Aarij Anwer – Preparing Your Heart, Mind and Soul for Ramadan

Aarij Anwer
AI: Summary © The upcoming month of Baraka is a busy month for believers as it is the best time for attain salvation and comes back to their religion. People are preparing and taking precautions to stay ahead of potential harm. forgiveness and building bridges for future success are important. Prayer and small small activities are essential, including praying and starting small drama. It is important to start preparing and establish a spiritual connection between actions and results.
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Julian fusina

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Dr. Medina,

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de la familia de la

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de la

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ilaha illa Wagga hula shanika

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Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa he was having his reign

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La Hakata he was a Madonna 11 tombstone. papalia Latina de la ku colons Dida Kumara.

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We have

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a female

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he was heavy rain,

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Shadow Ramadan Sha one, Sha,

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Allah, Allahu Allah a complete

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feeding fi do not

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As you will, no doubt they undoubtedly have heard from the Hadees that I swear to you.

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It is the month of Ramadan again, that is coming up next week and this month, you will hear much about it before it much about the during it much about it after it.

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And there is a reason for that. And the reason for that is that it is no doubt the best time of the year for the believer. The month of Ramadan is by far and away the best time for a believer.

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It is so blessed. The Messenger of Allah wa Salaam called it shalom Ramadan shalom olarak, the entire month of Ramadan is a blessed month, which means the idea of blessing. Baraka is, it's in its essence, something that you get more out of it than you put in.

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There is if there is Baraka in food, maybe the quantity is not as much but everybody feels satisfied. If there's Baraka in a person as well, doesn't mean that you have a lot of vision necessarily, but whatever you have, you're happy with. It's sufficient for you. It's more than you know you the amount you expect out of it, you actually get far more than that. Sharon povera is a month where what we put in, and what we expect out of it is actually far more what we get from it. What we get from this month, in a more clearer terms, is far more than what we can expect, in the entire month, every aspect of it, the fasting, the prayer, the Dora's, every aspect of it, you will

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get more out of it than you expect.

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And when the Messenger of Allah calls this month as such, he even says that, as a result of this, or as a sign of this being such a blessed one is that the doors are open, and the doors of of Hellfire are closed, which is a sign again, that this is a time for people to attain salvation and come back to the religion, not just being Muslim in name, but actually being Muslim. In practice, this is that time because the doors of general are open and the gates of the gates of jahannam are closed. It's a even more of an open invitation

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that Allah has put out, there was a study that was done recently.

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There was a was a Pew Research poll that did a research and the conclusion of it was that about 40% of American Muslims regularly pray, which is a good number. And I would say that's probably the same amount of Canadian Muslims.

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And about 80% of American Muslims, fast during Ramadan, all of the faster from Allah,

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which shows you that it is double the number of people who are regularly practicing, meaning people who regularly don't pray regularly and not in the masjid. Even those people in Ramadan are fasting, because

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the doors are open. The gates of jahannam are closed. Everybody gets closer to Allah. This is the prime opportunity. This is the best time of the year for the believer. This is the best time of the year.

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So that's why we will talk about this month and we'll continue talking about it. Because this is the time where we can get far more than we expect the month of Baraka this month as we are preparing for it.

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I want to present a few few things, few items.

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For you to think about, as you're approaching this month. And these items represent a preparation of the heart,

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and a preparation of the mind, and the preparation of the soul, all three have to be prepared to go into this month of Ramadan. If I was to ask you to run a marathon, and you have not trained a day in your life, or you haven't trained for many years, after the first few 100 meters, you will probably you will probably have to stop. If you continue, you will probably get hurt, because you're just not ready for it.

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If I asked you to do something difficult, academically, like very difficult test,

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and you have not prepared for it, you are definitely not going to pass it. Maybe some rare exception machelle. Some genius might pass it, but by by and large, all of us will not pass a test like that, unless you have prepared for it. And this applies to everything in life and applies to Ramadan as well. If there is a preparation going into Ramadan, what we get out of it is going to be more.

