Yaser Birjas – Sincerity and the significance of intentions

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The Hadith is the third largest annual celebration in history, with its significance in shaping actions and perception of actions and behavior. The statement, which describes actions as significant for creation of wealth and success, is discussed as a strong attitude towards one's own intentions. The importance of intentions in shaping behavior is emphasized, along with the need to show one's intentions to avoid wasting one's life and to show their friend's intentions to avoid wasting their chances.
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SLM sistema theater mama. Today is Thursday. It's Friday night. And it's the 17th of July that the first of the year 1445 fishery, and that is the 30th of November the year 2023. We start in our new home of Riyadh the Saudi Hainan shallow data with the first Hadith. So basically this is going to be our third time we do this at hamdulillah in the Valley Ranch, Islamic center, mullahs puppet baraka and decemberat Me and reward Imam unknown for putting together the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in such a beautiful, easy and brilliant way may Allah have mercy on Amira Brahmin Imamura M Allah Tala in the first chapter, the first book and the first Hadith. Paula Bismillah R Rahman r

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Rahim, we begin in the name of Allah Subhana. What are the most gracious the most merciful burble is lossy, were brought in near the VGM in medieval of Guadalajara leverageable coffee because there's a chapter on the on the importance of sincerity and significance of intentions for all actions apparent and hidden. And he brought the first the ayat on the Quran kala Tabata, Kota Allah, wa O'Meara Ilaria Buddha Allah meclizine Allahu Deena Honda up masala Toyota Celica WADA Kadena local EMA and the trage ALLAH SubhanA wa that Almighty says and they were commanded not but that they should worship Allah and worship none but Him alone, meaning abstaining from anything terms of

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worship with Allah azza wa jal but and perform a Salah and give this occur with Erica De Luca uma and that is the right religion

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and the other ayah Allah subhana wa Taala says in regards to the Quran that people offer called linear linear and Allah Allah, Allah and Allah Allahu Maha wala demand. Wala Kinney unallowed Taqwa Minko. In this translation, Allah subhanaw taala says it is neither that meat nor the blood that reaches Allah, but it's the pirating from you that reaches him subhanho wa taala. Well into Matthew so do come out of the Huya animala. Say I'm Muhammad, whether you hide what is in your heart, in your in your heart, or you reveal it. Allah subhanho wa Taala knows it in these three men whenever Mr. Lau doll expresses number one, that the essence of this rabada to be sincere to Allah subhana wa

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Tada and that is the meaning of your creation, that you worship Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah subhanho wa taala. And he says, in regards to what you offer, sometimes we don't know why we're doing these things for why do we have to pray this for Rica in that in that model, for example, that format, why don't have to perform certainly, but in this format, it's not the event itself that Allah subhanho wa Taala is taken from you. What is taken is the Tuckwell Kulu the righteous is the piety of the heart that you obey Allah azza wa jal, and you listen, Allah said do this, who says I'm Ana Wattana. We listen, and we obey, because that's again a sign of sensitivity to Allah subhanho wa Taala what

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God enlarge it, put it into full macro so they're going to do no matter what you hide in your heart, and what you reveal. Allah subhanaw knows that which means you might say something but the intention is something else. Allah knows what you entered in your heart. Then he brought the very famous Hadith I'm a superb Radi Allahu TerraNova, Carlo Amira, Mina, B Hudson, Amara, Fabio, the Allahu TerraNova

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cara symmetrel Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and

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I'm going to delay the answers I heard the Messenger of Allah saying, enamel man who bindi yet, we're in NAMA, the coulomb written Manawa say that the deeds are considered by the intentions and a person will get the reward according to his intention. Qualify mankind to draw to who it Allah Sudhi Phaedra to Allahu wa salam, where my character draw to Allah dunya dunya will Cebu or Marathi and Kiha Phaedra to Isla Malhotra Li. It says here Salah Salem. So whoever migrate for Allah and His Messenger his migration or his immigration will be for Allah and His messenger. And whoever immigrated for worldly benefits or for a woman to marry, his immigration would be for what he

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emigrated for hydro Bukhari and Muslim. What does it mean? First of all, this hadith is one of the most important Hadith development they bring. In every almost you could say significant matters of knowledge. Why? Because as you can see, it defines everything you do, based on what you intended them for. So if their intention was for Allah azza wa jal, you get the reward for that. If the intention from somebody or for somebody else or something else, then go and seek that reward from them.

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As simple as that, then this hadith you see that Imam Anna Rahimullah brought this hadith and rather Saudi, he bought this at the beginning of his book Awana with a 40 Hadith. Imam Al Bukhari. His book begins with that as well too. Or the other man they said this

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Hadith can be included in more than 40 different chapters of Aluma. Deen, especially for and felt like you can use this and Bahara you can use this and selling and trade because in marriage you can use in many, many different transactions. This hadith is very significant for that. Why so? Because it says

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Mr. Malla Burnett, that that these will be judged or be concerned by the intentions will be created by their intentions. So the deed might not even be fulfilled, but the intention was still Allah subhanaw reward you for that we're going to see. So the element is in terms of McMorris, to signal, how it's significant the way this differentiation intention differentiates between the rabada and the other, which means devotional or non devotion actions. Like what

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if you take a shower, if you just take a shower?

