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AI: Summary © The importance of men and women in Islam's leadership positions is emphasized, with men being mentored and empowered and women seen as part of the chain of values. The global crisis and the lack of support for Islam led to the use of money for foreign trips and the lack of support for Islam. The need for men to be mentored and empowered is also emphasized, along with the importance of finding people who fit in with their values. The segment also touches on the sensitivity of Islam during the recent global crisis and the need for men to be seen as part of the Islam chain of values.
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level 100 We learn a lot. I mean Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik is Ed now Habib Amina Mohammed Medina. Early he was lucky to hear Jemaine

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continue inshallah today in the series of attributes of the prophets of Allah hottie earlier so have you set them you've spoken with his patients or let your salatu salam but his giant generosity, asceticism, his humbleness, his bravery

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is humor, Alejo salatu salam, his perseverance and his grit, talked about how he

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ate, he dressed, how he spoke, how he moved, he treated women or treated children

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treated non Muslims are treated people of sin alayhi salatu salam today I'm talking about how he treated his companions so Allah Hi Islam, you sell them. This is the broadest of all categories, because everything in the the Sierra and the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is one way or another how he treated them. But I do want to point out that he did have a vision out of your salatu salam in terms of actually how he went by speaking to them and

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treated the money here. So so there was a plan that he had called Allah to Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, He will Levine and I who I should refer the Ohana obey, you know, Dada and what kinds of Judah to the end of the aisle so to start with Ali Asad was acknowledged and those who were with him were acknowledged as well with their attributes

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as ratusan was engaged in, in raising them in educating them and training them Alejo salatu salam,

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helping them figure out what it was they were going to do in the service of Allah subhanho wa taala. In the deen he pointed out their mistakes. He strengthened their attributes and their talents Allah heal salat wa salam invested in them. This is like the most important piece of all of this he invested in people his biggest accomplishments that Allah Who knows how to sell them were the Sahaba was the biggest thing he did. Is them they were his biggest accomplishments are the Allahu anima Jemaine he didn't leave behind him Alia salatu salam high towers in great castles of people, people that he has invested in heavily and he spent a lot of time with the money who saw to us and this

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became the legacy of our deen the legacy of Islam is the investment in people. That's how Islam spread. Each of each and every one of them invested in people behind them go look at the the stories of the of the AMA, I'm gonna go honey for him. It was he didn't put together his own method. What he left behind was overuse of insufferable who they didn't isolate Musial Mohamed Hassan Malik is not only reached because he left behind him students like Qasim and Benoit have been ash have been lazy and have been mad you see when he left people behind him I'm sure if you're the same thing man was Anil boy play rugby and Marathi man. It goes on and on Imam Muhammad, countless Bukhari and Muslim

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are from amongst his students. electron will rock will will Maru Ziva. Well, Mooney all these are scholars and scientists that he taught are the Allahu Anhu. And this is what spread and think about this. There were no Publishing Any agencies back then. And when they wrote a book, how do you think they would open publishing it and giving it out? They wrote it on pieces of paper in their home with their with their hand, like it was there was only one edition, it was just one and that's it? How are you going to take something how you take them what, for example, I take this Muslim Imam and spread it all over the world if it wasn't for people that he invested in the bet invested in and

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they taught and they trained in the the support and the aidid. And they mentored and coached for a very long time. This is what he did on his own. This is the legacy he left, the moment we stopped doing that. Or don't we stop doing that? I'm not gonna use the past tense yet. The one that the moment that's no longer the issue anymore. We're not interested in investing in people this time doesn't ceases to exist. Because it's all about that it's all about someone who's learned who's going to teach and mentor and you can think about well, the accomplishments are within medicine and went within a body of science in the industrial revolution. But all of that doesn't add up to

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anything if society has no values. If a society has no direction doesn't have principles, it doesn't have anything to live by all that doesn't mean anything. I think we should know that by now. Like this should be common knowledge at this point privately yourselves I'm invested in that and making sure that you left behind them a generation of people who were understood what they were here to do what their moral compass was clear their ethics were clear.

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All history is only a sight to some teach that and it's pretty easy. I just tell you a couple of them just for the benefit of enjoying some of the stories about him on here. So it was around again the Hadith.

