Hamza Yusuf – Arabic Lesson On Triliteral Roots – Part 3

Hamza Yusuf
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of learning the Arabic language and reflecting on the plot. They also mention the law of being able to discern what's being said and the importance of taking a loss. The speaker also talks about the importance of power and fear in war parties and the need for people to be in agreement with their beliefs.
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So my advice to myself and all of you is that we have to really study the Arabic language. We have to recognize what a gift language is that Allah subhana wa tada has given us a law. Now in Arabic, yellow means to speak that language means what?

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That might be one of the meetings, but there's another meeting for those who are here to smile Thea lafiya

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empty talk, that he is out, is there an empty talk?

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So the difference between speaking and vain empty talk is a castle or

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right. And I matter I mean, this is any shot up and the you know, these are shot and shot are different from from established things. All right. I mean, you know, the time they have a big shot, but there's a debatable points and I accept that perfectly well.

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The the I matter, I mean, the the essence is fine matter is the essence of science has moved to a house. If it's open, then you're going to be speaking if it's mature.

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You're going to be wasting your life in empty talk. We're live in Oman and lovely Mario boom. They turn away from No.

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People. hice is like an island. It's too hard to hide thing.

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They move away from that, right.

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And you can see this also in in Sapa means what

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are shown as icon and each other.

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They are oppressive. But that's kasuba mean,

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to remove oppression. So the difference between oppression and the removal of oppression is the difference between a footpath and Obama.

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Right? a footpath and Obama.

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And the and that's very interesting.

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Again, because oppressors are arrogant, they raise themselves up.

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They raise themselves up, and it's also possible, they can be a sociopath. So in that case, the customer indicates humility.

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adjustment is a humble man. And then you look at it from other things customer, the mean there, which is the most powerful

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word customer means to distribute.

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And that's what just people do yuxi mulvane. And next, they distribute. And that takes cassava, you can't be compassionately inclined to one over the other when you're just So kosaku means to be hard. So justice is hard by its nature, whereas Rama is not Raymond saw.

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Lot of really amazing,

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amazing things about this language.

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So, you know, we should be learning the language and then reflecting on the language and reflecting on the plot. And we should also

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be taking these meanings out, you know, because these people to me, they're all like Helen Keller, not being able to symbolize, they've become like animals, because they've lost the ability to decode. And we have that ability.

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I mean, the Muslims, we can make sensitive, they can't make sense of it. We can even make sense of what doesn't make sense.

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You see, when we see people killing other people and then turning the gun on themselves, right? They don't understand that. What does that mean to us?

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Howdy, I'm cartoony marketer with Mr. Tony makuta.

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The one killing doesn't know why he's killing and the one being killed doesn't know why they're being killed. That is an alarm. That's a sign and we can decode it, it means that we should get ready. We should be prepared. Right? Because these signs are all indicative of an approaching event, which is a piano.

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piano and on that day, a lot is going to give speech to everything.

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Here we're all failed.

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And we're veiled.

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Our hands don't you know my hands don't is they're not telling you what I'm

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Doing that I don't want you to know, my feet aren't telling you what I'm doing that I don't want you to know. And my body's not telling you what my eyes are telling you, but on your piano.

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That's not the case.

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They start speaking.

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And that's why we need to take a loss. Right, there's another word about our means to crossover. And there is the law is being able to discern what's being said. In other words, the meaning you go from the form to the meaning you're able to go across that bridge the majaz. Right, you were able to go across that bridge and to take an eighth off, right, and while bill is the one who's able to take other people from from one place to another, you can you can take them to what's in his mind. And and explain to them what it is through the bridge of language, which is a great gift, this bridge that allows given us language, right to have the ability to take people across the bridge, so that

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we move out of the subjective realm into the collective realm of humanity and then we become Bashar Bashar Al is somebody Bashar means remove bark from a tree. Hey, Bashar, I mean, why do you think of Bashar is called a Bashar?

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Why is a human being called a Bashar? In Arabic?

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skin? We don't have hair.

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Look at all the animals out there. They're all hidden behind their hair. And you don't see animals blush.

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You don't see them get red with anger. You don't you don't see them, you know, the way that we can display brucia. Right, Boucher, which works both ways, but it's from the

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antonyms that are scintigraphic.

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This is what we can do. And the Messenger of Allah said Vishnu. But as to the funeral, you know, the people that

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go out to people,

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giving them good tidings, whatever, to the funeral, and don't scare them away.

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Right? no fool is to flee from something out of fear right.

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Now, power,

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and fear is a group going on war party.

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And that's the way people make Tao and now

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they're like war party, and there's some characters in England. Unbelievable. We don't even have that in America. I mean, these guys are literally out on a war party. And what kind of dow is that? It's not busha it's not sheer, it's 10 feet. And the messenger of law prohibited that and and, you know,

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what could have been an hour he says, The worst thing about the multideck is he has to claim that a lot His Messenger are in accordance with his misguided beliefs.

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That's the worst thing about him. That he has the audacity to actually attribute his stupidity to a lot is messenger.

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