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If there isn't any preparation going into it hold on, there's a chance that you will squander many days of this extremely blessed month before you hit your peak. And maybe by that time, it's too late.

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That's why it's important for us to get into the mindset of Ramadan to prepare our hearts, our minds and our souls for this month before it arrives. Ramadan for many people ends up being a month of self preservation. Among those self preservation, what do I mean by that?

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People shut off many activities that they normally do.

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Preserving energy until it's thought, preserving their energy until it's thought it's like you're like a phone, you want to preserve your battery life until you reach your father then you can recharge your battery life. That's not the optimal way of looking at robot. That is not the way the Messenger of Allah is also the poster of Allah.

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He did not go into this self preservation mode, let me conserve my energy, let me not do too much.

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No revelon was a time where he was free to do more.

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There was a time where he was free to do more How so? The Messenger of Allah is described by Bolivian, our boss, and others as Ghana, as rather nasty behaved. He was the most generous person, he was the one who would do most good amongst all of these people who are all terrific, great people, some of the best people who've ever lived on the earth, he was by far and away the best of them, by far and away, the most generous, the first to do something that's good. That was the messenger of Allaah salsa.

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in Ramadan, he would become one

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of Hulu, Fear Allah, He will be even more generous in Ramallah canaiolo, who would you believe when review will come and he would revise come on with the messenger the loss on every single night, the effect of the Quran, the effect of the fasting on the Messenger of Allah Salam was so profound, it made the most generous person even most generous, even more generous, and made the most generous person even more generous, the best person even better.

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Not that he somehow retreated into a shell of himself, he became even more than he was regularly slots on them.

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So this is not the time, if a person is not prepared to them alone,

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there is a very good chance, you will just enter into that. You notice, let me keep my energy, let me not expend too much. that's gonna happen if you're not ready for it. And then those moments and those days will be wasted. Whereas if you're prepared, we can be free, free from the burdens of certain tasks that occupy much of our time, much of our minds free from that to do more good.

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It might sound really bizarre, but I personally feel when I'm fasting that it is one less thing that I have to think about. And one less thing that I have to do,

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which is you know, have lunch. Now you like I said, it may sound bizarre, but I truly feel this way. Like when I get up and leave the house in the morning. I'm very actually in I'm very comfortable and very happy. I have to not worry about where am I getting my lunch from? What am I needing? Nothing. I can just focus on whatever I have to do.

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And I'm not the only one I think many of you would feel that way if you just have had a nice soul

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You're well rested. The CRM allows you to take your productivity and your spirituality to the next level.

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It definitely does happen. It's 100% true. I have felt it for many years. And I'm sure many of you felt something similar, if not something that this is no doubt of the effect of CME fasting in Milan, we have to be ready for it though. That's the, that's what it's predicated upon, we have to be ready for it. So I'm going to give us some things to think about as we're getting ready for them a lot. Preparing the heart. Number one, I spoke about this two weeks ago at length, so I'm not going to repeat myself all over again, which is we have to let go of grudges. We have to let bygones be bygones. We have to start forgiving people in order to be forgiven by Allah, we have to. And this is

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something isn't something that is from the mechanical of love that is from the most important characteristics of a believer that the Messenger of Allah salsa was sent to perfect.

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This is there's no doubt about it.

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So we have to start incorporating this forgiveness in our lives. Because when we forgive others, that's when the doors of forgiveness have a lot opened up for us. The Messenger of Allah often said that

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Muslim, Hindu Muslim in

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Falmouth, Allah, Allah, Allah says there is not permissible for a person to completely abandon and

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intentionally cut off his brother or sister for more than three days.

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It's not permissible to have a three day period of

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cooling off if you have gotten upset at somebody. But three days later, it's time to make amends. It's time to make amends you see the pragmatism in the sooner

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some of y'all need some space. Sometimes we all make mistakes, we all need a little bit of time to cool off. But once you've cooled off, once the dust has settled, now it's time to build bridges again, make amends. It's not permissible. Right. And

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this is something that Mr. Fussell advises us to do. It's an act of forgiveness, to let bygones be bygones. Last

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one has to do with

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one another narration the messenger says, that don't hate each other, don't have any type of envy towards the other person, don't look at what other people have longingly wanting that same thing, or questioning how they got it. Try to discredit them. Don't do that. Don't abandon your brothers and sisters be like actual brothers and sisters, who is the law he is one like actual family.

