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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of meeting and gathering again to deliver on commitments, avoiding false accusations, and being associated with religion. They also touch on the negative impact of conflict on society, including political power loss and racism, and emphasize the importance of sharing common values and avoiding cultural bias. The segment ends with a mention of the local approach to issuing passports and the importance of learning from local experiences.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala

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Sayidina Muhammad Ali was

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the brothers and sister in humanity and Islam. I salute you all with Islamic salutation. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Peace be upon you.

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We think about data who will for us to meet and gather again to remind each other he told us in his book remind, certainly reminder benefits to deliver. So we asked him to benefit from this reminder.

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We also think His Excellency the Secretary General of Sultan qaboos Center for Islamic culture, all members of Sultan qaboos Center for Islamic culture, Islamic Information Center members, volunteers are owners, guests here dignified guests who came and

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devoted their time to meet us.

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And all of you ladies and gents

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the topic today is how

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to follow us.

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enemies section and alarms

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and allowance and merciful

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religion 70 of your home's

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active justice work in the background, to act justly

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fight the cause of religion and expel you from your own

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and whatever

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that is those who are wrongdoers

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with our program

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To read

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in the book,

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they got

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a lot of

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cases, greetings to all of

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the honorable hosts the

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establishment and many amazing maintainers of this wonderful

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Center, which is one of the most impressive

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have been in myself

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a long time it is so good

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to be here, bless you, and all that you do.

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And they are coming together story so much good and useful benefit.

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How justice is the other religion is, of course, like most of the system can be

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in many different ways.

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I'd like to just make a few points

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from a particular perspective. And then we'll move on to listen to the

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The first time I'd like to make is that is

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the foundation

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the attitude is learned

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should have other

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other states does not create a situation where the

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director decided

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and hence the only way that the patient

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will not be reconciled with

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his true antagonists. So we mentioned earlier this, this day, a lot of times are

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on an idealistic refuge with the love of your closest being in the window. One last thought on

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that we'll go with

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that very good believers the most

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whether they just had one of our business operation, and the sometimes mistaken for an issue of growing your time here and zero anymore, man.

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Anyone who believes in God, so that was

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very warm

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keynote here on the show they re meaning they're eligible for paradise.

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They don't have to worry about your health, or the grief and the torment that accompanies that. Now they want to be associated with this first, but what is among the

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most the most is that other members of other

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particular circumstances can

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Video paradise. So there is no

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in terms of diversity and granting people paradise, as you said, it's the basis for a special type of relationship that was generally very rare in the modern world, and that is relationships built on tolerance and mutual respect, this is an enduring characteristic of insanity.

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is providing the basis as you said, For by recognizing that and by recognizing that others can have an incentive decided to die

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for a miserable and good relationship

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V and V defenses that those relationships they should be

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a dialogue as an assumption, and not

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much mind default, but how to use local approach to issue

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called the local wisdom and beautiful.

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The best

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breakdown in communication besides zoning is screaming, it's not time to call it

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is time to just acknowledge that there's a certain point where apparently this person won't be able to just remain silent, who was he me Are you in your way and for me is mine. So, this is from the beauty of the design, then incumbent upon us as Muslims to learn in the modern world, because these are the games that have helped to facilitate

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the discussion a situation where the pre modern condition of war and conflict as a norm between the people has been plagued by the modern condition where conflict between people

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is the exception, but there are people who would like

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to because they have a lesson

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in common thing they benefit from conflict

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from people as often as most of this appropriate

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we have these what he calls the whatever your what do you what is the

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who does

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not have the visual not as a theologian, philosophers,

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but preachers, but as an as my community to

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nice relation with others

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than overhead in terms of how to do less

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than a year

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over it, there's no motion is a Celtic history. Of course conversion is unacceptable that would be why because to clearly distinguish

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to become

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so comfortable to

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clearly distinguish from parents so that you can know

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if this is the lights off in this room, and it's totally died. Then we turn the light on and we can see each other you can see the beautiful woodwork that is doable carving that fear and the beautiful faces of the beautiful people. We don't need anyone don't force us to do economics

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So we know we do

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To be forced to accept this religion, because religion is the truth that is that it speaks for itself. But

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in accepting what will happen

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the truth is come, your boy, whoever please we

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go. Again, this provides a basis and it provides a set of principles for us to deal with each other in this

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peaceful coexistence because there is no basis for me as a Muslim, for you to become

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doing the kind of the political faction of the time going toe to

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toe overwhelmingly Joe

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mentioned this morning

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for the Constitution, and most of the eager to reach 50% 500 years in Syria,

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never had a majority in the Indian subcontinent, even though they have control better when they go to school to become a military might have to do that. Muslims again, and now most of the suffering because of that, because now they're

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lost political power and immediate, persecuted the same thing in the Boston

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bombing of Serbia, and those

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are the

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century and the

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military mindset very easily for people become, but they set up a system of poverty.

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And then communities now fulfill community goals.

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And if you don't know that the Ottoman political power has passed Muslim minority identity saw both in the early

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1990s they were persecuted in a very brutal and inhumane way.

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that is a consequence of the approach that Muslims have towards other faiths. So we we call,

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to discuss we call people to respect and consider what we have.

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Like the way you

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used to come with the

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with you. So put all the pieces of the book come to a common word between us and be

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talking to them. And we know some of us don't pick up

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other than if

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they turn away.

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they're one

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of those.

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So if they turn away, take them off.

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Bear with me, as he goes, to die. So these are the approaches,

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again, is important because they COVID they are should cultivate in the most absurd mentality, a circle hosted by a certain approach to relations with others. And that approach is an approach that is conducive to not only the perpetuation of the great advantages that humans collectively have made in terms of tolerating each other in terms of establishing pluralistic society, but also to build on as you know, professionals and just remove the underlying causes that threaten the erosion, and even possibly the elimination of

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such as wasted. So there's a principle that encourages cooperation. But it's another thing to have a set of beliefs that undermine and remove the possible sources of

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causes that will render your printable infested. So in turn caused this

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mutually respected causes mutual cooperation and call to this mutual talent. But it also calls for the elimination of racism. For example

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No, come

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