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God tells us in the Quran that man was created in a state of angst, uneasy in both fortune and misfortune. What is the spiritual remedy for this? Tune in and discover the sacred prescription for our most innate illness.


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The speakers discuss the meaning behind the phrase "the bubble is a sign of a culture," which refers to the bubble. They also talk about the importance of helping people through difficult situations, such as a famine and epidemic. The speakers emphasize the need for everyone to have their own history and trust in God. They also mention the Day of Judgment and the importance of faith in helping people through difficult situations.

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Allah sallallahu ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam to steamer as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Al Hamdulillah. I'm here again with another sacred text message. Today it's going to be from Sora Thelma adage in that chapter Allah subhanho wa Taala says in that in Santa Hooda Hello, either Mr. Shah roju with massada hieromartyr il l mousseline, verily are surely the human being an insane in Arabic is the word for a human being. In fact, there's a Sheila for a difference of opinion amongst the lexicographers. Most of them actually say that there is no feminine for this because it includes the male and the female. It probably is

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related to the word urns, which is intimacy, but it could also be from nesea there's a difference of opinion again amongst scholars of the language so the human being here, it really means that human being had attacked added in Sani human a daddy let me concern with Cora has there ever come a time upon the human being that he or she was not something remembered? so insane in the Arabic language also, interestingly enough means the pupil of the eye, because of the human being was created for the vision of God. And so the actual what's known as booboo, also an Arabic is insane. It's a pupil of the eye. And just an interesting side note about that, even a Josie who wrote a book, then we are

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a rubbish unfolded and rubbish. Removing the darkness on the virtues of the blacks actually mentions because at that time in his country of Iraq, he saw that the black people were being denigrated. So he wanted to write a book about the virtues of blacks. And one of the things he said is that the most extraordinary part of the human being is the pupil of the eye, because vision is the greatest of all blessings, and God made it pitch black. So he said, that shows you the virtue of the color black. So, in this verse, Allah says that he created the insan human being Hulu or Hulu or in Arabic is very interesting word. Because it sounds Hello, it just sounds anxious, just to say it like

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somebody. Hello. So it means to be created in a state of angst but also interesting enough, the Quran defines it in the next two verses. So in essence in English, we would say Surely, the human being was created hallelujah and then have a colon and then that would follow either massages or when evil afflicts him. He panics, he's distraught. So he loses it, he loses his center his equilibrium, where either Mr. Will Halo menorah, and when good befalls him he withholds he becomes stingy, he becomes miserly. And so, in Arabic hula is stinginess or miserliness, but hella is anxiety. So Hulu has both those meanings. And that's why that what follows in the verse is an

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explanation of what Hulu is that the human being is created in this state. In DeLeon Santa Verily, so this is a Tokyo or it's a strong statement. Inland mousseline, and this is the most athonite in the Arabic language, except for those who pray and mousseline. Those are the people that are exempt from this state of Hello. So when you look at the human being, when we first come into the world, the very first thing that the human being does is it just starts to scream, a baby is completely anxious. And what settles the baby down is the haleema is literally the haleema in Arabic is the name for the breast, the nipple, and you give the child the high Lama, and it becomes haleem. It

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just comes down. And the word in Arabic for intellect, one of the words are many, the Arabs have many words for intellect, one of them is a lamb. So the intellect only functions when you're in a state of equilibrium. And so when you lose it, when you panic, you go into fight or flight or freeze, and so you lose it. So the people or prayer or people that don't panic, in other words, they're always reasonable. their intellect is with them, and they have aka and so Allah Nino home, Allah Salatu him de moon, those who are constant in their prayer, and it's very interesting, it says that you moon even Jeeva takes any Shara or a type of esoteric interpretation here is that this is

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the prayer of the heart. This is when a person is in constant prayer with God but most of the first children say it means that they do the five prayers every day and they do them on time fulfilling their obligations. And then what are the ina fee and why to him How am I doing those who in their wealth

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A hot maloom a fixed and known right this Saturday when my home so this is our right that the one asking and the one who's deprived has in your wealth if you've been given wealth. So this is a very interesting aspect of a believer is that those who are given wealth know that that wealth has a it has a right that others are entitled to. But what's interesting about this, I mean, obviously at the face value of it, it's zakat. So it's the tax that we pay the poor tax, there's not really a tax, but the tithing that we give that God has demanded of us, we give for the poor people that's 2.5% of your standing wealth, if lunar year passes over it, and also there's a whole set of Zakat

