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Eid Khutbah July 2021

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lonworks Allahu Akbar Allah

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Salatu was Salam O Allah said no Habibi, Now assuming that Allahu Akbar or other cooling olafson loves our cover or kildonan path. Silva he will cover Allah Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Allah for Al Hamdulillah he like if he was Subhana Allah in the Quran was

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100 ala Muhammad Allah subhanho wa Taala I don't want to stand you know who want to stop futile who, when they're older, we lay him in Surah kusina wouldn't say you have a Medina? Me Yeah, he laughs at our mobile Ella woman you get in for the heavy Allah. Wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah a Filipina RCD, la Habibi, now Rasulullah when at the Koran we're had al hamdu Lillah Allahu Akbar, Allah Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Al Hamdulillah, lu li to capture Allah, Allah calm. We're here in Sharla, on the Eden, Aha. And this is a great blessing in a time of difficulty for our community and for the larger human community. For many, many reasons. The it is a time of joy. But there's also because of

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so much of what's going on in the world. It's also a time where we should be thinking deeply about the human condition, about where we are as a species, about where are on my ears as a community, many, many things to think about. Allah subhana wa tada made just a day of remembrance, a day of

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joy. The prophets, Allah said, I'm setting as unifor had these muscle cell, he said that I am worried and a yamo I couldn't was shorter than what they currently it's a time of eating and drinking and remembering Allah. We tend to forget in this cornucopia of the modern world, that people actually did not have a lot to eat in the past many places they had famines were quite common. And, and this is why today was the day when the public twice and the Sunnah is to sacrifice and the prophets, Elijah and told us that the most beloved action to a lot on this day is a rocket gem, is actually to sacrifice. And what do we do with the sacrifice when he prayed? They brought the

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Cubs after the prayer and he sacrificed it in his own hands a lot is that I mean, he said, We're lucky only we're an almighty, and doing this sacrifice for myself, and for my own life, because many people are for they can't afford to do this. Unfortunately, many of us are able to do this.

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Now is the time though, to really send it overseas to the places where they really need it because we don't need your knees here. But there are many places where people really are having a difficult time. But he sacrificed for himself and for his oma and this is a reminder of the great gift. Ibrahim alayhis salam, who's our Father and the Father of our province of lies and he's our spiritual father, because this is his medulla. It's called the Milla Ibrahimi. And even though the son is is

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the Akbar

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the father is always honored. Ibrahim it said, I've said lady son, that we still follow today. But the most important thing about Ibrahim on Instagram that I see is his absolute tauheed and tawakkol. And imamura has early in his book, The FBI, he put two hidden tawakkol together. And this is the foundation of our our oma and our teaching is tauheed and tawakkol. That we unify Allah subhanaw taala. And we trust in Allah Subhana Allah and this is why the when, if you look at the

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the amazing story, when the province license, Ibrahim took his wife and his and she was she was a legitimate

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wife of Ibrahim, saddam and he is a legitimate son. Despite what some of the other traditions say about this man. It is not true. This male was legitimate son of Abraham is the firstborn and that I had is with him, as well as with his heart. He went to he took

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her to a place when you look at it. It's a complete trust in Allah subhana wa tada a place that was really designed. There's nothing there and so

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He took him and she asked him as he was leaving, is, is this you? Are there a lot of time to do this? He said, No, Allah told me to do this, she said, then I'm Robbie. She was contented. She raised his smile there. And the arrows that were there, these are the original arrows. And out of that, they taught Arabic.

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Ibrahim, when he came, they married him because they were very impressed with him. Archer, even the Bible mentioned about him. They were very impressed with him as a man. And so despite the fact that was not their as their norm, they married him to one of their daughters.

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Ibrahim is visited from sham. When he came there, he saw the woman and he asked, where's your husband? She said, He's out hunting.

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And he said, How are things here for your case or a shoe key? How are things here? And she said, terrible. They're horrible. Nobody should defend what they appreciate.

