Hasan Ali – 99 Names of Allah – Lesson 23

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses various names and their significance in history, including Jesus, the first name isteenth- officially known as Jesus, and the last name is the first one that is still alive. The speakers emphasize the importance of trusting prophets and learning about the language of Islam. They also discuss the use of "has" in writing and the importance of "upbeat of the sun" and "the alarm" in the Bible. The transcript provides examples and explains the meaning of "upbeat of the sun" and "the alarm."
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salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad Ali

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Continuing from the names of Allah azza wa jal, the 99 names and please do remember, trying to memorize these names is a guarantee in Sharla to go to Jana. So who Allahu la de la ilaha illa Rahmani Raheem and Maluku. Salama Mohammed

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Holla Holla buddy

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antebellum capital hollowbody so we have a Federal

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Reserve and Fatah Halima Javi abasi to the hospital referred

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to semi auto Cyril Hakka monado Latif and hubby. And Helene Halima la Viva la foto shockula Hollywood Kevin.

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Kevin half years old monkey Tallahassee boo jelly jelly. Majeed will buy to shahidullah Hakuna Joaquin El COVID Mateen Valley you will worry you will

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Bollywood Hamid McDougal and Maxine moody and married and more healed moumita havilah human Rajat and Raja magic how to summit

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I think in that of solving the reputational problem Mr. Ali you have you have you know, Pete l hassy. With jelly jelly karimun rockymage evil was all hakimullah Doodle doodle Mojito by Sasha his Roku Aki Allah Mateen Valley Mohammed mercy algo de the

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move the Maria Maria moumita a human so on. Now last week we came up to

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the name

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Mahi and Elmo meet the one who gives life and the one who takes life away. This week we starting from the name Allah Hi, Alex, how are you? And how you is one name. The next thing is I'll pay you next time is a legit then it's a magic then it's Allah Hayden Allah had a summit to try and cover these. In this session. Some of these names are now a bit similar to other names that we've covered or we're covering. Therefore we're going to see a speeding up a little bit with the names. So the first one that we're covering today is alhaj.

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Now, the name of Allah xojo been alhaj means that he is the EverLiving and Allah azza wa jal being the ever living is one that was ever living from as well as l means that this is beyond time. Time is our cell we're in time we're in space, Allah azza wa jal is not in time he is not in space. So from infinity from eternity from the from from before time, so we're not looking at what's before I was before I was before I was looking at that, because if you carry on thinking about that, then if you think about it, seriously, it's a shaytans was fossa. Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam has said it's a shaytans was for some because if you say okay,

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I came from my father, my father came from my grandfather, my grandfather came, oh, great grandfather and so on and so on. So it goes back, back back and goes back to admonish Allah. So then, okay, then Allah created Adam and Assalam. So if you say, Okay, what was before that you say, well, the genes were there. Before that Allah created their genes, the Malacca before that there is alcohol before the Malacca

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then you say okay, is it allows origin

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it allows origin. Now if you get to that and you say, okay, it's Allah azza wa jal Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam has said, that, there will be a

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there will be a question that the shaytan will put forth.

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What is that question that the shaytan will put forth? He will say how the Hulk Allah subhanho wa Taala

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This is the creation of Allah so who has created Allah now the will so if you think backwards in time, you think what what was there before Allah? But before only come because you're thinking about time? So before before Allah azza wa jal they there is no before a question doesn't even exist. There is no such thing before Allah. Allah was there. Finished

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That's what we need to say we can't, we can't use the human brain to understand this. Just like if I tell you to lift 10 kilos, if I tell you to lift 10 kilos right now you can lift 10 kilos. If I tell you to lift 20 kilos, you can lift 20 kilos, 30 kilos, you can struggle with 30 kilos, 40 kilos, fine.