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obligations in harvest and also in livestock. But what's interesting about this is that there's also a Huck in wealth that goes beyond zakaat, a sadaqa to borhan. Charity is a proof of your faith. So to pay the Zakat simply without having more than Zakat is something that really is dangerous for a person just like a person who who never praise Nafisa who only praise the forum, because all the short comes in, in the form of prayer on the Day of Judgment are going to be corrected by the nafeesa prayer. So whatever deficiencies you have in the forum, the Nafisa is going to help you with that. So this idea of happened my room, I you know, I've thought a lot about this. And one of the

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things that struck me most for years I've been waiting for this book, it's called Suraj and moody Dean. It's a book by the great Andrew Sian, sixth century scholar. He was the last student of email metaphysically and that's probably aboubaker even allowed to be a brilliant man just had an incredible intellect. He said at the age of 13. He'd completed the 13 books of Euclid, and had made an astrolabe that he was able to determine where he was so he was also a master of chess, even though he condemns chess, he actually writes about his experience showing an Egyptian aristocrat certain moves that would improve his chess game. In any case, he was a polymath knew many, many

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sciences, but is known in the Maliki madhhab for being one of our greatest aha and he was also muhaddith when he went to meet Mr. Rosati. He had just an incredible description of coming in. He said when he first laid eyes on him out of his out he said it was as if the sun had rose before him that he had been in darkness. All of his life up to that point, he actually writes this in his wrap up. This was a time when Mr. Rosati was in halwa he was in retreat. He wasn't really taking visitors and things. But anyway, one of the things that he says and this really for me was a great relief. He talks about how there was a period of time, there was famine and an epidemic awaba and during that

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time, a lot of people were suffering. And so in cell Rajamouli Dean, he said he helped certain families he could help to families and he used to give them loaves of bread every single day to help them during that time. But he had a dream and he mentions he said when into later 10 for our education he jettison alimony that I fell asleep one night and I saw as if I was sitting at a table and around me were all of my students. And there was one of the men amongst my teachers. He was a chef from my teachers who had had already passed away some time before that and we began to eat and we began then to talk to Jabba bunavail Hadeeth for toffee capalaba then one of the students said

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Nakuru, inish back when Martina Anna Muhammad Ali, here we are eating and satiating ourselves. And yet there are needy people everywhere. Marie Kiefer, how the how could this be? So he's feeling guilty about sitting at a banquet. When people this is in a dream, he's seeing this in a dream, but he's feeling guilty about being in a banquet when people are out in this famine and in this epidemic. And so, even that out to be said in the dream, the hope to the whole other is to hear and man a chef, I said out of some modesty given that my teacher was there will cut a limb to unhilarious Dr. Lubell job but I knew that he would not give the right response to this question. He

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because he had surpassed his teachers and he said for Galileo to be killed at america he would make a mistake because he didn't have the requisite knowledge to answer this question. So here's what he said. He said to the students animal Millennium Keno an unknown national VMware Nina, it's not possible for us to give our wealth to all the people, we couldn't do it even if we gave all of our wealth, we would not be able to do that. When I use Simona and Nicola unlimitedly, Hardy him and also, it's not necessary that we are in their condition that they're in. This is the nature of the world.

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There's times when people are in good times and difficult times. And then he says, This is what really struck me. But he said, but if each one of us could do what was possible to help one person, so if you took every wealthy person, and he took it upon himself to help one or two people, from the needy people, that would be enough to fulfill the obligation that they have. And then he said, and my proof this all in his dream, these are the dreams of the earlier in the study he, he said, My prove is that during the time of the prophet SAW Allah and he was sent him during the time of the Prophet, the Sahaba, were the companions of the Prophet were in such difficulty that they were tying

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stones to their stomachs because of the hunger. In fact, sides had been a walk pass, said that he spent 20 nights without food. And he said, One night, he was riding and his animal, whatever it was a donkey or a mule, or a camel, crushed something. And he said, he ate it, without even looking to see what it was. That's how hungry he was. And he said he was just fulfilling his necessity. So aboda to be had Mahavira. That's how hungry he was. So then he said, at the time roofer answer Memorial atonement attempt at the harvest of the ansara was on their, their roofs, it was drying the date harvest. And he said, and they, and they had meat in their homes, men and mohideen men can emit