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What what and their province I send in Sahil Mohan he said, check out the lady, she complained to him about their conditions. So then he said, when your husband comes back, Accra in new salam, give him my Salaam and tell him to change the the the Atiba of his Bab knew that at about a barbecue, like the when you come into a house, the attributes the thing before the before the door, the doormat is a change that. So then his manual came back and he noticed and he says I noticed something. And he asked her what happened today. She said,

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she came Shere Khan, Kedah, what?

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You just said *hole man came.

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And he said, Well, what happened is that he asked about our eyes and I told him and then he he said, Did he osaki be shaved? Did he tell you to do anything he said, he said to give you salon and to say to change the door, trust the trestle of your door. And he said that was my father. And he told me to separate from you so it'll happen be lucky. Go and join your family. He divorced her.

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Why did he do that? Because Ibrahim was going he made a drought with smile when they built the house.

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Send a messenger from them.

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And then he said that you know Mohamed Kitab Oh, when hikma

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Yes, la

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Yes or no? I Attica we are in a moment to tell what hikma we use a key him in the Confederacy's what I can send them a messenger from them, who will recite to them your signs. And He will

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teach them the book and the Wisdom and he will purify them, because you are allowed Cesar hexene so he knew that the source had to be here The Prophet said the hero

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will not have to come like make sure that the the one you marry is the right one because you're going to plant seeds. So the earth has to be good earth. So he married another woman from them.

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Ibrahim came again, visiting them and what did he say? He said give her a shoe key because his his mother was out hunting. So give her a shoe key. She said oh we're in blessing.

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Nothing changed. Except the understanding the mentality change. Nothing changed same conditions. But the woman she didn't complain shall not know he never know we're in blessings fee satin. She said the opposite of the other woman that always had nothing to do with she she said that no visa were in blessing. He said what food are you eating? She said the lakmal will not meet and and and he said Mashallah, okay. He said she said water. And he said, Aloma baddeck fielack Nikki will be mad at me Allah bless that leads and bless that water, the prophets I send them send them you're gonna end on how they didn't have seeds. Had they had seeds you would have bless the seeds. All they were eating

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was meat and water.

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam said,

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Lisa lubri Adam harpoon

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in Manhattan kisaan the son of Adam has no rights. Except for these. They tune your schooner whoa

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well we're so boom you've already our auto

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would you for home See? Well Matt

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that's the only thing we're entitled to as a as a as a human being as a creation of Allah is a house that protects you. And for some, it's just a tent

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close that you

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cover your nakedness with.

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And then

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bread and water.

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This is basically somebody in prison.

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That's what a prisoner has. He has a roof over his head. They give him prison outfit. And they give him bread and water in some places here they get other things but traditionally, bread and water was what you gave the prisoner in the Peruvian and fast where the students studied they were given a

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just one loaf of bread every day and water as that was their sustenance for like going to college. When you go to college you get that's what they got a loaf of bread and water. And whatever else they had age was from their own source. So the province I sense that that's all you deserve. And the humans are feel so entitled to things. This woman was a pure woman. And then she said what when when when when she she also said Jana Shea home hassanal Hey, what happened at that lady, she saw Ibrahim she said a beautiful chef came to us today. And then she praised him. The other one just said she was so old man can This is the difference between worldviews of how you view the world. And this is

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what our religion teaches to change your mentality. change the way you think about things change all this entitlement that modern people have. The crisis on this planet is one thing and one thing alone. Human beings are relying on themselves and they're not relying on Allah. They think they can do it on their own.

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All of the things that are happening right now are because people no longer call on Allah when they have tribulations. Even outright lie says, Oh far harder to woo supernova hail. calamities are the spreads of divine gifts. Allah sends calamities, to take people back to him. That's why he sends them. Even I'll say that says that sometimes you will find him calamities what you cannot find in prayer and fasting.