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But if I tell you to lift 100 kilos, can you do that? 100 kg normal normal person 100 kg can't? If I tell even a super strong person you lift with one arm 1000 kg? Can you do it? Now if I tend to do 10,000 isn't big enough? So there's a limit to this the limit to the muscles? If I say with the eye? How far can I see? Some people can see one mile of a distance some people three four miles of a distance on a clear day. Some people five miles. But if I tell him to see with this eye, human eye, without any binoculars without any telescope without anything to look and to see, as far as 100 miles, or 200 miles, can the human eye do that? Now so the human eye is limited, the human muscles

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are limited. The ears, how far can I hear, I can hear several miles away. But I can't hear. I can't if there was something unless it's a very large explosion. I can't hear a few miles away. But even if there's a massive explosion on halfway across the world or quarter way across the world, I can't hear that. The human the human error can't pick that up. So we limited. We're limited with hearing with sight with touching with lifting with working with energies. So we limited with the brain.

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We limited the brain, there's so much a human can think there's so much a human can can start to make an idea about is limited. So for this we rely on a sixth sense, the sense the sixth, seventh

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sense of humanity, which is Ambien. Salatu, salam, the MBR were the ones who told us about prophets

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would mean you know about. And then the other ones are the ones who have told us about other prophets. And they've told us about books that have been revealed. And they've told us about the day of judgment and they told us about the unseen world. Would me and you be able to know about the unseen world about Allah without any Prophet, yes or no?

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Is it? No, we can't. It's only through the prophets. So whatever the prophets Now tell us about Allah, we have to trust it.

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The human can't bring now new arguments about Allah from himself, you won't work because you we the whole concept of Allah is not a man made thing. It's Allah has sent prophets to the earth to talk about God. So if a question is now said, about Allah azza wa jal about who he is, what he was, and so on, and we're going through the medium of a prophet or an abbey, then we can say, Okay, we've got the full understanding there. But if you're not going through an ad, we don't go through profit, no human being can ever come and talk about God without a delete and without appropriate evidence, you have to go through a profit, you will understand this. So when philosophers when scientists, when

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your normal, ordinary human beings, they talk about God, that God must be this God mercy that we do not accept the authority of anybody. We accept only the authority of the MBR of the prophets, because they were told about God from God, they were told who God is. So you have to go through them to find out who God is, anyone else you will take even if your own brain, you try and understand Allah, then you will fail. You will come to a failure and you will come to things about Allah which are not true

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things about Allah which are not true. So that's why the name Allah Hi, him being ever living. This means that Allah azza wa jal he existed when nothing existed. This also means kulu Shay in Harley Quinn.

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Every single thing that is in that is in creation will come to destruction, one day, except for Allah azza wa jal enlarger. Except for his countenance meaning except for himself. This is in Surah Allah Allah casas I am number 88 Surah Al casas h h. When Allah will tell his starfield to blow into the horn everything will be destroyed even his Raphael will die himself.

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Imagine he's blowing the horn and he blows at all creation die even molecule mode dies. Even if Raphael dies with the homestead in his in his hands, he dies. john john everything dies there Mallika give rain dies, the everything that existed, everything existed, dies. Nothing is existing at this moment. That's to show that Allah azza wa jal is the architect. He was the first he's the last.

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Oh, that's to show that he is alhaj the EverLiving and he doesn't have to have anything else living with him. Now, obviously

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After that Allah will bring things back to life. Now one of the most powerful names we've got is Allah Hi, are you with this name is Alka you are you aloha you means the one who keeps everything.

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Everything running the one who sustains everything the one who looks after the running and affairs of everything. So by him comes from from from a word in Arabic which means to, to be able to preserve. So the one who's the old preserver, the one who is the old sustainer The one who can keep things continuously running is Allah azza wa jal and Jaime's the one who's ever living Allah Karim is the one who's who's keeping it keeping ongoing. So it means he's not only alive, he's not only alive but he's also keeping everything else running and everything else alive.

