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The Bible is the God of the hopeless and the Bible is the God of the hopeless, both of which are important. The history of the Middle East and the importance of being clear on one's actions is discussed, along with the use of rubs and the Earth as indicators of one's actions. The conversation also touches on the history of Islam and potential conflict between Islam and religion, as well as the importance of showing proper respect for Islam.

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Salam ala Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa sallahu wa sallam rhinoshield freedom VA well mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah highly highly he was able to sell this even Kaziranga sera from Babu, my dear brothers and sisters, we now reach particularly interesting part of the story of Musa Ali Salaam. The thing that I want to mention to you before we go further, is that Masai Salaam

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is the closest rasulillah salam seldom in terms of many things in terms of his ministry, as a prophet as a messenger

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in terms of the conditions that he came

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under in terms of the conditions that he faced, in terms of the challenges that he faced, and interestingly even where

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a lot of our that I mentioned moosari salami in the Koran

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very, very mentioned the story of the jinn who listen to him terrassa salaam reciting Quran the jinn said, this is the soul who has come after Musa alayhis salam, even though if you look at it chronologically. the one closest to the source or seller's time is Isa a seller nor musasa despite that, the mentioned in the Quran is that he is the one who gave after moose and others. The reason why

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Russell as a seller is

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paired more with masala Salam done recently Salam is because of these

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similarities. For example, Musa Salam came at a time

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when his people were,

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there was widespread ignorance, there was widespread idol worship in that society. The Egyptians were

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like the Greeks and the Romans, both before their time and and simultaneous with them, and their contemporaries as well as the Hindus who were before their time. And simultaneous and till today. They had they were not just idol worshipers, like or idolaters like the Horatio, maka, they were people with a very complicated and detailed mythology, and all kinds of rituals and so on so forth, including some very

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quite somebody horrible rituals of human sacrifice and whatnot, associated with their gods. So this was something which was common.

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idol worship was common to moosari Saddam's times, and the times of resources.

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The second thing is that both nosily salaam resources Salaam were warriors, they fought wars, they are other battles, not so much was better for battles. For the sake of Allah Serrano dollar, against people who were the enemies of the

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of Islam, which was a dean of the time of Moses, and nurture Salah because the people are musasa for the Muslims of their time.

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Then, Mussolini's

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was a law giver. He was the one who brought a book, he was our soul, who brought a book, Isa is also the soul because he also got a book, but the book of his la Salaam is not a law in itself. It supports the book of Moosa A salam, right, the the Injeel, or the Bible

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supports or the gospel supports the Torah.

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The actual original book of law, which is a divine book of law, is the Torah. The third mode, in which the Jewish people use for the law is not a divine book, it's, it's, it is the sayings and teachings of different rabbis, through the through time, but it's not a divine revelation where the Torah is a divine revelation, and the the Jews.

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They honor it differently. In that sense, the Torah is honored as a divine revelation. So that is another similarity between Russell Russell Solomon, Musa salam, which is that also sort of also came with a divine revelation. He is also a lawgiver and so on.

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lusardi salaam as the law giver and of course also Salam is the final and last of the Lord givers.

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Then another similarity at a personal level was that Musa Salam was buried and he had children and sorted resources were easily Salam was not buried in didn't have children. He said Salam was

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a remain unmarried throughout his life. And it's one of our parts of our part but one of the part of our belief that easily Salaam was lifted alive, I lost, that I saved him from being crucified, and that he will return to the earth, as at the end of time, and then he will marry and so he will complete his life and then he will die now on the earth, so, right now we believe that he is actually alive and with Allah subhanaw taala but he will come back to the earth in order to marry and complete desert of life and to die because everything which is born, has to die, no matter how it was born. So even though otherwordly salaam

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and while Islam were created by Allah subhanho wa Taala directly and personally Allah said with my hands

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Miss Villa de salud Salam was,

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was was conceived miraculously by

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a spirit which was created for him and blown into him through his mother marioni salaam, so he was we believe in the Immaculate Conception.

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But he also will have to die just as other Mali Salaam also died.