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Within the Muslim Imam and Jang I didn't really run out of your salatu salam there was one of the Sahaba from the from the Badu from the

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Bedouins, his name wizard and the prophet Ali Asad was I knew him well. He was a very let's just see if

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physically unfortunate looking gentleman, and the proper audience or MP, sometimes people would would avoid him. And he was standing once in a Yanni in the market and was selling what the bedrooms used to come to the cities and they would sell eggs and cheese and milk and whatever they had the raw value sizes, I would see him come up from behind him, and he would hug him. And the man when he was hug from behind, he got scared for a moment. He didn't like it. And then he noticed that was the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and then he would say if I walk up to him as you do now even excel, I mean, it will solve the buck Nila Sula herbivory and the best thing I had in my life is the prophet

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Allah is on stomach or his chest touching my back to Makkah and that the audience on Monday yesterday had Abdul who will buy this slave for me. He's joking with him. Natalia rasool Allah even to G Dooney qasida no one will buy me if you're if you're trying to sell me I'm, I'm not worth anything. So the Prophet Allah usados turned them around called Lakin Nica and Allah have Aden which are very valuable in the eyes of Allah subhana wa Tada so Allah he's like you said them

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there was a man by the name of Hawaii Ben Jubail, the Hadith and Toblerone this gentleman, the young young Muslim, Hindu Muslim, and one night

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on a on a on a trip back from a battle. He would notice a couple of ladies sitting beside a fire.

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So he we saw them and he went inside

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to have to either a TITO Maharaj to fragilis to be you know when I put on covered my head and my face and he went and sat with them and he just sit with with the ladies Bacara Rasool Allah as I said, Let me claim it to you the Prophet of Islam comes out of his tent for out of money the moment he looked into it, he saw him he noticed me I didn't matter if I know you about delivery doing Bacala Gemilang leash if I called to generally shower do rasool Allah I just I lost my Campbell I was asking that they see my Campbell guru firmado Ernie by the color yeah about the mother father shallow do J Malik about the law. What happened to your last camel photo of Haskell I'm still

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looking for it. But if I'm not good enough your salary your jacket will be for you know Dini about Abdullah Dafa shout out to Germany he would see me on the way back every time he'd see me come on his horse closer to me about what happened to your camel and I would have to come up with another line. But I knew Bakasana until I got very upset and uncomfortable for Joel to it and Medina. So I kind of left the army and just went back to Medina so he wouldn't catch me again. Don't have to adhere to MSG, the party Hulu we then start to enter the message of the Prophet Allah Islam when he wasn't there because I didn't want him to get up and run into him. He then asked the same question

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and again, I'm gonna I'm gonna squirm. So I entered one night to pray and the message was empty. So I'm doing my solo because I hadn't been in the masjid for a while was enjoying him for halogen Nabil said Allah said I mean ballyhoura For he came he came into the material here so AutoSum was like I think any coffee if at any pray to very quickly I can do my agenda started here. Salatu Salam, I'm standing he's standing there to an OT Lhasa who your home so I decided to make them to hit the record that I'm praying and I was hoping that he would get up by Cordelia toe will have Abdullah mushy and Toto will first to the human heart. That sounds sort of take as much time as you want. I'm

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not leaving until you're done. But if a call to Neff enough see that the actor the one that you know suited me said to myself, I'm going to have to I have to do the right thing, but if I sell them to my friend turned to him but both Yara Sudama before I was able to speak finally about a dilemma the father shall go to Germany How is your camel doing a call last call to ya rasool Allah Allah He mashallah Delhi Gemma Yun to Islam I have never I haven't lost a camel since the day I accepted Islam apart so I still remember Rahim Allah Allah for him at Allah. Allah may Allah have mercy upon you. That was again Allah Hadees like you said he's on the he's on his camel when Dean and father

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living in Ibis Hadith and

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and with that, would you sitting behind him, and a young lady would come to him at least this is during Hajj, and she starts asking him questions.

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He was very young and apparently attractive. So the Prophet of Islam has asked as to answering her questions and following Ibis is staring at her as she's asking the question so the Prophet alayhi salatu salam would kind of move back a bit and take the head of infobel and turn it towards him.