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Now, in for example, there's a hadith here

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from the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. Where he says is smooth la Hill album left you saw the middle of an Salah Al Baqarah la Amano Taha, this Hadees says that this is a hadith of Bihar, where there is there is a discussion about what is the Israelite what is the greatest thing of Allah azza wa jal and this hadith says that his Malala album is in three suitors of the Quran. Number one, it's in Surah Al Baqarah number one, so number two Surah Al Emraan. And number three, Surah Taha, what does that mean? That means whichever names you're going to find in all of these three suitors, it's that was that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam has said this, and others have said, Well, the only

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three places we can find similar to sort of Bukhara so the ad Emraan Surah Taha is the world's alhaj Europa Yun the names alhaj Europa him so in Surah Baqarah number 255. Allah says, Allahu La Ilaha Illa Who are you at the beginning of advocacy in Surah Al Emraan in the first and the second, I will find Alif Lam Meem Allahu La Ilaha Illa one, Hydra Yun and Surah Taha we find one Attila Whoo hoo, Lil heikkila Yun, again Alhamdulillah you are mentioned in all of these Surah Taha that was number 111. So, because of this,

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the orlimar have said because of this Hadees that Allah Hi You are you is this Milan album. And in other Hadith, it says that whoever will say like there was one Sahaba who was making his dog and he said, Yeah, hi, yeah, are you Yeah, hi, yo, Simon Rasulullah sallallahu said, he said he has asked through the names, which when a person asks his dries accepted and when he when he seeks refuge, he will definitely be given his the refugees asking for and that is what he was saying. Yeah. How are you? Rasulullah sallallahu himself has said and he's also told others to say, Yeah, hi, you. Yeah, you were a hermetic asterisk, which means Oh, one who's ever living or one who's controlling all

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affairs and making things run? I'm asking you through your mercy. I'm asking for your help. I'm beseeching, and I'm begging for your help and begging for your for your protection through your mercy. So these are names which allows Odell has told us to ask him through and there is the ayah in Surah Al Furqan. Number 58. Will Allah zoji la la la la isla de la a Moute depend upon the EverLiving who will never die. So that is where our dependence is in him. In surah, ALLAH hafiz or Surah Al movement and number 65 Allah azza wa jal he says who will who will hire you La Ilaha Illa Hua Dora daru. He is the ever living besides him there is no other God no other day at federal rule.

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So him You should call only Allah God should call now

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there's another Sahabi who was visit from Anasazi, Allah Han who said, I was with the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam. And we were sitting in a gathering in a halaqaat which means that a circle was sitting down. And there was one man who was standing he was praying when he went into his ruku when he went into his such that he made a draw and he made his draw, he said Allahumma inni alucabond anila calahonda

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EDA talmon buddy, you will out Yeah, then Jalali one acre arm yahaya Are you in need of a look? He said these are his words. Allahumma Allah in the US Look, I am asking you be anila Callaghan start all praise and every single praise belongs to you.

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La ilaha illa Anta there is no day at no one that is worthy of worship except for yourself. Alma Nan The one who he gifts to his servants

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after his servants turned to him, but they are somehow what you will. You are the Originator of the heavens and the earth. Yeah, the Jalali will Ekrem oh one who is of majesty and one who is of generosity. Yeah. Hi Yah, you know, these are the actual words that we want to go to the Hadith. Yeah, how are you? You are the only one who's ever living Oh, one who governs every affair and keeps it running in the US. Look, I'm asking you this Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he had this and this has been reformed this this hadith is in by hockey. This is in his asthma. This is also in in my collection Hadith number 12206. This is also in Buhari and his other will Mr. Mulford also in Abu

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Dhabi would also in OSI also in even the manager and if they have been in Baba we in Timothy. And there's

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so many different books that have narrated this Rasulullah sallallahu then said laka da this mihaela XIM Allah de la Doria be a job while he does syllabi, aka he has asked with Allah Greatest Name with which if you were asked to Allah, then he will answer your call and if you if you if you were to if you were to call him then you will answer and if you ask him for something that he will give it to you. Now

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this hadith is there and for us to what for us to call Allah azza wa jal through this name is very beloved to Allah to say Yeah, hi yada yada yada you and there's another hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi Salaam

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where this is now in.

