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data on Toynbee, the English historian said that the spirit of civilization is religion. It's the roar that animates civilization. And if you take religion out of any civilization, then its health and for destruction, it's hell bent for destruction. It's headed for destruction. And we saw a sign today on the way here, it said, play work soft, play hard. It was a advertisement.

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This is what ship I'm telling these people

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work soft and play hard.

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This is what they're doing. They're reduced. Today, the newspaper, The Met major story was the Super Bowl, front page, major story. And in the fact in the business section, Greenspan said, we're in big trouble.

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This is the surface of the Roman, it's bread and circus, give them bread and give them circus. And whenever things got hard for the Roman politicians, what did they do? They gave them more bread, and more circus. This is what they do in Ramadan. Now in the Muslim country, they say the best television programs are in Ramadan, well, that's because he believes is behind the programming. And that's why they call it programming. Because you're being programmed.

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And he's the programmer. He's behind it all. They had a cartoon in an American newspaper of a guy opening a door that said tech support, and he opens it in it was hell, and there was a devil behind the computer with all the wires coming down there. And they said, Now I understand the internet.

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I mean, even their cartoonists can see it. And cartoonists in this country are the only people that are allowed to say the truth. The only real news in the newspapers is in the cartoons, because they're the court jesters. Court jesters were characters that were allowed to say the truth to the king because they were considered fools. And this is why the cartoon they'll tell the truth in the cartoons really true though. And all these characters and Tom tomorrow, these guys will not come tomorrow. If you want real news, just read Tom tomorrow.

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He's the only serious news analyst in America as far as I'm concerned. And he's a cartoonist.

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I'm not making that up. I'm really serious. These people that look at that we have the solution to the to the crises of this country, and we should want to salvage this country. There's no reason why we should want to see this country destroyed. There's all these Muslims and and and it's troubling for me because I'm living here but they're all saying Allahumma de Moura, America Aloma Shabbat shalom Allahumma armelle. Nice. Misha.

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Misha home Aloma yet, Tim. Oh, nada, whom? I mean, I'm hearing it in the massage and I'm thinking

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I had a more Italian chef. I was in the middle of the desert. He was saying Aloha.

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And I said, your ship and the art comes out. It took a pilot I ride on those brains. He said, Oh, my God, that it's not gonna if you're on the plane, it's okay.

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Seriously, we have to we have to realize we've got things to do here. You know, when I was in, I was recently in, in Arabia. And there was a deaf person came into the room. And there was a prison there. And I started talking to him through this interpreter, and I and he said, Where's he from? And he said, he said,

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I said, He's from America. So he went like this.

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And I said, What was that?

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And he said, That's America.

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In Arabic sign language. I said, What does that mean? He said, You know Cowboys, like shoot.

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That's America. If you want to sign for America to a deaf Arab, you say

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we want to change that. Really? These people need to get that yeah. I said, How do you say English? And he said,

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and I said, Why? He said because of BBC, they're always talking. And then he asked me where I was going. I said first and then

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but that's that really bothered me that he does what he said that's America. Shoot 'em up. Bang Bang. That's what they do. Just go in Newcomb. That's a good American phrase. We are a nuke the whole lot of those sand Arabs. We are a nuclear drag heads. They develop the neutron bomb for the for the Arabian Peninsula. People really I'm not making that they develop the neutron bomb, because the neutron bomb kills all the people and leaves the oil refineries standing. It was designed to solve the problem of not destroying the infrastructure. So you can kill all the people and you can

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still wait a little while until all that nuclear fallout dissipates, and then you go in and get your oil.

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What is that?

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This is a sickness of the mind. Their children, our children, their children, our children, a lot of Muslim children are watching daily television violence on TV. It's Haram in Sharia to watch a person being killed. It's hard to watch that unless it's for the hoodoo. And there are a group of believers are supposed to watch it as a deterrent.

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But it is actually a harm to go and see things like that, to watch torture any of these type thing. This is desensitization, in this country, now we have daily acts of of violence that we can't understand anymore. They don't even have a frame of reference. They have a lieutenant colonel Dave Grossman, who wrote a book called on killing.

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And it's worth reading this because he's written some very important material. This man taught the psychology of killing at West Point. And he said, basically, what they're doing now in videos, is they are training children to become assassins. Because the army uses the exact same desensitization techniques

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for training assassins in the army, the same technique, they have policemen, you want to know why I'm a Diablo was killed. You go look how they train the policeman. They train them on video games, that people know that they train them on video games, they don't see it used to be in the old days. They didn't train people to react, they train them to think, because that's what you want. You wanted a policeman who thought before he acted like heroin. The idea of thinking before you act because to kill a human being is not a simple thing. And anybody who's ever done it, there might be somebody in this room who's done it. Anybody who's ever killed a human being knows what that means.