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So this is the way it was born in the earth and musasa was born to up to she Musa Salah mother and father and sorted a sort of sorcerer, who also had a mother and father when he Sally ceram had a mother and there is no father for a Sally center. So there are many similarities between these two great messengers of Allah Musab again is a is a is the enemy of a very great oma very great people who are the Bani Israel and Alhamdulillah wa salam is the

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is an AVI Of course of the whole world and all humanity but you he was sent directly has also arrived he was sent for the whole world but the people among whom he came where the money is by the the children and the descendants of the people of our other sources service for the bunnies bunnies while he's from the sons of the descendants of this virus, but he came to the Arabs now

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so Muslims are now he has been

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trained Halawa has taught him first Allah subhanaw taala gave him the boat and then

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gave him the instruction to establish salah and last

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through the exercise of throwing his stick down and picking it up and all that Allah subhanaw taala drew his attention to the fact that no harm and no benefit can come except with the will of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So this was the training of Messiah Salam in the head, in salah and in our code, which are required for anyone who wants to succeed and of course, most of all, for a newbie. So now moosari salam is B has been given a task and Allah told him to go to town and to invite him to his lab, and then to tell him to release the money Israel from their slavery. Moosa is asked for the help of his brother, which was accepted. Our mother says, I just said that there is no one who did more service and more. who wasn't who was who was better for his brother than Musashi Salaam because thanks to Moses, and I'm

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harmless, I'm got no booth. Imagine what, what is bigger and what's a greater

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honor then becoming and being an OB. And this happened in the case of heronry salaam by the dua or through the door of his own brother. Now, when Moser is alive is given this instruction to say, go to for our own and invite him to the deen of Allah as well as warn him from what he was doing to desist, cease and desist and release? The one is right, no, sorry, sir. I'm now afraid of what will happen when he enters Egypt, because he remembered that there is a case pending case against him for killing one of the Egyptian people. So he said I will be live in a showdown regime, call or be in a cartel to main home nafcillin for a half a year Cthulhu

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Oh Allah I have all my Arab.

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I have killed a man among them I fear that they will kill me

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for Aki haruno, who after a mini lesson and for RC who Marya ridin. You said you Cooney in a half a yoga Devo and my brother Harun, he is more eloquent in speech than I am. So send him with me as a helper to confirm me verily, I fear they will be lie and

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they will deny me now a lot Rattata comforted him. And Allah said Carla, son, I should do i do that Gabby Higa Banerjee Allah Allah Kumar soltana. Follow your si Runa la Kumar, bi, Tina and Duma. Amanita Kumar, Ali Boone, Allah said, we will strengthen your arm through your brother and give you both power. So they will not be able to harm you.

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With our ayat, you do as well as those who follow you will be the victors. Now, the lesson we learn from here is that when we obey Allah Subhana Allah and we do what Allah subhanaw taala tells us to do,

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then Allah subhanho wa Taala will give us the power and He will give us the authority and He will give us the strength to succeed.

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And that's a very important lesson for us to learn. Because many times we feel, you know, if I do this and that then I will, I will lose out and this will happen and that will happen no nothing will happen. You will not lose out because you are following the instruction in the order of Allah vandals. And if you are following the order of Allah subhanaw taala then you cannot possibly do that you can only win because that is the rule that is a rule that is the

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that is that is a fact that the one who follows the orders of Allah subhanaw taala cannot possibly lose that person has to win. And Allah is saying this Allah is saying to them, that we will strengthen you and we will give you power so they cannot harm you. And then Allah said that you will be victorious, you do will be victorious. And anyone like you anyone who does this will also be victorious. That is the message for us is have enough your honor in who daga Falco Allah Allahu Allah Li Nan Allahu Kuru yassa Allah says to them, so go both of you to around very he has transgressed all boundaries.

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And but speak to him and speak to him nicely, mildly. Don't yell and scream at him nicely, mildly. Maybe he will accept admonition he will accept your warning, or he will fear Allah. Now think about this.

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Allah knows already that Iran is not going to accept, right? And Allah knows that he is a transgressor. He's a xylem person. Yet Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling Musashi Salaam speak to him softly, don't don't screw it

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up Hola, lo Cola, Lina. Allah speak to him softly and nicely. And personally, I think about a what what is the need for that Allah knows already that he's not going to get persuaded Allah Allah knows that he is that he has not been given the die, he will not be given his aggregate doesn't want to die.

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Because this is also part of the training of mucilaginous Allah, Allah is ending it We are not saying don't worry about it, you speak nicely, because it's about you. Now, this is a big big lesson as far as we are concerned in communication, many times, we find that we are saying the right thing we are saying the the thing that is required to be said, we are saying to the right people, but because we don't say it in the right way, it gets wasted, the effort gets wasted. So all the time and energy that you may have put into bringing yourself to a particular place, putting yourself in front of the front of an audience. And many times these audiences are not easy to get.

