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Hamza Yusuf
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The jurist and heresy ologists shaha

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Empire by Mohammed Al Baghdadi is for I mean, he is for it. And he is one of the great scholars he died in for 29. But he said that the AMA comprise eight categories. And this is very useful for you to understand how, because he's one of the early scholars for 29 is considered from he's not from the setup, some set of setup goes up to the fifth century, so he wouldn't be included in the setup. But he's from that very early period. And but he says, The first category is the group who mastered the various aspects of tawheed. So they're the theologians, of the art of cineleisure Ma, they know about the liberal arts prophecy, the eschatological aspects of theology, and that relate also to

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rewards and punishments in the Hereafter, as well as the conditions of which they had so they know how he had his done. And all of this, they have gone the route of the people have attributes from our theologians, that people have seen that because they're, the more Arpita nullified the attributes of God. And the sooner I affirm the attributes of God, that, that God when he speaks about attributes, that he does have those attributes and that they are to be affirmed and not nullified. And

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and then they're free of anthropomorphism to seem. So they don't believe literal things like that, that God is literally in a place, or he's literally

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on a physical throne, things like that. They don't believe those things. They say we believe

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our stoah we believe in it, you are a moron de la whatever God meant by it, I believe in it. But But what occurs to the mind, it's Other than that, because that's impossible for God that's called that will Israeli to later odermatt gave it a test, we'll tough ceiling, a detailed interpretation said what it meant.

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So that's the position of the people who are not anthropomorphise. And then also the jamea, who, for instance, said that the essence of God is everywhere. It's like a pantheism. And

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other groups like the majority of the second category is the moms of jurisprudence, from the two groups of juristic reasoning and transmission that people have had eat and that people have right an array or like the HANA fees. I don't like the ham, berries and Sharpies. And then Mr. maryk joins between the two.

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So they believe in those groups, and they're free from entities and the type of absolute dependence on rationalism, and also the Java which is a belief in

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in determinism, so they're neither determinism nor are they

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people that believe in absolute freewill there between the two.

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And they believe in the raising of the graves as well as the questioning in the grave because there's people that deny the questioning of the grave, they believe in the bodily resurrection.

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They also believe in the reality of the intercession and the forgiveness of all wrongs, from Allah with the exception of shirk. And obviously, that and we'll get into that, but that that that is people who willingly commit shark

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they affirm the continuity of paradise for its people in the torment of fire for the rejecters of truth. So the idea that the Paradise is it's what they call in scholastic terminology as eternal, it goes on forever, although it had a beginning.

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And they also believe in the obligation of congregational prayer jumar, behind all moms. So

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I pray behind the moms as long as they're free of heresy and deviation, in other words, bit and Zenda. But if they're a bad person, you still pray behind them if they're a reprobate.

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And they confirm the permissibility of wiping over the whole socks. And what's important about that, and it seems like a silly issue to bring up, it's even in the creative, the amount, the how, but the real issue was about

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it was about mutawatir Hadees. And whether the Hadith reaches the status of the Quran, because the Quran doesn't mention Hope it tells you have to wipe the feet, but the half is mentioned in the Hadith and it's a matamata Hadees. So the real reason they say and they believe in the hope. What they're really saying is they believe that a motivator had, it has the same

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same value as a verse of Quran. I mean, that's really the what the what they're saying. They just use that ruling because that that's a route the whole lot is rejected that. So that was a major issue in the early period holidays that you can't wipe off over the socks.

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And then they also believe that the Paramount pronouncement of divorce is three times binding.

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Right, because this this is an interesting issue that's been raised now in modern time

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that the temporary marriage is prohibited. mahtab is prohibited.

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And then they also deem obedience to authority of the state as an obligation, as long as there's not anything that constitute agreed upon disobedience to a law. So they believe in civil governance and that you actually have to obey the state that you cannot enter into insurrection against the state. Is this a really important point about the Addison is that they're against the whole adage view that that interaction is acceptable.

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And then,

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and this includes the companions

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Malik Shafi outside so we

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even have the Layla late so about Thor, and the companions of animism and Hamburg, as well as the Avaya, the literalist. In fact, it includes them.

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And all the scholars who believed in the matters of intellectual understanding the way of the people have attributes and did not do their beliefs with any innovations and people of heresy and deviation. The third category is those people who have mastered the science of Hades, and their various chains and pathways that lead back to the Prophet, those who were able to distinguish between sound and weak transmissions, and they mastered the science of critical analysis and assessment of men and women and the chains of transmission and the various reasons they are acceptable or rejected.

