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The word gin comes from an Arabic root meaning to conceal the English word genius from the Arabic root sapient creatures created a smokeless fire the jinn share freewill with humans and thus the capacity for goodness and evil Iblees often mistaken to be a fallen angel belongs to the jinn species, he became the adversary to humanity after Adams creation expulsion from the Garden of Eden. According to Dino Razi, the jinn inhabited the earth before human and created great disruption and violent shedding blood. So incorruption Iblees was sent down from the divine, to subdue them. And then upon his return to the highest assembly, he found that Allah had chosen a new vice chairman,

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named Adam to be placed on Earth. So he was actually very proud of what he'd done. because he'd come down to earth, He subdued all of the rebellion, and then he was very proud.

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You're getting replaced. So it's kind of like the, you know, these managers who do all this work, and they brought the company around, and then the board fires them and brings in the new hotshot manager, and they go crazy. So he, he basically,

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you know, just refused to bow down and, and then blames God for His lot in life.

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when the, when the angel saw this, they were actually making a PS, which is why they said, without knowledge of what Adam was going to do, they knew that he had freewill. And so they asked, Are you putting another group that are going to do the same thing this previous group did so corruption, and, and, and murder and, and do all these things, and I lost it, I know what you don't know. And then he said to Adam, tell them the names.

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And when the angels saw that Adam had been given this knowledge that they didn't have than they recognized his superiority. So

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it please, refused

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to do that. And so the jinn have a natural animosity generally towards people. Now, if you look, in most cultures, there is a jinn

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mythology in almost every culture on the planet has some sense of,

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if you look, especially Aboriginal people, they're very much connected to that I lived in, in the Sahara, and jinn tend to inhabit desert areas. And there are many, many stories that I heard from people that I trust, have their own experience with gin in the desert and things. So

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I think that there are people that have had experiences, we tend to ignore a lot of these things that happen to people like alien abduction, alien abduction is classic in stuff because the jinn do pop up, you know, people get taken by jinn and and they do things to them. And so these type stories, and you have a lot of people that have had these experience all over the world of these type things, so allow them I mean, I don't know, but it's definitely consistent with what they say,

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in tafsir, and things that in fact ob calm, which is

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their capital

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hoerauf of the province, in Arabic, superstition is hora, hora, fathur superstitious beliefs. But the problem was, as I said, if she knew who hoffa was, and she said, No, and he said, Harada was a man who was kidnapped by the jinns was like alien abduction. He was kidnapped by the jinn taken top pot, and he saw all these wondrous things that happened with them. And then when he came back, he told people about it, and they laughed at him

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and said, that was ridiculous and absurd. And so that became a diesel hora.

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Like, that's just hot off the talk. In other words, it's superstition. So the gin, you know, people don't believe in them. That's fine. not believing in something doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

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As a lot of people don't believe in God. So

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yeah, I mean, I read about, I read about that I think a lot of is definitely exaggerated. You know, I mean, commercial airlines, there's never been an accident in the Bermuda Triangle in the history of commercial airline. So, I mean, alone. There is a weird thing that all the sea snakes migrate down there, which is strange, but I mean, I don't you know, there's a lot of things on the planet that are just weird.

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You know, there are there are very strange things on the planet.

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I've had very I've had a couple of very strange experiences. I had an experience in the desert. That was very strange. And I had experience in a New York subway with another person as a friend of mine as an eyewitness to this. And you know, it's kind of Ripley's Believe it or not, but I did have that experience. I'm sure some of you have had strange experiences. Other people, maybe they haven't some people just deny their own what they're seeing, because they just, you know,

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they don't have a way of

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assimilating what's happening to them. So

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what's that?

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I don't know. It's interesting.

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So, I mean, swift was a genius.

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He was Irish too, and the Irish know a lot about the gin.

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gin, like, j n. Gi.

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I'm Iris.

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I had a friend of mine. He was from Bangladesh.

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His dad was really funny. He's like, he said, Jen, it's from gin. You drink it, you'll see gin. And he said, and technologies from Jin, why do you think they call it engine? You know, he had this whole thing.

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Anyway, the jinn, you know, we believe in them as in the Quran, you can't deny them.

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That they're, they're creatures, and they're there, they're around, you know, they tend they don't live generally with us, they tend to live in isolated areas, like somewhere like, you know, green, Greenland or, or Sahara Desert places, big open places, they like big open places.

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And that's where they tend to live, so.