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This is in Timothy, where Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he said manakala Hina yet we Elashi Rashi whosoever will come to his bedside at the time of sleeping and he will say this now I'm asking you to do this we when you go to your websites, this is the this is a good chain in anti media said had Ethan Hassan worried it said with a good chain or perhaps with a singular sort of tribal chain but nevertheless is accepted. This Hadith is where Rasulullah sallallahu says from Abu Seidel Odinga de la Han, who says, perhaps Allah He said, One who so ever comes to his bedside and he says these words, three times istockphoto la la de la ilaha illa hola hola Yuma to LA? Can you say with me? I

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stopped through la la de la ilaha illa. While how you look how you move to LA LA most of us know this. All you have to say this is that say three times Rasulullah sallallahu has now said his sins will be forgiven even if they are like, even if they are like the things that the oceans now the you know, the oceans, the foam of the oceans at the seaside even if they're like that, even if they're like the leaves of trees.

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Even if they're like the sand in the desert, in the sand, Allah azza wa jal, even if they are like the days of the dounia, the days the entire days of this world, Allah will forgive his sins. Now how simple is that you say stuff ru la la de la ilaha illa who will hire you? What are two boo la you say that three times. When you go to bed every night, Allah xojo will forgive sins to this extent.

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Now, this is the name Allah Hi.

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Just a couple of other things on alpha you one of the things is that when we will be named some under a certain name that you can name with, with the with one of the names that like the names of Allah, but many of the names you can't now Allah hydroclimate those names you can't just call somebody alive if his name is Abdullah Abdullah, if his name someone's name is Abdullah, you, you cannot say to you, you can't say to you, because humans are listening. You have to say abdulkareem I know a lot of a lot of people do this. They say Oh, are you are you is wrong. You have to say Abdullah, you're the servant of the human, not you because Allah His name is even in a hadith

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prophets of Allah has has made made it clear that you use the name Abdullah you. Now, one of the things that the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam used to do when he used to stand up for his dad

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is that when he would get up in the night you say Allahu Malakal, ham or law All praise belongs to you and tenuissima what you will see when you are the light of the heavens and the earth and whatever is in between

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Well I can handle every single praise belongs to you and by a human somewhat you will.

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You will have a monkey when you are the one that keeps all the heavens and the earth intact and running and everything that is in between Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam used to say this now in a set in another hadith of this was a hadith.

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This was a hadith

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in motema Malik and so on. But we've got another narration

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the narration and this nation is a nation of Muslim Sahih Muslim here as soon as the law says this and it's a beautiful God, Allahu Allah calahonda antinutritional Allah Oh, praise belongs to you. You are the light of the heavens in the end as well a Callaghan and Takayama sama to love you for every every praise belongs to you because you're the one who keeps all the heavens and the earth intact. Well, I can do some Otto Otto and for you is every single praise because you are the Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever is in between and tell how you are the true one. What do

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you promise is true? Or Toluca,

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your word is the truth. While

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a new meeting is a reality it is true it's going to happen. While agenda to help and Jenna which is paradise, that is true as a reality one narrow hop and the fire is a reality was sad to help and the last hour is a reality is true. A lot of Malika Islam to what we can amend to Allah I have submitted myself to you will be common to I believe in you will allocate our culture upon you I depend on you like an attempt to to you I turn or be kaha son to for your sake I have my arguments are like I have come to an attend to you for judgment for Phil Lima padam too. So forgive me what I've done in the past was a hard to and things that I haven't done I should have done well as referred to, and things

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that I have kept in secrecy or whatever I've done in secrecy of sins forgive that while and to and things that I've done in the open of sitting ALLAH forgive that and Isla De La ilaha illa Anta You are my You are the only one I have worthy of worship. There is no one besides yourself. A beautiful goddess who was the last minister say now Swan Lake in this drive you look at it. The main point is what the main point obviously we talked about the Cuyahoga River You mean this Hadith, but to say until Huck logical hakala you are true your promise is true, your your your meeting is true. The gentlemen true gender is true. And in one generation, there's nothing you know, half the prophets