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I met a man who was a an assassin in Vietnam, he became Muslim. And he told me that he was trained to kill people only when he saw their faces. He blew their heads off. And I asked him, he killed many people. He and I asked him once, I said, Do you ever see those faces? He said every night,

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every night.

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This what's happening out here we had, do people know who Brian Wilson is not the beach boy. Do people know who Brian Wilson is.

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He's a Vietnam vet, who started a organization, an anti war organization, he lost his leg. Because he he laid on tracks for a train that was taking military hardware that would be taken to Nicaragua to kill Sandinistas. He put his body on the tracks. And because the FBI is worn the conductor about terrorists, they're the conductor ran over this man's leg and cut his leg. He lectures now, the man who was assigned by the FBI to watch this man

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actually ended up quitting the FBI and joining this man's organization. And they lecture together. This ex FBI agent and this ex Vietnam vet what this Vietnam veteran said was his job in Vietnam was to assess the successful bombing missions. What that meant was he had to go into villages and see what the death count was. Because that's how successful the bombing mission was, how many people were killed. And when he came back to this country, he became a lawyer. And for 10 years, he said he never talked about what he saw. But he lived with it every single night. He lived with it every single night of his life. And then he became a counselor to Vietnam veterans in Boston. And he began

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every time that he would counsel these vets, they would end up basically just crying together.

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I know a man who drives a taxi in the Bay Area who told me every night he drives home Vietnam veterans in this country who weep after getting drunk in a bar. And they say do you know we did?

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There's been more Vietnam veterans have killed themselves than soldiers died on the American side fighting in Vietnam.

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suicide rates, you think it's easy to go and tyrannized people, you think that's an easy thing to be an oppressor?

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It's not an easy thing.

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It's not an easy thing.

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They suffer.

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And that's why we have to give victory to the oppressed and to the oppressor and the way we give victory

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To the oppressor is to stop him from his oppression. And that's our role in this country. And if we're silent about it, then we're cowards. And that's what we are. And if you're not willing to speak out for the truth, and take the consequences, then you're in the wrong religion, because that's what this religion is about. It's about standing up for the truth. And the greatest Shaheed is the one who speaks the truth in front of unjust authority. It's not the one who goes out and kills a bunch of people. It's the one who speaks the truth in the face of unjust authority.

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That's what the Shaheed is in this Deen, that is the highest Shahada, heavy metal and the soap and Jaya

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and we need to speak the truth because we're still living in a country where you're permitted

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to speak the truth. You're permitted, they will do things and we know that but that's not our concern. Because Allah subhana wa livina Aminu, we're not here to blow up anything. I'm in this country with Stockman.

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I'm in this country, I'm not here to blow up anything. I'm not here to kill anybody. I'm not here to subvert anything other than the dominant paradigm. That's all I'm interested in subverting. I'm interested in subverting Kufa.

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And that's what we're here to do. If you want to do something else, then you make hedra from this country, you make you drift from this country and you go to another place. But as long as you're in this country, your job in this country is to spread peace and spread the truth. When the Messenger of God Salalah, who it was sent him, went to Medina, I believe in Sudan, the great Jewish rabbi who became Muslim went to hear the words and he said, the first words I heard from the Messenger of Allah Salalah, it was Sam, where he said the first thing he noticed, he said, knockout now what you who watch

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his face was not the face of a liar. And this is called Sriracha, because the Arabs knew the rasa. They knew what a good face was, and a bad thing. And then he sat and listened to the words and the first thing the Messenger of Allah said, Yeah, you

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have to sit down. Oh, humanity, spread peace. We're up.