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This is how we're supposed to be. This is the the

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this is the bar. That's

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an important thing. As a tangent, I'll tell you, people who accept Islam, people who come to the faith,

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even though as Muslims, we have many flaws, and our situation can always be better. It's a far cry from the way it used to be. But still the remnants of this had the remnants of this brotherhood and why is there so strong, that somebody who enters the faith, they are blown away, but

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when you ask a person who is a new Muslim and ask them well, what did you really like? You know, you spend a lot of this, what did you find?

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Me expect them to talk about the fasting, how it was difficult expected to talk about, you know, how, you know, the Quran was recited, and it's a whole spiritual experience that they've never had. But

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for my experience, the majority of those people say it was that brotherhood. It was the experience of getting together, eating together, being together, people caring for you. I have never felt that in my life.

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That is such a beautiful element of our religion.

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It cannot be compromised. That aspect of our religion, the forgiveness and the Brotherhood. That is what allows forgiveness is predicated upon. So I would say, let's prepare our hearts for letting bygones be bygones. That's number one.

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Number two, is to restart a bother. A lot of us perhaps have slacked off

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have not done a good job in our pipe either praying, praying on time, praying in the masjid. You know, if you have not prayed Allah, May Allah forgive all of our sins,

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it's time to restart now.

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This is the time to restart, let's get back on that horse. Let's start the follow up again five times a day. On this time, this is the time to do it. If you haven't made you out

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in the wild, as a me Do not do that is repeated because it's a habit, do audits really coming from the heart? The audits really, really meaningful. If you haven't made that kind of do it in a while whether it's time to start now.

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It's time to start.

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Start the preparation for Ramadan by starting your drama. One more time.

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It's very important because you know what a Milan is the month when a lot destroys the month or Milan in the end, very, as you would have heard many, many times. Very, very famously, Allah subhanaw taala has the eye at what he does the need for anybody who just

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fell yesterday, Woody, what do you mean?

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And my servants asked you about me say that I am near, I respond to the call of the one who calls whenever he calls me, let them then respond to me. And believe in me so that they may be rightly guided this ayah that speaks entirely about the spiritual connection between the servant of a love of the person and a loss of the master. That connection that is based on

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that relationship that's established on

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you as the one who a lot is because you want to know how do you how to supplicate to him.

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You want to know when you do I will be answered for anybody by and close your browser will be answered have no doubt about it.

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It's the month of Dharma brothers and sisters. This is the time

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so before we it's unrealistic for a person to just all of a sudden flip the switch and start making very beautiful, heartfelt bhara every single day not a lot. It's not going to happen.

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The preparation for it is that start slowly building up to it

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starts to meet the demands the messengers often would make. He makes very, very well authenticated, well preserved was after every prayer. After every fudger prayer in the morning, after every hostile prayer in the evening, many, many neurons what's called as gum Sava,

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the remembrances of the morning in the evening. These are some of the most priceless gems that you can ever come across. Learn that if you can learn them by heart, find the little book, the fortress of the Muslim and read the download the app or something and meet the time and the effort to read them.

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extremely beautiful. And very, very as you read them with understanding with a thoughtful heart, you will see how the effect of that man's then it manifests itself, you will see the effect of that there are literally cleansing your soul.

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You will see the effect of it in your life.

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The contentment you feel the increase in peace that you would feel when you meet the doors of the Messenger of Allah, Allah every morning, every evening, every evening, every single prayer.

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It's not very complicated. It's very straightforward. You get that app, you get the book and you start reading and that's the preparation.

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It's time also to restart brothers and sisters. When it comes to our a brother. It's time to restart coming to the whole talk about the Sanford.