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are true. Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam has given us a talent he has given us education, which is what that we have to as a human repeat. repeat again, and again, the fact that all of this is true, because if you don't carry on saying and convincing yourself say this is true, slowly, slowly over time, the man starts to become weak. So rustlers every night used to get up and he used to say this dark Swan allows him

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now, we know that Allah azza wa jal being a high and being alpha, you the atom Cooksey says what in Surah Baqarah number 255 Latta Hulu Sina tumhara No, no fatigue, no sleep or slumber will take over a lousy job nothing was easy. He is the one that is fully he is the one that is awake now when you say he's awake, we don't mean that he sleeps we don't mean that he's awake like the like his creation, he is all the time, all the time on movie all the time. existent and alive. In one way hockey which is which is similar to one in Ahmed is there that allows of gel he says that I am the one who keeps the heavens and the earth from I hold them in position from them moving. Now the word

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that has been used in the Quran is zagaleta wala insalata Allah says in Surah farted the originate the suitor about Allah originating everything, that if the heavens and the earth were to move from the place Who is the one that who put it back in place, there's nothing there's no one that can move it and put it back in place. Allah azza wa jal in this hadith he says, If I was to sleep, then all of this will be finished.

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The fact that Allah azza wa jal is always always alive. Never slumber sleep comes over him is is one that shows us that he's alive, Allah you. Now, this is this is from the name or these are from the names of Allah azza wa jal that we should now continue to coordinate some of the great names that we can say to allies if they want to make an I can draw from the 99 names is Yara Manya Rahim. Yes, Amelia bossy. Yeah. Latif your hubby and Yeah, hi, you

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Are you and outside the 99 names one that used to be said as well by Professor Lawson and various other dogs and so on is your Hannah Newman. Right? So these are some of the names and telling you that we should repeat again. Oh yeah, I had a solid which is going to come up with your call to come up. Yeah, I had your summit. The Rasulullah sallallahu has many of these languages to repeat in his daughters because they make outdoor has become more important Allah azza wa jal likes them and he accepts them.

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That is the name Allah you after the name Allah you may have the

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we have the name of Allah azza wa jal.

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Allah, Allah. Okay. Now, I'll watch it is has many different meanings, one of the meanings of all words it is the one who finds find someone. Why is it coming from budget ag do means to find one other meaning of YG is that Allah azza wa jal is independent. And he is, he is totally you know, he's, he is self sufficient. He doesn't need anyone else. Now, there are various meanings. But if it comes to the meaning that Allah azza wa jal, he finds What does it mean? He doesn't, it didn't mean that he lost it. So if I say or found it, I found this thing what it is mean, it means that I didn't find it before. And now suddenly found it. But with Alonzo jalisa, he's the word it doesn't mean

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that Allah now suddenly found something out we'll know. He knows where everything is. He knows how he existed and he knows what it is. But when we say he found something, we mean that he found maybe someone who was lost. And he gave them guidance. He found a poor person. And he enriched them. He gave them richness. He found someone who was calling him and he answered the call. He found someone who needed him and he came to the rescue or the help. So that's how we, we say, Allah. Allah is the one who finds you in difficulty and he eases your difficulty. That's why in the Quran in Surah Surah of Doha, we find this is the 93rd suit of the Quran. Allah Xhosa. He says Baba Jeddah Cabo vs lm

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geetika t man for our Oh Prophet, didn't he Allah find you as an orphan? And then he made us somebody who was given a place I gave you shelter I gave you place on this earth even though you're an orphan. So here is Elijah jika. Didn't Allah find you next ayah whatever jack of all lands, Shahada didn't allow find you as a person who was looking for a solution. And he guided you to that solution. Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam in Makkah, he used to be thinking again and again, how can I guide my people? How can I guide my people? How can these people come onto a system that they will be able to civilize themselves. So he was looking for a solution? Allah says he found you Bala,

00:28:20 --> 00:28:28

looking for a solution, looking for some type of guidance for these people for Heather. So he gave you that guidance to the Quran through the Sharia and so on.