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A Buddha aka W see if I love attorney either. Yeah, he turned me to him either behavior testing what you know you're Sol Sol you're smiling at me festa heat and I felt embarrassed. I looked down after that Allah when you saw him, you sell them. This is how he would teach people invested in people. Save them or if you go and you follow the Hadith for sai Hainan. Looking for the hadith of Martha bingeable specifically, you find the Prophet alayhi salatu salam every time he had an opportunity he would bring him and he would put him behind him on his new and they would go and he would speak to my mother and teach him Yeah, and he would tell him you don't Hadith Maha Abdullah he I didn't eat

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better than

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ALLAH and he would educate Satan and model the Allahu Anhu. You tell him in you know, hey, Booker Yamada love you. And he will tell him Yeah.

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Hold on one minute Sherry Omiya to be salty. Che Do you memorize anything of the of the

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poetry of this of this known poet of Karina IMEA Rasulullah and he didn't know the Prophet Alia sources I mean, this is back then like the hip thing like this is what Jana you knew you knew the latest album. So he had memorized this poetry now called Ask me I need let me hear so he would recite. He said I would recite the verse of poetry if I knew he gave me another one. I give him another one he kept on saying until I give him 100 verses of poetry. So makhanda Allah He in MNL by Yanni Mina Shipman, mitad de la la, la, sometimes the articulation can be like magic. Well, like in Canada used to me almost except accepted Islam just by any wisdom that he had.

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And when he sent my eyes to Yemen to be a judge, you would educate him and tell him exactly what to do on the way and he would tell him as he was leaving Yemen that I like in law telephony, probably when you're gonna come back by the time you have to come back in this mission is over you're not going to find me when I look at mo RubyMine studio that will cover you and you'll probably come by my masjid and my grave will be there my mind starts to cry for Fila Turkey I'm what no don't be Don't cry when Al Buka demonstrate on this type of book this type of day in desperation is from straightline don't don't feel that way. It will take time and spend with Martin educate more admired

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will be became one of the great scholars of Islam. The same thing was given Ibis Ibis was only awakened life for a couple of years with the Prophet Allah. Yes, so she's very young, even ibis, but the Prophet alayhi salam still would do the same thing. They don't how do you think we all have to follow the law? You have to follow the law had to go to jail, how are you and I just memorize the Hadith I must learn the Hadith. Forget about him memorizing he understood it. He was he was he was taught how to live his life through the words of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he would the Prophet alayhi salam would bring him as Allah whom for Dean was eliminated, we would make dua for

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him that he would be someone of knowledge, he would put him out of his house and besides him, and he would treat him like a man he would give him the water first even though Abu Bakr in our sitting right beside him, some Allah who I used to sell them investing in people making sure that they were going to grow up to be something worthy of of the message that they carry. He cared about the money so some even when it came to their emotional status on the Noah story and this is a Hadith I remember when I was in university I had to do a full study on on its origins. And the the condition was you weren't going to use a search engine. So I had to go to the MCSA there was a large light

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library for you. Which I'm not sure if you're still doing in demand. It was a big library and it was like multi layered and you'd have to get on the on a sliding ladder to move from one place to the other to bring down the big collections that go through them and it took me like three months to something that would have taken that would take me right now will take you like literally 15 seconds to figure out all the different narration of the Hadith Hadith Jabra will Jamal This is on the way back from Benin masala, the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam with notice jabot is like behind the army everyone's in one big clump and jabot is a little bit behind. So the Prophet Allah is also

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noticed Jagger wasn't feeling well the whole time he could see he was down so I think I saw someone come by and he was he had better my shutting up Why are you behind everyone felt like that? Gemelli ya rasool Allah. I have an old camel Miss Campbell of mine is old he didn't like the camel job instead of America and an avocado I am an adult German nothing I hate more in this world than this bloody camel that I had. I couldn't get rid of it and I had nothing else but it's an I had to go with it everywhere and it didn't move and it was slow and it smelled and it just was going scandal. So the Prophet alayhi salatu was run with the standard make draw and then tap the Campbell and the

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camel would need to for us Baja German who Serbia pajama la Rasulillah So Sam is Campbell will start to follow the Prophet or race and he will say yeah Joe but at the end Daniel Gemma told me I want to buy this camel from you Natalia Allah who just take it and he I didn't I don't want to I don't even like it Take it from me. But God Allah will be so many here I want to buy it from you. Because be my shirttail also Allah so He said the Prophet Allah is what I'm trying to cheer him up. Okay, Allah I'll pay you $1 for it.