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So you've took the time and trouble to gather the people and all that. And then the way you speak next thing you know, you're lost the people because people got offended. People got felt insulted whatnot, and they left. Now there are many cases where this happens. I'm sure you know them I know that maybe we have fallen into the same trap ourselves. I can definitely say that about myself. May Allah forgive me and May those who I hurt Forgive me.

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My intentions were not hurt anybody. My intentions were pure inshallah with sincerity. But, you know, this is the whole problem, this whole problem of

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passion and so on, which sometimes gets out of control. So it's very important no matter how passionate you are, always remember and think about distances or what

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What is the final end result that I want? Right? Ask yourself this question I remind myself when you let us ask ourselves this question and say, What is the end result that I want? If the end result that I want is merely that I have to say what I have to say that To hell with everybody else, I don't care. They understand they don't understand they believe they don't believe they do. They don't do I don't care, I am going to talk if that is the case, then sohara lovella help you that is very

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negative and useless and pointless exercise because what is the point if you are going to or you want to influence somebody, if you want to persuade somebody, then the goal cannot be my goal is to speak no, my goal is to persuade. So if that person remains unpersuaded, or if that person gets turned off, then your goal is not as if it was not easy. I remember a case where very famous,

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they very famous in a speaker was, but I was speaking about the

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problems and the and then the, the, the, the very serious nature of ship. And he was talking about the the Christians calling Sally solemn Son of God, right. So and I was

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and he this is what he was that for the topic was that so is the or that particular moment in his speech, talking about this thing of saying, how bad it is to to call a somebody's Son of God.

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And to you know, make him shriek, make him a partner with another $100 on now, in his passion. He said, this is worse than eating the excreta of a dog.

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Right. Now, that example, no matter how, I mean, I'm not trying to downplay the seriousness of shark, I'm not trying to downplay the seriousness of saying that Allah Subhana Allah has a son or a daughter or something No, but at the same time, if you say it in that way, then Believe me, you are not you have you have lost everybody. Right? If your intention was if, if your intention simply was to insult people, or to turn off people that I am say that I must say that, you know, you will humungous, be successful. But if that is not your intention, I'm sure it wasn't. If your intention was to persuade people to stop committing

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to persuade people to focus and think about the,

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the truth of the hate, then Believe me, you just lost the game, you completely lost the plot, because all that is going to be left

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with the listeners is a bad feeling.

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That's all right. Even if you don't get confronted on the spot, even if somebody doesn't throw something at you or scream at you use those people or whoever you're talking to believe me, nobody is convinced even people who would have been would have been amenable to listening to you or who would have been have been convinced you with that one statement, you lost all of them. And this is a real incident, which happened. I didn't make this up. I know, I'm not mentioning any names. But this is a real incident which happened in one place in a function in a program.

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And I was told about this by the person who invited that speaker.

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And that person said that, you know, imagine my state.

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He said, Imagine my series I did not know what to do is that I I really thought I wish the Earth would open and I would sink into it. He said I wish I could run away.

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Because he said this the way the word is man said he said he put me into such an embarrassing position with all and he said, You know, when the man came, I had invited a lot of my non Muslim friends to come and listen to him because we wanted we want that's what that's why they invited him. So now he said, at the end of this thing is I had to face all those people were invited. And that is that was horrible. So I'm saying that this is the problem of,

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of harsh speech. There is a problem of

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letting your passion overcome you even this person who said what he said, obviously his intention was good. I mean, think about that. Really, he's not he didn't go there as I want to insult people know he did. He had a good intention. He had his intent. But problem is it's not just your intention. your intention is Viber to intention inside your heart. What is important and what is clear is what is visible which is your communication. That's the reason why it's very important to be mild and soft in doubt. However, there's another side to it, which is but not at the Express expense of truth. The truth must be spoken that

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Truman was over it no matter what situation you are in, if you are in the name of Muslim, in the name of diplomacy in the name of tact, in the name of softness and persuasion word, call it what you want, if you are going to gloss over the truth or if you're going to not speak the truth or if you're going to actually mela productores accurately tell lies, then there is a very major problem because then it is not Allah subhanho wa Taala who you are trying to please you're trying to please the people and so all your effort goes to zero.

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So if there is something to be said about the consequences of disobedience, then this should be said clearly the weight has to be given by shear on one or zero. The umbrella mussalam was sent with these two jobs by Sharon when Avira.