00:28:30 --> 00:29:09

In China, he found you in a state that you are in poverty you needed from Allah Fabiana so he enriched you, he gave you you the richness that you wanted. Now in these three is in Surah of Doha, we find the word yejide overall agenda from coming from the name Where did the one who finds and it means that Allah finds a solution for you he finds a cure for you he finds the the openness for you, when there's a closeness when something is closed, closed, he finds for you a solution he will find for you a way out. That's what that's what it means. It doesn't mean that he finds something that he is lost now.

00:29:11 --> 00:29:52

That's one thing the other thing some others have said like ha parkinsonian hatami has said that Allah is the one where the meaning of money he is the one that is rich and independent. He doesn't need anyone else and everything else besides that is given his enrich them. So this is one of the names that you give to Ajit, the other name that you give was it is the one who knows things. The one you this, this this name also stands, the name of him being totally independent and rich himself mean that he doesn't need anyone else comes from one of the meanings we have is suited to talav and number six, what Allah has said as Kenan, I mean, heights are second to me which they come all men

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who are.

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This is about divorce, Ally's talking about that. Keep them after divorce.

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within your own households, so that from your own richness, you will provide them from your richness you will find the word is used his would, would become, again that word would comes from and has a link to it meaning the one who has richness, the one who is rich.

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So, these are the names we have in, in Alberta and also in Vancouver to be then says, that friends who live in California, every single person who have been burdened with, with the Sharia should know that Allah azza wa jal, he is worded meaning he is mo youth, he is present. He is he is existing. That's one of the meanings we give to watch it. One of the means to watch it is that he is existing he is his existence is an absolute, he has to exist, there is no denial in his existence. And he allows origin will can guide someone like I said before, and if there's somebody who needs to be careful, he can care for them. If somebody is weak, he can make them powerful, he can make them

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strong. If somebody needs a bounty then Allah azza wa jal can give them the bounty and that is something that Allah gives from his from his bounty and so on.

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Okay, so

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this is the name Alva J. The next name will come to Israel magic now, magic means the one who is the one who is all we've done is very similar name to this with Majid. Majeed means the one who is of majesty, of majestic qualities, and, and magic and mudita. Very, very similar. The only difference is that Majeed is is one that has got an exaggerated and an excess of that exalted highness, and emerge It is also that but not to the same extent, extent in its meaning, just as you might find, like alcohol, food and alcohol. Allies are a few of them. He's the one who forgives sins, but allies of our food which is that he, he forgives sins, to no extent, he really really forgives a lot of

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sins, a lot, a lot of sins, the same way as magic he's of excellence, and and Majeed is one that has pure lore of excellence to no degree that you can count. So this word of magic is very similar to the budget and we've covered it before. The next well word you can imagine why we come to the next one, which is

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the one

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and I had existing only as one. Now when you say for example, the difference between these two is, if I say why hate, per se, why hate white means the first white means the first if I say it's an N,

00:32:50 --> 00:33:17

or white means one, and if not is two and thalassa becomes three and the other Bonhams and so on you move on with the Arabic numerals. When you say why hate, there is a possibility of having a fanny or Allah will assign your widest name. When you have one, there's a possibility of having the second. That's why in the 99 names we have Allah, Allah had,

00:33:18 --> 00:33:41

why hate meaning that he is the first and he is the one. But then we have the name Allah had which means they can come nothing after him. Why? Because in Arabic When you say I had 100 admin, the one only the one and only, you just have one, you don't have a second, he is alone, in his oneness. In his oneness is love which one gives the meaning of that is