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Because prayer and fasting always has the possibility aversion. But when you have a calamity, you know that you are nothing you know that you're a fakir.

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And this is why the prophets Allah lighting said I'm a man came to him and said in your book, and he said,

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he said I love you. He said, think about what you're saying. He said, I love you. He said it three times. Oh God, whom Iran, the province of ISIS.

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In content of his bullying,

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done in *ery which FAFEN then get ready for tribulation.

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Get ready for things that are going to break you.

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So Panama

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should do ness. Bella, an MBA at Stanford and the people that have the most tribulation in dunya are the prophets and then those like the prophets, but we don't like to think about this. People want ease, this is human nature. People want ease, but Allah subhana wa tada wants you to know Allah subhanho wa Taala before you are confronted with your own life on the yomo piano, to have medica of Allah subhana wa Tada. So all of these tribulations that Allah sends to this species is for their benefit. And this is what people don't realize this is a completely different way of viewing the world. When I was in Mauritania, a man asked me in Britannia, when they eat, there are so many flies

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because it's a desert environment. There's so many flies, that they will literally pour sugar in the corner to bring the flies there so they can eat without the flies. This that's how many flies and

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Old, very old chair. He was a scholar Anna jelly. And he said to me, do they have flies in America?

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And I said, Well, no, we rarely get bothered by flies. He said they're only with

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Steve Jobs and

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he said, Oh, I seek refuge in Allah. Maybe they're getting their blessings here in the dunya.

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You think about life, you know, this is a short time all these tribulations as a short time. Now here just in conclusion.

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The prophets are sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said something that struck me as so extraordinary and everything he said is amazing. So a lot instead of

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you know I have two cats. And these cats they walk around all the time. Like I pray they come they do fall off. And and then you see them walking around the house. They're always going in circles. The problem size Have you called them a waffle macula fat, the animals that circle, you know, this is his mula, hava Salalah. And it was set up. I don't think I would have thought of that except because of the headache that made me think about it. But this is the beauty of the guidance that he gave us. He saw everything he said alone that evening, I shall come out here show me things as they are. He saw things as they are. So he said something so extraordinary to me. And everything he said

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is extraordinary. He said baju is a hadith that relates he said bad ruble ACMA is Habang

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heysen, preamp with actions. Seven things.

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Pre end with action seven things. Initiate your deeds, your good deeds, before one or more of seven things will affect you. And what I realized is he covered everything in those seven things. Every single thing that is going to come to us in one or more of these seven things, and you can't you can't exhaust it. He said bad rubella family subang.

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Holton tell the room. Are you waiting for waiting? It's going to come? Hell 1030 roll in the Falcon one See ya.

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Poverty that makes you forget everything.

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Because people lose everything in the dunya. And once you've lost everything, all you can think about is your situation because it's dire. And so the province a licen. I'm called it thought I'm one sia, it's a poverty that makes you forget everything because you can't think straight. All you can think about is where your basic needs are going to come from. And there's so many people on this planet right now in this situation, many of the Muslim countries that had beautiful lives, they had good lives. The vast majority of people have good now they're in the worst abject conditions, the worst abject conditions

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and this can come to anybody anywhere anytime. fulcrum, one, see.

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And then he said, Oh,

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or will that preoccupies? You, a man told me Subhanallah I got a letter from a man the other day, who said to me that for 10 years, he was working to get this money. And, and he said he had all these plans to help the Muslims and do all these things. He said, it finally came. And he said, I become a horrible person. He said, I just, I was spending all this money. I got into all these horrible things.

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The Hanan mafia in that in Santa layer, but ah

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man will transgress because he deems himself rich. You see, we know from social studies, people that are wealthy, they drive arrogantly they treat people with arrogance. This is well known studies have been done on this because they get a sense of entitlement. They also think like our own that somehow that I was given this because of something I did, because I'm so clever, because I'm so important. This is what so he said, Hey man, look beyond our model, the more see the or a sickness that will incapacitate you.