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their home. And some of the more hygiene, were like that also added on didn't but very few. And the prophets allies in this one other blogger said, the prophets, I saw him, he did not take their money away from them. In other words, it's not like a socialist state, where they take the money away and force you to give it to other people, because there's no test, the test is whether you're going to fulfill your obligations or not, that's how Allah is testing you. He's setting the poor people with the wealthy people and the wealthy people with the poor people, are they going to fulfill their obligations or not? If the state comes in and forces it upon you, then where's the test? There's no

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test. This is a very different understanding. And then he said that the privatized him was constantly telling the wealthy people where you hope to add a server, * your home. And then he was reminding constantly the poor person to be patient, where you are for whom the man or woman and the lime and almonds ILA, and an attorney. Yeah. And he would tell them, what a greater place they had, because of their patients in the afterlife for eternity. And this is something again, in a materialistic world, people don't understand this. This is where they say, Oh, this is just pie in the sky. You know, there's a old union song, but that the communist said, it was a song that said,

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you know, you'll eat by and by, you know, that pie in the sky. So they were making fun of the religious people telling people to be patient, we're actually believers. And the thing about the the prophecies that the prophets I sent, went through the most difficult time, they said, sallAllahu sallam, he would never go to bed without making sure that people were, were taken care of. And I actually did a my own calculation. And I worked out that the prophets I said, I'm fed over 500,000 meals to the homeless people of of, of that I had a sofa because I worked out 70 on average, 70. And I worked out the time that he was in Medina, and feeding them every single day, he fed at least

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500,000 meals to homeless people. And when he was asked, What is the best Islam, he said, on top of a mapa arm that you feed people, this is what the Muslims did, we should have food banks at this time, we should be helping people in their need. These are the things that Muslims do. And this is how also that people recognize by their fruits, you shall know them, the Christians know that. And so when they see Muslims doing things like this, really helping people, and people, there's a lot of good people doing this. And I know that there's free clinics, there's other things, but these are the things that Muslims should be doing, if they want to really help. And that's what that's what

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this verse is saying that in their wealth to have half my room. So if you've been given the benefit of wealth, you should be helping people. We have a wonderful sister asthma in Baltimore, one of the most beleaguered cities in the United States of America. But we have this wonderful lady who has a shelter for people. She takes in all these battered women and people that have to and she struggles. These are the people that we should be helping. These are the people that really need our help. Another person is use of Wiley who's down in Southern California helping inmates who

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been released, helping them transition and he is somebody who has great experience in that he himself went through immense tribulation. So there are lots of things that that Muslims can do that helped my gnome that's in our wealth is very important and we're going to be asked about it and that's why after that Allah subhanaw taala says, Well Nadine, you said the Puna beyond it, Dean said, it's immediately after that because the prophets Allah I sent him said a topo. Nairobi shocky. Tamara, guard yourself against the fire even with half a date. And once Ayesha was sitting with one of her relatives, and a beggar came by, and she gave him half a grape. She grapes were very

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precious, but they came from bite if she gave him half ago, she had a few grapes. She gave him half a grape. And the person who was sitting with her said, does that benefit? And she said, How many atoms do you think are in that grape?

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Because on the Day of Judgment, you won't do an Adam's weight of good except you'll see it. And so even half a date, just doing something. And so they believe in the Day of Judgment. Now, this is really important, because this is a hallmark of Muslims. They believe in the Day of Judgment, and Fabio Boubacar going back to him. He has a chapter on yo ml he sab the day of reckoning. The more hasebe is like the accountant, Every business has an accountant. And that accountant hopefully is making sure that your your income is greater than your outcome. And so the Day of Judgment is the day when we have the tabulation of our life on Earth, and everything will be recorded. It's all

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being recorded. And so we come on that day. And that's why Allah subhana wa Taala says they believe in the last day. And then it says well, Nadine, home and Abby are a bit emotionally upon that they have fear of their Lord's punishment. So even though they're believers, they don't feel secure, like abubaker Cydia follow the law No, said that. If I had one foot in Paradise, and one foot out apart, I still would not feel secure until I was firmly in paradise. And so this is something that the believers have that they actually have a sense of the the momentousness the art of that day. And there's a hadith from Abba hood era, where the prophets Eliza them said that on that day, Allah will