00:33:43 --> 00:34:06

why it means that he is one he is the first he is one only, but it might give the possibility of from the meaning itself that there might be a second, but law however, that what a level that that's why we have the meaning of Allah had the word Allah had the name of Allah Allah means meaning that there is no possibility of anything else coming besides his his, just on his own. Now

00:34:08 --> 00:34:29

I had the name of Allah had, beloved of the Allahu anhu when he was when he was one who was under the scorching sun and below the alarm on who they took him out his his master took him out, and he was punishing him by taking a large rock and placing God on his stomach. Right in the scorching heat

00:34:30 --> 00:34:38

in the mid Mid Day, heat of Arabia, he could have said, he could have said

00:34:39 --> 00:34:59

that when they said to him denounce your faith, he could have said, I meant to be law. I believe in Allah. He could have said Allah, Allah Allah. He could have said, Allah Allah, that I believe in just Allah, but he didn't. He said what he said I had, I had, I had, why? Because when he says Allah

00:35:00 --> 00:35:42

The Muslims who are torturing him can say, okay, we believe in Allah as well. But we believe in Hubble, we believe in lath, we believe in Rosa, we believe in manette. We believe in all these gods. So he's saying a lot. That's one of our gods. That's one of our gods, but we believe in another 300 and something. Now bill Allah, Allah knew that if he says, Allah, Allah, it wouldn't it wouldn't be his, he wouldn't be enough to declare his faith because they believe in Allah the machines believe in Allah as well. Professor Lawson in Iran in all the machine they believed in Allah, but they believed in other gods as well. So out of all the names, save in a Villalba the alarm repeat what he

00:35:42 --> 00:36:16

said, I had a had a meeting, the only one and only God, the one and only God What did that do that really upset them? Because if they believe in a head, it means that the company any other God, besides you will understand that Yep. So that's why he said I had a had and they were upset even more that he's saying I had that's where the significance of that name comes in that place and Subhanallah in what what he meant he had to say that under such you know such such stress and so on. And such torture.

00:36:19 --> 00:36:22

Now the name I had we find into the class.

00:36:24 --> 00:36:28

And so this last, the first is real class

00:36:29 --> 00:36:38

surah number 112. People who Allahu Ahad say that he Allah is the one and only there can be none existing besides him.

00:36:40 --> 00:36:52

You know a lot of translators they say Here lies one, but it's not just say Here lies one, it is say he is a lie is one and only mean there can be no other God besides Allah. Now,

00:36:53 --> 00:37:03

in Bihar, do we have a hadith from Abu Dhabi Allahu says the purpose of the lesson he says, But Allah azza wa jal, he says, cause cancer but

00:37:05 --> 00:37:53

no, Adam, the son of Adam has denied me while I'm the akula huhtala he had no right to deny me was shatter money while I'm Nicola huhtala. He has said a lot of abusive things about me and he had no right to say that for ematic Lee boo Ei As for his denying me, he says, laser Uri dooney komaba de Silva, Adam says that I can't bring him back to life just as I brought him to life the first time round. Well, I said oh, well how lucky we are one Allah. Yeah, I mean it the first time, the second time that I'm going to bring him back alive, is more easier for me than the first time I brought him to life. Because the first time I brought him to life, I brought him out of nothing. The second time

00:37:53 --> 00:38:30

I'm going to have something there already to bring him back alive. While I'm at Chateau Ei, and as for son of Adam saying abusive words about me, then he says it have Allahu Allah The he says that God has taken a son now the villa Anna had a summit and whereas I am the one and only I am the totally independent, this is the way the name of someone comes in. Allah de la Amelie do lm EULA, nothing comes out of me I do not beget nor I am begotten, while me akula Hakuna had, I have no one that is equal to me. This is a hadith in Bukhari.

