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Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the importance of marriage in Islam, where feelings of love can be used to describe emotions and make relationships difficult. The speakers also mention the use of words like"married" and "married" in marriage, as well as the importance of being able to achieve real feelings in marriage.
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As we mentioned, that Allah subhanaw taala puts natural feelings inside us. And one of the natural feelings is the love between the opposite gender. And that's absolutely natural. And that's absolutely something Allah subhanho wa Taala approved. However, he also taught us how to channel these feelings. And that's why the marriage comes in. And marriage is in the Quran. And one of the most common verses that is recited during marriage, or you also see it even in the wedding invitations, is the virtual Surah Tarun out of his signs, miracles and signs that I will reflect on that Hello Paula concreted to you from among you, mate. And we have discussed this before, that

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Allah subhanho wa taala. In Jana, Adam was lonely, so he created Hawa, if from his group, here, the same thing, and Allah Now the generations to come that marriage is the right channel to translate the feelings between a man and a woman. And he described here what feelings should we have in marriage? He didn't say love Subhanallah he said we're Johanna Bina Kumar Waddington. What Warhammer what is more

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affection? Yes.

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But also friendship. Also intimacy, mercy, taking care of each other, trusting each other sacrifice for each other. All the goes under my word, Dan, it's interesting how Allah subhanaw taala. And this is of course, the richness of the Arabic language where one word contain many meanings in the English language. And then he didn't say only the mouth, what he said was Rama, Rama, here is mercy, loving mercy, its grace and even includes pity. So, not to always things as we all know, goes very smooth during marriage. feelings of love changes and they should change to the mouth. But sometimes the word ma the modem may be less something happens then we the Rama has to come. Because once I

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have the mercy, even if I don't have the love feedings, the Mercy will keep me going to treat my spouse in the way that pleases Allah subhana wa Tada. It's very interesting, how the words Allah subhanaw taala use and then he ended divorce. It's also a site. So he started the to the sign, and he ended in Nephi dedicada it in Dalek in Nephi data coming in this what is this? That Allah subhanaw taala created from your from among you, Adam made and then he made these feelings is signs from a wasp pantalla to for those who reflect with those who think so when things doesn't go, well. Feelings changes, I need to pause a little bit and remember, what was the goal? What are the

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feelings that I should have in marriage? That's number one.

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Marriage in Islam is highly recommended, naturally of a soiree salatu. Salam addressed young people specifically said Yeah, mashallah Shabaab, youth, men and a woman at a combi bar get married from Alinea, stata cannot do it can't afford for Yasin fast. Why? Because it will keep the chastity it will protect the chastity fold. So, again, Islam, when it rules the community or the Muslim community, chastity and morality is extremely important. And the only way to channel naturally the way that pleases Allah our feelings that he puts in us is through marriage. And other hadith of Allah Swati salatu salam he said that Allah subhanho wa Taala will help three people make their life

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easy Subhan Allah, three people it is happen and Allah here in our home it is like our right upon Allah to help them to make things easy. And one of them is the young person who wants to get married to for chastity, but he cannot meaning he can't afford it. And actually marriage came as an ordain in the Quran in surah to know the chapter the lie to Anki holy I am Inca marry the girl I am amico was saw the kingdom and a baddie kawaii, Miko gets married to the righteous people man or a woman. And then Allah knows that you know what, I can't afford it. I don't know if I can do that in your corner for Quran if they were poor. You're gonna hear more

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logon fogli en la, we make them rich. And richness is not only Allah who will give physical money or physical things but also makes it content inside. So we really as Muslims need to look at marriage as it's the nucleus of this community. And it is not only feelings, but it is a responsibility comes with it. Sacrifice, patience, all this and this natural love feeling will translate into the real feelings that Allah subhanaw taala want from us again, friendliness taking care of each other compassionate. All these in marriages. May Allah subhanaw taala bless every marriage, your ebme may make it easy for everyone. May Allah make every marriage that is going through difficult

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difficulties easier and easier. europei me

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