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meet his servants. Fair call a fool. Hey, so and so. lm o khemka. will also whisker while other karasawa Tata didn't I honor you? Didn't I give you a position? Didn't I leave you to enjoy life? They are kulu Bella. Indeed you did? They are all of us were Howard. A five one enter under como la Piya did you think you were going to meet me on of a uploader? Let? No, we don't go to the ini and sack a commander seat any today I forget you just as you had forgotten me. Right kinetica, Venice, Sita that you own tonsa the Quran reminds us that the verses come to them and they forgot them. So on that day there forgot. This is what Allah subhanho wa Taala says. And then the second he says a

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foun olemme academica and I'm also Whitaker was a wijk I didn't I honor you didn't I give you a position did not give you a spouse was sucker lachelle hayleigh will ever deny give you wealth, camels and horses, whether Katara savitar Tata, and I gave you this position and and let you enjoy your life. We have portobella indeed, a wardrobe holder of avantha Anika molokhia. Didn't you think you were going to meet me? They are cooler. They are part of Indian soccer come in a seat any? I forget you just as you forgotten me. them you'll clear 33 Apollo omitted of that and then the next one comes and the next one. And then Allah subhana wa Tada. He says ikara keytab Akaka Fabien of

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sickle Yama Anika Seba. read your book the book of your deeds, and suffice your own soul as your reckoner because the human being knows in in Santa identity basura human beings know what they've done when Obama era even if he gives all of his excuses. So then for the believer, right, he gets the he SAP. And then when he sees his situation, he thinks I'm going to perish. Unless I get the sadita of the husana from Allah, the grace from God, and then we'll be at Allahu Allah, Allah in Allah, He kyphotic Amazon, and then his word that you know, Hitler was put in the other scale, so his deeds are in the scale. And then it puts Laila and it outweighs everything for Jehovah.

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What up is more weightier than heavens in the earth. And so this is a great gift to the believers. But this is what Allah subhanho wa Taala says about that day that they believe in the last day. They believe in the Yeoman, he said, and they're preparing for it. The prophets I saw him used to do death remembrance every day.

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And he said, a clearer mimicry had the Mullah that do much remembrance of the destroyer of pleasure, because much of life is mitad. It's in I mean, we have our tribulations, but we also have a great deal of enjoyment and food, and companionship and wealth and security and homes and all these things that Allah has given us. These are great blessings. But there is a reckoning, there is a he SAP, and this so this is what Allah subhana wa tada says, and then he reminds us in Abu Dhabi, him a little mamoun. They're not secure from that punishment. Nobody should feel secure. I always marveled at certain religions who believe they're saved, they just say we're saved. Because first of all, they

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don't know if they're going to lose their faith. There's people that lose their faith, even in those religions. There's people that were believers, and then they come out with a book, why I don't believe in, in God anymore. There's even preachers that come out as atheists or come out of their closet or whatever they were doing. And they, they say this, I was once on an airplane with my friend and brother did and we sat next to a man who had been a Christian. And then he said that he realized that his own sexual appetites weren't consonant with his Christianity. So he gave up his Christianity. That's what he told us. He gave us his Christianity. And I just, I looked down, I

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said, I'm really sorry for you, you know that you would give up the eternal for the temporal. So that's one of the tragedies of life on earth is that people do lose their faith. And that's why nellen Santa honey Hello. that human beings panic when trials come to them, they Pat they lose it. There's people that lose their faith. But then you have to question Did they have faith in the first place? Because the whole purpose of faith is to get you through all those difficulties. I mean, the word in Arabic for for believers movement, the lawyer, the one who secures himself with God. I mean, if you took it literally am an OB is to secure it to give yourself mn with God. Alina, amen amanu

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while lamb yell be su Eman, humby lumen, hula, ecola homall Amman, they are secure those people are in a state of security who believe and don't commit shirk, they're in a state of security. And so then Allah Subhana Allah says, One Ladino homely for Rajim Javi don't those who protect their private parts, and that means that they, they protect their private property except in the confines of marriage in lawful sexual relations, because sexual relations outside of what God has permitted. It leads to let Rosina know Canada phakisa was that a subido do not go near adultery or fornication, the Arabs have one word for Xena, because it's an obscenity, it's foul, it's a fact he shot was a

