Hamza Yusuf – Opinion Of People – Part 5

Hamza Yusuf
AI: Summary © The importance of hateing corruption and political hate is highlighted as a disease in the heart that causes healing. Practice sincerity and avoiding harming one's heart are advised, as well as avoiding dislike of individuals and using religion to gain political hate. The need for practice and avoiding harming one's heart is emphasized, along with avoiding distrustful behavior and becoming paranoid.
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The next one is brought up. Another diseases hatred, what boldo laughs agenda but it he's saying this book is not hatred, it's hatred for other than the sake of Allah. In other words, it's good to hate for the sake of Allah. You should hate corruption you should hate. Evil you should hate, right? But you also have to recognize that it's there by the permission of Allah, not by the robot of Allah, but by the isn't of Allah. So that's important so that you don't lose sight that Allah is is in control.

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But you should hate it because Allah told us to hate it.

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Then the political isin did not hate things for their essence. He hated things because of what they manifested their attributes. The province the license, did not love that did not hate the zealots, right? He hated the effects. Because God created the the the fat, and then he gave human beings the ability to do bad in attributes and be fat. Right? So you should hate the things that people do. But you know not not that that hatred blind you which it does people become blind with, with hatred. And that's not blindness for the sake of Allah.

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That's not hatred for the sake of Allah. So this is with the understanding that you have not done a wrong if you were repulsed by your hatred and do not act in accordance with it to harm the person. What that means is how to assemble in, in Akita Whoa, chakra what

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it means that your pillar or your hatred is not

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that when you find it in yourself, you don't like it. Why don't I like that person? You know, if you don't have a reason for not liking a person and you don't like them, it's not a good sign. There has to be a steady out reason, if you don't like them without a shitty reason. It's a disease in the heart. No reason you should not dislike them. It's something in the heart, which does not mean that people have incompatibilities. In other words, you might not be compatible with another person, but you shouldn't have hatred towards them. Right? Unless they're doing something wrong. So it doesn't mean you have to be their friend or you have to spend time with them. But if you feel in your heart

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that you have animosity towards that person or book, it's a disease of the heart.

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Yeah, we're getting to that.

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There's a line missing here.

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Oh, no, he gave it in the first one. Sorry, do out within McLean. He said, It's curious to pray for the one you don't like.

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In other words, if you don't like the person, what you do is, if you practice a lot for them specifically mentioned their name, and ask a lot, you know, Allah, bless this person, give them thing and this is actually I mean, it's advice. And if you do that, you'll get a cure for it, Allah will remove that bullet from your heart.

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So but again, you have to take the medicine, if you want the benefits. It's not he's not joking about these things. I mean, they're real. And you have to do it with sincerity. Because the whole point is you don't want this disease. You want to get rid of it. So you do it with sincerity. It's not like oh my god, I have to make dua for this person. It's like, Mom, I don't want to have these feelings yet a loss, remove the feeling from the bestest person, increase them things like that. And then he goes to the next disease, which is called a bug you.

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If there's a shedding of reason, you should not hate them. If they're Muslim, you should hate what they do. And you actually could want good for them. You should never hate a Muslim. And let me know if akumina movement does not dislike another moment,

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even if they're a bad Muslim, unless they're on Manasa, which is another thing.

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The monastic is somebody but if you see that there are people that pray that they're they're struggling with their Deen and things like that, but they do bad things. You should not like the things they do, but you should not hate them. And I'll tell you the big secret but one of the Sahaba departmental items said, Do you want to see a man who is for paradise? And they said yes. And a man passed by and he said that man's from the people of paradise. And one of the habits said he had to see what he was doing. He wanted to see what he would do that made him give him

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That statement. And so he asked if he could spend time with him. And he said yes. And he noticed he didn't do night prayers. He didn't. He didn't do anything particular. He was just an average Muslim in Medina, he didn't really see much difference from the other people, in fact that and he told him, he finally said, you know, it's just been watching you, you know, trying to see what you do and, and you don't really do a whole lot. And, you know, yeah, many practices that you do. You know, the man said, the only thing that I can think of, other than what everybody else says, is that I make sure I never go to bed with any rancor in my heart towards another Muslim. And so he knew that that was his

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So really, removing rancor from the heart is just a bad thing if you don't eat a person up and bargain comes right after that. Bobby is another horrible thing.

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Barbie, according to the opening of the truth, which is a book is harming creation where there is no just cause.

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And the word bugging in Arabic is one of the words for prostitute.

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Barbie, and that's what they choose, I would have been that Mariama.

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Again, yeah, I would think that if you don't feel comfortable with a person,

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you should not consider you know, to say I don't feel comfortable around that person.

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is not the same as saying it's a bad person. Because I had one of my teachers, Mohammed told me once when he was a student, he said there was a man who really liked him the student there and he was always with him. And he didn't like him. He just didn't like him. And he went to the house and he told him he said, I feel bad because I don't really like being around this person. This person likes being around me. And my doctor had said to him that Ottawa has, you know, 2 million naira. You know, the souls are regimented rank, and my thought of a minute setup, one, that's an accurate setup. The souls you know, some folks don't feel harmonious around each other. And it doesn't mean that they're

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bad or something like that. It's just some people you might not feel connected to, and other people you feel an immediate connection to. And some of the others say it had to do with the pre

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worldly existence of the Ottawa, the closer Ottawa were to you on that day of the method, the more affinity you'll feel towards them. And the further away they were from you, the more distant you'll feel towards them. So there are people you meet, and it's like, instantaneously, you feel like you've known them all your life. Like I had that feeling with a lot of coffee. When I first met him, it was just like, there was no just like, I knew that person all my life and and i think he felt the same way. So you just there's certain people you'll have an instantaneous connection with and other people you won't. And then some people, it develops over time, and there's wisdom in all of those

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things. One is where you have a bad opinion of somebody without having any proof. Have distrusting people is not one.

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In other words, as a general principle, you are distrustful of people that Allah say it's wisdom in bad times.

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It's wisdom to be on your guard don't become paranoid. Right? I mean, it's not to become paranoid, right?

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You hear what he says? You see it, listen, you don't want to do that. That's, that's a psychological condition to be avoided. Seriously.

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