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AI: Summary © The importance of being a solid person and not giving up on others' obligations is emphasized. Visitors should be present to benefit from Muhammad's knowledge and potential for harm. It is also suggested to visit people who have achieved heights and to be close to a law. Visitors should not make assumptions about people who are just doing things for themselves and should ask for their due. Visitors should also consider visiting people with unique skills and should ask for their due.
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the other thing is to visit zerah

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zerah society he's

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visiting righteous people. Now the solid

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the sun if

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you have maratea without law, the highest is

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the Navy

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and then the second is siddik

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the third is Shaheed

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And the fourth is solid.

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Now really, they're all solid

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right? They're all solid, a shahida has to be a solid. The Cydia has to be a solid and the MVR are all solid in their nature. Solo ha in Arabic means to be sound and this is related to Salama, right, soundness wholeness, the one who has a column Saleen. So solidly is somebody who's sound healthy, they're not diseased. So their heart isn't diseased like other people's Asana is the one that definition of Asana. You add the law, will you add the hacker event, that's the solid, he gives what's due to Allah and he gives what's due to the slaves of Allah, that's a solid. So when you see somebody who's a he has taqwa. That's what's due to Allah taqwa. DO what He commanded you to do

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avoid when he prohibited you from doing that, that's hakala happily bad, are any of those responsibilities that you have in the world towards other people? So the sorry, cannot cheat. That's fantastic. Because the opposite of signing is a faster autopilot.

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Right. So the side doesn't lie, he doesn't cheat because happen a bad to be truthful to them. That's a half of people. But they have a right to be told the truth, you can't lie to them. So the sign is somebody should be visited now that most of the odema not only encourage visiting the site hain who are alive but also the site at hand who are dead. And that means that if you're for instance, in Medina, you go to Bucky.

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And you visit the site again of Buffy and you and you give them Salaam and Tara Hamada him. And the prophets, Allah Islam used to visit

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St. Hamza, and he visited the macabre and he said come to unhackme and his era azuro ha, I used to tell you don't visit graves, because of the what the jetty Arabs used to do with the grace. But once they were purified of all that yahaya they were given permission by the prophet to visit the graves Uh huh.

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You should make dua for them, you know, and, and ask to benefit from their knowledge is one of the Ahmed Baba timbuk T, who's great scholar from Timbuktu who was actually taken as a slave to Morocco. And and when he got to Morocco,

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he was, he was so much more learned than any of the scholars in Marrakesh that they realize that they've made a grave mistake. But he mentions in his book he wrote a book devachan with that hub, he did a Hashi on even for horns book of Baba cards. And he mentioned going to several of the graves of the righteous in Marrakesh. And one of the one of the greatest he asked that Allah gave him understanding of two books that he wrote. And he said that By Allah, he he went back and the books, he could read them without any difficulty, and he was a great scholar. So that that was traditionally you know, to ask for the benefit of their knowledge is because most of those people

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were scholars and things like that and Tara hone, that Allah give them nor in their grave, and bless them. padova could have been an RV who's just outside of fast and gave fatwa visiting the graves of the Saudi Paine. And same with even at Hajj. And if people say that it's a bit that's just, you know, it's not consistent with the vast majority of our scholars, that the vast majority of them have not only

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permitted it but recommended it and and those are outward scholars you know, fifth that are well known in the tradition so called a worker. His grave is well known outside affairs he was poisoned by the more hidden and died there Shaheed and he also thought Jihad several times he wrote to

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commentaries on the Koran. He brought the Luma Deen from the moment of Azadi. He studied with him that year and actually brought it to Morocco. And Andrew sia and just a great scholar there and anybody who's been to that place, you know, there's just there's a lot of Baraka insha Allah so,

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but the living the people who are living if you have an opportunity to to visit them and also if you should have high hima In other words, you should desire to be one so that

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our own has people that you can visit

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right we need these people. So you know, you should make the intention to be one yourself inshallah and that Allah give you tofi up and give all of us to, to do that.

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One of the poet's he said he dama Alomar Oh,

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either I'm Admiral, Rama rula. If a man does not gain heights, if he has not achieved heights, at least he aspires to heights. Woman, you're a woman. Yep. Now, with dooney can aduna and whoever's content with less than heights, he's less than heights. In other words, that's that's an indication that he's he's, he's a lowly person, that he doesn't even aspire to heights. And the greatest aspiration is to be close to a law. So if you have if you're in the dunya, have a high hima and CD, have an outlay a lot of the night and said, if you don't think a lot can take you in this moment, and make you one of his earlier, then you don't know anything about his squadra. So you should never

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have despair have Yes, you should want to be from the people that rely on and the people who are close to Allah subhana wa Tada. So zyada is important. If you're able to visit these people, you visit them, and when you visit them.

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One, the people of this who I visited, they don't chit chat. They're not people that you go to, you know, how you doing and how you go for the benefit of learning something and also the benefit of their due. And you should ask them for their due out because they're doing I might be accepted. And if it is, then you get the benefit of that. So you visit them, you ask them for the dua, and you show humility with them humbleness, don't be arrogant.

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And I'll tell you some about mula Ramadan, who was from the side of him, and he was the father of chef, Sarita Ramadan, and both he and I, Chef side wrote a book how the Why did the this is my father and he's told about what a great man his father was. But I once asked Dr. Booker, who's a Libyan about him, and he told me and you can confirm this. He's in New Jersey, I think. He told me, I asked him, he said he met Mundo Ramadan. And I wanted to know, because it's always good to hear stories of these people because it strengthens your Eman. And he told me so Bahama. The amazing thing about visiting that man, he said, I've always hated kissing hands. And he said, and he says,

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just some I never really bothered me, that whole idea of kissing people's hand. He said I went in there and he said he put out his hand. And he said I felt pressure on my head. And I went down and I found myself kissing his hand. And he said, I looked back and there was nothing there. And he just said that he was compelled to kiss his hand. You know, and he was a man of Allah. Sheer sheer Ramadan he really was he was a man of Allah. So those people they're they're worth visiting. And fortunately there's they still exist you know you can find them in

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and there's there's some women that like I've met Mark that has his wife Miriam is definitely I consider her from the slavery had to czar and even their servant God Buddha. People go when they visit the house they visit his wife and then they go visit the servant go buena and asked her to take their offer them and there's a woman there I should have been mini also who's very righteous woman and a scholar. She's idema Fatima Vincent nofal. Who's in?

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Who's in Donald beda. I mean, there's good people hundreds. So if you get an opportunity to visit them and with that active card, you know, and Allah knows their station, we're only it's a belief and we can't like when we were looking at the Sierra earlier about how law the wife of

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Earth man even with our own when she said you know he's in Jenna, the problem got angry, so we don't say their LDR with jasmine. We believe that there are people with it, but we can't say he's a Wali and make a hell of an ally in the hula Valley when you can leave and cater, cater, that that's up to Allah.

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But we were commanded to observe the outward and then

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He says salia and Navy. Pray on the prophets Allah ladies Sit down. So prayer on the Prophet