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People are healthy, and suddenly they have a stroke. And they can't function. They need people to take care of them. Or they get some disease, chronic disease. suddenly they're in pain all

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Time now they can't think of anything except their problem.

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Oh model then we'll see that

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this happens to people.

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Oh, how do I learn to offend leader or you begin to forget things doting old age dementia, you can't even remember some people that put little lamella protect all of you the best way to protect yourself from these things our current, they don't get caught up, you know, the people of foreign, real, you know, you have to take the 400 GitHub repo, why not take it seriously. But dementia, all these diseases that come to the mind people forget they come into a room they can't remember why they're there.

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This happens when you age. So the Prophet said, you're waiting for Papa Gina.

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sickness, dementia. And then he said almost emojis. or sudden death. Everything's fine. people, young people, suddenly a heart attack and they literally dropped dead. They don't even know what's happening to them.

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These are all things that the poet said we're waiting for. Holton for the bad it'll be

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like hasten to deeds.

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He said to these people have money now. What are you doing with your money saving it for something or other? The prophets I send? When they asked what should we spend fees to be like the Quran reply the laffel. Just whatever access you have, I lost not asking you for what you need. He's asking you for what you don't need. But the dunya tells you Oh, I need this. I need that you don't we don't need anything I live with veteran, I know how much a human being needs to live. We don't need a lot to live.

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And then he said Oh, and the Gianna

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for shovel ha ha You

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are the Antichrist. And this is the most evil of things that people are waiting for the job to publicize him said that the job won't come until people stop mentioning him on the minbar.

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they'll forget.

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And you can see the preparation everywhere. People you look at people now they don't think for themselves anymore. They can't think

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they just follow what they're told they don't think about anything.

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It's amazing, the ruffler that this species is in deep love. And this is important too, because the Prophet warned us about these latter days that we're in. And one of the things you see many Muslims now. They're deviating grossly from the book. And the sooner.

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I mean talking about things now we would never in a million years think our community would have been talked about or accepting things that are so unacceptable in our religion. And you know what I'm talking about.

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You see this now and then also adapting all of these things that have nothing to deal with our religion.

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We don't collectivise people. We don't talk about white people or black people or any other groups such as Is there a collective? The Koran says letters, you know, it wasn't a can we sort of aura? No. So there's the sins of another soul, typical, only adhara hamaca. But what Akuma concepto, whatever the past happened, those people have it on themselves. The children don't inherit their sins.

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They don't inherit their sins. We don't we don't think about these things. We just adopt all these materialists. Now. We send our children to these universities where they're going to be indoctrinated. They're not going to be taught they're going to be indoctrinated into things totally antithetical to the Muslim community. Every religious community that came to this country that was serious about their religion, built religious schools and colleges, every single one, because they understood We can't let our children be taught by people that don't share our values.

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That's why the Catholics have schools all over parochial secondary school and colleges.

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Because they were they took their religion seriously.

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Where are the Muslim cut? We've been here so long, where our colleges where our hospitals, where are the things that we were we define our values, we define what we believe in. We don't let them define them for us. This is a materialistic culture. The whole planet is becoming this way.

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But we have a community where we actually believe in goodness and decency and virtue and chastity and justice, and forgiveness and mercy and honor. These are the these are the things that our Prophet taught us in the moment to what I was set to teach people do use a key him to purify them in the commentaries, they say, to teach them all of the virtuous behavior, and to warn them of all of the vicious behavior. This is our Prophet. So I said, the most generous of people, the most honorable of people. The prophets I sent him said, he never swore every time he spoke about anything sensitive, he use what's called ke Nyah. He didn't ever speak crudely or obscene me.