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mushara and also wanting both together not only one right, Mr. Bill Morrow? What nahi Anil munkar it's not our own here more

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of the enjoining. Good and forbidding evil, not enjoying good or forbidding you know, so enjoying good. Yes. Important. Very important must do it. But Bashara, very important. Yes, do talk about the good things, do talk about the glad tidings almost. But do also remember to say that these glad tidings are not

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they're not unconditional.

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They're not, you know, irrespective of what you do or do not do, but these are actually consequential. These glad tidings will happen to those who take the time and travel to be obedient to Allah subhanaw taala. And that's very important for us to be clear in our minds and ensure that this message is conveyed.

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And that's why

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Allah Subhana Allah mentioned in kadu Hiya, Elena, and Allah, Allah man, kuzava Walla Walla, truly it has been revealed to us that the torment will be for him who denies Allah subhanho wa Taala and turns away from the truth. So this is part of the game. I mean, if you want to disobey, if you want to deny, then be prepared and understand that when you die in the akhira, you will face the punishment of Allah smelter. So nobody who denies Allah subhanaw taala can expect to get to be rewarded for that now or even for it to be ignored. Because the reality is very simple. You know, people say, oh, but you know, it's between me and God. Yes, it is. The if Allah subhanho wa Taala

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wants to forgive somebody who committed shirk, he is free to do that we are not here to

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We are not saying here that Allah subhanaw taala cannot do this or cannot do that. However, the rule that we are mentioning is the rule mentioned by Allah Himself, where Allah, Allah said that Allah subhanaw taala will not forgive,

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the person will come and shake, but he will forgive everything else.

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So if Allah said something, he will do it this this is something that we can be absolutely sure about. So now when Moosa Elisa went around, around reminded him of his crime, and that he had lived with them for many years, so he's trying to make Musa alayhis salam feel guilty for his actions. So he's a college alum, neurod, big afina. Willie, then we're left with Vietnam in America scene of altia for altech allottee for anti Juan terminal cavalry. He said to him feroza to Mussolini, Sarah, did we not bring you up among us as a child? I mean, you live with us, we raised you, we did all everything good for you. And you did dwell many years of your life with us. And you read your deed

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which you did, which is the killing of a man, and you are one of the ungrateful people you're one of the greats because that is set up now who's that didn't murder somebody just happened accidentally. But it happened right happened at his at his hand. So Ferraris mentioning now was all his alum

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accepted his mistake. He said Carla, for us to her is an amenable lead for two min km Lama. tokom. taba hubballi Robbie hoekman was Allah name and Elmo Salim. And he announced his prophethood. He said, I did that. When I was ignorant. He said, I did not think I didn't. I didn't kill them. And yes, that happened. I'm sorry about that. That happened. It was accidental. Anyway, he said, I did that. Mussa. reason I'm said I did that when I was an ignorant

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And with regard to my rub and my and his message, so I fled from you when I fear do I run away, but my Rob has granted me hope man that is right judgment it is knowledge and profit, and has appointed me as one of his messengers has one of his

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roles Russell's. Now Mozart is a ROM therefore,

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even though he accepted his mistake, he refused to be intimidated or psychologically blackmailed and spoke directly of the real issue. That is the enslavement of an Israel. And that is the reason

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the Maasai Salam was raised by Pharaoh, otherwise he would have been raised by his own people, by his own parents. So this was not a favor on their own, but actually a sign of your own oppression. I mean, think about that. If you don't say, you know, you live with us, and we raised you Well, why? Why did that happen? I mean, I had parents, my parents were happy to raise me, but you had to it came to that because you were killing all the infants, you are not allowing them to be raised by their own people. And Allah decided to save me so we that's how it happened. So actually, the fact that you raised me is a sign of the Solomon the oppression and the cruelty that you were doing with

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with my people. And

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then he said, What? tilaka nebadon dama No, ha, Allah Yeah, and I but when he is alive,

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and this is the past favor with you with which you reproach me that you have enslaved the children of Israel. Now then is the famous conversation between Musa and around. Call of your own Omar Abdul Allah. Allah abou Samadhi well, diva Bahama Bay you know Houma in kuntum makini

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Allah Lima how Allahu Allah testa moon?

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okumu a worried Allah in soloqueue melody Ursula la comme la voz road or a bull machine if you are MongoDB Wilma, Bina Houma in kuntum. Doc, hello, without said, and what is the rub of the halloumi? What is this?

00:27:21--> 00:27:29

Mandy, even the tone the way he's asking me what is this ability? The way he's asking itself is very

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But in that that's the way he's important and kind of way, but he's asking this way. So Musa Salaam says use the rub of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them. If you seek to be convinced with certainty, we do not believe. And then Iran says to them, do you hear this man? Do you hear what he says? Now he's deliberately moving his attention away from Southeast Asia as a conversation between two of you. But after all is ignoring his dog is he listening, just listening? You guys here listen to him.

