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Hamza Yusuf
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And then according to the people precision I have loved, he has to know where judgments can be found without the condition of having memorized actual text. So the owner must say that he does not have to be, he doesn't have to memorize all the headings. Now, what does that mean? Does that mean that? If I say, Oh, well, I'm the lead, then I've got my question of Bahati, my collection of Muslim, my Christian, I would tell them to do all these things, then can I go and do these things because memorization is not, you know, you have to study each one of those books with ahaadeeth Master, and have internet and ijazah. And know which is the correct about because there's different bumps in the

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road. In other words, there's Bahati, there's different three rats that have different ashcan and things like that. And you have to know that. So you can just buy the books, the books has to be authenticated, like in India, where they still maintain a deep tradition, they have authenticated, certified

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editions of the books that are then read with a scholar write the book, they still transmit them with absolute certainty of their transmission.

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And then he says, and above all, these of all these that we just mentioned, he has to be a middle rank Master, he knows he has to be a master and of middle stature, he can't be like average, he has to be a master which is above average. And amongst the Masters, he has to have middle. In other words, he he can have some middle stature in his mastery, but he has to be a master which is not average, it's above average.

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He he has to know those matters where there's each map. So there's each map. So he has to know where everybody's in agreement, he must know things such as the condition of a single Hadith that I had, and then water water and that is that as he has to know the mature, he has to know when it says I had because that has a hook them as opposed to a highly technical data, as opposed to it societies that have different outcomes related to them. Furthermore, he has to know the abrogated in the abrogating even a weapon who's one of the strongest men of the moment of Bahati and a master of Hades. He said he memorized somebody had these two became completely confused, and was worried for

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his own Dean, that he was going to go astray until he came to him on medical marijuana. And then he would relate the howdy thing or not. And he would say that I had a cousin that had that had had them into how the mafia, you know, he would tell them this had these Ufa shareholders happy.

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And he went through all the heavies until he knew what was what was valid and what was no longer valid to follow.

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And that's why even Dana said the Hades is mobilized is a place where people go straight except for the people of their the even as Buhari was not a puppy. There's there's some debate about that. He generally follows the weave of the polka hop, but he's not considered a puppy. He was not a mistake. Despite the fact he memorized all those heavies. He was not. And if you look, he's not interpreting the Hadees rare exception, you make some value, but generally he's not. He's a transmitter.

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And then he has to know also, under the conditions with the verses were revealed, or the hobbies. So there's what's called

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a new rule and establish rules, as revenue relates to the IPS, know what the circumstances were, when the eyes were revealed, establish the route means you have to know what the 30 cents in the hobby, when did the Public License say that I did, because that relates to understanding the howdy in its context. And you'll be amazed when you see because many of the attendees don't have the ASVAB booth in them. When you read books that have the size of the habitable room, suddenly, the hobbies makes sense in a way that it didn't make sense before, guaranteed. And it's just extraordinary to see that.

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And then Mohammed, the least great scholar from Alaska was asked once.

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Now this is I think the key to this whole point that he's making. So after he tells you all this, he says, Now consider all the above mentioned, a Hey, look a lot may Allah have mercy and think about what he's just said, because this is agreed upon these conditions, this is not.

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And you see for yourself, whether your companion In other words, whether the person is saying no, you have some follow the book in the center and not the month, see for yourself, whether he's characterized by such qualities and fulfills these conditions. And then multiple houses, and I highly doubt it.

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More likely, he is just pointing people to himself

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in his demands that the people of this age take their judgments directly from the book in the center.

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COMM was the deadline and so he's saying Look at me.

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that's getting into the psychology of why people do things right.

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Which is it's a painful thing, you know, to really look at what are our motivations and why are we doing things and what is this about the Erica harder

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To go against the grain and people will point at you

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might be a maverick and people will point at you. The

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same as it once was in a Masjid in Kufa. And there was a pasta sauce there and the Sahaba hated the Papa seen people that used to tell stories.

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You know, that were fabrications, they were like, embellish stories. And some of them were very effective. A couple things

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you're gonna hear lady says on his way to I think it's the lady on his way to Medina, he said that there was a cost with them. He's a young man. He said, he used to get up after every prayer on the journey. They were going to Medina. And

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he used to tell these stories, and he'd have everybody weeping.

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And he said that the people were very affected by him. And and when they got to the deer, he got up after the prayer, and he started to tell the story. And the little children in the mosque, threw sandals at him

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and told him to, you know, like, be quiet. And yeah, he was stricken by, you know, he said, What's going on one end, he looked at one and then from the Diener. And he said it's the little children had done that we would have been forced to do it. We don't have a phosphine in the masjid of the Prophet.

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We don't have these people in the mess. This is a place to learn the deen.

