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The term "has a zoo" is used to make fun of people, and the dangerous nature of inciting people to burn Korans or Saudi Arabia flags is discussed. The use of Jesus as a token of victory is emphasized, along with the history of the demonization of the Muslims and their actions. The segment also touches on criminalization of veterans of the Vietnam War and hesitation from older Muslims. The importance of avoiding mistakes and focusing on one's own actions is emphasized.

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The next disease is

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an has a zoo

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this is derision deriving people making fun of people in the Quran whenever him when musala a student tells the venues for him to sacrifice the cow they say assistance it will be now Are you making fun of us is this fuzu and he said akumina jadine I see gravity that I should be from the ignorant one from that odema toolkit that is that is from Jad, it's ignorant to, to have is that towards people to make fun of people, that that's the type of ignorance and

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if this can be lampooning, right, making caricatures of people drawing funny things, in this culture, you have comedians that make fun of people and, and and anybody that they take as their target. what he says about this, first of all,

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that it cures the same cure for arrogance, because it's a type of arrogance. If you see them as less than you, then it's kebab, then you're arrogant. And this is why

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the the Moroccan say this, but it's actually from Satan alley.

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They said that, that's after

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I've done a senior colada he will do, don't don't belittle anybody, because you might be a Wali of Allah. And the reason for that is even if you see a man drunk, vomiting on the street, you don't know what his seal is.

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Right? And that's why I'm at Toby said, Omar when he was bowing down to idols in Mecca, was still the beloved with Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna, because it almost the whole artemia

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Allah knows what the seal is. So that that oma who was bowing down to idols that the the Muslims could have looked at and made fun of and what a stupid idiot and a polytheist, etc, etc. They didn't know.

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Right? They were just seeing one stage. And that's why it's very dangerous to judge somebody where they are or make fun of them or things like that. And that's why Allah subhana wa tada says, In the Quran, yeah, even though the nominal Layer Layer, scarfone minakami eisah. And you could hire a minimum, don't let one people mock another people, because maybe they're better than them.

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Well, what is covenant Missa

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Missa Missa. And, as Stan, you could not hire him in hoonah. And don't let a group of women mock another group of women, because maybe they're better than them.

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And he said that he did not say anything.

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I don't know it might be. But what I know is that the Prophet was commanded not to curse their gods, that this will lead in, you're the only one doing the pious Subala advantage of it. And don't curse those who call on other, meaning the idols because they will curse a lot out of ignorance.

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And that's called today's video. So things like burning the Israeli flag

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Muslims do stuff like that, or burning the American flag. What you're going to do is have them go and take Korans or something and burn them or stomp on them, or you're going to have them go and take a Saudi Arabian flag that has let ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah on it and stomp on it and burn it. So you incite them to do something that, you know is not only bad for them, but it's also it's it's sacrilegious to us. Right? We don't want people cursing Allah. So so you shouldn't do that. There's no reason to do it. And that's why the focus lies in him in his victories. He was never he was never boastful. When he went into Mecca. He went with his head bowed down.

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He didn't go in triumphant leader he went with his head bowed down, total humility.

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And that that's the great, that's the warrior. I mean, that's the great. Not that other one.

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So because that's Jedi, yeah. And that's,

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you know, that's, that's a Buddha had. No, that's what those people do. And we're supposed to be above that we're supposed to be in a real way. Not Not Not in a false way, in a deep way.

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Were they

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crying again,

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you can pray against your enemies.

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It's most I have to make the app for people for guidance. That's supposed to help

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Not a word you used to have to make up for people.

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Some of the universe had Don't curse Israel, because there was a name of a prophet.

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The name of Prophet. So, you know, but, I mean, the point is, is that and then also, you know, there are a lot of Jews become Muslim. They have throughout history and they still do. Right. And they're Jews that become Muslim.

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There's been Israelis that have become Muslim. So they're human beings. I mean, they're not demons. They're human beings.

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The Serbs are human beings. I mean, I'm there's been some good articles recently just about the demonization of the Serbs. The Serbs are enemies and, and they did some horrible things, but they're human beings that can become Muslim. What the Jihad the Arabs hynd, eight bit into the liver of Hamza. And not, it doesn't get much more barbaric than that she became a Muslim wash, you killed him became a Muslim. So people can make Toba and they can become Muslim. And those people that did all those things, you know, it'd be interesting to see what they're like now how they're sleeping at night, you know, because people do things in war. And they pay for it for the rest of their lives

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and up and more Vietnamese, Viet.

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More veterans of the Vietnam War have committed suicide than died in Vietnam in this country.

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A lot of people don't know that.

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So they paid their price and the people at the Gulf War, who saw that Carnage, you know, they'll pay their price. They're human beings, they have hearts. You know, I mean, you you all of you have worked with non Muslims, they cry. They have tears, Allah said, you know, into Indian system current

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Mr. como como, if you're afflicted with something, they get afflicted with it too. Right. So we all bleed red.

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Well, I mean, the protocol I sent there's do as in the Quran against the body mean?

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So anybody who oppresses which is why the province the license said Robocar and the Quran, Quran, Ilana Who? Maybe a man's reading the Quran and the Quran cursing him.

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Because Allah says Allah in Allah and Allah Allah khair Divina, isn't it the land of Allah is on the those who lie if you're reading the Quran, and you're a liar.

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You're reading a curse on you.

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Sophia from Allah,

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you know, to be able to do this a gift from Allah and the

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thing that prevents us from gamelan on these things is Heba. You know, eating hot on things, all that that's what stops it, because this is gift from Allah, and people that have done it in their lives and then lost it. They know that the time that they were given that it was a gift from a lot, and when it's taken away, it's like a punishment. So you just make Toba ask about give us inshallah also feel that as a gift from Allah Subhana Allah to Anna and the PPF account County, they used to have so much more hassle of themselves that whenever they were afflicted with something, they knew what caused it. And one of the gentlemen said I want

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said something about somebody I shouldn't have said and I was deprived to have good for 40 days because of it.

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So they could see like relations of why things happen. And another one he said in the end of his life, he went bankrupt and he said he realized it was from 14 years before he had one settlement yeah Muslims.

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And then what he said he realized that that was the source of that allowed him what he had called that other man pointed out his fault. So how can I

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know the good actions of righteous people the bad actions of this

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and also including that would be weaknesses or faults of Muslims, whether they are absent or present. So actually reflecting on the faults of Muslims right?

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You need to be doing that. And that's why there's a heavier fool running in Chicago for a while and you'll be ready. There's a tree in paradise for the one who's preoccupied with his own fault

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over the faults of other, his own preoccupation causes him to forget the faults of others. And the older you get, the more serious you should take that.

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You know, really, it's just life's too short to be everybody's got faults. And if you start thinking about other people's faults, you're just a fool.

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The point is, is to get rid of your own.

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And also, I put in there because it's important, but it's