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I told you to take it Yeah, you don't have to humiliate with me I would have $1 for a camel just to just take it I thought I come to the area Jabra is joking with him until he come to a number that he's happy with Dayton Medina at New Belgium and whenever you get to the medina bring me there there cam want to give it to you. Just ask him. Yeah, yeah, but I just always have you gotten married? Because now

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I say even bigger. You may even marry a lady who's it's the first marriage or a second marriage but Karla belta Even she's a lady who was married before Nacala Declan Tada Abraham Why don't you marry me marry a lady wasn't married before just like you and you would play with you have to even be funnier for you both if you're caught a match I'd be tough like I just I've been at my dad died he left me nine daughters. I've night sister to take care of I need the 100 Cynthia job but

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then he starts talking to Joe but maybe we wait outside of Medina a little bit so that your wife can prepare the pillows for his will.

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And prepare herself Bukhari also Elisa and Dina notice I don't have pillows in my home.

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At the moment where sometimes in life where you just things become dark and then everything is dark and he could see that he has done the job of just going

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rough patch so he took upon himself Alia salts RAM to make things easier I thought Elijah

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Yeah cool. You will you will have to lose one day and they waited outside Medina for a while so that is the wives would prepare. It's been a couple of months it would enter Medina the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. Now Joe better and he wanted to get rid of this camel, and he was afraid that Jani if he didn't quickly take the camel over the Prophet and his little changes Mike is an old camel is not going to be worth much. So beetle came knocking on the door and when Jeb was taught me that he said he doesn't want the camel anymore. I knew it wasn't the Campbell

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Acharya jabber had someone who Jamal Abdi he I like it here's the here's how much is the price of the camel that we agreed to and keep the camel in them our tune was Mimosa had given it a fee so the private cells if he just wanted to joke with you, as he as your his son of his brothers of Allah he was like he was job to tell us later on how do you this part is in measurement so it didn't hate me. It would put a father for Xena entertainment by vasara nd in America and I started to have pillows in my home. Oh Allah He like yo lady jealous to fee Oh ma che to fee here also sued Allah and the day that I was with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam working with him what I'm you're going to end up

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with no pillows at home lay your own minimal oral demon a yummy heavy it's better than than a full and then millions of lifetimes then what I'm living right now without him so Allah adios adios.

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Like, for example, Abdullah will be Jardine in the Hadith. Here is also in the collection of Rama Deuteronomy The

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Abdullah will be jetting his name was Bill us and he was Xena. And this gentleman accepted Islam and he was kicked out of his own he was stripped of everything and he's the reason his name is doodle be Jedi be Jad is a piece of fabric. He just sent you all he his uncle literally took his clothes off his body. So he had to pick up two pieces of fabric and just kind of tie them around himself so he wouldn't be walking around naked. And he came to Medina looking like that. So the profit is awesome. I asked him What's your name? What's your name?

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And he said Abdullah there will be Jardine, the one with the two pieces of fabric and that became his name. When he died in one Dubai on the way back from one of the Elizabet he passed away. In must Oh tells us a story. He said I woke up hearing metal hitting rock, which is a sound of you know, someone hit me digging something or war. So on the way back, if you hear metal and rock or two, then you were worried that there's something going on. So he said I left and I looking to see it was very dark. It was very windy, it was very cold. I'm trying to figure out where the sun was coming from. So I go I go and I find a bucket and I'm standing when each one carrying a little bit small kerosene

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or maybe not kerosene, but still something, some form of light. And there was a gentleman who was lying on a boat in white, meaning a pilot, someone who's deceased, and the Prophet SAW Selim is inside a hole, and he's digging the hole. So I've been missed out comes in and says, you know, how are you? What are you doing standing up and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is digging. So they told me Be quiet. He's he insisted he's going to do this. So just just stand here. So I asked him who died called Abdullah who will be Jardine said Who who is Abdullah who will be God he was very unknown. He was not a very well known for hobby. He accepted Islam very, very recently. And he was

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someone who's very poor didn't have much so people didn't really know him. What happened was oh man, Malati Leila had to money to local to Makana. By the end of the night. I had wished I was in his spot. I mean, I wished I was dead. I wish I was a heifer Allahu cobre who the prophet has dug his grave with his own hands. So makalah Anna Willa, Annie a hawk will now give me your brother and they gave him the would carry Abdullah do Bucha didn't give him to the Prophet Allah is awesome, but you're in 01 Maybe you also sell them big here probably he the prophet would put him in his grave with his own hands could Allahumma in new che dukkha and near Alden and Abdullah he will be here