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This is our Prophet, he said, one of the signs of the end of time is foul language would become widespread. People would just use foul language. The tongue was a gift from Allah to speak, the prophet was the most eloquent of people. One of the things when when when when famotidine arise, he says about Shep on that one of the things Allah says, This stuff's it, your soul deca, you know, like, rile them up with your Go ahead, rile them up with your, with your voice. He said, it's teaching our young people foul lyrics. That's what he said, I shall be

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putting foul lyrics into the minds of the young people. So that garbage in garbage out, these are all the things that we have to be aware of the environment we're in and protect our young people because Allah their hearts are pure. Their hearts are pure. They're enculturated into foulness. The FIFA is natural, even all of this talk about racism. Racism is not the natural state of human beings. The natural state of human beings is accepting one another. Children do not have racism, they'll play with any color of child that's enculturated into people.

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And so this whole talk about people are racist by nature. It's not true. This is a lie from the police to make people despair.

00:27:13--> 00:27:18

Or people say that, oh, racism is the cause of oppression. No.

00:27:19--> 00:27:22

Racism is used as a mechanism of oppression.

00:27:24--> 00:27:31

It's not the cause. It's used as a mechanism divide and conquer Devi that Imperial the Romans knew this.

00:27:32--> 00:27:38

We can't be fooled. We're a people that bring people together we don't separate them ship on

00:27:39--> 00:28:27

ship on yet. Yes. And you're the teachers here at that hour. He despaired of being worship, what I can attach it Shabana Khan, when he was content with creating division amongst you. Today is a day of joining today is a day of setting aside your, all of your anger, whatever's happened with your family, this is the day she knew our hammer, calm, like call up people that you're related to. If there's something between you ask forgiveness, bring people together. This is our own map. It's an oma oma is a collective of people that have the same purpose. And our purpose is worship of Allah subhana wa tada and service to his creation. That's, that's the whole raison d'etre of this oma, the

00:28:27--> 00:28:43

purpose of this oma is to worship Allah and to serve Allah's creation, whether they're black, white, red, yellow, whether they're Buddhist, Hindu Jain, whether they're Jew, it doesn't matter. We are here to serve. This is our purpose. We are here to serve.

00:28:44--> 00:28:49

One of the things we've forgotten is feeding the homeless,

00:28:50--> 00:28:51

feeding the hungry.

00:28:53--> 00:29:00

What are your homeboy, Alabama miskeen they don't enjoin people to feed the hungry. That's one of the signs of people that are

00:29:01--> 00:29:11

that are wretched with Allah is that they don't encourage others to help. We have people all over in need now, and many of the Muslims, we've been blessed.

00:29:12--> 00:29:31

And you don't have to give all your money away. You don't have to take one family. This is what I'll do boubakeur, the out of you set the profit was not somebody who was saying, Give all your wealth away, never. And there's nothing wrong with being wealthy in Islam. We're not socialists, or religion is against this idea.

00:29:32--> 00:29:56

There's, if Allah has blessed you with wealth, you pay your card, and then you give something on top of that. And that's all I was asking. Take one family that's in need and help them if you can do to then do to this we'll call the book could have been an RV says. So these are things to think about. On this day. The Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. What did I have

00:30:11--> 00:30:26

sought after the ceremony was really the early he was happy woman. What are the seventh thing that the province Eliason told us has been toggled on is a setter was set to add her.

00:30:27--> 00:30:40

That's the seventh thing, which is the hour. There's three hours. what's called Sacha Sagara sathon moosejaw. Saturday Cobra surah is your death

00:30:41--> 00:31:15

there is a door from the finite to the infinite. It's the door of infinity. It's Babel. lammi higher. It's the door of infinity and that door is waiting each one of us if you could see your agile cuz your agile was written in the, the feedback may only it was written in the in the womb of our mothers. When we were in a womb, bra, Bethany Hasha. Janina who continue Pablo arida you raised me in the womb of my parents. And you were before me before my parents.

00:31:17--> 00:31:34

This is this, every single one of us has a job and we could see it. You know, January 3 2025, January, you know, it's every single one of us. It's there. And we don't think about it, but it's real.