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Right. And so the Sahaba didn't like a sauce in. One man was telling a story and said it wasn't listening to him. He was talking to us. And one of the men said a turntable and hadda. And he looked over at the man and he said, how that lady, you know, the Tony, Tony, this guy over here who's saying, Look at me, look at me.

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That's a painful analyse, right?

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In other words, you know, look how clever I am. Look out. That's what he's pointing out that this is ego. That's all we're dealing with. It's just raw ego here. And I there's a

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man whom I'm gonna look at, he's from Ghana, and he's a very interesting scholar. But he told me once I had this conference, and he said, For me, it's painful to see so many people that

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that are just really just displaying their pathology in public arenas.

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Um, there's a difference, right? Between activism and action.

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Right, there's a big difference between the two, activism, and I'm saying this as a former activist, activism is often nothing other than

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working out your own psychological problems in a public arena. So if you're angry,

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you begin to justify your anger by using objects of your anger, which are justifiably

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objects of anger. But the reason that you're attacking them is not

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because you're really

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indignant about those things. The reason you're attacking them is because you're angry as an individual, and you want to justify your anger. So you're directed at

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objects of anger, I mean, that's what they call sublimation, right? sublimation you sublimate your, your pathology and find some socially acceptable arena, right? To display it. And this people were doing it all the time. And it's very sad. And this is why you have to have pasta. That's That's why the foundation of our Deen is to see it you have to purify yourself when the man asked the phone to lie to them, who's the Mujahid piece of bt love?

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Who's the McGarrett? Who is and that's a very important question. Who is the one really struggling for the sake of Allah?

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And the purpose of it, Sam said, First he told him what who wasn't the Mujahid right. The one that's fighting to be called brave is not a Mujahid that the one is fighting to be called brave is not

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the one who's fighting for some worldly gain is not a Mujahid the one is fighting because he's just angry. And he wants to He wants us a social outlet for his anger. People that want to go kill people.

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Who then is the one who struggles in order that the ketema of allies paramount. That's the majority. There's no ulterior motive there. And that's why one of the first people to be thrust into the fire is the so called Mujahid. When Allah says What did you do with your life? He said, I struggled in your way he said You're a liar. You went out and fought to be called a brave man.

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You got your reward. In other words, people said you are a brave man. And that's why you did it. So you get your reward.

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So that's what he's saying, you know, look at what really what's going on.

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What's, what's the underlying thing here? Why is this person doing that? Because our tradition is simply based on just saying,

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I don't know anything.

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And admitting that fact. And then just saying, I'm gonna follow people who know,

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simple as that Rumi story about the three fish in the lake, when the fisherman comes. And the first

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fish says it's time to head for the ocean. And he sets out on his journey. The second fish says, he's the most intelligent fish in the in the lake. And if he's going, I think I should go. And then he tells the third one, come on, let's get out of here. Third one says, Man, it's a big lake. Don't worry about it. And he takes off, and the third one gets caught in by the fishermen in the net. And then he's put in the frying pan. And then in the frying pan, he says, If I ever get back to the lake, I'm heading for the ocean.

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So Rumi says that, you know, the first one are the prophets. They're the ones that head for the ocean. And the second are the people who are intelligent enough to follow the Prophet. And the third are the people that in the in the fire, they're the ones saying, you know, May,

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Allah would that I didn't think so. And so it's too late.

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Right? So we follow, that's what we are. We're followers. We're at that, where people who follow?

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So he says, What do you say in this thing? He says, What do you say about somebody who says that he follows the Quran and the Hadith. And then he says, about people who follow the moms, I say a lot is messenger, say, and you reply, Malik says, and even a possum or kallio says, and it's interesting this 100 years ago, so things haven't changed. This is a recent thing. It's only 100 years old, just this, this movement is only 100 years old. And this is that that 100 years ago, we still hear this. It's like a direct quotation of what a lot of people now say. I say a lot is messenger saying you tell me the men have a female Malik says, here's the obese Brother, what are you following? Are you

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following marik? Who's Who said himself, everybody's speech is

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is put before Alon is messenger. And if it doesn't correspond, then you throw it out.

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And I tell you, the mouse home said and you tell me somebody who can make a mistake says so what does he say about that? My answer to this is as follows at Hemsley, that was Salatu was sent him out assuming that it is not permissible for a common person to abandon following the 14 month and take directly from the textual sources of Quran and Hadith for the simple reason that this entails a great many conditions that have been clarified in the books of all schools. Moreover, these conditions are rarely met by the great scholars,

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especially in these last days, in which Islam has become a stranger just as it began a stranger. Even though again has said the Hadees are a source of error except for jurisprudence. What he means is that people other than the scholars might interpret a tradition based on an apparent meaning and yet the truth may have another interpretation based on some other Hadees that clarifies the meaning or some proof that remains hidden.