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severe and it takes you down a terrible way. And all you have to do is Google the statistics on STDs, and on all the things that happen to people who transgress these hadoo Tikka hadoo to laugh at that data duha these are the hadoo of God, so don't go beyond them. Because the hadoo are there to protect us. This is God's mercy towards us. It's not anything out. It's Allah subhanho wa Taala says, His mercy towards us. And so this is what Allah subhana wa tada says that they guard their private parts Illa Allah as YG m omega medica to a man whom the enormous credo Malou mean that that's not blameworthy if its rightful in lawful farming abota eidetic about with echo home, and I

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do, and those who go beyond that they are the transgressors they are doing, they have transgressed the limits. And those limits are not just moral limits their biological limits, and they will have repercussions. And one of the tragedies in American society, and I apologize for people that because I know we've had people from all over listening to this, but in the American context, but this applies everywhere. One of the tragedies is this loss of a sense of chastity and the importance of the female guarding the virtue of chastity because the great virtue of a woman is chastity. This is not sexist, it's not to say this, there's nothing wrong with saying this, because a woman is far

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more susceptible to very oral diseases than a man is just because of the nature of the epithelial lining. And this is why the STDs amongst women are much higher. They don't tell them that and it's a crime to these poor girls that think that they can be promiscuous and go about and do these things like some men do, and not suffer the same consequences. No, it's much worse.

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It's worse for them. And it's bad for men. And chastity is a virtue for men as well as women. But women traditionally guarded that the women of the Arabian Peninsula, sometimes when they were taken from tribes would come, they would raid other tribes and defeat them and take the women as captives, that women would throw themselves off and break their necks, because they did not want a man to take them. And this happens that in there's cultures where women do this, I mean, it's it's a tragedy. I mean, the rape of the Save vines is one of the great masterpieces of Western art. It's horrible when things break down, it's the women who suffer. And that's why if you have a society, where you you

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say masculinity is toxic, where you take away men's chivalry and the idea that they're there to defend women and children, when you remove that concept from them, that will work temporarily in a culture that has still a civil society. But when things break down, look what happens, who suffers, who suffer, everybody suffers, but the ones that suffer the most are the women and children. If you don't believe me, just ask the pours Yazidi girls about what happened to them. Where were the chivalrous men, then where were the men that should have come and rescue those poor women from the horrors of war, and the pillaging and horrible beastial ravaging of men that should not even be

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entitled to the name, man. And even to call them a beast would be unfair. Demons are the only word that is appropriate for people like that, demons, because even animals don't do these things. Animals take what they need, and they leave the rest. If you ever watched those animal channels, like they'll show like the lion, and then all the zebras will run. But then they catch one zebra, and then they all go back to eating. Because they know the lions not it's not like a man who comes in there and just kills everybody. The lion just takes what it needs. They say, Oh, you know, poor Herbert. He's lunch today for the lion but we're all okay. And that's what happens in the animal

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kingdom. But humans know they gloat in the ability to inflict cruelty on others. These are the horror so this is what Allah is telling us. These are transgression, whether they normally am and at home or add to him or our own. Those who Shepherd well, who watch and guard their sacred trusts and their covenants. This is a hallmark of believers. The Prophet used to say many, many times, Allah Allah emanuelly, mandla, amanat, Allahu Allah, Allah Eman, elimine, Amana todo, three times and he said this many times the Sahaba said that he said this currency that whoever is not trustworthy, he has no faith. And this is something also it's important to remember that Malcolm cave attack Oman,

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you know, what's up with you? How are you judging? Do you make Muslims like criminals, but it should also not make criminals like Muslims, because there's a big difference between the righteous and those who lack righteousness. One of the most fascinating verses in the New Testament is from Peter, who actually says that he realized that whoever feared God and did write in whatever land he was from would be pleasing to the Lord as an indication about a truth that many Christians I don't think have reflected on that verse. But that's, we see that that people that are that believe in God and are righteous, those are the people that God loves. One of the heretics once said that about the DIA

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blood money for a hand, he said, Come see me in astrodon woody at my battle Hakata Robert DeNiro what's up with a hand that is worth 500 dinars as a dia like if you cause somebody lose their hand you have to pay them 500 gold coins hold the funeral but a dinner yet it gets cut off in just a quarter of a dinar. These like that doesn't make sense to me. So while the other will have the great Maliki scholar he said, isn't a manatee of law. What are hahaha do Liliana at Fatima muttered bury, that the dignity of its trustworthiness made it of great value, but it's treachery made it worthless. And another sedlar mechanic Amina CanNET, semina for no mahana tanot. When it was

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trustworthy, it was precious, but when it became treacherous, it lost its value. And so it's very important to recognize that that there's a big difference between the righteous and between others is also very dangerous to think of yourself as righteous. We ask Allah to make us amongst those who are righteous because we don't know if in God's eyes we're criminals, May Allah forgive us. But that's important to remember.

