A Dirty Woman Who Goes Paradise

Hasan Ali


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Lila man, Allah Allah in LA

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Calvi, whosoever will say Lila I love Allah from the bottom of his heart and he will mean it. That person will enter Jannah in on the Day of Judgment, Allah azza wa jal is going to take people to Jana for excuses that mean you want.

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There's a woman

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is a woman. She is a very bad woman. She sells her body to other men. That's how bad she is. She helps she sells herself to other men. If we saw that woman would say disgusting woman get out of my sight. Our prophets Allah, someone has said one of those women in the past one of those women. She used to sell her body for the wrong thing.

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And Rasulullah Salallahu said one day she's walking she sees a dog and the dog is dying of thirst. That dog is licking the ground because he's so thirsty. He was so hot, so hot. The dog was doing this the woman went down into the well. She climbed just about him to the well. She didn't have anything in her hands to bring some water up. So she took her shoe of the shoe of a dirty woman like that. She took her shoe off and then she put some water into the shoe. And then with that she put the shoe into her mouth, and then she crawled out of the well and then she took that shoe to the dog. She quench the thirst of the dog and Allah's Messenger has said that woman has entered Jana

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is hadith of Buhari my family. That woman has entered into Jana