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And verily, your messenger who has been sent to you is a madman. He says a madman. This is bad man. He's talking is rubbish, rubbish, rubbish.

00:28:16--> 00:28:19

Rubbish. Oh, my wine awards are this

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the rub of the east and the west of the heavens and the earth. And everything in between. This man is mad. So he's out or ignoring him. And he's talking to the people around him in order to try to insult Mussolini. Now think about this. See this whole conversation how beautiful it is. It shows the focus of Musashi Salaam, on this subject of the Moser is anime is giving the art of throne he will not allow himself to get hooked into virens games. He will not allow himself to get around is trying to provoke him or Musa is revealed refuses to get provoked. Hussein is allowed refuses to get sucked into that was arrested and refuses to argue with him.

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For example, is saying he is mad was that is I'm not saying no, I'm not mad, you're mad. What do you what do you mean by saying I'm mad? How what is madness, divine madness. He He does not talk to your own. He does not get into an argument without he does not engage with fraud. He is talking about the greatness of Islam. And he continues to talk. So the first thing he said was rubbish.

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In kumoko, he he's the

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kodomo kini. He is the rub of the heavens and the earth, and whatever is in between, and if you only obey.

00:29:43--> 00:29:59

And then when the man says, you know, when Pharaoh says all this, that is mad, and what are what is moosari. Saddam's reaction as I told you he doesn't engage with it was that his reaction is that he is Rob of the east and the west and all in between. If you could only understand

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Rubber machine if you will, McGreevy. Yeah, well ma but you know, who am I?

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What is it

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about muscle memory? Well, my brain oma in condom tequila, if only you had some sense, he is the rub of the heavens and a of the east and the west, if you only have some sense, so that the lesson to understand here is that the role of the die is to give his message and to refuse to be distracted by anyone from saying all that he needs to say. He does not cut short his message, nor does he react to whatever his opposition is saying or saying to him or saying about him, he doesn't get provoked. He doesn't get hooked into their games. never engage with the accuser. don't engage with the accuser. Don't defend yourself. Because the moment you defend yourself, you are acknowledging that the

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accuser has significance that the accusers false accusations are

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that they actually must be refuted that they must be

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the false accusations must be answered. But if they are false in the first place, why do you want to dignify them by answering them, that the No need to ignore it, just ignore it, I'm sorry, they do. I'm not interested in this whole thing. You don't even say that, by your behavior by and what's the behavior is to continue to give your message continue. So now if Iran cannot,

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cannot get his way, through provocation, so what is the route he is, he threatens, and this is the usual format that you will see that first they

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try to provoke you, they deny you, and after that, they threaten you, and then they try to harm you. They try to imprison you, they try to harm you. And he follows rantala has his will. And either you are shaved, or they become Shahada in the sense of they will accept Islam, we will come to some big but you have to go through that whole that whole cycle. That whole continuum the whole process has to be engaged with. So here are lots for her that I said Carla in it has Isla de la Jelena kameena must junie call out to grab a movie call of ITV tamina saw the pain for Alka also over here for Ryan will be one as either over either he Aveda within 18 Kala lil mala he who in LSR hirundo Isley. So

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the veteran said

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if you tools and Ilana he's making a general announcement already, because fear on the pharaohs were had declared themselves to be divine.

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This was a common thing among kings in those days, including mela protectors, including Muslim kings, I mean, they're in Muslim kings only saving grace was they didn't.

00:33:09--> 00:33:39

They did not declare themselves themselves as divine. But they used to have people making salute to them, they the way of greeting the king was to fall in such that before the king and put your forehead on the ground. This was also in the course of Muslim kings in that 11. But many of the others are, for example, the Roman Caesars were defied, they were declared to be divine. Greek rulers did that the Egyptians did that.

00:33:40--> 00:33:44

Many, many rulers, the the the Romans and the

00:33:45--> 00:34:09

the Persians did that they made themselves or called themselves to be divine. So now if Iran is his divine, this divine status is threatened. Because Moses is coming with the truth and miseries and I'm saying nobody's divine except Allah subhana wa. Nobody, nobody but nobody is worthy of worship except Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah Allah.