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But there are jinn that do move amongst people as well. And I mean, you have all this weird stuff, there's so much weird stuff out there. And there's a lot of people that believe weird things. So, you know, I don't

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you know, a lot of Muslims get very obsessed with the jinn. And I think that's a dangerous thing to do. We know they exist, the Quran asserts their existence, they certainly do explain a lot of the weird stuff that goes on in the world that is kind of inexplicable. And I think that's why most cultures did have some type of reference to poltergeists, or to the little people or whatever they were, you know, there's, there's a lot of terms for them.

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Yeah, that, generally, my understanding is that they have suggestion, you know, their power is the power of suggestion. But there's definitely I mean, I'm gonna tell you a true story. I'm not making this up. Because this is this happened to me.

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I had a,

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I had a, when I worked with a physician, Hashem see that he lives in Australia now for the Australian people. So they'll confirm this, I had an eyewitness to this, but I worked with him. In his office, he was a physician. And we had there was a man who came in. And, you know, he was he seemed perfectly normal guy, but he was convinced that his wife was having a relationship with some, some invisible creature.

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and he would, he told us these stories, you know, and you could write him off as crazy, but he did not seem crazy to me at all, now.

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And he would wake up in the middle of the night, and there was something happening, you know, and, and he just felt the presence. And now, that same physician, we had another lady who was actually told that she was having a relationship with an unseen. And the reason she came is that he would come to her in the night, and they would have physical intimacy, and she would have this huge rash. When that would happen. That's why she was coming. But she like she told us in all like that was her story. So that's consistent with what's in the books that people do. And there's there's books at borders and Barnes and Noble, you can go to these bookstores, about how to have relations with

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spirits, how to invoke them, how to cut and what they'll come and what you'll feel and what you'll experience. I'm not making this stuff up. So there's people out there too.

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teaching people how to do that. Now the owner might differ about whether or not they do agree that Jin can

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can have intimacy with humans. But whether or not there's an offspring I mean, he Mamata

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did not accept that mom shaft that he did.

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Mr. Malik just thought even from that said that Mariah would open up a big door of a sad, you know, because they could claim they were married to Jin and things like that. But in the Chevy men have an awkward been an intuitive journey is, is, can actually occur.

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I mean, there's definitely relationships but again,

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you know, a lot of the things that we're given in Islam are to protect us from jinn, there's no doubt about that. And one of the most important protections from Jin is cleanliness, hygiene.

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And so there's definitely a relationship between feces I mean, one of the things when you go into the bathroom alone in order to become minimal,

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hopefully, we'll have that you no matter how busy what Habad to seek refuge from the sabetha, and, and the Hubby, right, which are the male and female jinn. So that's something that you actually seek refuge in when you go in. One of the reasons why you cover your head also, is I mean, even in the Jewish they cover that small part, because that's actually considered the part that needs the protection is is where the swirl on your, you know, just to keep from,

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it's, in fact, the word in Arabic, to be without a hat is has hero verse, which also means to be unarmed, to be unarmed. And most religious traditions have a very strong encouragement for people to cover their heads, male and female. So males are encouraged, then it's not an obligation, but they're encouraged to wear something on their head. Historically, people have always covered their heads, even the sun just from that aspect of it. But there is a protection in keeping the head covered. There's a protection in keeping yourself clean. Theses, you know, a

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lot of crime scenes and things like that people when they go to these psychopaths to their homes and stuff. They're filthy, they're covered, and often feces and urine. And so there's, there's definitely a relationship between that mental illness and the jinn. And obviously, people get opened up to unseen worlds. I mean, I mentioned a book by Van Doren called the presence of unseen worlds. He worked for several years, couple decades at Sonoma, Napa state mental institution. And he I read that book from cover to cover. He began by just arguing that he was a complete materialist when he went into psychiatry. But by the end of working with these, he became very convinced that there

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really are creatures that and he said, some of them were benign, and some of them were malevolent. And he said, it was very clear to them that auditory hallucinations, he said, some of it was mental illness. It was just problems in the brain, but he felt others were clearly real, that the people were not making it up that they were really hearing things that were actually there. So

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allow them I mean, at the end of the day, a lot of all I know is that we believe in gin, and gin are unseen creatures, in terms of how that plays out in the real world. I'm in the same boat that you are, like I said, there's a lot of weird things out there. There's a lot of people that believe weird things. I think a lot of it is, you know, explainable. I would argue that if you have people with mental illness, I would go to try to treat it medically before I'd go to an exorcism or something like that. Because a lot of hallucinations can be stopped by certain drugs that are very effective at doing it so and people that have mental illnesses, now we can treat a lot of those

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illnesses, with with drugs on the other hand, I think some mental illnesses, definitely, there's something more going on than meets the eye. Allah Allah knows best.