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Moreover, they do not dilute any of their knowledge with innovations of the people heresy and deviation. So the Maha dethrone are from Addison while Gemma, the fourth category is the people who have mastered the humanities, including grammar and morphology and follow the guidelines of the Imams of language. So that's very important aspect of the Addison ojama people, the poets, the people that master the jadie poetry, the people that spend their lives preserving language, even though it's not related to the religion itself. As a religious science, it's an ancillary science to religion. Right? It's not a religious science. It's it's a science that religion is dependent upon,

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but because those people preserve that science, they're they're considered part of an Asana agenda. So it's, it's when you meet people that love grammar and want to study language, they shouldn't be discouraged, like, oh, you're wasting your time you should be studying Koran

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is people that tell them that you're wasting your time. No, you need those people, because you can't understand the Quran without those people.

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And that's why the the Sunni Muslims generally always honored grammarians and philologists. And, and the people of poetry and literature, always email at Harry Reid. You know, these, these were great scholars of language.

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So that's important. And then

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the fifth category and amongst them our family of American IRA Seba, we have

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a smile

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massini await and other moms from the cufon grammarians that did not do their knowledge with innovations of Rwanda or the pottery or the holidays or the mighty like, like, your mom's a machete was monotonicity. And the Addison have a soft spot for him, because he was such a genius. And his Tafseer is so essential to the tafsir tradition. I mean, many, many scholars admitted that their favorite Tafseer was the Tafseer of the moms that are shedding. So even though he as much as he died, the Sunni scholars had a soft spot for him

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for that reason, and he was very self deprecating. He was an interesting man.

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The fifth category is those who have mastered the variants of Quran the different commentaries, so the morphus, Iran and the Quran, the people of the Quran. The sixth category is the virtuous ascetics and Sophie's who penetrated the reality of this world and left it for others, who tested things and took them from the lessons of discernment, who were pleased with the Divine Decree and content with what was easily obtained. who realized that the hearing sight and heart are all things that man has asked about both the good and the bad, who took themselves to account even if it concerned the weight of an

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And, and thus they prepare for judgment day the best provision. Their words followed the two ways and the outward meaning of the inward indication in accordance with the methodology of the people of Hadid without using it simply to entertain, with clever art forms of speech. They do not do good deeds to show off, nor do they leave them out of modesty their ways out of the unique

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and they negate any anthropomorphism, their schools out of turning the matter over to a law. So these are the people of tasawwuf that are rightly guided and they're very clearly demarcated historically. Imam Junaid is emailed by consensus. Now, everybody accepts him on Junaid. And he was called mama by 13. He was a fucky and authority method. But he was also a

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man of soul. So to someone has to there are two branches of the soul. The first is a thought behind which is like what's in purification of the heart, that aspect of the soul, which is purifying your heart, email, in fact, Hani, one of the great Maliki scholars said, before you study set out to study knowledge, you should purify your heart.

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Because you will never benefit from knowledge if your heart is impure. And he said preparing your heart for knowledge is like preparing the earth for for planting.

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You before you actually put seed into the earth, you have to cultivate the earth with a plow. And he said that's what you had to do with your heart. So removing the negative qualities and adorning the heart with the positive qualities that are what a tilava a to kind of, you know, the beginning of humility is forcing yourself to be humble.

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So that that was very important and the people to solve were the people that focused on that aspect. And that's why to solve is one of the science of Islam, to deny to solve is tonight to deny.

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And then you know who for our team has your own two people who have huzhou are in their prayer. I guarantee there's no book that talks about,

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you know how you get Hulu,

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it'll tell you that you have to have Hulu and your pervert these, like in the Maliki method, if you have to have some who are in your prayer, even if it's a moment.

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But it doesn't tell you how you develop posture because it's not the the object of

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so one of the topics that is in the soul. And that's the word that was used by the Muslims historically, is console. So those people that deny the soul are the same type people that deny med hubs and deny, you know, Toshi the ultimate cut out the same type of people. And it's very unfortunate, you know, that that, that this has happened, but it's it's one of the unfortunate aspects of the modern phenomenon of Islam, that the Prophet said the end of time will not come until the later people condemn the earlier people.

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That's upon us. I had a a super Aha, the oma.

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So the Prophet mentioned that the people are going to the later people are going to condemn the earlier people. So but that's also it's important to point out that there's a lot of innovations in what goes under the category of pathology. So it doesn't mean to solve every we just accept anybody who says they're Sov, and we accept anything that calls itself to solve no to solve is based on the book and the Sunnah. And if you don't find a firm foundation in the book and listen, it's rejected, and that's what the Imams of tasawwuf said. Mr Junaid said have an endoscopy don't rely on the trc now, this is a science that is absolutely rooted in the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the prophet

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and so if you don't find it in the book of Allah, the moment to story, Sahara to study said that or that any one of them said that he said mercenary to Kadima, 10 minute home in the ARP

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cache shahidan added in Kitab allows was an atrocity that I never heard anything from the Sufi except that I put it before a to just witnesses to testify for or against it. And that's the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the prophet SAW ladies.