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Salat hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah Holla Holla Holla was having him Oh my god. As we're talking about preparing for the month of Ramadan, I spoke about preparing our hearts and that is by forgiveness. It's about preparing our our soul

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through getting in the habit of making law because the way the soul gets cleansed is through

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the connection. The spirituality that we achieve through our worship comes from the

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On how sincere and meaningful adores, but preparation also is when it comes to restarting our worship, restarting our or re establishing our connection with the masjid. It's time my brother and sister to come back to them as they've ever been in a while. You hear Mashallah right now, but besides Juma regularly coming for Salah

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it's again unrealistic for someone to not show up to the masjid at any time during the year, and then all of a sudden they start showing up in Ramadan every single day. It's unrealistic a lot. It's not sustainable.

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But what is sustainable is let's get back into it slowly but surely before the month comes across. And then the chances of coming to the Muslim during the month of Ramadan who have come to the masjid is such an important aspect. I spoke about this a few maybe a couple months ago about how the person who is shaded under the throne of Allah is one of the most important characteristics of that person is their heart is attached to the mosque, meaning they feel at home in the mosque. They feel at home, they feel like this is the place that I belong in.

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That only happens if you're coming regularly.

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When a person comes to mustard for salah and take the example of the Isha prayer, okay, the ratio if you come to the mustard for the ratio prayer, every single footstep that you take, or the equivalent of a footstep, you're driving perhaps

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every single footstep or the equivalent of a footstep, you have

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one reward for that every single footstep or an equivalent of it. Your one sin is being forgiven.

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When you were at the masjid for Asia,

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you get and you pray in the congregation, you pray and you get 27 times a reward of that prayer 27 times. So panelo that's like 27 prayers, that's five days worth of prayers. Even more than that, actually.

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It's not even a hyperbole. By the way, the number 27 is not like hundreds and 1000s it's actually 27 it's an actual number.

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When you pray in Asia and fudger at the masjid, the additional reward of that is getting the reward of half of the night's worship. Half of the night for Asia half of the night for function as if you stood up and prayed for three hours. That's an additional bonus that Allah is given us for free just for coming to the masjid and bring a shot with the congregation. For free you get while you're sleeping in your bed. The reward of praying and night has already been written down for you so panela

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when a person comes to the visit, and this is Salaam to their fellow brothers and sisters, that is a means of forgiveness. When they shake each other's hands, the messengers awesome describes that the sins fall off, the sins fall off, just like the trees shed leaves, just like the leaves fall off a tree when it's fall. The same way sins are shedding of a person when they're shaking their brother's hands and things.

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So panela when a person finishes the Salah, and they're sitting in their place after having finished a prayer

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every moment they're sitting there without speaking without moving. But there's a sitting there perhaps remembering Allah practice silently sitting there. Every moment that they're doing that angels are asking the Lord to forgive them. Angels are making their offer that person, all of that for just one prayer.

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All that for one prayer. There is nothing in the world that is going to

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be equivalent to the reward of praying in the masjid. There's nothing that is worth you know outside of important activities like work and whatnot and no entertainment, no playoff game. Nothing is worth your Isha prayer at the masjid. Nothing comes close.

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But that is a priority that we have to establish. And we have to build up in a bit building up right now leading to Ramadan. So Ramadan comes, this is a habit that we can establish. And then we pray that after Milan and continues my brothers and sisters, the month is again upon us. I asked Allah to allow us to reach it alone.

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And I asked last moto to give us the tofik the guidance to do all good things in this month. I asked a lot of viewers of Sophie to leave

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Since to be a to break the bad habits that we have made throughout the year as well to make this the restaurant alone of our lives in the law

00:25:12 --> 00:25:15

allows permanently leveling off it athlete on Sunday and on

00:25:16 --> 00:25:17

day, Aloma

00:25:19 --> 00:25:20

Milady passionate

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– Why is Ramadan so important? Why do we talk about it so much?
– Preparing your heart: forgive others
– Preparing your mind: restart and reestablish habits of worship
– Preparing your soul: start making dua

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