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What is that as a man, it's just take a shower right? Now, if you take a shower, because of the Geneva, state of impurity, what kind of shower right now that becomes an act of worship. That act of worship itself will qualify you to perform other acts of worship, like Salah riddle, Quran, tawaf, and so on. Without that data, that shower, you will be able to do that.

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Okay, but I'm made, I'm taking a shower simply because it's hot.

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So does that qualify you right? Now? You know to do that, by that as it as intended for it? The answer is now, even though the image of the action itself is the same. Iran is a war over your body and wash your body completely. It's the same thing. But the intention made right now this one became an act of worship that qualifies you to do certain Ibadah but the other one did not qualify. So the intention is important. Sometimes the intention can differentiate between the different categories of a buyer themselves. Like what fasting Monday, for example, what is the ruling on fasting in general muster.

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But if I'm making up if I'm making up one of my days of Ramadan, fasting, that day becomes worth an obligation.

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But if I'm just fasting because of Hamdulillah, it's Monday, and I have I love to first on the winter season, during Mondays and Thursday, that first becomes recommended Mr. Hub. So the same image of it the same fast, can be done as a fourth can be done as NFL but you can't have the two instances together. By the way. You can't fast Mondays by saying you know what this Monday is my NFL is Monday is my fourth it's fun, should has to be for the Form button handler because it falls on Monday, then you have ensured the other one. But you have to have the intention of forth for it. In order for us to cover the potential benefit over here.

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It also sometimes can qualify the non devotion act to become devotionals. Like what

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eating for example, generally speaking, the bare minimum of eating is obligation on you right to sustain your body. But to eat well, to eat healthy to eat something you know significant value and so forth. That's a recommendation. So if someone just eats it, because it just available, that there is nothing no reward in it because it's available, there's no need for that. But if you eat with the intention to strengthen your body so you can wake up for pleasure. So you can Shala do the duty that you owe to Allah subhana wa Taala go to work and help your family and inshallah make a living and so on. So now, that exact same action itself becomes an act of worship Ibadah

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intention is so important that sometimes you get the reward for the intention even though the AMA doesn't happen. What does that mean? You had the intention to fast the next day. You had intention to fast the next day and have the you made everything ready for the fast tomorrow. You wake up the next day in the morning you feeling sick, so you don't fast, you will get the reward for faster.

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You usually maintain your morning and evening vicar. You also hamdulillah have the tradition of fasting Mondays and Thursdays. But then you travel

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even though you're traveling, and you're not fasting Mondays and Thursdays. You're not making your morning and evening vicar Guess what? You will get in the reward for this even though you're not doing it. Because if you were there

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with your intentions, you would have actually done that same activity. As in the Hadith of the Prophet Salah Salem he spoke about the people

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about taboo the Battle of taboo. He told us a horrible rhythm. He says inevitable Medina do Nason like we left people in Medina Balcatta atom huadian What are certain merci Ron de la Shara who COVID Agia because people were left behind in Medina would have done badly

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Then hours, however, you didn't cross through a valley, you didn't do any of that travel except there share that award with you Mahabis a little other, they could not come out with you, because they had excuse. Like, if they didn't have that excuse they would have come with you. For Subhanallah even the intention makes it actually much more rewarded. And the Prophet saw some even mentioned that he mentioned in terms of people wishing for things that they could do. Next, somebody says in their heart, they intend that if ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala blessed them with wealth, they would have given such as this much money for charity, like they're genuinely, sincerely in their heart,

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having that wish that if they had the money, they would have given it

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the professor's said that Allah will reward them as if they were given that charity. So the intentions are important is very, very important. However, are all the intentions good.

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What you guys did?

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Is everything went good is good? Absolutely not. So watch what your intentions are for. And the province as I mentioned two examples over here, but from our kind of hedgerow to it, Allahu Allah Sudhi Phaedra to Allah He was when he says, Those who migrate for the sake of Allah and His Messenger, they will get their word for that reason. Means from Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And he mentioned migration particularly why because the maybe the height was mentioned during that time of the Hijra. And there was an incident in which there was a man. There is a man who migrate from Mecca to Medina because he wanted to marry somebody.

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That lady her name was Omakase. So he went when she was leaving, and he was worried because I'm going to Medina. If you want to marry me come to Medina.