00:34:10--> 00:34:52

So if Iran says that if you choose any law, other than me, I will certainly imprison you. The most is that I'm sorry. Even if I bring you something manifest and convincing. He's threatening me. But supposing I bring evidence to show that you are not God, you're a human being, that Allah subhanho data is the one who's the Creator, who is the rub, who is the highly of mallikarjun. So if Iran says bring it forth, if you are truthful, show me What's your evidence? So who sir is allowed through his stick? And behold, it was a serpent begin turning to turn into a big snake. And he drew out his hand and behold, it was white to all be holders, his hand was shining white.

00:34:53--> 00:34:59

What is fear, all reactions, same reaction that people had to realize. They said, well

00:35:00--> 00:35:06

This is a very well versed sorcerer. He said this man is a magician

00:35:07--> 00:35:19

that also is a magician is a magic tricks right he is a stick becomes a snake something I was I hadn't sheis shine so I'm not impressed. Think about this in the dominoes have fallen.

00:35:20--> 00:35:25

Who How did the shackle cover? How did it happen? How did the moon split?

00:35:26--> 00:35:37

Why did that happen? Because the Croatia maka, the divine that was taking the demanded from us versus them, they said, split the moon, if you are if you are truthful, split the war. So as soon as as alum

00:35:38--> 00:35:51

as astronauts, right, that's right. And I gave him this miracle that the moon split, Allah, Allah told him to make an era to make a signal with his finger, and the moon split

00:35:52--> 00:36:13

into two parts mode aside, you could see the hills mountains between them, and so on and joined back. Now, here is a situation where we were a bunch of people who are saying to you prove to us that you are a prophet? Well, how do I prove to do a miracle? What miracle this particular miracle, not just anything, this particular split demo

00:36:15--> 00:36:27

and show proof to us. So in our histories demo, so now what should happen? What should happen? Is that okay, here are the here are the bunch of people, you demanded that I should show you. I showed you now what I believe in me

00:36:28--> 00:36:40

accept Islam. But no, no. What is the reaction? Oh, this is magic. So you ask for something. And when it happens, you don't believe it?

00:36:42--> 00:36:55

So what does it show? It shows that really, you are not interested in the truth. You want to prove your point, you want to insist on your false code. And you want that to be the norm

00:36:57--> 00:37:02

that you're not going to accept, you will not accept the truth No matter how many times it comes to you no matter what.

00:37:03--> 00:37:43

You will continue to insist on your own false. This is exactly what they did with a sword as a cylinder courage, the Michigan omaka and that's what we rounded with musala a seller, he refused to ask. He refused to accept moosari sir, as a lawsuit, he refused to accept his message. And he refused to accept what he told him to do, which was to release the money site. Then he asked his advisors for the next course of action. He said What shall we do? You do you redo? I mean, are they can we say hurry? formada maroun o RG Hey,

00:37:44--> 00:38:20

how bras feel mother any hashy Dean? Yeah to be cool. Lisa had in Eileen for Jimmy OS Sahara to Dominica to me my room. Well Kayla in as he held on to mojit me your own lie learner, not a real salata in Ghana, Humala Levy, he wants to drive you out of your land by sorcery, then what is it your council? And what do you come on to this and put him off in his brother for a while? And yes, just you know,

00:38:21--> 00:38:32

sort of leave them, leave them alone, and send callers to the cities to bring up to you every one of your sources. Now.

00:38:34--> 00:39:13

Egypt was known for magic for some very, very serious very powerful magic, very powerful magicians and sorcerers. So they said okay, here's here's the saucer is once we've got 1000s of them, there we just send out messengers call them call the best of them and bring them and so they assembled at a fixed time on a appointed day. It was set to the people are used to also wing to assemble that remain follow the saucers. Who were the rounds religion of disbelief if they are the winners. Now, this was the

00:39:15--> 00:39:23

This was ferons way of trying to integrate it muscley Sarah, in whichever way that he would

00:39:24--> 00:39:25

bet he could do

00:39:27--> 00:39:33

more inshallah, what was the role of the positions in Egypt hands on. So what we'll see in our next class, we ask Allah

00:39:35--> 00:39:47

to be pleased with you and never to be displeased. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to help us to follow his beautiful religion, man to

00:39:48--> 00:39:52

enable us to do the best that we can do with it

00:39:53--> 00:39:59

in the best possible way. And we ask Allah to monitor to make us among his obedient slaves.

00:40:00--> 00:40:07

To bless us and to be pleased with us, and never to displeased was Allah Allah Allah, Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was

00:40:08--> 00:40:08


00:40:10--> 00:40:14

me, but humbled. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.