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I'll give you an example. I know somebody who, there they were having a lot of problems in their house with noises and and their, their daughter was getting very

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troubled and started like having and

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no, I gave him some two hours to do about just getting out of the house and things like that. And he came back to me

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A couple months later, and he said that it's completely gone. His daughter was fine. Everything completely after he started doing those drives. So

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Jan will respond to Vicar.

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I mean, there's Irma's father, she's gonna kill me for bringing this up. But, you know, her father was in Los Angeles, and he heard some noise. And you just ignored it. And but then in the morning, he found a giant boa constrictor, in his in his house. And, and, and he said,

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one of these salena

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by the Lord of cinema and get out of here, so he was like commanding him if he was a gym, because the prophets ally sort of mentioned, if you find snakes, because gym tend to gym can shape shift. And they tend to take, they take, you know, cats and dogs and snakes and different they can take different animal forms. And that's how you'll see them. If you see them, you won't see them in their in their form, but they can go into other forms. And so he just said, you know, by the role of soothing on me, you know, and but he didn't leave, which means he was in a chair, there was a gym, they'll leave. So the publicizing said, If you come into your house, and there's a snake you should

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ask them to be for don't don't just kill it. Just ask it to leave because he said it might be one of the bleeding gin. And if they need, they'll leave

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and just let them leave. And if they don't, they're harmful, then you can kill them. You have permission to kill them. So

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what's that?

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But I've been merican Sierra in Minnesota was far.

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Superior, Sabrina's

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soundboard hungry.

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They're gone. I just got rid of

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religion. Yeah, well, Ms. Noon is also it means the hidden illness. Because you don't really know a person's crazy. Until you I mean, sometimes you do.

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You know, I had some people a while back. But somebody over my house that was stark raving mad. And I was really upset about it. And that person ended up

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doing really heinous crimes.

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But you know, some people you can just see it, you don't need to look very far. And madness, you know, may Allah preserve all of us, because madness is real. And, I mean, historically, Muslims had a kind of a lot of benign madness, they have a lot of gender as well. What are college dudes like here in Morocco? Have you met any Muslims?

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See, when I first went to Mali, there were a lot of ministers, there's not now there's more mad people. Because Muslims used to have measure the more than many measures do this, somebody who is mad, but they're mad in a very religious sense like that, you know, they're very devotional people and, and people leave them alone. You know. And in Morocco, there were quite a few when I first went to Morocco, they're very interesting. I mean, you don't want to spend too much time with them. Because there's a lot very powerful. mad people have very strong presence. You know, it's very dark. And you don't want to get into that people that work with mad people. If you've worked in you know,

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it's it's a very taxing job is a very hard job to be around mad people. I mean, even being around neurotic people, you know, people are well, and in our culture. In our planet today. Most people aren't Well, there's a lot of imbalance on the planet, just humans, they're not well, they're not doing well, as the human project is not going well. You know, so there's a lot of problems with people. There's a lot of good people out there, but there are a lot of people that are really suffering, a lot of suffering out there. And

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you know, so there's a lot of mental illness there's a lot of instability. The province I sent him said that one of the signs of the time was texted and how sad that you'll see a lot of mental instability share.

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Hubby Batman mature told us that the treatment for that is to do liquor but to do balancing because certain bakers are dangerous for people. You know, liquor is like medicine, if there's over the counter, and then there's prescription medicine and not all because, you know, people can go mad doing this. They really can. their spiritual psychosis is very real. And I've seen it happen to people if you start doing a lot of

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Buying names you can really hurt yourself. So but things that will not hurt you are prayer on the Prophet size him, you can do that as much as you want and it will just benefit you, it will not harm you.

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Step Four will not harm you.

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Or law is, you know, if you do a lot of it, you can you can get some pretty intense experiences, but it's not a harmful but if you do certain Divine Names, they can be very, you know, dangerous to do on your own. So

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that's why the religions about balance, the Prophet did not like excess even in the religion, he did not like people to do too much. Because you can really lose your balance in doing too much devotional practice. You don't want to do to middle you want to find that balance. And, and that balance depends on you. Also, it depends on your environment to do a lot of Vicar in southern Morocco is not a real problem. If you start doing a lot of Vicar in southern Chicago, you might get into some serious trouble. You know, because of the the the types of environments that you're living in one culture supports you there and the other is actually antagonistic to it so it can create the

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kind of cognitive dissonance that really can be problematic for people.

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Anyway, it's uh, you know, it's a it's a

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big topic, big topic.