Mufti Menk – Allah Knows Your Intention!

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the heart and the intentions of the creator. They suggest that the creator may be able to judge a man's actions based on his intentions and that it is difficult to judge actions based on words. The speaker also suggests that the creator may be able to explain a situation and provide an excuse for a brother.
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So my brothers and sisters, what is an absolutely interesting point also is, when we see people doing things, we have two ways of looking at it, we have a good way of looking at it or a bad way of looking at it. So if you see someone read Salah, you must always have a good perception of that person. And obviously, it's much easier shavon may come to us as people who have seen others do deeds. And we may start thinking, this man's intention is not right, or you Allah, Allah alone knows the intention, because the place of the intention is the heart. Remember that the intention is absolutely important than the place of the true intention is the heart. So none knows what is in the

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heart besides Allah. So when you see someone do a good deed, you can never ever see that this guy's got a bad intention. That is not correct. In fact, you are committing a sin by having a bad thought of someone else, Allah alone will judge that particular deed. Now, like I say, when you see someone doing a good deed, it's a little bit easier to actually say Mashallah Alhamdulillah they're, you know, doing a good deed someone's reading Quran quietly, someone's making the app, someone, for example, might be going for Hajj or Umrah. We should be having good thoughts. And that's not so difficult. But what is very difficult is when you see someone doing what does not appear to be

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correct. So say for example, you see a person walking away from the masjid at the time of Salah. Now that is considered a sin. Generally, however, we are taught to try our best to find an excuse for the brother. And if you have an opportunity, you might want to speak to the brother, but you never have the chance or you never have that instruction from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam where you would think that Oh, you would be allowed to think that you know what, this is very bad. This man his, his intention is very bad, etc. We might think and we definitely do believe that. It's not the way a Muslim should behave. You don't walk away from the masjid at the time of Salah. They might

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have been an emergency. They could have been something happening. Maybe he was running out to make will do and there was no water in the masjid. Perhaps he might have had a call and an emergency someone might have been really in need of great help, perhaps. So they could have been anything. If you really care. You have the search within you for an excuse for that brother. Secondly, you may want to speak to him brother. I saw you the other day going away from the masjid at that time. I hope everything was okay. And he said he'll tell you immediately know there was an emergency or if he was guilty. He won't know how to answer you and what you did is in a very nice way without

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actually judging someone. We've actually corrected them

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