00:38:31 --> 00:38:47

Now, this is this shows us that Allah azza wa jal he, he is declaring that all these people across the world they are saying rude things about a law being abusive when they say that allowes has taken action. Now

00:38:48 --> 00:39:16

when Rasulullah sallallahu used to make law one of the things he would say this is Ahmed is that Yeah, how do ya Samad? Yeah, multi family dwelling unit, he would say, Oh, one who is the one and only a one who is totally independent. Now someone means what? Because this is the this is the next name. And this is the final name we're going to do. Some other assignment means that Allah azza wa jal is

00:39:18 --> 00:39:23

he himself is in no need of his creation.

00:39:24 --> 00:39:42

But it has a second meaning that all of his creation are totally dependent on him. That someone Someone has, has some other two phrases inside it two meanings. One is that he does not need any of his creation. But it also means that his whole creation need him.

00:39:43 --> 00:39:58

Other names that will come later on. Allah honey means Allah, honey, Allah so it means that he doesn't need any more. That's fine. But he doesn't give the second meaning. As someone who gives that meaning a second, meaning that his whole creation are dependent on him as someone who does that meaning that's why

00:39:59 --> 00:40:00

that means

00:40:00 --> 00:40:13

In Surah ikhlas is so important yeah kololo Allahu Allah is the one that is totally independent from his creation but its creation totally are dependent upon him. And Rasulullah sallallahu in certain Hadith he would say

00:40:15 --> 00:40:34

I had to summon Allah de let me let him you let the one that has not been got big has given birth, no has been given birth to well I'm Nicola Hakuna, he was he would ask Allah through these names. Another one he will say is and he's a beautiful guy who said yeah, I had them Allah Allah. Oh the one and only

00:40:36 --> 00:41:05

who is one and only for the one who has no one else. I am one. I have no one else. One law. I have no one else. But you're the one who is for me. They all want to know that I have. Yeah, Santa Monica Santa de la. Oh support of the one who has no support. You are my support. I have no other support support in Qatar Raja lemon. All my hope everything has broken off from everything else except for you.

00:41:06 --> 00:41:15

in Qatar Raja lemon, this vanilla The, the trust that Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam used to put in Allah azza wa jal through this.

00:41:16 --> 00:41:57

Now, the final thing I will say about this is that Allah azza wa jal, according to the Merriam einem 93, he says include lumen fissa mawashi, will have the ILA active Rahman, AB de la Sahaja Hamada. Welcome Luma te amo te amo, the further This is in the 9394 95, beautiful verses for to wake us up. It says that there is nothing in the heavens and the earth except it will come to, to, to the Most Merciful One as a servant on the Day of Judgment. All these people anywhere, whoever doesn't feel that they need to serve a lot, they will come as a seven of the Day of Judgment. There's no one that's going to come as a king. There's no one that on the day of judgment that will come as you

00:41:57 --> 00:42:06

know one who got this land, property name, title, clothes, whatever, nothing. Everyone will come as a seven laqad a song

00:42:07 --> 00:42:12

Hamada Allah has counted every single one of his creation and he has a full count of them.

00:42:13 --> 00:42:52

La Casa Mata Mata aku t yo mo chiamata, further and every single one of them will come to him individually on the day of treatment. This is in contrast, the word Allah says Allah said his Allah had, he is the one and only and he is a somewhat he doesn't need anyone but everyone needs him and on the Day of Judgment, he will make every single human being come to him one on his own, without any partners without anyone that can help him without a lawyer without a solicitor without anyone who can back him up without anyone who can bail him out without anyone that can pay him for any anything without anyone that can put a case or argument in front of a level without anyone you

00:42:52 --> 00:43:30

yourself me myself, I'm going to stand in front of Allah azza wa jal on my own and this is something that we need to think about. And that's why we concentrate on the name Yeah, I had someone tell me a dwelling unit or one who is the one and only one who does not need anyone else but I need you. You haven't let me let the one that has your one who has not given birth you're not not given birth to give birth to? You are the one lambier Yeah, man, let me akula coupon had the one who has no other no other similarities, nothing similar to him. You are the one that I'm calling melanogenic has come to come closer to Allah azza wa jal through these names. May Allah accept these sessions that we are

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