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So the man who just got left Makkah came to Medina, why to marry her, so that people will call on Him Mohammed case, from a case

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then it didn't do his Asia for the sake of Allah. It did for the sake of Allah base for Subhan Allah that's why the prophets I mentioned the other example call, woman can't Hydra to who Illa dunya dunya usuba. And if somebody was making his era, for some worldly gain,

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O'Meara Tinian kihavah, or a woman to marry for Hydra to Isla Maha generally, then his Hijra will be for whatever he intended. He did not ever repeated like he did in the first section. Because it's so insignificant, I don't even have to mention it again.

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So if someone is doing their whatever they do, to please a human being, but again, wordly, again from somebody, they're not going to get their word from Allah subhanho wa taala. So brothers and sisters, the intentions are extremely, extremely important. Don't let your good deeds go waste because now you're showing off to other people. We're going to come to talk about later as well and shallow data, but do not ruin your Ibadat by showing off to other people do not ruin your act of worship by trying to gain Allah's pleasure and other people in a way that are audible and negates anybody.

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Now, can I combine Halal intentions together? Like what I'm coming to the masjid to pray? And also to meet a friend? Can you do that? Without all my brother? answer's no, it doesn't because they're not contradictory.

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But I want to come to the measure to pray and to show my friend that I come to the masjid.

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Now that's a problem now.

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That is a problem because now we have two contradicting intentions. So what your intention is what your heart okay? Is it possible that I'm going to strengthen my intention at some point in my life? Well, remember a janitor or him Oh, Daddy says I've been working my intention for the past four years.

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What does that mean? It's an ongoing struggle. Because that's where the shaitaan comes in. He comes to ruin your intention so you could ruin your deeds.

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You will do the hard work and you get nothing out of it. Like Rasul Allah is awesome, says call Robert sloth and Melissa Ramasamy, illegible outwash welcome Melissa Holman to me illustrata.

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Some people they passed, they get nothing except getting hungry getting thirsty.

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As they wake up at night for the hedge, they get nothing except sleepless night and fatigue,

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which means they don't get the reward for it. So make sure to always watch your intention Allah subhanaw taala he was also uncertain or Brahmin and always, always keep our heart attached in our man. What Allahu dharana and the question is

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before the hijra,

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were there any other Hadith that were before the hedgehog or the Prophet talks about Nia? I'm not really sure.

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I'm not sure if there's any keep in mind that the time of Mecca the most of the conversations were establishing faith. So an athlete the man is the wasn't until the Prophet met.

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came to Medina desert talking about marriage of very bad I'm

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prepared for anything

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the circumstances didn't allow it to happen

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so for example what if you have an intention to go to hajj and 100 You're preparing everything to go to Hajj and then some of the circumstances prevent you from going to Hajj you get the reward for it inshallah Tada even though you have not gone to Hajj, however, will that remove the obligation we're going to hedge? The answer is no, it doesn't. It's the need to go to Hajj inshallah. Now

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you may or may

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probably the height is going to come later and shallow, taller, and which are the questions about if you have an intention to do something wrong, but then you decide not to act upon this. Would you still be held accountable or what Nast is actually you will be rewarded for that? provided? Provided that the reason why you did not do it not because you know you missed the appointment, is because you decided not to do it. Allah Allah now

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for the previous years

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that's an off topic question. But it's okay. So what's the what's the role in making up the day the days of Ramadan from the previous years, right?

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This is easy to count. Like if you say I think it was maybe 1012 years I did not fast. So if you do 1012 years, I'd not fast. What's the total of that number? That's 360 days total. You can still count those days. Therefore you make them up over the years and shallow taller. You have to make them up right now and this year, no, make it agile convenience. Now that's the that's the most popular Peter mandala. Allama they said what's passed fast. Right now we need to do a sincere Toba and repentance to Allah subhana wa Donna and from this moment onward, you make up you just fast knuffel Fast and shallow data that will cover for that

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Salah because Allah you can't count them is as easy as as fast because imagine five times a day and then for 10 years for example, Rahmani Salah is gonna do so in this case. If it's up to you, you have to make up all these years. What are they gonna say? I'm doomed anyway, so forgetting that. So that's what just happened to me Rahim. Allah today says no, no, this requires a sincere Toba for missing all these salawat and then never never stop praying your first Salah from that moment onward, and then increase your webinar with Neville umpah Wallah that will cover for internshala data now

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shows us how a wrong intention can ruin a great deal can a good intention may fix a

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very interesting point the head is telling us that the intention can make wrong intent make around the becomes good deed right or not so good deeds can be ruined by the bad intention by the bad intention a good deed can be ruined like you're making Salah your attention to please somebody else then you're only really bad, but now can a good intention. Make a bad deed good. Like what some of our example taken river to give to the poor

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like Robin Hood for example, right? Is that acceptable? You know you are stealing so you can show $1 fundraise for the masjid and the moment

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they say a kneel has led to better I'm Al hada good intentions do not justify wrongdoing. While I attach I'll bottle haka doesn't make Barton falsehood into true wallow Tara

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Subhanak alone 200 A shadow Allah and as the virgata were extra monochromator Lavaca

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Yes, sir

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