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That those people that are out stealing and doing horrible things, I mean, that doesn't matter. two wrongs don't make a right. You can't say well, because some people steal, you know, I can steal, no, where people have Allah Subhana Allah inshallah, we're the people that stay within the Hadoop. And so that's one of the hoodoo, is that we don't do that. And that's why there's going to be oppression in this world, and the oppression won't end until the world ends, the nature of the abode. And if you haven't worked that out yet, just give it some time. You'll get there. Eventually, if you have enough life on Earth, you'll realize anybody who knows history, and that's part of the problem with

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modern people is they don't study history. They don't read, they don't study. They don't think about things. When I heard somebody interviewed recently, who is very famous poet, but he's old now. He said, I'm getting very interested in history, and the process of why he said, because I realize I'm about to become history. People don't think about that, that we are going to leave the world. But history is important. And that's why 1/3 of the Quran is sacred history. 1/3 of the Quran is sacred history. And the Quran tells the same stories over and over again, in different ways with nuances, but they're essentially the same stories of people being oppressed, that if you believe in God,

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you're going to be oppressed, you're going to have difficulties, this is just dunya it is dunya and that story is repeated over and over again to let you know that on the Day of Judgment, believe it or not on the day of judgment and where people that believe on the day yoma home bed is una layer for the layman home shake, the manual monocle, Yom lillahi wa Haider kahar, that on that day, when they are all manifest before God, nothing is hidden from God from them. And God says, Who has the Dominion now? All the tyrants, all the oppressors, all the dominions that they held, they're all gone. And Yama today, Kowloon fcmb Mark has a bit level milliohm on that day, every soul will be

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recompense for what it earned level milliohm there's no oppression today. That's what Allah says that's the only day where there won't be oppression. So if you don't have patience to wait, if you think you can get justice now, you will never get justice in the dunya. If somebody wrongfully kills somebody, you know what justice is in our religion $150,000 approximately, that's what you get 150,000 that's redressing the wrong, according to *ty, they pay the DIA, if it's a private crime, the family can forgive if it's a public crime, then the family doesn't have the right to forgive. But if it's a wrongful death, and it wasn't intentional, then it's a deal. That's what's paid

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$150,000 that's dunya justice. How do you replace a life? 150,000? That's Sharia? Right 1000 Gold dinars that Sharia it might be a little higher now, because Gold's higher. But the point is, is that that's worldly justice, the real justice on the Day of Judgment. But the truth is, if you're wise, and I'll end here, it's been a long podcast. If you're wise, you won't want justice. You want mercy. Because the prophets I send him said, Men lay our ham. They are those who don't show mercy. Mercy will not be shown. If you want justice. That's fine. You can have justice, but just know, by the standard that you judge, shall you be judged.

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That's it. So God's Will Adam, but he's also he doesn't begin his book, in the name of God, the just the revenger of wrongs. That's not how he does it begin at Bismillah agile and Moontak him. It begins at Bismillah R Rahman Rahim In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate, big difference, thank God. And then Allah subhana wa tada says, well, Ladino humby Shahada to him are among those who are resolute and firm in their testimony. So they're, they're upright in their testimony. They don't lie. They don't make false accusations. This is really important, but also, I mean, we could look at it in a Shara sense. There are also people that establish their Shahada with

00:34:19--> 00:34:58

Allah subhana wa Tada. And then finally, one lady, you know whom Allah Salatin you have it on so it begins with Elon mousseline. And then the very first quality is at their constant in their prayers and it ends well in hamato Sala Tim, you have it on those who more half of is like to guard your prayer, you Javi though, they make sure that their prayer is done on time, with the requisite conditions, fulfilling the photo ID, the sunon and hopefully the Mandoo bat, the obligations, the practices of the Prophet that were consistent and also all of the recommended things. And then Allah says

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Eugen net and mocha Ramune they are in paradises honored. That's the economics of Allah subhana wa tada al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen