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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah salatu salam ala Sayidina Rasulullah or other adhe woman Wada, Bella hamdulillah Nachman De La Hoya cesternino who want to stop futile who want to be la Himanshu Rory fusina once a year Dr. Medina manga de la fidele Mobile Lola woman yoga little fella had Yella or Sora to who was Sarah more after the holiday season What have you been rasulillah early woman Well, I'm a bad theory by the law my children Lucy mean Oh SQL seen FCB taqwa la he facility will add any year. In the Mahabharata lots will hikma.

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I counsel myself in all of you inshallah, to have Taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Anna, the saying that

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the fear of Allah is the beginning of wisdom.

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And wisdom is the ability to act

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appropriately in any given situation. And this is something that unfortunately is lacking. Today, when you look at the conditions of the world, you see that very often people do the opposite of what the actual situation entails. So the word hikmah, which is wisdom is the word that the Quran uses for Suna because the prophets Allah is hidden in his Sunnah. He always does the right thing. And in the few times when he didn't do the right thing and he was abused by Allah, he actually was doing the right thing but it was not the best thing and that's why he always does the best thing so his his sense you're from Allah subhana wa tada I was here with the welder and yahama his sensor from

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Allah when he was rebuked in the Quran by Allah Subhana Allah, it was because the hikma in that situation was to be speaking to the one that wanted to hear the message, and not the one that was uninterested in the message. One was wealthy, and the other was poor. And so the province lies in and was giving his attention to the wealthy man hoping that he would strengthen Islam. And so the Prophet slicin was rebuke there. So that's an example a rare example, when his hikma was readjusted by Allah subhana wa Tada. But the prophet his, his tofik from Allah is that he was always Hakeem.

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When you to hikma for Purdue to higher on kathira the one that's given wisdom is given a great good Allah subhana wa tada who led by the Federal Muna rasuna year too early it will Adam it will use a key him while you are alive Muhammad ki taba will hikma that he's the one who sent amongst the Gentiles amongst the unlettered people, a prophet. And he sent him to recite his verses to purify them, and to teach the book and the Wisdom the hikma with coordinamento trophy beauty can mean it he will hikma remember the women of the prophets household were told to remember the blessing of the Quran being revealed in their house and the hikma and the Sunnah of the prophet and this is what Mr.

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machete in his famous book about also says the hikma is the sooner so you can have knowledge but knowing how to apply the knowledge is the wisdom. That's the hikma and that's the difference between those who might know the hokum of Allah as a text and those who know when the hokum of Allah is applicable. That's wisdom. And this is where the prophets Allah Islam, was constantly teaching his Sahaba the prophets Allah and Islam, Allah subhana wa tada said, Man, attack Kumara Rasulullah hoodoo woman Aha, c'mon, whoa, Fanta Whoa, that whatever the Prophet has given you take it, and whatever. He's prohibitive, you avoid it.

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The province ally said I'm said, a time will come. When a satiated man will be sitting on a couch reclining, and he'll hold up the book of Allah. And he will say whatever is in this book, follow it.

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And whatever it says hello, make it Hello, wherever it says Hold on, make it hold on. And he said he won't mention my sooner.

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And this is a miracle of the province arising because the people that reject the Sunnah. never in the history of Islam, did any group reject a sooner until this these latter days when people rejected the idea that the profits or ism came with ye miles per hour in Hawaii? You knew how he doesn't speak from his capris from his whims from his passion. This is revelation being revealed.

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If you look at the prophets alive, every single thing that he did

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After the revelation is recorded, because how many conversations do we have? We don't record them. They go off into the air, it's just wind coming out of us. And we have maybe an enjoyable conversation. We might even have a wise conversation. But when the conversations over, the words are gone, we might not even remember them. And over time, they're simply gone. But every single thing the prophet SAW, I said him said Sahaba, were memorizing.

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They were recording it. Baba Herrera, people say How could Abu huraira relate over 5000 Hadith? He was only with the Prophet for two and a half years. This is one of the people that attack the Hadith. How could he relate over 500? Because Abu huraira or the man who spent his entire life collecting Hadith, it wasn't just during the lifetime of the Prophet. And in many of them he doesn't say I heard the Prophet say he just says the Prophet said. And he doesn't have to say where he got it from because he's at the EPA and the person he took it from another Sahabi was a thicker eyeshadow, the liner relates over 2000 Hadees.

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So the Hadith were preserved. Now one of the tragedies of the time we're living in is historically the Hadith were the domain of the Unum Ah, there were small books written for common people. But overall, the Hadeeth were in a tradition of is that you had to study a hadith with scholars and they would explain to you even we have been one of the greatest scholars of Islam he said a 30 minute Hadith he had the yard.

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Rahim Allah who medicon will layth Lola whom Allah Herrick to, I learned so many Hadith and this is one of the region of our Buhari. He said I learned so many Hadith I became confused.

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And he said if it wasn't for Monique and layth I would have perished out of confusion. I went to Moloch and he would say, take this Hadeeth don't take that Hades take this hadith that Hadith is no good. That Hadith is no longer practice to an end he sorted it out for him. Monique knew over 100,000 Hadees and yet his moapa only has less than 700 Hadees

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he learned over 100,000 Hadeeth

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so now you have people opening up the book or worse going on Google or Mecca shamita looking at Hadith and then they get confused and then they confuse others and one of the groups that the Allah subhana wa tada cursed on the throne.

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And the angels and men are the angel said amin Allah said LAN Allah and the angel said amin is mobile and Mr. Kane, the one who leads simple people astray.

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The one who leads simple people astray. So this is one of the problems that calamities of our time. If you look at the Hadith of the Prophet, the prophet so I said I'm said in in in Hadees that are sound matriculated tirmidhi and others. He said Tareq to ficam mathema section, the Hema length of the lumen badie Kitab Allah He was suniti there's two things that I left you if you hold to them, you will not go astray. The Book of Allah and my way, his way is the wisdom. Because the Quran says that there came a light and a book,

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neuroma keytab the light, you need the light to read the book, you can't read in darkness. The light is the profits allotted to them. He's the light that illuminates the book without the privatized him the book can become a source of people going astray and every group in the history of Islam that went astray. They went astray with the Koran, and verses they they said this, this means this this means that and they interpreted it.

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They all use the same text and they went straight, but a normative tradition in Islam emerged and it was difficult to come out there were many fabricated Hadees they had to sort those out. They put all the Hadees they collected them all. Now the prophets Allah Anyway, it was Sunday he said Lenya shed the Dena had on illa helaba this really in in how the deen Mateen This is a tough religion.

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This is a tough religion. He said laying your shed the dean had on land you had the Dina had an ill helaba no one will become an extreme in this religion except you will be overwhelmed

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the province a lot anyway and he was sent him said hello can Matan up their own, the zealots will perish. The zealots he said it three times HELOC and whatnot they own HELOC and maternity own HELOC and return of their own that the zealots will pay

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The zealots will perish. The zealots will perish. He said Yakumo, who was the dean beware of extremism in your religion. He said a coastal caste Tablo, moderation, moderation and you will get to paradise.

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This is our province alized him he said he said the dwapara bow be upright and do the best you can more power but his attempt to get close with with get close to Allah. Do your best. Best shoe will Atlanta Pharaoh

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give glad tidings to people. Give them glad tidings. Baja, manzana electronica spa, we didn't reveal this around for you to be miserable.

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That's what the parents said we didn't reveal this Quran for you to be miserable. When one of the Amir's of the province of ICM he got upset with his companions. And and and they were told, you know, to obey the omeo some Anwar bieten you just obey the Emil right in

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Cana, Odin Mina, either Do you know what a Sunni Leah coma? bainham? Right? If the believers are called to a two for Allah and His messenger to deliberate amongst them, then what do they say Scimitar? No, Alpina we hear and we obey the prophets, Allah is that I'm said, you know, he said, obey your ruler, what? Otama captain, even if it's a servant, that becomes a ruler obey Him. So the Sahaba had this mentality of obedience. So they made their fire to camp because they're out like on a trip, and he got angry at them. He said, You all have to jump in the fire.

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One line, there are people today that if the Amir said jump in the fire, they will jump in the fire. Sahaba had brains. That's one of the blessings that Allah gave the Prophet companions that were intelligent.

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One of them said, We joined this religion to get out of the fire.

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And so they refused to obey Him when they got back to the provinces and they told him he said la parte de macnaughton female Sita

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don't obey a man if it means disobeying the creator of men. And Allah says that will be the de comida Haruka don't destroy yourselves.

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So the province of Iceland they were using their intellect. They didn't just say Oh, he's the Aeneid, we have to obey Him. Yeah, he couldn't nor an Amir. Again in the fire that Amir said we have to obey Him. No, they use their intellects. hikma, this is hikma. It's a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Just to have wisdom have intelligent. And that's why this religion has to have nothing an awkward it has to have the transmission the Hadith, but it has to have the aka, there are Hadees that you read them. And you know, they can't be true, just by intellect, like the blind man that assassinated the woman. Because there's different rewire about that. But if you if you think that a

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blind man can crawl up a building, go into a room not wake the children, according to the rewire and then kill the woman. Now, it doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense. And there are many things like that. This the the early people gathered all the Hadees. And they put them and they left them for the owner to sort them out. Mr. Buhari, he put a Hades in there, he doesn't believe. But he wanted to show people I know the Hadeeth. So the owner would know.

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Chef Mohammed mentioned about burning the Hadith that has you cannot burn people. The same section in our Buhari has a hadith saying one of the Sahaba burned somebody as a punishment. He wanted to show both are there. And I know both of them. And there are many examples of that. But this traditionally was the realm of their own ama, it was not the realm of the others. So the everything that happens to us that is calamitous, and this is hard to swallow is a bitter pill to swallow. But everything that happens to us that is calamitous, is from disobeying Allah and His messenger.

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That's just that's simply reality. And until we come to terms with that, we're our faith is not sound.

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And that's why the Quran tells you No, I was once traveling with Sheikh Abdullah bin beja. And I said, it's so interesting how the early people, they always looked to themselves for the problems, but modern people they point to other things, and he said, Can we animate head on home and Andy and fusi come? They were on the madhhab say it's from your own souls?

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What happens to you come from your own souls? Allah subhana wa Dallas's Allah, what are suitable What are Xs zero for tough shadow? What are the herbaria hokum

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obey Allah and obey His Messenger and don't differ amongst you in

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Manasa is like Don't, don't start fighting amongst you.

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Because you will fail.

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And your your wind will go, what is the wind mean here? Whoa, whoa, St. Omar brought windmills to Medina. Because wind is power. Now we know the modern people are going towards wind, because it's one of the most powerful forces on the planet. And you can derive energy from when Allah uses wind as a metaphor for energy, your power will go, if you start fighting amongst yourself.

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We had I mean, I'll just give you an example. The Ottomans defended for centuries defended the Muslim lands, but then the Muslim turned on the Ottomans.

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They turned on them, there's reasons for it. And I'm not going to deny the Ottomans were very at that time they were they had lost their way as well. But they started allying with the colonialists who were promising them things and they went against their brother Muslims, the last attempt at defending Palestine it'll bring tears to your eyes if you read the Ottoman what they tried to do to defend Palestine. And we know that Abrahamic would not sell Palestine to pay off all the debts of the Ottomans. PC, it's not mine to sell.

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But they were betrayed, and people betrayed them and now we suffer the consequences of those people's mistakes. Because Allah says it's up if it's at a 10 lead to see benalmadena varoma income hasa beware of calamities that don't just affect the guilty amongst you, they affect the innocent to so people inherit the sins of people that went before them. In the Quran. Allah says let's go through as to Mr. O'Hara, no so bears the sins of another.

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Some of the Unum, I say in dunya, they do.

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There's things your father does, that you end up being disgraced by. And people will treat you badly because of the sins of your father. There's people that are born out of wedlock, and they suffer from the sin of their father, they did nothing that Aya is in the aka,

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you're not gonna have any of the calamities or the sins of anybody else in our head up. But in dunya No, we bear the sins of other people.

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We bear the sins of other people we're suffering today from choices people made 100 years ago, 200 years ago, 300 years ago,

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we're still suffering.

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This country is suffering because they didn't resolve the problem of slavery at the very start. It was a problem. They were dealing with it, but they didn't. So they had to have a civil war. We're still dealing with the problems of the Civil War today, the Confederate flag, it happened over 150 years ago. We're still dealing with it. Syria is going to be dealing with this civil war for generations.

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These things don't go away. So we were given guidance, we were given a covenant. When the covenant is abandoned. calamities happen. The province of lies to them his Sunnah is the wisdom of this book. And if you look at our province eyes, and all you have to ask, you know, the Christians have this thing. would Jesus do it?

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What would Jesus do that NASA? We have? We should have the same criteria. Do you do you think the privatized him would tell people to strap bombs on them and go blow up people innocent people? Is there anything in his Sunnah that indicates that that would be a methodology that he would use? Because he was in Mecca. He could have had his Sahaba go assassinate people, they were brave of other he thought he was a referee.

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Really, he was an incredibly brave man. Even Massoud was incredibly brave. These men were lions in battle. He could have said, Go kill secretly go sneak into santosa. He didn't do that. Why? Because that's not his methodology. What he does is out in the open.

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He never did anything by stealth.

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Other than to escape, because Allah commanded him to do he didn't do things by style. He told people exactly what he was going to do. And he did what he was going to do. He didn't shed blood, we have a cult of death. I was just reading a book The other day, and it was all about just death. Like these people love death more than life. And they quote all these early things, that in in war, you want people to have that mentality. That's not the mentality that you want people to, to just have as human beings. The Prophet said don't desire death. Let the demand know and mode.

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The only time he asked for death is fitna.

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He said,

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When Arata v bedika have been nasty fitted for COVID-19 in a cafe them have to

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take me to you out without civil strife. And he said that when Allah wants Rama, this is Sahih Hadith when Allah wants Rama for oma

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He allows the prophet who gives them the message, to live to see them accept the message.

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But when he wants to punish

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an oma the prophet who gives them the message sees their destruction in his own life.

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panela and so are oma. He wanted rachna for this oma.

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He, Allah wanted Rama for this oma and the prophets Allah I sent him he said letter Giroux, the radical fara Yoruba come, repub, don't go become kuffaar after I gave you this don't become too far. How? By killing one another.

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Their own MSA, the kuffaar here means don't do the actions of people that don't believe in Allah

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as a Rama because even Sahaba thought

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so the wisdom of the province of Iceland is something that we have lost in our community. We've lost it. And and it's something that we need to regain, and it's regained with knowledge. Because the province I said I'm in Namibia to more Anima I was sent to teach is regained with humility, because he was the most humble of men and he said, Well, Merton tada I was commanded to be humble had the lair. Yet I hadn't had until no one deems himself superior to any other. Because if the Prophet was humble, then who am I not to be humble? If the best of creation was humble, who am I not to be humble? The Prophet was commanded to be humble. He was hit everything about him was wisdom.

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Everything he did, the way he ate, the way he sat the way he walked, he walked briskly. He walked with intention, he didn't he didn't meander. When he spoke, he spoke intelligently. He never he never minced his words. He always spoke beautifully if he joked he joked with truth, and then he honored people.

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There's a beautiful Hadith, Ismail Ansari came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and she said Yasser Allah, Anna wifey wifey to Nisa, I was sent by the women. So they pick this woman, a smell and Saudia to come and speak. And she said, Yasser Allah

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bethink Allahu ala ruggeri when Nisa Allah sent you to the men and the women

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for men Obi Wan Isla HCA, we believe in you and in your God

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we're not ah and Allah further our region and aneesa will Gemini will jamaa at, but we see Allah has given some preference. The men they get the the Gemma, they get to gather. Like Juma. They get to go to Juma they don't have problems. There's no little room in the back smelly or hidden with a curtain or something like that. No, they get to go in the big nice Masjid. Right. What Gemma adds, the women were encouraged to pray in the homes they can pray in the masjid but they were encouraged to bring the home demand go to the jamaa and the jamara the province that is 27 times better.

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And then she said, Well, Bill had she battle hedge and hedge after her for the woman. It's my job, she make the phone at one time. And then it's because it's Jihad UniSA. And then she said and then jihad, they get Jihad piece of Videla the profits ally said, I'm said person, he said, A taffeta, Eros habibie word equally. He looked at his companions with his entire face. And he said, Hello, Samaritan acts and Mr. Min Maserati howdy Emre. Have you heard a better question than the question that came from this woman?

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Like he's pointing out look at the intelligence of this woman. And the Sahaba. They they said well, la Hakuna novel. No.

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We didn't think we could come up with things like this. Right? He's teaching them now. Right? Chicago, Korea, they're your other halves, your better halves, right. And then he said

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yeah, Imre. Listen, woman, he said, up at a salon in a nice

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Alpha, give salam to the women that you left who sent you.

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And then he said, with me understand this

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person Tibet only going to do the Erica kulu.

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Just being a good companion,

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equals all of that that the men are doing.

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Just being a good companion equals all of that that the men are doing

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is amazing. Hadeeth.

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And that's who he was. He was somebody that elevated and honored people.

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male female

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You know, he had in his house. They didn't know how do you tell what Osama bin Zayed said was very dark and Osama was light skinned and some of the people they said

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he's not the real son, because he was married to

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a dark woman also. So how is it that he's light skin, and these two dark people, they had light skinned boy. So one of the bento method, it came to his house. And these people were known for like sarasa in genetics.

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And they came into the room and Zaid and Osama were sleeping, but their feet were outside. And that one, one set of feet was black, and the other was white, and muddy Gee, he looked at the feet. And he said, how the abdominal heavy, these feet are from these feet. In other words, is the father of that. The Prophet called in Isaiah, Isaiah similarity. Did you hear that?

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He was so happy, he knew. But just to have that confirmation. He wanted Aisha to hear it, she would spread the news.

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This is the Prophet always elevating people. 100 Apolo Cody had was tougher on Bollywood. Sorry, missy.

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Was Salatu was Salam O Allah see, you know, what have you been out? rasulillah

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alone, suddenly was suddenly mobile calyceal. Mohammed inna Capote's vocoder can help in Allah women are eager to yo saloon adaminaby Johan Latina Amano solo and he was selling with a steamer. Aloma suddenly was selling mobile barik ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira Allah hum for janin muslimeen equally McCann, Allah for Shannon Massimino hammer Rahman and our hammer Rahim in a circle afiya alumni fino actually mostly mean that I am in Homewood may Eugenia your hammer Rahim Allah Allah Allah, what has proven muslimeen Allah Allah Amina fiata Nina Aloma Amanda phiaton Nina allama minnifield Amina, alone Maya Rama Rama Nisa equally McCann,

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Allah mahogany sir and equally McDaniel Allah Allah among sravana Idina metoden jameela yahama Rahim Allah for genuine fish Sham with your man, your Allah Allah Zhang Han in a sham with your manual Allah, wa Sham Yesu Philistine yahama Rahman along for janome rock woofie Kashmira equally mechanically to your own PCB. dkr Hama Raman, Allah Allah is arfi massarotti Libya with he had an American yahama Rahimi, alumna Giada Suna, toughie, peruviana alumina and hookah Sanofi perugina Dr. hamre humming along with me Dr. Su de la hisle Allah and he was selling them Allah Han mug filled in our hand Never Too bad in your Allah in the couple to a political hub in the La Jolla model but I

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deliver a sandwich eater either a barbarian her and in fact shake on Mancha. What buggy yeah and the formula article to the Quran or to koala commerce kurata Quran where P masala Lee decree