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And feed food was so Luba NASS was fun to build lady when NASA neon and pray and the night when people are sleeping headquarters, Janice at the salon, and you enter Paradise, a security and peace. That's the message of Islam of Shu Saddam was 50% of the world's population are living below the poverty lines. They're living in slums. They're living in slums. Most people on this planet don't even have proper water to drink really NEMA. I mean, this is near Ma, when I was a little tiny, this is black. That's what color it is. And that's what people drink there. And you know what they say when they finish? And

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that's what they say. They say 100 Ah, look at this Nana, how are we going to do the sugar of this Namah

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VB how are we going to make sugar for all this NEMA that we're in and this country is headed seriously. It's getting everything is getting faster and faster, faster, it means you're going down. That's what it is. When you think faster, it means you're headed down. This country is going to crash. And if you're here you've got to be prepared. We better be prepared as a community to recognize this country is headed for a big crash. And if you don't think so you haven't read the book of Allah subhana wa Tada. You haven't read the book of Allah subhana wa Tada. The British were the only power in the world in the late 19th century. They were the only power they were the sole

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power in the world. In the late 19th century. They feared no one. The British Empire the sun never sets on the British Empire will be Chania, we can use the rain waves rule but Britannia will never never never be slaves. That's what the English said, the sun never sets on the British Empire. Well, what they forgot was America after the sun sets on England, it rises on America. And when there was a Libyan woman who I know went to a British embassy to get a

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transit visa to America, he said, Go get your visa from America first. And then maybe we'll give you one and she said perhaps Britannia venison, the Amreeka Since when did England become a tale for America? And see, she's a intelligent woman.

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He got like, you know, jealous. So he said, Okay, we're

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not gonna let America do that. But see, that's just

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really what is England now.

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I mean, they're in crisis. Very big, correct. And this is all coming.

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It's all coming. And this is the sooner Allah in His creation. So let us change our lives now. Really become people we have things to do in this country, we can change the face of this nation we can the Muslims can do that we have the power to do that by by the power of Allah subhana wa Tada. We have the truth. On our side, we have every atom, every molecule, every planet, every Angel behind us. We are it's all behind us. But we have to be the law. That's what we have to be. That's the only condition to get all of creation working for us. That's the only country that's all creation wants to see is that we are indeed servants of Allah. And if we do that, the creation will come behind us.

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You will see miracles, just as those who went before us saw miracles, they saw miracles when Mohammed Alexander Webb, somebody asked him,

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somebody asked him,

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Do you really think you can take Islam to the American people? He said, You You talk as if this is my work. This is God's work. This isn't my work.

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This is not about Mohammed Alexander. Were taking Islam to America or Zaid, shachar or Sierra to Hajj or Hamza Yusuf or Fulani or anybody else. This is about the deen of Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the entire universe. This is the deen of Allah, lest we forget. We are the people of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the best of creation. And if you want to know sacrifice, sacrifice, and I'll use a baseball metaphor, because the first hit I ever got in college in high school baseball and I remember it because people remember things like that was a sacrifice bumped. That was the first time I ever got a hit. I made a sacrifice but you know what a sacrifice

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buntings. That means you give up your you get out in order to advance somebody else.

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And that's the spirit of this Deen. We are people that we want to advance the deen not ourselves. And if it means from time to time getting out of the way that we get out of the way

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we get out of the way. It's not about me or you or anybody else. This is the Dean of Allah. And at the head of this Dean is the best of creation.

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And that's why Zubair is an alum. If you want to know sacrifice, Zuberi, but I want to once took off his shirt to change it, and a man saw over 70 wounds on his body. And he said, Where did you get those those wounds from? And he said, shielding the Messenger of Allah shielding that he was a human shield. Now these people here, they have to do deep brainwashing when they get these, these people to protect the president jump in front of the President, you know how long they brainwash them to do that, because that is against every instinct in a human being. They do. They do behavioral conditioning, to get them to do that. They train them down in Langley and other places, and they

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make them do all these things. When they hear boom, boom, they jump in front, they have to learn that to be conditioned like a Pavlovian dog. That's what they do. And then when they hear the shot, they just jump in front end, and the President and if the CIA is calling the hit, sometimes they'll duck a little bit. That's the bullet go by.

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That's what happened to ravine, right ravine, they opened up his back. They opened it up, you can see it in the film. I saw the film, they opened up his back, boom.

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And then their secret service said it's only blanks. That's what they shouted. It's only blind layer ravine. The the Jewish wife of Rabin said, I would rather my children marry Palestinians than some Jews,

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because she knew who killed her husband.

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You see, that's their treachery.

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And that's not our dean. That's not our Dean as another Dean. But those people that's how they have to train them by Pavlovian conditioning. The bourbon I want them wasn't trained by Pavlovian conditioning. When he saw the messenger of a lion danger. He didn't think of anything else other than getting him out of danger, even if it meant his life because on mobile, you have no man father, like the Arab say.

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The one who has less virtue is at the service of the one who has greater virtue, and that's the basis of our Deen akuto. Cody had was talking with a lot he would actually say it and Muslim he was saramonic moron