Sakata Allah but he work on Ebola who few of the ferrata for canali. The Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam said Verily Allah is more delighted with the repentance of a slave than a person who lost his camel and the desert and desert land. And then find this unexpectedly. Like you can imagine how much Allah subhanaw taala will be pleased when a servant to one stray got

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stranded in the desert of this dunya and then found their way back to Allah subhanho wa taala. And that hadith has actually I learned a longer

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version, which was mentioned afterwards as a Muslim girl Allah who assured beforehand later but you have the henna to belay ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will be more delighted to see a servant repenting back to him. He said from somebody than someone

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a Hadoken can Allara hello to EBRD fella, someone was traveling in the desert. I don't know how many of you ever camped in the desert or traveled to the desert. But I grew up there when I was a kid actually so used to camp in the desert. It's harsh environment. And believe it or not, even in the winter, Allah awkward, it's freezing.

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We just frozen the past two days over here in Dallas, a Juma and that's in the neighbor in the suburbs. Imagine if it was in the open and the desert is really good, really, really, really cool Subhanallah harsh environment. And during the day, I remember in Ramadan, we got stranded, the car got stuck in the sense of hon Allah and we were fasting. And even if you wanted to break our fast, we didn't even have water in the car wasted all day, they're waiting for the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala until we get rescued somehow, eventually. But that's so harsh Allah and you have no idea how delighted we were when we saw that rescue coming, that rescue came through actually a huge

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bulldozer that has massive huge tires. That took actually two hours for him just to drive from the, from the camp, to come to our location, just to pull our car out and get us to rescue but seeing it from afar, moving slowly and gradually, just like Al Hamdulillah hamdulillah

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can imagine that moment, Subhan Allah and here the Prophet describing something similar to that when this man he was travelling in the desert, and he had everything he needs for safety on the back of that camera. He then Paul Feldman, he took an up and he ran away from him.

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It just left and sort of go into the desert. I mean, you can't just after the desert, you're gonna you're gonna sweat you're gonna lose that your energy and you're gonna lose the water. If you did, so there is no need for you to chase after like this. However it comes with comes. So what I did call for a seminar, the man he became desperate from catching that camera

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call for other shadow rather than for touch. I feel the layer, he looked around. He found a small tree somewhere had the shade. So he went there. And he kind of like put himself down there under the shade of the tree waiting for his time to come. Color. God is Emirati and he was completely desperate from finding it. Forbidden Mr. Hua Gallica either who will be here for a month and while he was now contemplating about his death, and the end of his life, and Brian are thinking about, you know, all the things they have done in his life. In that moment, all of a sudden, he feels something and he looks there, and the cameras right above his head,

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right there by the tree. So obviously, what does that mean?

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You're safe.

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You're safe, because you can now you can cross the desert and hamdulillah and without any trouble. You have good food, you have your drink. So he felt safe. So from so much joy, like he was so happy to find his camel back to him. He was so happy. So excited that he jumped up and he says Hola, Houma, Anta Abdul, another book.

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Because you said, your Allah is Allah, you are my servant, and I am your Lord.

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After I'm sure that in Farah, he made the mistake. He was so joyful by history that he misspoke. Instead of saying Allah Houma and Tara be one Abduch You are my Lord, and I am your servant, instead of the other way around. Because you are my servant, I am your Lord. After I shared the violin, this is how much he was so excited that he, he wasn't, it wasn't that the Prophet Service says, and Allah Subhanallah in a matter of His Majesty, Allah subhanaw taala is more pleased, is more delighted in a manner that suits his majesty to see his servant coming back to him, and returning back to him in repentance than someone finding his camel after thought thinking that he's done.

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Can you imagine that moment? I obviously I don't know, you guys are spotted in the suburbs of Panama. You don't know what I'm talking about. But if you try to get stranded somewhere,

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and you start thinking about, Oh, man, how am I going to survive? Where's the water? How's this? How's that? That's when you realize the meaning of joy, the meaning of joy and being delighted? Subhanallah somebody, it's a different level of demand. It's a whole different level. So here Allah subhanaw taala or the Prophet system is telling us how much Allah azza wa jal is happy, is delighted again in a manner that is His Majesty, seeing his servant coming back to him and repentance. What does that mean? Do you love Allah azza wa jal? They make him happier?

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If you love somebody, what do you do? You want to make them happy, right? How do you make them happy? By doing the things that will please them. And Allah is telling you how to please would just come back to me.

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No matter how much how many mistakes you do, no matter how much you think that you're missing up in this life, I am willing to take you back in just come back to me. And every time you make that effort, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is pleased Allah azza wa jal is happy with you. How much do you want to keep Allah subhanaw taala happy with us

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all the time.

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So a lot of that Allah if anyone was here, it makes a mistake. And we err we commit a sin here and then oh the beloved Allah protect us or Bill Alameen but again, the doors of Toba is always open and Allah subhanho wa Taala will be very delighted to take you back in May Allah subhanaw taala make us among those who have been out of Allah. And the question is Mr.

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Subhana Allah Muhammad, a shadow Allah Allah Allah Azza wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.