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then you say it three times. Oh Allah be my witness that I am that I am satisfied with Abdullah. Allah in Ocala. Your hipbelt Quran is someone who loves the Quran. Even Massoud by the end of the night like I wished I was the dead person in the Prophet Allah Islam did this for me and made dua for me. So Allah Allah, he was armed he was

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he would take time to

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make sure that they were ready to pick up the responsibilities. If you look at it. What was moto moto was one of the battles that Prophet alayhi salam did not go to it's a very known one is very well documented in the Sunnah and the Sierra, but he wasn't there out of his throat to ascertain why because he wanted the Sahaba to learn to take care of themselves. This message is also yours, you need to some take some initiative on this on this message. So he made Jani zedan Jaffa and Abdullah Han a little hype you need to lead the battle without him being there out of here. Salatu Salam as this is an important, a leader that does not put people in positions of leadership so that they can

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take care of it later on that he's basically waiting for whenever he dies, it's over. Whenever that leader dies, everything just falls to pieces because no one's been prepared to actually carry the message or, or to pick up the beacon and continue to move it

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had to move forward with it. What are your thoughts and would take time to make sure he did that?

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When you look at when he before he died, that is awesome. He had prepared he was preparing an army. An army was supposed to go and fight the Romans and he had put the leader of the army Osama bin Zayed Salman was 17 he was leading an army with that oh bucket and Omar in it's

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not 70 not leading prayer. And Tara we know leading an army with elbow and I'm gonna forget about Danny leading prayer with a couple of older people behind you. You're leading an army. So when he died out you saw to some some of us who have even said maybe he shouldn't be Osama bin Zayed. I mean, he's young, maybe the prophet Isaiah so Saddam at the end wasn't really thinking about it or could American to the polar opposites and aka rasool Allah is an AKA Rasulullah sallallahu I would never ever stop something and the Prophet alayhi salam put up a flag and a banner and you're asking me to dismantle it and say No, Allah, helium, Leah, no, Sam, Oh, someone's going to take this army,

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and he's going to march toward the Prophet, Allah, your son's gonna tell you he was going to merge. And in this in the issue, there was no war, nothing happened. But the concept was the training and the teaching and the preparation that they were going for. He also thought Islam was very strict, and he pointed out their mistakes. And he taught them when without or made them mistaken, and called betta and Habashi something he shouldn't have called him caught it in the camera on fika Helia. He's like the seventh eighth person person to accept Islam. And without accepted as someone no one was accepting Islam. Well, that was one of the early Muslims as early as you can go back very close to

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the Prophet Allah is close to them a lot of educated and quite heavily. But when he made a mistake, he didn't hold back. He pointed it out to you this is Johanna unu. And we are hard to accept and this hadith is narrated until your multicam. But to teach him that Allah Hadees language setting you have to teach him when it was done. I made the mistake and came and tried to interview intercede on behalf of someone who had stolen for them not to be punished. The Prophet alayhi salam spoke to him very firmly as well.

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One of the stories I enjoy is Abdullah bin Omar, one of the younger Sahaba who also were well educated by the prophet Allah. Yes. So someone came one of the great other Dino filters and Islamic knowledge. Some of them are that had come from him, again, as they say each might have comes from another Sahaba Allah number is one of them. And the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam and he will say something when he wasn't there, knowing that the person was going to take it in the fall. And then Mr. Raju Abdullah, what a good is a Muslim? What a good person Abdullah is located on a full moon and Lady if you only and he kept up his pm allele a little bit because he doesn't do that as much as

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me I do half and I talk to PML daily movements idea. And I heard those words and I've been nightly since the day he said that I think you saw to Sam has been over 40 years when he narrated this hadith of the Allahu Allah.