00:31:35--> 00:32:21

And this what the problem is him was somebody he said, eco mimicry have them and let that remind yourselves of death. Not in a morbid way in a way that makes you bad little bit. I'm not a sub and hasten to actions. We have little time we're here for a short period of time, we have things to do. Each one of you has the gifts that Allah has given you. Some of you have wealth, you can support good things. Some of you have muscles you can labor in good things. Some of you have, Allah has given you with intellectual brilliance, you can do that for making things to better our human condition. Everybody has their gifts, and we don't have any access for any human being. Every human

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being has the potential to know Allah. The street sweeper has the potential to know a lot. There were people in Medina that nobody took seriously and they were Beloved of Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger, like the black woman who used to sweep the masjid. And when she died, they didn't think anything of it. He's Why didn't you tell me he was upset? Some a lot isn't because he knew who she was.

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He knew who she was.

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So this is a time for us to think about just changing the trajectory of our lives. Every day is an opportunity to make the U turn.

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Every single day. with Allah. There's no sign that says no u turns. We can always turn back. If we make Toba. Allah makes Toba to us to love. And he will forgive he said even if you came, be a prophet or female.

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How Paya even if you came with the whole earth filled with your sins was the Parthenon refer to God if you ask forgiveness, I would forgive you and ship on hates Toba. He wants to put you in a state of forgetfulness. So May Allah subhanho wa Taala inshallah bless all the people wherever they are, that are having a difficulty. Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for them. Give them solace in their hearts May Allah subhana wa tada make us people that remember the gifts that we've been given and share them with others may Allah Subhana Allah data, forgive us, bless us, increase us elevate us, Allah Subhana Allah insha Allah, protect this community, protect the fight in it. Bless all the

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people that set all these things up for us. And did all this work well somehow without a bless all the volunteers in the masjid May Allah subhanho wa Taala take you to your home Saturday in the binding mean Allah subhana wa tada accept all the prayers on our sofa on that happened yesterday May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us some portion of those prayers. Allah subhana wa tada removed this blight this plague that's on our on our species right now May Allah subhana wa tada remove or Wada well, Bella, all these terrible things that have afflicted our species may Allah subhana wa tada wake people up to their sinfulness and their need to make Toba to Allah subhanho wa Taala to

00:34:44--> 00:34:59

recognize that nothing afflicts us except what our own hands have wrought with Allah Subhana Allah Almighty reminders of this, maybe remove the drought from this community, Allah subhana wa tada give us good rain give the parched Earth what it deserves and

00:35:00--> 00:35:44

May all of these creatures forgive us and these trees and all these things that don't deserve anything but they suffer with us because of us we see the trees in so many places are dying. You look at their leaves from the sinfulness of people not from anything they did. And and the prophets I said had it not been for the trees and for the animals, that the sinfulness of people would prevent rain from coming. So May Allah subhanho wa Taala inshallah, give us rain, give us good rain, Allah subhanho data, protect all of our children, protect our women, anybody who all these women who are wearing Hijab bravely in this environment, may Allah protect them and keep them safe and sound.

00:35:44--> 00:36:31

May Allah Subhana Allah bless all of you. The Sunnah is to do the RPF for anybody that's going to do that over here. It's after the prayer you go you have the days of these these days of any you can do it in any of the days of eat. The best thing is obviously the RAM and and you should personally is to eat a third, to give a third to your friends and then to give a third to poor people. But we have now agencies that will do this for you and distributed amongst the refugees so I think it's good inshallah to support our Syrian refugees are Yemeni refugees. Living in all there's so many places where Muslims Kashmiris May Allah Subhana Allah make it easy for our brothers and sisters in

00:36:31--> 00:36:43

Kashmir. in Palestine obviously I mean, it's an ongoing, long long struggle with Allah subhanho wa Taala inshallah, we are community up Allahu Allah.

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Ada Kumar bless you inshallah ceremony for

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