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So that is the the way of the soul and that's what he's saying. Those are the people that are rightly guided, not the false ones, not the I mean, you have the skewer people and the snake handlers. Just like in Christianity, you have the people that take literally the handling of snakes are speaking in tongues and things like that. You have those manifestations of religion in every tradition, but that's not what he's talking about. He's talking

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About a scholastic tradition that also relates to practice and experience. The The second aspect of the soul is the science of karma, the science of states and stations. Because if you're on a strong spiritual path, and you're doing a lot of Vicar and meditation, getting up at night, things start happening. And some of it there's there's ways to distinguish between inward sensory, terrestrial, inward sensory, celestial, inward meaning terrestrial, inward, meaning celestial, outward,

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terrestrial outwards, celestial outward, meaning terrestrial outward, meaning celestial outward, meaning terrestrial, inward, outward, terrestrial, sensory, and those are all categories in that science. And they look at things so people will have what they think is a spiritual experience. And it's not it's just your ego.

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But you think you have this amazing spiritual experience, it was purely ego, or it could have been demonic. Because they have authorship on it. And people think they're having this amazing experience. And what was a demonic experience?

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I mean, seriously, there's people that feel the Holy Ghost infusing them.

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They have amazing experiences. There's people that have sensory experiences. And they're convinced that they're deep spiritual spirit. There's people that take LSD and think that they've had enlightenment.

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Really, it's not you, it's real. These things are real. There's people that go into psychotic states. And they're convinced.

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I mean, I've had people come to me seriously. I mean, I've seen people go mad from the federal law,

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mad from doing things that they shouldn't have been doing.

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You know, people coming to me, they're the Maddie.

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And like, completely believing it,

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and say, I had these experiences, you have to listen to me.

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Those, you have to be able to distinguish between those to know what's happening to you. And if you don't know that science, you go to somebody who knows that science.

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Because you need help, like a doctor, you need to go to a doctor, just like if you start having hallucinations, you go to a doctor, or if you start having spiritual experiences, you need somebody to put those into perspective. The same with true dreams dream. There's people that have dreams. And they think they've had a dream. And it's that means exactly the opposite of what they think it means. Their field would have dreams, you know, that they're eating pork, and they think that it's something hot I'm read what even sitting in says about seeing yourself eating pork, it's not necessarily a negative thing. But it depends. Dreams are all mysterious. And that realm of the dream

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world is very mysterious, but it has meaning. And there are people that know those meanings. It's not the things that you can learn in a book like even said, he wrote a book on dreams. It's an interesting book, but it's very dangerous to use that book to interpret dreams.

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one lady came to eyes and she told her Jamie she gave a negative interpretation, the prophet got very upset with her.

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that those those that's a science, the science of dream interpretation. And there's people that know that science.

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And then there's people that don't and there's people that think they do and they're the big problem.

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So, the, the seventh category, or the morava tome, and those are the people that guard the borders of Islam and, and defend the Muslims from encroachment of people attacking them.

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They defend women and the homes of the Muslims and they display adherence to the cement geomar. And this and and they've followed the verse that said, Those who struggle for our sake, we will guide them to our way, the eighth category and this is very important is the general population of the lands of the Muslims where suddenly Islam is dominated, notwithstanding areas in which deviation has been predominant. What we mean by this is general Muslim people who believe that the scholars of the Sinhala Gemma are correct in the matters that concern the just sacred land, the theological issues as well as the eschatological matters of the hereafter. They refer back to their scholars in order

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to understand their religion, and they imitate them in the branches of jurisprudence that relate to the permissible and impermissible Moreover, they do not believe in any of the innovations and deviations of the people of heresies. They are those who have been characterized by the super ease as the stuff of paradise. Hash what agenda is, they fill up

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Realize the majority of people. So these are the groups of the people have submitted Gemma and together they constitute constitute the true and upright Dean and straight path. Now I make us firm with the firmest words in this life in the next indeed he answers appropriately and he is capable of all things. So that's, that's a moment as far as news categories, I think they're very useful for people, the

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you know the the idea of attacking people for their religion is something that, you know, in traditional Islam the Muslims were very,

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very flexible. It's very difficult to to get out of Islam you have to do something really egregious to get out of this religion, Ahmed Mohammed said, he said the only thing that can get you out of this religion is to deny the very thing that got you in the religion.

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That's what he said. He said, Now you have to come and have it been in that in Cairo, Metallica, t, which is like a llama rasulillah.

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And so it's, it's very hard to do that. The man or woman again, but we'll go into that. But generally, the owner did not make takfeer of people. And that's one of the hallmarks of the people of certain as they don't make takfeer of other Muslims.

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Even like the Shia and whoever, they don't make fear of people that say they learn Allah, Mohammed are sort of law unless they're specific. I mean, there are ways in which people can anathematize themselves. But even for those people, there is a process. It's not just done, you don't just call somebody a carrier. There's all the and and and people people actually

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historically, there were ways in which that was done. It wasn't done lightly at all. It's very hard to and they would look for that wheel. They would like try to find some excuse for the person. Maybe you believe this or maybe you think that

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