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Yahweh Imam Al Hakim, I would I would certainly be Hanif Kulkarni and Nabil sallahu alayhi wa sallam yet he lives in Muslim Nina why a Zoom Room where I will do Merbau whom we are Hello Doofy Oh yeah, Shadow Jana is a hula hula vagina is the hem Prophet alayhi salatu salam would look for the Muslims who were weak or poor or they couldn't take care of themselves or not may be seen to be the high status of people he would go and visit them and he would if someone was sick, he would go to gifts for them. And whenever there's one of them died, he would go out to your salatu salam and he would only be there within their janazah the rate of eight Hakim and an estimated medic How do you

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determine he would say the Prophet Connie assuming that he will suddenly Salah Milan Surah by yourself anymore and also be any Him we will see him

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privately is awesome would go and take time to visit the onslaught and then he would make dua for the for the young children and give them to them and and pack it in and put his hand on his head their heads and make fun of life and if he took time to do these things imagine the imagine his schedule if you want to think about someone being busy or you know busy he was on a your salatu salam ala he took time to make sure he did these things from Allah Hadith CIBJO Salam even Massoud later I've had even tougher Kali was told by one of his man I'd be working his name is it was told why don't you do more more ever more whatever is when people are reminded of Allah subhanaw taala

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emotionally follow the curtain Akula you wouldn't be nicer if you if you taught us if you did this for us everyday. The father in them I asked him that Oh, my icon Can I can I guess not oh man, Allah Sula. So I said that I do for you what the Prophet alayhi salatu salam used to do for us to kind of get the whole well being men were able to laugh at us Matira Lena used to choose only specific days to do this for us so that we won't get bored and that's not what we're doing here. What we're doing here is he did everyday Alia Serratos and but my whenever I was whenever I reminder and emotional reminder of Jana note and stuff like that you only specifically chose certain times, but I didn't

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want to bore them. Some of them. For example, in the Indians just do this for men needed for women, Hadith, Yanni and the Muslim he would visit

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almost same with Milan and Omaha, Milan. And they were his. They were related him through law through through breastfeeding. I mean, they were from his mouth. I mean, they he couldn't marry them. They couldn't marry him. So I said, so we'd go on, and she was married and was married to about them the summit and he would go and visit her in their house on a Saturday. Sometimes he would did

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He would talk to her kids and he would have a food with them and he would take a nap there. So one day he was taking a nap and they're in her house and you wake up and he's smiling because yellow sort of Allah VIP interval only myopic Look, why are you why are you laughing? Because that's why you two female anatomy nurse Murthy was out on FISA Belinda Yakubu Alba I saw in my dream people from my OMA are going to go into actually perform Jihad and they're going to be in ships going across the sea. For him it was funny on a syllogism because Arabic didn't do this. They didn't like to see they live in the desert the sea was something very foreign to them. But by that yeah rasool

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Allah, Allah Holly and Hakuna Minho making dua that will be one of them. Allah and timolol Oberlin. You're amongst the first to do this.

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There is a masjid. I want to say it's in Cyprus. There's a message called Masjid in salida Masjid of the pious woman, not only haram, right, the Sufi sebelah and she died there as a Shaheed

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and she was buried there. And beside her grave, there's a masjid and it stands till this day. You would think that maybe a lady asking to get on it I want to be on a ship and go for jihad. He would say maybe maybe leave that for them and know he made dua for her so I said no, he allowed them to believe in themselves they allowed them to dream big and to look forward to something greater than what they were actually going through. This meant alive this is this is powerful. This is true leadership by the way and this is not you don't find this everywhere and this we missed this we're we like this we crave it as human beings to have someone like that. So Allah Allah assignments and

00:26:27--> 00:26:28

I'm doing this.

00:26:30--> 00:26:47

In the Hadith narrated by Buddha, he says LASR zoom in I'm Anna, let them be men Zilla tilba Liddy or a limo come I am to you like a father I teach you and the Hadith and Muslim of a man this is just an example and I love the work his wording he that's why I'm telling you this story because of the wording that he specifically uses here

00:26:48--> 00:27:21

is where he's standing in Salah his new Muslim only been there for a while it doesn't really know much. He's just standing like everyone else so Salah and a man sneezes so he had learned the piece of what he should say when someone sneezes but he hadn't really learned all the details of the ritual of Salah yet. So he's standing there the guy sneezes so it says your hammock Allah so Allah and the Prophet of Islam is reading Quran Yanni. So some of the unsalted were praying Look at him. And even what the heck are you doing? They're looking at him for Fido. Maya who Masha Allah Compton, Verona LA, may IDI Why is everyone staring at me they'll call you every one of you Academy started