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After a long discussing, he remarked as for their saying, how can you leave Koran verses and town Hadees and follow the mountain there he had when they have a clear probability of error whereas upon and the hoodies can't have air He granted them is as follows. Surely the following of our writing it monitors not abandoning the Quranic verses or the sound had these it is the very essence of adhering to them and taking our judgments from them. This is because the Quran has not come down to us except by the means of these very Imam who are more worthy of following by virtue of being more knowledgeable than us in the soft sciences of abrogating and abrogated, absolute conditional

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equivocal, and clarifying the probabilistic and plain the circumstances surrounding the revelations in the verb their various meaning, as well as their possible interpretations various linguistic and theological considerations, not to mention the various other ancillary sciences involved in understanding the Quran needed. Also, they took all that from the students of the companions, who received their instruction from the companions themselves, who received their instructions from the lawgiver himself. May Allah grant in peace and safety, divinely protected from every mistake, who bore witness at the first three generations of Muslims with the ones of virtue and righteousness.

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Furthermore, the prophetic traditions have also reached us through their means, given that they were also more knowledgeable than those who came after them concerning the rigorously authenticated psyche. The well authenticated has been the weak date. And as well as the metaphor, the more Southern with Alaska that I had the model and the body transmission. That's as far as this little band of men is concerned, there's only one of two possibilities. Either they are attributing ignorance to those of humans whose knowledge is considered by consensus to have reached what is humanly possible perfection and it's

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witnessed in several generations by the truthful lawgiver upon him prayers and peace, or they are actually attributing misguidance and magazine to the Imams who are often the best generations by the testimony of the magnificent messenger himself. Surely it is not the eyes of the blind but the hearts in the * that go blind. As for their saying to the one who imitates Malik we say to a law says, and you say modic says, or even impossible, Kalyan. What that means is Matic says based on his deep understanding of the word of Allah or the words of the messenger, or of those firmly adhering to the actions of the companions of the Tang who clearly understood the word of Allah and

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the meaning of the followers. As for the one who leaves their leadership and says a law said and His messenger said he has relied solely on his own understanding, despite the fact that he is incapable of having any precision in the verses and the Hadees that he quotes, since he is unable even to provide chains of transmission with any authority, let alone that he lacks knowledge concerning to abrogate and abrogate absolutely conditional ambiguous and clarifying the apparent in the textual. The general in this specific the dimensions of the Arabic the cause of the revelation, the various linguistic considerations and other various ancillary sciences needed. So consider for yourself

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which is preferable the word of a follower who simply close the understanding of Matic and human by consensus, or the word of an ignoramus who said Allah and His messenger said, but he's not the site that goes blind but rather than hearts in the breath, furthermore, know that the original this deviation is from the bahariya, who appeared in end of the sea, and whose power wax for a period until a lot obliterated all traces of them. Until this little band of men said about to revive their beliefs. mm Ubuntu, he said the first one whoever attacked them with a winner. He's using monarchy sources, because he's a Maliki in a monarchy country, but we could use the same same I'm Shafi Ahmed

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Allah hanifa the same but he's writing to primarily Maliki that's why he's using it. So he says, if you consider the above mentioned test, you will realize that the one who censors you from following the Imam is truly a deviant. And I'm using the word deviant to describe them only because the scholars before me have labeled this little band and their view as deviant. Moreover, you should know that those who condemn your adherence to the amounts have been fully refuted by Mohammed hodja. Then my Abba with the most piercing of reputations, and he himself called them in his book, The people of deviation hetero heterodoxy, he called his book refuting the people of deviation and

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heterodoxy, who attacked the following of the amounts of his independent reasoning. And I used to have a coffee that I no longer do. So my brother, I seriously warn you from following the madhhab of these people, and even from sitting in their company, and that there's an absolute necessity. And certainly from listening to anything I have to say, because the scholars have declared their ideas deviant even on had says in his book, and must have armor than that it said, Never give one part. Never give one whose heart is deviant access to your two years, for surely you never know what may find six acidity in you. I asked a lot to make you and me from those who listened to matters and

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follow the best of them. So that's his fatwa about that issue. And I just wanted to, you know, clarify that. That is the position of the oma for 1200 years. Really, that's the position and and I, I asked anyone in this room to show me one mom before the 19th century, who did not put the name for the last 400 years who did not put the name of his mom after his name.

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Just one email in which there's consensus about him who did not say even hi job as a chef of a Yelp and madikwe Mr. Howell Hennessy, in homage of sauce and Hennessy. Right, anyone? You might have a lot of had dad, a chef, a mom, and how to make a chef or any one of them.

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Even Tamia and hanbali mama daddy Alhambra de Ville casier Alhambra or even Raja but Hanbury, anyone, just one new mom that didn't have that name attached to them and you can't so I mean, I just think that's important for people in South London to get copies for everybody to take one of these

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