00:27:21--> 00:27:36

hitting him so just be quiet. But if out of two and you saw me too and then either telling me to be quiet so I saw I was quite a profound sort of Rasulullah he started masala tea when the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam finished his prayer and this is his wording. I can't remember the name of the Sahaba Subhanallah I have to I can't remember the names of the Hadith as

00:27:38--> 00:28:18

in any collection of Muslim in Buddhahood they can remember the Mojave anyways, where he says Carla for OB OB who Oh mi la barra. Bernie Well, I can have Ronnie well as the Germany he makes drama for the Prophet alayhi salatu salam he says he didn't yell at me. He didn't mistreat me he didn't call me a name attorney call Eddie Yeah had in Nigeria that your solar to later. Never test be with the bat. Well I and Fauci has shaped with me columnists this color is only for Quran re citation and just be authentic be we're not supposed to talking about who Burma or eat and why Lehmann asked Anna Taleem and Minho. Salah Allah you said I've never seen a teacher who is better and better at

00:28:18--> 00:28:52

teaching than he was out of your Salatu Salam o and oh my gosh, two twos or at least let me say this when it's okay, it's a days off. You guys are all offensive. You should be fine for another one more. Salah Holly's love yourself. And this is just so you see his sensitivity when he was treating people understood. He knew he would watch out for people's emotional reactions he saw when people were upset when they weren't upset. And then a really good example of that is on the day of NATO after the day running after they had brought the ally of Saudi I spent a lot of money for Liberty Paluma and given people accepted Islam recently, and many of them were from Croatia, and he had

00:28:52--> 00:29:26

given software and had been Romania for example. That's probably wrong. Also if it was later, but he had given he had given people like Sophia and Harris so when have you given people who would accept Islam recently a lot of wealth and the Ansara saw all of that and they got a little upset because they had been standing by him for maybe if you do the math around nine years and he had gone through multiple wars and they've given up their homes and given up their you know their kittens and their blood and and the profit it is almost he has the money he's giving it to all these other people who just accepted Islam yesterday, and they're getting they're almost getting nothing very small, forgot

00:29:26--> 00:29:59

about them which is Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Allah who the Prophet Allah Islam has found his family, not even bloody. He's found his family means he's happy with his family and it's all they said. So the point of it is also haven't heard this, though. He called me I didn't know at the time and he asked him and I heard this saying this a lot and I'm also missing. So he says it sounds to them one day I started much upon what you said what do you say because he's the leader because Hold on, I have to LuPone I say whatever my people are saying so understood that he loves him that they had they were upset. But if if if he Malyon Nesco bring bring your people bring all the on sock so

00:29:59--> 00:30:00

that he brought

00:30:00--> 00:30:12

got all the answers and it was like in a in a shaded area. And I thought oh my Hakuna Matata. None of the Mahajan are allowed to be here everyone has to be undecided from obika and Omar who witnessed this because Allah Allah wa salam in a day to come

00:30:13--> 00:30:51

by Bullard and for hijacking Allah who been well I listened for Allah Nakoula who be on Waterford retainer for Gemma como la Hui, I came to you and you had no guidance and Allah guided you through me and you had no wealth and Allah gave you wealth through me and you were all divided while United you through me. follow Allah Who Illumina to the law. He was truly here, Allah subhanaw taala and the Prophet have all the money that we owe all pays to them. And everyone was playing Mikado, so I'm a low end not going to end to do either elf or Ultima if you wanted to respond to me, you could have responded to everyone's quite able to do it. But what are you talking about you're also gonna know

00:30:51--> 00:31:26

called to meditate and I need a date no, the eighth of October in our data center, motto origin for HANA Inoty, you came to us and you had the you had no protection, we protected you and you had no and he started using that to say if you want to say they could say that you came to us weak and we strengthened unic into a sport and we and we supported you according to the law he will assume you know Allah subhanaw taala has all the bounty upon us we don't we don't feel that way. Because Allah Salam hasn't told me then Allah Allah Allah I don't know it means dunya to our left to be happy Lubin love to be have polu but poem in Hadith see I hadn't be Islam your set over a little bit of

00:31:26--> 00:32:04

dunya that I used to strengthen the hearts of people who just accepted Islam overkill to Camila, Imani Coleman I have and I left you to the packet I know that you can depend on your own Iman. I'm not gonna and your older nurse who either do either duty himolla Dre him Maria, Misha Vichy Bill Marley, was she a witch? Yeah. Are you not happy that the people will go home? We'll go home with money and within with camels and with sheep, what are you doing to either do recon via Rasulullah sallallahu Are you not happy that you will go to get to go home and you take with with your lawsuit Allah so I said Babacan at home and they started to sob until tears were dropping from from their.

00:32:05--> 00:32:25

From their beards. They'll call us Allah Allah you Salam low when Allah the Quran tomorrow, Amina Al Ansari, if it wasn't for the fact that I actually performed the immigration, I would I would have wanted to be one of the Ansara though silicon so Sherman was set to share and let's select to deal on so if people want in one direction, and the Saudi went in another direction, I would go in the direction of the Ansara.

00:32:26--> 00:32:58

Satoshi out on when Natsu without meaning it Charlaine detail or two when you wear clothing, this clothing that's close to your body and clothing a bit farther away like a second layer, meaning they don't solder that layer. They're stuck to my body and the everyone else has the layer behind them. Allah Who Mohan Milan saw what happened I'm sorry, what webinar on Saudi would spend a couple of minutes I think it's awesome. I'm making dua for the also may Allah have mercy upon them and upon their children and the children of their children and the children of the children of their children. He counted and some Hadith point out five or six generations where he would make to our

00:32:58--> 00:33:35

audience and he would say I got to email you from Boulogne, Saudi Arabia to me filthy booboo Lamsa. And the Stein of email is Allah hottie Samuel Salam, his love to the people who stood by him Ali Asad ism and the fact that he would notice when people this is important sensitivity. When you're dealing with people, leadership, empowering them, educating them, training them pointing out their mistakes and, and taking seriously their concerns and their pain, and making sure that you take a moment to actually listen to it, and then offer them something, some advice. And him did this all the time. And that's why they loved him. And that's why they continued his legacy after him. And

00:33:35--> 00:33:56

that's why we sit here today with Islam. And if the only way Islam is going to continue is if we continue what he did Allah your salatu salam in his mind, and invest in people with education and support and mentorship and coaching and training and allowing people to take on is there within our lives to take on leadership positions so they can learn and they can make mistakes, and they find someone who they can fall back on.

00:34:00--> 00:34:01

I find that this is

00:34:02--> 00:34:04

one of the missing pieces of the puzzle.

00:34:05--> 00:34:39

And it's a really important one and a couple of years ago, I think I've talked about the concept of mentorship so many times that I feel like a broken record. But it's the it's so central to what our dean is, is so central to what he did to his message Alejo, salatu salam and we're not practicing it properly. Like we're not there, we're not even close to where it needs to be. Most young Muslims, men and women and young young Muslims, male and female should find an abundance of Muslim mentors and teachers and people who are willing to help them along. They should find so many of them they should be able to choose. Meaning really what should happen is they have all these options. They

00:34:39--> 00:34:59

choose someone that they that they find benefit by being not that there's only one or two people and either you get along with them or you have no other option. And there's one or two people that exists are overburdened, overloaded and have no time anymore to do any of it and have lost a basically have lost their patience to do it. So now we're stuck with no that shouldn't be the case. And all it takes is a little bit

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

Have time, a little bit of passion, a little bit of investment, a little bit of availability. And really, that's all that's needed for this whole story to continue moving forward. Make sure that you understand that you're a part of this of this narrative chain, this long chain of, of Islamic tradition that we're a part of, and that you you fit in as a mentee and you fit in as a mentor. You fit in both ways. It's the he did Allah here salatu salam, he was mentored by Jibreel he was mentored by Ibrahim Ali's he was taught he was taught how to use soldiers out he was mentored by what he took things he he learned how the assignee grew and he made sure he did the same for others

00:35:35--> 00:35:48

and then they did the same thing and they kept kept on going and it can't stop now because if it stops now then basically we're putting we're hitting the brakes on what Islam is actually designed to be. Just think about that a little bit and I'm sorry for taking too much times.

00:35:49--> 00:36:02

Have you become so low Allah He said Allah Allah you have been sending Subhanallah we haven't taken care of Allah either in the interest of fuel go to break also Allah who was telling them about like Allah, maybe you know, have you been hammered? While early he was like amused me he's like, and a lot of heat and buckler if you can sit on

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television was at 230 Monica